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Free Pepsi Max @ Liverpool Street
Updated 8 h, 11 m agoLast updated 8 h, 11 m ago by Add_to_BasketLocalLocal
Free Pepsi Max cans are being handed out at Liverpool Street Station. 2 Exits only.
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Agreed, much nicer than coke zero/diet.


:/ 🍒 Flavour ;) ?


Liverpool Street station.


Much nicer then coke zero and diet coke its revolting


Yum, enjoy

Free Pepsi cans - Stratford (around Jubilee Line entrance)
Updated 17th JulLast updated 17th Jul by grex9101LocalLocal
They're still handing out free 250ml pepsi max cans, plus a voucher for 61p off a 500/600ml Pepsi Max bottle purchase. Valid until 22/09/19 (1 voucher per transaction) I guess th… Read more
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Nah, let's just poison them with artificial sweeteners instead. Woo!


Lets have even more obese kids and adults - for free !! :D :S .


For mr-Pepsi cans(regular)& Glass bottle Coke(classic).Sugar tax has been a killer but now Mr Oliver has had a big slice of Karma pie....


Pepsi > Coke


61% eh. I thought it was closer to 60 but i have heard some say 62 😜

Pepsi Max 2L £1.25 in Tesco from 17th July
06/08/2019Expires on 06/08/2019Updated 17th JulLast updated 17th Jul by Erni_e
Pepsi Max Cherry and Diet Pepsi also £1.25 for 2 litres. Equivalent to 6.3p per 100ml (same as 24 cans for a fiver) Starts 17th July
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LIDL £1.35


if you have a Home Bargains nearby, and they're in stock, they'll be £1.25 there too usually.


Deal starts tomorrow. Prime day will be all over by then ;)

Pepsi Max Cans 24 x 330ml - £5 @ Iceland
Updated 15th JulLast updated 15th Jul by anita4
Nice offer :) Pepsi Max Cans 24 x 330ml Reduced to £5 (was £6.50) Maximum Taste, no sugar - The long lasting hit of caramel and vanilla and the intense taste of a regular… Read more
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Has anyone managed to get any from Iceland?


5 Lidl near me none.


Very difficult to find in lidl, neither of my local big stores had any


Still 6.50 in Crayford branch


Still £6.50 on the webs

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Coca Cola Coke Zero 24X330ml @ Tesco
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Updated 11th JulLast updated 11th Jul by wanderer
Coca Cola Coke Zero 24X330ml
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Yawn... Wait it often drops to £5.50 or £6

6 coca cola 2.25l for £12 @ Iceland
Updated 10th JulLast updated 10th Jul by tatarak
£2.50 each or 6 for £12 coca cola
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At Lidl's 2x2.25 are £3.37, or 7.5p / 100ml


Each to their own


Been this price for a while, in fact over a month I can remember trying to find a unsplit pack to carry out to the car for this price several months ago.


To be fair this is probably the cheapest you could get fat coke though at £0.88/l


6x2.25 = 13.5l for £12 Or 8x2 = 16l for £9 Pepsi max?? In Food warehouse (Iceland) I would pass this deal (poo)

Fentimans Curiosity Cola 24 pack - £18 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime)
Updated 6th JulLast updated 6th Jul by thekudos
Fentimans Curiosity Cola 24 x 250ml by Fentimans
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Completely disagree. Gave up real coke a decade ago and only decaff coffee for 6 years but this stuff keeps getting the better of me and reducing caffeine crashes.... It's delicious and I used to get crates of it. I buy this instead of a pint when I go to the local arty cinema and I always tell people about how good it is I am Fentimans dream (free brand champion) Hartridges tastes more like an alternative cola like Virgin Cola did.


Personally I think fentimans is a horrible flavour of cola. I prefer Hartridge's cola although it's very hard to find stock. Luckily my local jempsons order them in


The Cherry Cola is also available at that price.


If anyone wants to taste it before buying, the 750ml glass bottle is on sale for £2 at both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose (the bottles are also better value).


Tastes like rola cola to me

Pepsi Max 24 cans for £4.99 at Lidl
Updated 4th JulLast updated 4th Jul by lasuilLocalLocal
£4.99 for 24 cans is a bargain!

The morrisons offer has now ended, just an FYI for everyone


Brexit hasn't happened yet so this price is before Brexit 😁


Do you have to go into Lidl to get this?


The good old days


None in st neots

3 X 3 Litre Pepsi Pepsi Max or Diet Pepsi only £5 @ Farmfoods
Updated 2nd JulLast updated 2nd Jul by Craig_BurtonLocalLocal
good price this for 9 litres

Looks like a great price. But have max. I can just taste chemicals.


I don't think you have, the deal is on all this week (y)


For 3 litre bottles?? I can't believe I've missed this deal!


Yh and free delivery if you spend over £25 in store, saves carrying it back (y)


only £1.25 each at Iceland at the minute, sorry but this is much cheaper than this post.

Chicago Town Large Takeaway Sweet Cola BBQ Stuffed Crust 650g / Pepperoni / Cheese / Chicken & Bacon Pizza for £2.50 @ Tesco (from 02//07)
22/07/2019Expires on 22/07/2019Updated 1st JulLast updated 1st Jul by I_Am_Timms
Offer available from 02/07 £2.50 each (Was £3.90) Chicago Town Takeaway Sweet Cola Bbq Stuffed Pizza 650G Chicago Town Large Takeaway Pepperoni Pizza 645G Chicago … Read more
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True (lol)


There's probably a reason why they discontinued it.


It's a cola flavour BBQ sauce, you can just about taste it but I thought it was actually really nice. Papa Johns used to do Cola BBQ drizzle too, but they've discontinued it.


Probably preferable


Hoover bag contents pizza?

3L Pepsi Max or Diet Pepsi for £1.25 @ Iceland
Updated 1st JulLast updated 1st Jul by John_Atkin
Nice refreshing drinks for the upcoming heatwave :) £1.25 each! Pepsi Max 3L Maximum Taste, No sugar - The long lasting hit of caramel and vanilla and the intense ta… Read more
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Does anyone know how long this offer is on for?


Citation needed


If you have a empty 2 litre bottle empty the contents from the 3 litre bottle into the 2 litre bottle resulting in the bottle been able to stand up in fridge and drink the remaining litre first job done


I've been drinking it for years,never had any sugar cravings.


Sugar free drink, is Pepsi Max. Only the 'full sugar' varieties aren't on offers (Coca Cola, Pepsi) because of the 'sugar tax'.

3 x Iceland Pizzas 320g to 365g +  Chips 600g to 750g + Pepsi Max 3 Litres = £5 @ Iceland
Updated 1st JulLast updated 1st Jul by teyron2k5
Iceland pizza meal deal, 3 x pizzas (320g to 365g per pizza), chips 600g-750g and 3 litres of Pepsi Max or diet. There are 12 pizzas to choose from (thin/deep pan), which are Icela… Read more
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Great, but what if you don't actually have any of that stuff. Significantly well above £5 at that point


In a competition to see what is worse?


Except just about everything.


This is awful advice. If you squeeze all of the air inside the bottle out before you seal it, that means there's even more room for the co2 (fizziness) to escape into, so doing this will make it go even flatter than normal.


Now thats a deal rite there

Diet Pepsi Cans 24 x 330ml / Pepsi Max 24 x 330ml £5 @ Morrisons
Updated 1st JulLast updated 1st Jul by Samuel1979
The low price returns! Great offer! :) Pepsi Max:¶m=pepsi Maximum Taste, no sugar - The l… Read more
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There’s a pallet full of Pepsi Max in the Wellingborough store.


Has to settle for Diet Pepsi as max sold out


Morrisons Baglan had Diet and Max, no cherry ;( bought Max though, so not a loss at all (y)


I prefer Max, it tastes better (IMO) and I always find diet drinks are fizzier than the regular or sure free ones :/


Which is better diet or max?

Diet Coca Cola Feisty Cherry and Exotic Mango (1.25l) 25p Each at Bargain Buys
Updated 1st JulLast updated 1st Jul by horsepillsLocalLocal
Hey Guys; In Bargain Buys in Slough, they’re selling 1.25l Of Diet Coke (exotic mango and feisty cherry) for 25p each in store. Admittedly they have expired but soft drinks don’t … Read more
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For every "aspartame is evil" website, there is also an "aspartame is fine" equivalent. To the best of my knowledge, it's never been scientifically proven to be harmful


Good price but fear aspartame and Acesulfame


Oh i didn't know that, just tried to search up bargin buys and no official store on the web, so that makes sense, will look in poundstretchers next time i go thanks :)


Love the cherry chilli, I thought 49p in farmfoods is / was a good price. Although this expires at the end of September


not availble at Maypole branch :(

15 cans Pepsi Max (330ml) £3.99 B & M
Updated 27th JunLast updated 27th Jun by machomansavageLocalLocal
Great price for 15 cans of Pepsi Max
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Brilliant!!!! (lol) (lol)


Mate, I thought she'd s*at her knickers.


This is hilarious!!! Not a "smooth operator" but a stinky one


I don't like Morrisons anymore. The last time I was there, the till woman farted. She was embarrassed, but it didn't half stink.


32 cans for £7 i get.

Coca Cola Signature Mixers - £1 instore @ ASDA
Updated 24th JunLast updated 24th Jun by missmisiowaLocalLocal
Coca Cola Signature has been created to mix with dark spirits (not the evil ghost variety) like Rum.

maybe a joke here but i do it all the time, cola is too sweet for me, i mix about 60/40 with fizzy water. except for fastfood cola which is already watered down 50/50.


Great, that’s something I won’t be drinking as a Diabetic. :o


had smoky one yesterday, really nice, most expensive cola I ever paid for. Already on ebay.


They already have one. They own Schweppes, which released premium mixers couple months ago. Although it looks like they’re loosing business, as they even released their coca cola energy drink in UK, which again is weird, as they could stick to their energy drink brand that they’re using abroad - Burn


Just got some thanks op

Pepsi Max Bottles 3 x 375ml for £1 In-store @ Heron Foods
Updated 21st JunLast updated 21st Jun by davepopeLocalLocal
Heron Foods are selling Pepsi Max Bottles 3 x 375ml for £1 or 60p each.

Thats the same price for 1.25 same price as all the pound shops and only one plastic bottle in the landfill not a not a bargain 1



I didn't, I used a photo of 3 actual bottles I had bought and taken a photo of. A mod has removed my photo and used this one! My photo obviously wasn't good enough! (skeptical)


Why have you put a 600ml bottle as the image of this deal is for 375ml bottles? (confused) Heat added by the way, just image needs updating

New Coca Cola Signature Mixers in 4 Flavours £1.30 at Waitrose & Partners
Updated 21st JunLast updated 21st Jun by cannotthinkofoneLocalLocal
New Coca Cola Signature Mixers in 4 Flavours @ £1.30. Spotted in Waitrose but should be all supermarkets
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I just don't get it. Who asked for these? Did someone take a sip of their JD and Coke recently and think "This would be so much better with a hint of patchouli..." Pointless product, likely to disappear within a year I reckon.


That's the one. It's great on its own as well - so many of these flavoured colas just taste of cola. This one is much more grown-up.


So it's just Coke? Or is it somehow different from normal Coke? Stronger, perhaps? Seems pretty obscure to me.


Thinking BBQ sauces and maybe meat overnight soaking for them, interesting flavours

10 Pack of Coca Cola £4 @ Heron Foods (Lincoln)
Updated 21st JunLast updated 21st Jun by omendataLocalLocal
Found today in Lincoln Heron 10x330ml full fat original coca cola £4.00.

Not poor choice of wording at all. Do not let the PC libtards change you maggs never give in to PC madness and NEVER apologise to a libtard pc pea brain! Oh and they have em in B&M 10 for £4.


Thank heavens for small mercies....


At least he didn't say "phat".... (y)


So, you said "full fat". You meant "full sugar".


I meant "full fat" in the context of it being the original version not the sugar free/diet coke. A poor choice of wording on my part.

Coca Cola 4 pack (Peach, Strawberry & Cherry) only 89p @ Heron
Updated 21st JunLast updated 21st Jun by Craig_BurtonLocalLocal
Found in my local hartlepool today had different flavours from the post last week

Ahh. Used to live not too far from a heron foods.


Gone to the premium price shelves ... lol.


It has all been snorted?


Should mention all seem to be sugar free, or do they only do these flavours in sugar free? might help some/put some people off


Wheres all the normal coca cola gone?

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