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Updated 12th Jun 2020Last updated 12th Jun 2020 by EndlessWaves
Looking for a lock for gate bolt that won't rust
Looking for a medium or long sized key activated lock for a back gate bolt that won't seize or rust up from the weather yet doesn't cost an arm and a leg! I'm onto my 2nd or 3rd o… Read more

The low cost Abus locks often have a reasonable reputation such as the 41, 65 and 701B. They come in different sizes denoted by the number after the dash, e.g. 41/50 is the 50mm-class variant of the 41. Random chinese brand locks like the one you linked that go overboard with covers, plastic coating and so on at a very low price I'd expect to be junk. The reviews on amazon for the same lock under a different brand mention it's so badly constructed the rain goes in through the top and can't drain out:


Yes, just buy any weatherproof padlock that has a barrel cover. Also, an easy way to avoid this happening on any lock - fill the key barrel and shackle with vaseline. It'll keep moisture out. I do the same with satellite dish LNB connectors before tightening them up. Dip the cable end in the jar...

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Bike lock/tracker
Good morning all I brought a 400 pound bike yesterday because my old bike got stolen while it was locked up outside a shop now am just wondering if anyone would know a certain bik… Read more

Thanks a lot will order now the lock should I bother with tracking or leave it


After some research and weighing up the expensive vs cheap options, I got the OnGuard Brute D Lock under £30with a 16.8mm shakle. It's really solid and well reviewed very happy with it. Bear in mind even the best £100+ locks are brakeable with the right tools.


I'd suggest getting a Sold Secure gold rated U-lock as a minimum. I'd also look into the cost of insurance, you may be able to cover it cheaply on your home insurance, they'll probably require either a gold or silver rated lock at a minimum. I have a Kryptonite New York lock, 16mm shackle weighs around 1.8 kg. The other locks that seemed good alternatives was one of the top end Abus Granite models can't remember if it was an extreme or x-plus, but it's shackle had a flattened profile which meant it could be a bit lighter than mine, but still resist bolt cutters. Another worth considering is an Onguard Brute as a budget option. Make sure you remove the shackle and oil the locking bolts of any U-lock you buy before you start using it, as well as the keyhole, otherwise the bolts tend to seize up due to corrosion.


Thanks And how do these trackers work And what lock would you recommend


Cheap gsm tracker under saddle or if size allows down frame tube like this tracker

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Updated 8th May 2020Last updated 8th May 2020 by MR1123
MDM lock on phone
Hi, I bought iPhone SE from ebay in Dec 2017. Used for couple of years and now thought of selling it. But when I reset, it says it was stolen and remote managed by some Tech Data C… Read more

This doesn't look like the network blocked it. It looks like one of those sites where you can register your your electronics (forgot the name) so if it gets stolen they can lock it. contact eBay seller if possible.


Prior to any action consider if you are the legitimate legal owner of the handset, rather than simply the buyer of a handset. If you feel you are the legitimate legal owner, an entity is causing you some loss and you could consider seeking compensation. The source of the compensation would depend on the origin of your issue. Did the vendor (or associate) of the handset initiate the stolen status? If so, your sole compensation source is the vendor, but if the vendor was compensated by an insurance company you may be able to come to an arrangement with the ins co, assuming you can identify the ins co. Or has the company enforcing the restriction made a mistake and that company has not received a legitimate instruction to lock your specific handset? If so, your compensation source is that company. The company using the domain name quoted on the screen of the handset has limited company representation in UK. Maybe contact that UK-based co with a polite request to unlock; if no joy and you are absolutely confident that the company has made a mistake and has not received an instruction to lock this specific handset, consider the LBA & MCOL route against the UK co. That co's formal registration details (and so contact details for formal comms) can be seen at archive


Could be a work phone somebody kept after leaving their company, then decided to sell on eBay?


As per my post on the same/similar situation I had, the ebay listing saying they can reset the phone for a few quid are scams (so I'm led to believe).


I did on chat with technical support team. Even senior support person tried to help technically like restore using iTunes etc. But nothing worked. They said contact ebay

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Updated 8th May 2020Last updated 8th May 2020 by BalooCrimson
What is Mdm software lock , iOS ?
Hi As above what is mdm software lock... pros / cons etc Thanks

why would you want to buy an ipad with the lock on it


Just seen your post. Seems you’ve been unlucky that’s you’ve only just reset it now as I was looking to buy an iPad with the MDM lock but left it because of issues like this


Any luck? I am in similar situation


Because at the time I didn't know it had this lock on it. Only after ~1 year of usage when I requested an unlock from Vodafone did the situation come to light.


why would you buy one?

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Lock down end??
With Boris announcing the “plan” to lift lockdown next week, does this mean lockdown will be over next week or is he just explaining the plan.

Not the same impact but it appears - in however small numbers - something else is emerging...



Lets hope so and its done properly (which it probably wont be as its the UK!) as I dont think anyone wants a second wave when the first hasn't gone anywhere yet.


Lockdown won’t end till June/July as the danger of a 2nd or 3rd spike would be catastrophic, an economy can be rebuilt but we can’t raise the dead.


I take it you don't have children? My priority is my children, a child's welfare always comes first. I am so thankful the Sars-Cov-2 virus does not seem to have much impact on children.

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Sim lock Samsung e2121b
Hi My mother in law has been using a Samsung e2121b for several years we decided to change her from plusnet to EE (uses same networks) we changed the sim only to get sim lock comi… Read more

Tried this already still not working


Try this


I have tried this I be taken out my contract sim and tried it


Try moving the sim card slightly or check to see if you have damaged prongs...have an old phone that takes a standard sim an if its not sat correctly, is does sound like you need the PUK code though