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The iPhone 6s Plus is a large-screen version of Apple’s popular iPhone 6s, and it could be an affordable alternative to the more recent iPhone 7 Plus. This buyer’s guide explains everything mobile phone purchasers need to know about the iPhone 6s Plus, while buyers can find the best deals at the iPhone 6s Plus HotUKDeals listings.
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iPhone 6s Plus 32GB Space Grey SIM Free £249 @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 30th Apr 2020Posted 30th Apr 2020
iPhone 6s Plus 32GB Space Grey SIM Free £249 @ Laptops Direct£249Laptops Direct Deals
Just found this - seems to be the cheapest a 6s Plus has been at. Next best price is Very @ 269, then Argos @ £299 & AO @ £349.

It's pretty interesting right! I think we'll be suprised when these phones still work well a year into no updates. Web content won't massively change (it's not like when youtube went from flash to html5, I can't see some revolution happening like that) so the 6s+ will be fine. The experience between my 6s+ and X is marginal tbh, like you found with the SE. It's amazing what marketing can do, people really are convinced that something like an X or an XR is miiiles ahead of a 6s+, sure on paper it looks like it, but when you have them in your hand and just flick through apps...It's so subtle, and suddenly the extra £300 - £500 feels a lot more poignant.


If she’s coming from a 4 this will be a big change for her a nice little upgrade. for us SE will be good for awhile I got the white 128gb £479 but it came with free beats x headphones from three which I sold yesterday £45 and got £15 cash back so makes it £419 which is the price of the 64gb. I’m well happy with it


True, and the lifespan is probably 2-3 years for the 6 series before they become crippled due to updates ending.. but there is a market for these older models, and my mum is going to be well chuffed she’s still using her iPhone 4! I think the wireless charging takes the pain out of the battery life of the SE..


Indeed mate, it’s like i said tho as times goes on probably with iOS 14 which the 6s is apparently getting you’ll notice it more as more features come in that demand more power and ram. SE for the money is incredible value I’ve just sent my iPhone 11 back! for a full refund amazon de. saved over £200 for pretty much the same experience same chip. downsides are smaller screen but can be seen as an advantage to many! Battery is lots smaller and you can tell! can just about get a day with medium usage


Just bought the new SE and I’m passing my 6S (not plus) to my mother.. so I have them side by side atm, and honestly there’s not much in it. The SE does feel a little bit snappier, but barely noticeable for the type of stuff she’ll be doing. It’s certainly not four times better, unlike the cost. A heavy user who wants to play games and videos would benefit from the newer tech. The + version is ofc better still than the 6S, which like the SE doesn’t have a high capacity battery.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus (128 GB) - Rose Gold - £349 @ Amazon
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Apple iPhone 6s Plus (128 GB) - Rose Gold - £349 @ Amazon£349£55237% offAmazon Deals
Brand new large capacity iPhone 6s Plus (128GB) Brand new should be also eligible for free 12 months Apple TV Good option for someone who doesnt need latest chips nor he play any… Read more

Usually for family or people who want to stay on iOS platform don’t need latest chip but require high capacity storage for photos or videos.


Why anyone would want to buy this relic beats me 🤦🏻




Yes, even the old iphones are better than most android .


Does this still exist brand new :o ???????

iPhone 6s plus 128 GB Silver/Rose Gold at £349 @ Amazon
Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019
iPhone 6s plus 128 GB Silver/Rose Gold at £349 @ Amazon£349Amazon Deals
Lowest price I’ve seen on Amazon since 2016

Ordered, don't forget Quidco to sweeten the deal yet further.


You must be havin a laugh posting this deal, surely... I really do think sometimes members post the most ridiculous deals just to get us talkin’ but fair do’s it does just that lol


#awks (ninja)


Wow I got ripped off with my iPhone 6s Plus which I paid £500......... ....4 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s the hottest deal at the moment so click the appropriate link on the home page

Apple iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold (Certified Pre-owned) with 1 Year Apple Warranty at Ideal World TV for £299.99
-359° Expired
Posted 25th Feb 2019Posted 25th Feb 2019
Apple iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold (Certified Pre-owned) with 1 Year Apple Warranty at Ideal World TV for £299.99£299.99Ideal World TV Deals
Best iPhone deal on the market today. Fantastic offer and 1 year official Apple Warranty. And Flex pay option 4 x £75.02

Just report it as spam.


Should of been extra £20 I.e £319 for 128gb.


Amazed a Shopping channel that prides itself in selling lower than high street prices gets caught up in selling Apple products at these inflated prices, puts me off believing any items they sell will be good value.


stick 32gb in title to save clicks mate


more than a grade A at CEX. brrrrrrrrrrM

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Apple iPhone 6s Plus 5.5 Inch 32GB SIM Free Unlocked Mobile Phone - Gold refurb £182.99 @ Argos Ebay
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Posted 28th Jan 2019Posted 28th Jan 2019
Apple iPhone 6s Plus 5.5 Inch 32GB SIM Free Unlocked Mobile Phone - Gold refurb £182.99 @ Argos Ebay£182.99eBay Deals
decent price

32gb not really worth the hassle


OOS already, good price for whoever got!

Iphone 6s Plus £315.00 at Very 10% for new credit customers
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Posted 17th Nov 2018Posted 17th Nov 2018
Iphone 6s Plus £315.00 at Very 10% for new credit customers£315Very Deals
Voucher code LXJRH

Lol! Why would anyone even bother buying it for that price? (lol)


This is gonna go so cold...


Great price for what it is But boy is it going to get icey


They still sell these new?