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Equatech Dummy CCTV Camera £2.99 at Home Bargains
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Keep intruders away with this realistic dummy security camera with flashing LED light. The Equatech DC-200 has a deterring effect on burglars and vandals. The camera is hard to dis… Read more
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My CCTV cameras light up red when it goes dark, and my neighbours do aswell. i dont think that is the case anymore, most houses have CCTV and they are a deterrent to an opportunist thief.


There was an attempted burglary several years ago on the house to the right of mine by some youths (one local and others up from London, apparently on a working holiday), the house had a monitored alarm system at the time with alarm boxes front and back, so difficult to miss even though they came in across back gardens climbing over 6ft fences looking for homes where the owners were out. It was one of only two or three houses in the street with an alarm. The thieves also wandered past the analogue wireless camera I had at the time (only camera in the street) when trying to force windows and when they were challenged and scarpered. My camera was not hooked up to a recorder, but they wouldn't have known that. They weren't the brightest of thieves though, they came back on bicycles to watch the commotion when the police and my neighbour turned up, and the guy that had challenged them recognised them so they got nicked. (lol)


The local smack heads won't spend time researching your security system, they will just go to the next house that doesn't have one. There have been a few burglaries locally recently and none of the houses targetted have alarms. They didn't touch the houses with alarms (most have them) even though it's likely most of them don't work or are fake. For £2.99 it may save you a load of heartache. I used to have some flats I rented out and after a few unwelcome visitors to the lobby stealing fire extinguishers put up one of these fake cameras. Since then the only problems I had were residents complaining about privacy, so obviously they are convincing to some prople (y)


Exactly what I just thought.


Anything small and valuable put it in a hidden safe, underfloor or bolted down, key type only and not one of the open with a potato digital ones.

TP-LINK Tapo Mini Smart Security Indoor Camera (Works with Alexa & Google Home, No Hub Required, 1080p) - £19.99 (+£4.49 Non Prime) - Amazon
387° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Decent price for a branded 1080p CCTV camera. Next best price on page is £37.05. No Hub Required - Works with any Wi-Fi router without the need for a separate hub; 1080P… Read more
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does she know about this?


That's not correct Tapo is a sub brand that TP-Link created themselves last year. Press release from orgional launch of new company here:,TP%2DLink%20Launches%20Tapo%20Brand%20for%20Smart%20Home%20Consumers,lifestyle%20at%20an%20affordable%20cost. They are also two very different sets of products. Kasa is primarily a cloud based solution whilst tapo is more of a local based option.


That's why I was considering the Blink cams as already have the XT2s. Would be nice if Ring could use the same app seeings as they are all Amazon products. I didn't mind the Neos when it worked. But their response to something they claim is a "known issue" of just being fixed in a new version of the app. And then ignoring requests for updates and having released several new apps since then has put me off. I certainly wouldn't recommend them. They are no longer that cheap and there's much better out there for similar price. The build quality is also not great. It's just a rebrand of someone else product anyway. Wyze use the same cameras but their software and cloud storage options are meant to be loads better. I'll continue my hunt for replacements I guess


I’ve also been looking as this to replace my Neos camera - decent little camera but unless you pay the short recordings at a minimum of 5 minute intervals (or whatever the time is) makes it kinda useless for me (although live view works fine for me). What annoys me about this camera is that I already have tp link smart plugs so have the Kasa app, this camera means I need to download and use the tapo app as well (due to tp link buying the tapo company and there isn’t compatibility between kasa and tapo products). Between lights, Alexa’s, out her outdoor cameras, smart plugs etc etc I need to use so many apps, I’d like to consolidate rather than add more. Shame they didn’t manage to get all their products into a single working app.


If you've got that much coke, surely the cost of a few £20 cameras is inconsequential. Maybe you need a bigger desk?

Eufy Security Floodlight Camera CCTV £135.99 - Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
I've had an alert on this for a while as it has usually been £160-180 although ocassionally dropped to £140 as it's lowest. You can also get a Eufy WiFi Smart Plug for half price … Read more

That's pretty useless then for a security camera which is outside


No because its stored on the device, some of the other cameras, 2, 2E, 2C and one of the doorbells strore their footage on a homebase located somwhere else on your network.


If its local storage what happens if the whole thing is stolen or smashed Will the recording still be available?


Anyone have any idea how this would look at front door ? I know its subjective but my concern is the looks of it but does a great job for what's it designed to do.


This price is a good deal but not the lowest. Still going to vote hot. Only issue is no AI. Motion detection isnt fixed yet too. I am constantly contacting them for an update. If I can go back, i would get a ring flood light. It seems like they are still getting updates.

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Arlo Pro Wireless Smart Security System CCTV - 4 cameras £419 @ BT Shop
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Plus a possible 5% cashback with Quidco. The world’s first and only 100% wire-free, weatherproof, rechargeable HD smart security camera with audio and 130° viewing angle. Smart … Read more

I am having this system since last two years and having a problem with the connection (Hub to Camera's). Camera's are kept on loosing connection after some month's and I have to restart the Hub or Synchronize the cameras with the Hub. If it doesn't work, I have to delete the camera's and reconnect again. Last year, we went for the holidays and one of the camera stopped working while we were there. So we were not having any alert for more than a week. Good thing with these camera's are having "7-days free recording".


Agreed - the step up to Pro2 1080p makes a big difference (highfive)


It's a really easy to set up wireless system that uses its own network created by the hub. You can get better wired cameras for the same price (or less) but you are paying for the ease of setup here. If you use the cameras outside you'll also need to factor in camera mounts (like the one shown in the picture) as these are not supplied and they only provide small magnetic mounts which are fine for indoors but are very restrictive for outdoors positioning.


The Arlo Pro2 4 camera kit is often available for about £500 on Amazon and might be worth considering for anyone interested in spending this kind of money Edit: Just checked and it's currently £533 but I'm pretty sure it was around £503 last time I checked about a week ago and had been sitting at that price for a while


Anyone ever used this before and whether it is good?

Arlo HD Smart Home Security CCTV Camera System | 3 Camera Kit (Used Acceptable / Amazon Warehouse) - £179.69
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Three Camera Kit with Hub starting from £145.48, not a bad price. Used acceptable kits are gone. Only Used Good £170.69, Used Very Good £180.39 ones are left. Say goodb… Read more
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I have this system and quite disappointed. Bought off ebay with two cameras in March (used) for £130 and batteries I bought lasted 6 weeks. Spent another £10 on new batteries and changed settings of cameras to ensure they last longer. It either misses the action altogether or the recording starts 5 seconds after the person has got to the door. Night time footage is really useless. A few guys came to my house the othwer night to buy an item from Gumtree. I reviewed the footage afterwards as they acted suspicously throughout and stunk of skunk. Camera showed me one shadow as it was walking away from the door. Homicide detectives would not be amused! I am thinking of getting rid.


If you buy these buy the hardwired cable


Bought these a year or so ago. Numerous issues with battery life, connection dropping etc so returned them. Bought Reolink and also Ring. All work so much better for me located on external buildings. Not a bad price though.


Just be careful with these as there’s no guarantee the batteries will be included and the batteries these cams take are expensive and could offset your saving.


Yes Used acceptable kits are gone. Only Used Good £170.69, Used Very Good £180.39 ones are now left.

YI Dome Camera 1080p HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless CCTV £34.99 - Sold by Seeverything UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Looks a good price > YI Dome Camera 1080p HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Security Surveillance System Night Vision Cloud Service Available

Bought in December 2019. Not good. App doesn't send notifications until a few days later. It has bookmarks to lock a view in place, but they often slip even though the camera hasn't moved. So though I set it to look at my front door, it has slipped and is now looking at the white wall next to itself. This led it to become stuck in a feedback loop where it detects motion but it's actually just the night vision refocussing. This resulted in me suddenly getting 100s of notifications on my phone as it was triggered every few minutes for about 4 days before the notifications popped up. Going to email today to get it returned


Yep signal has been amazing throughout Iv had it Iv seen few others mentioned theirs is bricked now so I’m wondering if they have the same issue as mine


Is it in good WiFi range? It'll show as offline if the signal is either lost or not strong enough. Try moving it closer to the router? This won't be happening to 'most' people I'm sure.


same me, got refunded , was also offered new unit but not worth


Had to send mine back as well suddenly stopped working

2 x Yi Camera - Indoor and Outdoor 1080p bundle - £41.84 delivered @ Ali Express / Yi Store
402° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th JunShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Great bundle deal, valid for 2 days only. $48 for both cameras, with a $2 voucher available. Equivalent to £39.26 delivered. Cheaper than the outdoor camera is normally!

Stuck at shipment ready for despatch for about a week now


My order now seems to be stuck on 'Packed for picking-up'. Has anyone received theirs yet?


Yes Spain for me too. I’m in no rush, I’m sure it’ll get sent soon. I imagine they have a pretty big backlog right now, especially since I bought this during a big sale.


Same for me. Meant to be shipped from Spain


Has anyone had a shipping confirmation? My order has reset to shipping within 7 days, after already counting down for a week.

YI Dome Guard Camera 1080P FHD Night Vision 360 Degree £14.8 @ yi Official Store / Aliexpress
261° Expired
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th JunShipping from ChinaShipping from China
YI Dome Guard Camera 1080P FHD Night Vision 360 Degree Voucher code working once!!! 355° Horizontal & 84° Vertical Rotation Range Create a Complete 360° Coverage Protect al… Read more

Has anyone had theirs shipped? Mine still processing


That shower curtain is getting a bit mouldy also


Me (pirate) (pirate)


Who said it was a guess :{


Hahahah gollywood (excited) (excited) (excited) (excited) (excited) You definitely know awful lot about me hahha hahah The Xbox is in living room and my bedroom does have wallpaper so well guessed (party) (party) (party)

Arlo HD Smart Home Security CCTV Camera System £99.99 delivered @ theoutletshopuk ebay
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Seems a decent deal for the single arlo system camera next cheapest is amazon at £139.99 Arlo HD Smart Home Security CCTV Camera System | Wireless Wi-Fi, Night Vision, Indoor or… Read more

If you search for Arlo rechargeable batteries on Amazon there are loads of options. These Arlo cameras take CR123 type batteries.:{


I had this for about 3-4 years. Only upgraded to Arlo pro 2 to get the updated base unit and camera with chargeable battery (but i hard wired it for front door) and have the other 2 older cameras for the back of my property so dont get to many activation like i do at the front 7 day cloud storage with this and can save them to your phone if you want (manually, but just a click on your phone)


I got mine from. Amazon but they seem not to do the rechargeable batteries anymore


Where would anybody suggest getting rechargeable batteries, I've looked around and seen most come from china but wasnt sure on quality


Had these 3 years ago decent for what it will do but battery life was a pain. Had rechargeable ones but tbh I'd just put the money to something more convenient like a ring camera

4 Camera 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD DVR Security System CCTV £469.99 at Swann
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
2TB HDD, Heat & Motion Sensing + Night Vision SWDVK-855804 With £230 off and possible 9.9% quidco. Direct from Swann online.

I have a Swann system(recent 4k cams...and supporting NVR)...truly awful system - possibly the worst/buggy apps ever & twatful customer support. The only strengths it has are the PIR/Pixl Motion detect...even though it's not perfect it does reduce the false triggers


I had a look at the colour night vision they're offering. It only supports 0.02 LUX whereas Hikvision supports 0.0014 (closer to 0 better the night vision). It's even got light in it, albeit not to powerful. If you're buying to install where night light is next to none go for Hikvision. You can open trader account with wholesalers to get good prices I paid 110 for ColorVu cams and 100 for the NVR. Hopefully this helps.


Could any one give some feedback on the anneke app??


I was sold on the Reolink 4k system but must say I'm looking closer at annke. Annke are using alot of hikvision technology and even in some of their promotion photos they have left the hikvision branding on the cameras in error. The main reason for leaning to Annke is that they are introducing colour night vision which is the main pull factor for me. Just need to check that the 5mp colour system will also take the extra 8mp b&w night camera so I have a mix of coverage.


@you_gotta_be_kidding great feed back mate (y)

Amazon Blink Indoor CCTV Camera with Module at Amazon for £59.99
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Blink indoor camera with module.

No 1080p, no infrared


Wouldn’t you rather get the mini for indoor??? Or the xt2 for outdoor use?


I orded the two kit and I'm really impressed tbh, They're obviously not the best thing on the market in terms of cctv quality, but the images are pretty good in day or night, for ease of setup and overall simplicity they're amazing. I think the main problem is you just have to dial in the settings when you set them up, but that's no hardship especially for the price; I love the fact there's also really good 3rd party support and accesories.


6 inches. Lol. Sorry, couldn’t resist xx


Also just noticed the add-on camera is over £50 On the post just below this one wouldnt it be better to buy 2 of these to get the extra module

ANNKE Ultra 8CH 5MP POE CCTV Camera System with 2 TB HDD £329.99 @ Dispatched from and sold by Smart Home Brand Store on Amazon
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Hi all, I think this is a good deal - there's a voucher code which knocks £80 【Metal 8MP NVR & 4pcs IP67 Weatherproof CCTV Cameras】 This 8 channel surveillance… Read more

All of the hilook kit including the NVR was from I've since purchased another hilook camera from them to complete the system 😁


Thats a very good price for Hilook. Can you suggest where you bought it from, please including NVR. Thanks.


Are you up and running now @weallliveinhope? You impressed with the system?


I will do (y)


You will have to let us know what you think of the starlight colour night vision @weallliveinhope

TP-LINK Tapo Mini Smart Security Camera Indoor CCTV No Hub Required 1080p 2-Way Audio Night Vision £19.98 (Prime) / £24.47 (nonPrime) Amazon
373° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Update 1
Update - price drop from £20.49 to £19.98 on 19/05
No Hub Required - Works with any Wi-Fi router without the need for a separate hub; 1080P HD with Night Vision - 1080P full HD for always on live stream and night vision up to 30ft… Read more

Do these work with IFTTT? I've been trying to get Philips hue lights to turn on when motion is detected on a camera.


Back in stock at £19.99


Been using the camera for over a week without an SD card. Quality is unbelievable (including in night vision mode). Much better than the ring doorbell we’ve put in the kitchen- currently using as pup cams! Gutted it’s gone back up to £30 on Amazon. Was about to get another one!


Any battery ones please


Ah I have them working but it seems they will only push notifications to one logged in account at a time, so being logged in on your phone and tablet isn’t very good

Swann Smart Wireless Indoor/Outdoor HD CCTV Security Camera with Night Vision, Alexa/Google Assistant compatible £89.99 + £3.50 p&p @ Ryman
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Swann Smart Wireless Indoor/Outdoor HD CCTV Security Camera with Night Vision, Alexa/Google Assistant compatible £89.99 + £3.50 p&p @ Ryman
£93.49£12425%Ryman Deals
Quite a saving if your in the market for one of these. Currently £124.00 at amazon and £129.99 at Very We understand that security for your property and family is paramount, with … Read more

Always buy from these guys on eBay. They are brilliant I've never had any issues with them and I don't know anyone that has either. They have the Xiaomi mi smart camera UK version for £24.99 at the moment and I think it's the last item left for now although they tend to bring them in periodically. Here is the eBay item number 254587908011 . I hope it helps someone out.


I wouldn't bother with these, save your money and put it towards Arlo. I've got 4 of these Swann cameras, batteries last almost a week, had to resort to keeping most of them permanently wired up. The app takes 3 or 4 minutes to connect to the camera's for a live view. However, my Arlo camera's last months on battery and just work brilliantly but they are expensive. The saying you get what you pay for rings true.


Apparently the long battery life is good for a whole 3-4 weeks. In a world where lots of these type of cameras typically have a 1-2 year battery life this Swann camera just doesn’t cut it.


Anyone used this camera?How it is recorded , SD card or Cloud storage?


Charging cable

Currys Swann 2 camera CCTV kit, with Google Nest Price Matched - £134.98 Via phone @ Currys PC World
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Currys Swann 2 camera CCTV kit, with Google Nest Price Matched - £134.98 Via phone @ Currys PC World
Hi, we were looking at CCTV for our house, came across this deal on here, but then found eBuyer selling the same minus the Nest at £134.98, rang Currys to see if they would price m… Read more

Personally, I have an old Samsung system now, but it's not available anymore. If you have a read of the thread I linked to, there's a few ideas from other people in there.


Can you recommend a Outdoor cctv brand? (angel)


Have a read of the thread from last week when this was posted at the original £144 price, Swann are not the greatest, As I always post on Swann deals, as do many other people too, I wouldn't buy Swann stuff. I've done twice in the past and come across the same problems. Generally, it's decent value hardware for the price and it usually works OK at first. Unfortunately once you try to do anything other than the basics, you come across problems, especially when their apps are confusing, badly written and buggy. Couple that with support that is virtually non existent and hardly ever fixes or updates anything, software or firmware wise, and you have a recipe for disappointment at the very least, a complete waste of money at worst. For years they have operated on the same business model - get cheap Chinese OEM manufacturer to make a product for them, release product without proper testing, realise there are faults with hardware and / software, drop product, bring out a "new improved" version. Repeat to fade, hence why their range of hardware and apps is so huge and there is very little inter-operability between it, it's made by different companies for Swann and just re-badged.


Yes I just called their sales number on ‭0344 561 1234 On Monday‬ and told them the product I wanted to buy and that I wanted it price matching, they checked the competitors website and confirmed they could price match. Took my order over the phone at discounted price. Order received today! Cameras now fitted!


You say that you rang up and they price matched, how does that work? Was you able to buy it while on the phone to them?

TP-LINK Tapo Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera, Indoor CCTV, 360°, Alexa & Google,1080p £24.99 - Amazon
281° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
TP-LINK Tapo Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera, Indoor CCTV, 360°, Alexa & Google,1080p £24.99 - Amazon
£24.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Decent security camera from TP-link with no maintenance cost, 2 way communication, 1080p, night vision and free app. 128GB SD card option TP-LINK Tapo Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camer… Read more

Always buy from these guys on eBay. They are brilliant I've never had any issues with them and I don't know anyone that has either. They have the Xiaomi mi smart camera UK version for £24.99 at the moment and I think it's the last item left for now although they tend to bring them in periodically. Here is the eBay item number 254587908011 . I hope it helps someone out.


Is this a fixed position record to memory card or can it recordwhilst horizontal cruising?


Blueiris isn't cloud storage softeware.. it's a software NVR.. where you store the files it records is entirely up to you. no clue about Ivideon though.


Could I get this connected to a free cloud storage software like Blueiris(paid) or ivideon(free)


with my Tapo's i had to add them to the app and then set up a username and password for them, then this helped :

EZVIZ 4 Channel 2x 1080p Cameras 1TB DVR CCTV Kit £99.99 / 8 Channel 4 Camera 1TB CCTV Kit £119.99 Delivered @ Box
241° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
EZVIZ 4 Channel 2x 1080p Cameras 1TB DVR CCTV Kit £99.99 / 8 Channel 4 Camera 1TB CCTV Kit £119.99 Delivered @ Box
Fair prices on both sets, although 2 extra 1080p cameras for £20 extra would probably be the one I'd go for personally. Obviously it depends what kind of area you're looking to cov… Read more

Mines working good so far too


Working good up to now


worth to check their ebay link especially when ebay have offer code?


How are you getting on with this?


Back in stock just checked gone up £10 free delivery too

1080P 4HD Home CCTV Camera Kit at Aldi for £157.94 delivered
234° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
1080P 4HD Home CCTV Camera Kit at Aldi for £157.94 delivered
£157.94 Free P&P FreeAldi Deals
This powerful video surveillance system can be used both inside and outside the home. Protect your home with this easy to install 1080P 4HD CCTV Camera Kit. It comes complete with … Read more

I got two Aldi cameras for £15 each 720p. They are okay however I paired them with two hilook (hikvisions diy brand) which were £20 each (1080p) and the quality is night and day. Besides the obvious different resolution the angle, build quality (stripped a screw on aldi) and night vision is much better on the hilook cameras. Paired with a hilook dvr which was £50. Not saying this kit isn't a good choice just saying it's worth looking at other options, i wasn't overly impressed with the aldi kit


Can keep a LED security light on constantly set to come on at dusk else use higher end cameras such as those with Darkfighter/Starlight or Hikvision’s newer ColorVu range


Interesting thanks for the info. We live in the middle of nowhere so it’s pitch black outside.


So what u saying you need 2mp for low light


Have you saying up correctly. Gone into the camera menus and set up light level, environment Etc.... also set your frame rates to allow lower quality on the mobile streaming or the footage will lock up

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