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Roughneck High Velocity Turbo Claw Hammer 16oz - Toolstation, £12.95 + £5 del
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Been looking for another general purpose hammer, I decided on the Stanley fibreglass but found this today annoyingly. I had a Fatmax one which is very similar in specs/style/shape … Read more
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"Roughneck High Velocity Turbo Claw Hammer" was my nickname at school.


When covid probably. Can't handle influx of delivery orders probably...


So when did it change to £25 for free delivery from £10.


i saw turbo hammer and was expecting it to be like Homer's hammer


Would the pointy end penetrate a human skull? Asking for a friend.

Rolson 10334 8 oz Tubular Steel Claw Hammer £3.13 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Decent low price here for the claw hammer from Amazon - if you wanted one for your DIY needs and can't venture out due to the lockdown. Features 8oz Tubular steel claw hamm… Read more
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STOP. hammer time


Buy a 20oz fiberglass shaft claw hammer made buy USA company Plumb.... OK they are around £25-30 but it will last a lifetime, bought my dad one 40 years ago, it had a good 25 years heavy use and still gets used regularly, it's as good as new.


And a great tip for pulling out those nails: when you have a couple of cm’s or more out then bend the nail over quite a bit and feed the claw in from that side - it may feel counter-initiative because you feel the nail should be straight - the nail will come out so much easier. A final note from me... don’t ever hit two hammers together, the steel is hardened and could shatter with fragments going everywhere including your eyes, etc. That’s all from the Hammer House of hammer tips, next week we will be discussing the benefits of nails! Haha.


Have to agree ref the tubular steel shaft, this is a cheap hammer, I woun't entertain this at all.


Please don't use the Claw to pull out any tough nails, seen the tubular steel shaft bend in half on these cheap hammers on more than one occasion. I've had my Estwing 20oz Claw for 30 years now, I paid £16 for it from my first wage packet and I still have it and use it now. Admittedly they are £30 ish now but I'd call £1 a year pretty decent value and I have the bonus of knowing that it's not going to take my eye out by bending in half pulling out a nail.... That said if you only ever use a hammer to knock the odd picture hook in then for £3.13 you can't really go wrong

MAKITA DHR242Z 18v 3 function hammer - SDS plus. Body only £137 at lawson-his
99° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
This seems to be a popular model as when I posted the Howe tools bargain as an alternative to another Makita earlier they sold out their stock in minutes. Seems like Lawson have ju… Read more

Or buy from here https://www.powertoolmate.co.uk/Products/0040000c00020001/DHR242Z%252FE for £137.99... or a site called Manomano....


If you want it just pay the extra £2 at nutsnbolts


Yes, price has gone up now. Delivery time has gone up too so it looks like they may have sold out as well. The brushless 18v does seem to be popular.


I'll keep watching - I missed that one I think. Thanks.


I payed about the same for one a month ago but I got a 5ah battery too.

MAKITA HR2630 240v 3 function hammer - SDS plus £113 at Howe Tools
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
I've just been looking around at SDS plus drills - trying to decide which to buy corded or cordless, I thought this SDS for me, this is the better option it wont be for everyone o… Read more

much prefer corded for some jobs myself spending 3 - 4 hours removing tree stumps and concrete - Impact energy 1.7J as opposed to 2.4 J so more umph


You can get it from wickes for the same price with trade card but i would go for the cordless DHR182Z from amazon Germany, around £150

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Bosch Professional GBH 2-28 F Rotary Hammer SDS + Interchangeable chuck & L-BOXX - £138.98 (£132 With Fee Free Card) Del. @ Amazon Germany
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Decent price for the kit - as always you can order with an Amazon UK account. Use a fee free card to save on conversion charges. Below indicative price using Amazon's Calculators… Read more
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Got the gbh 2-26f for £97 from amazon. Superb piece of kit. Came with the carry box.


Was a great deal, but looks like expired now :-/


I'm surprised people still buy these in the age of battery drills, i've not used or seen anyone use these in 10 years or more at work.


Supplied boxes are completely useless. Compartment inserts for them cost £15+. To bulky to carry to the job.


I think the price is back to over EUR 200. Did not pay attention to it earlier but the offer was for a drill in a L-BOXX which is usually a bit more expensive than a regular carrying case. Either way it was a bargain while lasted.

Bosch Professional GBH 2-28 Rotary Hammer SDS + Interchangeable chuck & L-BOXX - £165.63 / £160.67 With Fee Free Card @ Amazon DE
164° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Decent price it you're happy to wait a little longer on this one. Currently showing for me as around the 6th of May. Comes with the SDS-plus quick-change chuck, Quick change chuck,… Read more

I still have this quality tool , made in Germany in 2001. It's done mixing , tile lifting, light cement breaking , floor scraping ,demolished walls , core drilling and of course general drilling. I would not hesitate to buy another. Luckily I managed to repair it after my three year old son put gravel in the vents. I couldn't quite get the gears to be correct so it now only works on two modes out of three , chisel and impact drill luckily.


That's about the closest. Has the same impact energy. It will be 300 - 400 with a 36v batt and charger though.


i'm liking the sound of being able to use straight shank bits as well. Is there a cordless version of this?


Had a look at the Bosch website and even though at this price it should be a electro-pneumatic (rotary) drill which is better than a hammer action drill, but I could not see the which type it is. Can someone confirm which type this is with a source please?


I got a 20 by 400mm chisel and a 25*400 drill. Widths were about right (you could maybe get a 25mm wide chisel) but if a little bit more length for both, especially the chisel, would have been better.

DEWALT DCH133N 18v Brushless SDS+ Hammer BODY ONLY with carry case £105.00 @ Toolstore UK
267° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
This 18V cordless SDS drill gets really good reviews and is was cheaper here than anywhere else.
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No, I didn't have a t-stak catalogue... Maybe they're all a range of used/returned units


Mine was also in a plastic bag. The body itself looks fine. It's other things that are making me question if it's been elsewhere on its journey first... :/ Did yours have the mini T-Stak catalogue cable tied to the case too?


Does sound like it unfortunalty. Mine shows no signs of use previously. The still itself was even in a plastic bag, in the case.


Yip... I seem to be having very little joy with online orders at the minute. It had a big thick blob of brown goop on the clasp too, making me suspect it's already been 'owned' elsewhere already. 🤢🤮


Yea, I did. Was yours missing?

Makita Special Edition Toolbelt 2 Pouch Holster Tool Belt Set and Hammer Holder £33.99 Delivered using code @ eBay / buyaparcel
152° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Is there really any point of getting some tools, and conquering that DIY you've been putting off the past 2 years, if you can't holster and store your tools on your utility belt … Read more

1 week .... (y)


Officially how long do you have to have a been dad for before you qualify for one of these bad boys. Asking for a friend


Actually had to buy one of these in a bit of emergency back when I was working construction doing some plasterboard work, barely lasted me two weeks with all the tools I needed but perfectly fine for DIY home jobs I imagine :D Do feel like a bit of a cowboy walking around with it on and tools hanging off the sides!


I thought these were a bit daft untill I got this one on offer from screwfix for £12 https://www.screwfix.com/p/mac-allister-tool-belt-with-pouch-drill-holster-35-47/5344p It's actually come in handy plaster boarding the ceiling in my porch and used it while building my shed in the garden :-) I wouldn't recommend pottering around the house in it though as have caught it on a few things and knocked things over :-p


I actually have this and it is very useful, especially up ladders (y)

Draper Tools 51095 Hardwood Shaft Rubber Mallet 400 g 14.5 oz £3.59 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
313° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Includes rubber head and hardwood shaft Face diameter: 52 mm Designed for easy usage Description Product Description Includes rubber head and hardwood shaft. Face diameter 52 mm. D… Read more

If anyone tests positive........


https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silverline-HA72-Rubber-Mallet-Black/dp/B000LFVCGU/ref=sr_1_5?crid=2BTU6OMRT98VM&keywords=rubber%2Bmallet&qid=1585407819&s=diy&sprefix=rubber%2Bma%2Cdiy%2C145&sr=1-5&th=1 Couple of options on sizes


Trigger seemed to think so!


Is it the same mallet if parts have been replaced? Ship of Theseus.


Bought one but can't get any rubber nails

Am-Tech Pin Hammer delivered for £2.01 Free Collection at Carparts4less
307° Expired
Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Am-Tech Pin Hammer delivered for £2.01 Free Collection at Carparts4less
£2.01£2.9933%CarParts4Less Deals
Am-Tech Pin Hammer delivered for £2.01 at carparts4less https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/am-tech-pin-hammer-553980620 Traditional wooden shaft with drop forged head Approx 13"… Read more

Use code “LOOTERS”


Need to get this for the next phase


Stop. Its hammer time


That's a banging deal!


good to defend my toilet rolls

Einhell 15kg 1600W Demolition Hammer 240V £119.98 @ Toolstation
326° Expired
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Einhell 15kg 1600W Demolition Hammer 240V £119.98 @ Toolstation
Following our old one packing up couldn't believe the price and then how good this is. Well worth the investment.
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This is a good piece of kit for the price. I am using it to remove an old concrete garage base and it is fine for an inexperienced DIY'er like me. Totally agree with others, the longest I can use it is around 10 minutes. Taking me ages, but with the lock down it is not necessarily a bad thing! (lol)


It obviously depends on the path, both how long it is and how well constructed. If you buy a heavy SDS drill that will do the job much more slowly than this demolition hammer,but be more useful in the long run. It costs about half of this. Quite frankly, some (most?) garden paths are so lightly constructed that a pick or even just a spade is all you need. Ours just has a thin layer of sand and cement underneath the slabs.


I use the Titan one nearly every day, it’s fit for purpose at its price point but yes vibration is high. Wouldn’t suggest using it for longer than 10/15 minutes at a time


Definitely worth the investment for a garden path, it’d take all day with anything smaller (y)


Yeah awful,they recommend 30mins at a time tops ,me and the lads were struggling to make 15 mins before we'd had enough there's a reason it's cheap,the Titan one at screwfix is the same, as is many other brands,just re branded Chinese stuff I think

Stanley FatMax FuBar III 55-120 5-in-1 Demolition Tool, Sledge Hammer / Nail Remover / Jaws For Timber / Pry Bar £55.20 at Amazon
67° Expired
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Stanley FatMax FuBar III 55-120 5-in-1 Demolition Tool, Sledge Hammer / Nail Remover / Jaws For Timber / Pry Bar £55.20 at Amazon
A very sturdy and useful tool.

These are amazing. I already have the fubar XL and the fubar 2 they're all different sizes this fubar3 was only sold in USA for years and was $200 to buy, it's long not the length of a normal crowbar more like a sledgehammer size and for the price it's at now that's a bargain if you strip out or do demo work. Use mine at work daily, prying doors and locks, ripping kitchens out and the jaws are clever. Latch onto some timber or metal and lever and they grip and just pull off.


Nails are still the same size.


Thanks for info but I think that nail puller is a little small for the pallet I've just got!




I use another tool for that. Can't remember it's name. I'll send you a photo if you DM me. This seems expensive.

Am-Tech 8Oz Claw Hammer - Fibreglass Shaft delivered for £3.12 at carparts4less
28° Expired
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Am-Tech 8Oz Claw Hammer - Fibreglass Shaft delivered for £3.12 at carparts4less
£3.12£4.6933%CarParts4Less Deals
Am-Tech 8Oz Claw Hammer - Fibreglass Shaft delivered for £3.12 at carparts4less https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/am-tech-8oz-claw-hammer-fibreglass-shaft-553980810 Am-Tech 8Oz… Read more

trying to search their tool section on the website, can't find any sub section with tools in??


8oz........ perfect for ma toffee XD

Am-Tech 8Oz Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft delivered for £2.79 at Carparts4less
306° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Am-Tech 8Oz Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft delivered for £2.79 at Carparts4less
Am-Tech 8Oz Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft delivered for £2.79 at carparts4less https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/am-tech-8oz-claw-hammer-steel-shaft-553980320 Tubular steel shaft F… Read more

Got one for a spare tool bag, thanks for posting.


Could come in handy with the coronapocalypse


Posted a deal when it was on sale for £2.60. does the job nicely for such a cheap price jus st don't go trying to pry massive nails out ... It will just bend. Heat added.


Good luck,I been waiting on a delivery from these for over a week


Bargain with free delivery

Am-Tech 16Oz Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft delivered for £4.78 at CarParts4Less
34° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Am-Tech 16Oz Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft delivered for £4.78 at CarParts4Less
£4.78£5.9920%CarParts4Less Deals
Am-Tech 16Oz Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft delivered for £4.78 at carparts4less https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/am-tech-16oz-claw-hammer-steel-shaft-553980230 Tubular steel shaft… Read more

'Tubular steel shaft'

Scheppach 10 Piece Air hammer kit for £20 click & collect @ B&Q
188° Expired
Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
Scheppach 10 Piece Air hammer kit for £20 click & collect @ B&Q
£20£3746%B&Q Deals
I picked this just for the name to be honest. I have very little idea what it does, is it a sort of powered chisel? Air Hammer sounds like an 80s glam/hair rock band and that is en… Read more

Please remember to get some ear defenders with this you will need them believe me


Have bought the Silverline air hammer on Amazon. The price fluctuates between £9-£13. The kit it ships with is identical (but no moulded box) and the air hammer doesn't have the rubber grip but otherwise looks identical. Has been working flawlessly for air riveting and cutting through stuff like small bolts and rivets. Maybe a cheaper option for some.


Man, I've been blowing into mine and found it really hard to use!


I can only guess the smallest attachment acts as a nipper tool.


How does this cut sheet metal? (confused)

Am-Tech 16Oz Polished Gs Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft £3.19 delivered (or collection) @ EuroCarParts
283° Expired
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Am-Tech 16Oz Polished Gs Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft £3.19 delivered (or collection) @ EuroCarParts
£3.19£5.0437%Euro Car Parts Deals
16oz Claw Hammer for £3.19 and showing free delivery or free collection if delivery not available in your area. Selling for £5-£11 elsewhere. Am-Tech 16Oz Polished Gs Claw H… Read more

Same frame of mind. Also in the market for a half decent new hammer. But have no idea what qualifies as 'decent' . So eyes peeled I guess


Expired. £6.29 at the moment.


The original Multi Tool (y)


I would like to go for this look... Hammer Girl.


If I had a hammer i'd hammer in the morning , I'd hammer in the evening, all over this toooooown.

Am-Tech 8Oz Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft £2.60 (Free Delivery) at CarParts4Less
609° Expired
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Am-Tech 8Oz Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft £2.60 (Free Delivery) at CarParts4Less
PRODUCT DETAIL Am-Tech 8Oz Claw Hammer - Steel Shaft Tubular steel shaft Fitted with rubber non-slip grip Drop forged, hardened and tempered head Claw hammer for pulling nails or n… Read more
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You can get this from Poundland for guess how much?!!! (embarrassed)


Handy for the glove box, mainly for middle lane drivers


single use hammer. hit one nail and it bends.


Snapped up by all the lorry and taxi drivers.


This item is no longer available.

Olpro Rubber Mallet with Steel Shaft £1 @ Halfords (Free Click & Collect)
315° Expired
Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
Olpro Rubber Mallet with Steel Shaft £1 @ Halfords (Free Click & Collect)
Good offer for a quid. Free Click & Collect. The Olpro Rubber Mallet with Steel Shaft will help to make jobs whilst out camping easier. Features: 16oz camping mallet m… Read more

No longer available on site


Timmy time!


Fab thanks


that's the normal price at halfords. bought this a while ago for a pound. but still cheapest on the market (highfive)


This is brilliant - perfect for bopping those barrels that Donkey Kong keeps throwing at me.

Olpro Rubber Mallet with Steel Shaft £1 @ Halfords (free click and collect)
480° Expired
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Olpro Rubber Mallet with Steel Shaft £1 @ Halfords (free click and collect)
£1£3.8074%Halfords Deals
Update 1
Back in stock
Olpro Rubber Mallet with Steel Shaft for £1 at Halfords. Same mallet selling for around £4+ elsewhere. Free click and collect. Olpro Rubber Mallet with Steel Shaft 16oz … Read more

I got a couple the other day when it came up on offer. Great quality.


Perfect for lorry drivers on a budget. :{




Going once... going twice...

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