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TEFAL Loft KO250140 Rapid Boil Traditional Kettle - Pure White, £34.00 @ Currys
Made hot 27th AprMade hot 27th Apr
An expensive kettle.. reduced at Currys. Has good reviews! :p Power: 3000 W Capacity: 1.7 litres Water level indicator 360-degree rotational base Anti-limescale filter
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Plastic kettle, plastic taste in water. Lick the tefal brand name. Buy steel or glass kettle. Much better. Hot for toaster but not kettle


Cracking deal- ordered kettle and toaster via eBay. Thanks (y) 🏻


they say rapid boil but how fast is the boil exactly?


jackr1 10% off if through eBay - £30.60

Abru 3 Tread Slim Step Stool with Tray for £19.54 (See OP for other) Free C&C @ Robert Dyas
Made hot 20th AprMade hot 20th Apr
If you only need the ladder, the use code "15EW19" to get it for £ 19.54 Or, If you need, add the following roller Set to the deal above for for just extra £1 using the cod… Read more

How is it different to a ladder?




Thank you, OP. Used code 15EW19 on just the steps to bring it down to £19.54. Heat and ordered.


You're Welcome ;) :D


Fantastic deal well happy. 66 pounds in amazon just for the steps.. Thanks cheers

Youngman Timberline Loft Ladder Access Kit £101.15 C+C with code @ Wickes
Refreshed 21st MarRefreshed 21st Mar
Bit niche, but we have the exact same loft ladder, before we used to struggle clambering up & chucking stuff in to the loft, since we had this installed climbing into the loft… Read more

Give us a suggestion or two then bud?? Expert or regular fitters of loft hatches are what we need so we know when other similar deals pop up wether there's s potential bargain in the offing or its reduced because it's a pile of steaming dodo..😜 Genuine question, looking for recommendations :)


Fitted this and can say not great I have fitted a lot easier and better to be honest. I rate it about 5 out of 10 max


I think you misunderstand the point that the ceiling is the bit you see from below :) In any case, unless you are doing a full loft conversion (in which case, why are you even looking at this) or you are insulating your roof (i.e. converting to a 'warm loft') you need to include 250 to 270mm* of loft insulation in your calculation. The floor in my pictures above is laid on 175mm loft legs which raise it just enough to provide the required depth of insulation (75mm joist + 175mm leg = 250mm insulation filled void). In my case I have left the large gap between the top of the hatch frame and the floor boards open, but I could easily extend the frame up to cover the insulation if desired. *You can reduce this depth by using a sheet insulation like Celotex or Kingspan, but this works out expensive and has a bit of a reputation issue after Grenfell Tower.


I think you misunderstand the point. The 115mm is plaster, timber joist & clearance to allow for the new floor board so roughly. 75mm joist 18mm clearance 20mm lath & plaster


As a lifelong carpenter (now retired) I would like to add some input. I would guess a proper quote (not estimate) would be around £150 unless it is London. To fit then the following has to happen. 1. Assuming the dimensions needed are 900mm x 600mm for example, adjust frame cutting & inserting 3"x2" timber to 903mm x 603mm internal size. (the 3mm extra is for squaring & tolerance) 2. When enlarging the aperture, carefully cut through the lath & plaster with a saw at a low angle to prevent breakout. 3. When you have made the adjustments, measure diagonally across to ensure that the dimensions are exactly the same, if not tweak the frame using packers to bring it into square. 4. Spin the metal clips and drop the stairs in place ( a spare pair of hands is useful at this point) the bottom edge should be exactly level with the ceiling. 5, When happy fix the unit in place, then fit architrave to complete the job 6. The top edge should be 18mm above the existing ceiling rafter to accommodate the new flooring. ps This is usually quite a messy job so make sure enough dust sheets are put down. With a bit of care any competent diy er should be ok with this. (not checked but I would suggest looking on youtube)

Workzone Folding Loft Ladder - Aldi - £49.99
Made hot 18th JanMade hot 18th Jan
I have just spotted this scrolling through Aldi's site. Great price for a loft ladder at less than £50 Following copied from there site. Dimensions: 139 × 30.5cm: extendable bet… Read more
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Having had it fitted yesterday I can safely say I'm quite impressed.. unfortunately mine had obviously been dropped in transit so had a bent paid of arms bug not enough to prevent if getting fitted and I'll happily replace the arms when they send me the replacements .....which was one of the distinguishing factors for me being stored directly aBove the hatch means you don't need to know the exact surroundings of the area or whether a traditional fold over up and slide would foul something... Nice rubber mounted wide treads ! A little flex when first alighting the ladder... But soon feels find and 'normal'...


Nice one mate!! That's looking very promising. I need an indoor project with all this rain!! Thanks for taking the time.


I know this is " Holy thread ressurection Batman"..... But there are numerous models available if you look in the right place :) try for a start :) Most types are available in a height to more than cater for your ceilings ;) Hth.


Would love one but most if not all loft ladders I've come across are max 3m and my ceilings are just over the 10ft. The search continues....



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TEFAL Loft TT60140 4-Slice Toaster - Pure White £34.99 @ Currys
Made hot 25th Dec 2018Made hot 25th Dec 2018
TEFAL Loft TT60140 4-Slice Toaster - Pure White £34.99 @ Currys
£34.99£79.9956%Currys PC World Deals
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Time for a trip to Curry's for a test drive.


It's one of those foot apply handbrakes.


Im confused as to what the far right lever is for, so its clutch, brake, accelerator and? Them levers are huuuge


Great deal. Purchased,


Saw the silver over the weekend, slightly different model Tefal Maison, same price. Heat OP for posting the deal.Ours is on its last legs, Tefal Avanti, after 16 years of service.

Loft Range Beautiful  Occasion Side Table: Grey/White  £11.99 @ Home Bargains
Made hot 17th Dec 2018Made hot 17th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Simple yet stylish, this Loft Range Occasion Side Table will sit beautifully in your home. The table features a circular grey table top made from MDF and three sleek bamboo legs. E… Read more

I've got this table. Looks really nice. Looks like it's from Ikea.


Nice find


Lol, typo....I wouldn't pay £30. We bought two, the first one broke before it was put together hahaha...tbh, la Redoute furniuture isn't crap too.


You must really like cheap MDF.


xmas inflation

Loft Nesting Beautiful Tables: Set of Two (Mink) just £19.99 @ Home Bargains
Made hot 16th Dec 2018Made hot 16th Dec 2018
Loft Nesting Beautiful Tables: Set of Two (Mink) just £19.99 @ Home Bargains
£19.99£49.9960%Home Bargains Deals
urn your nest into a relaxed, stylish and contemporary haven, with this beautiful set of Loft Mink Nest Tables. The fresh, mink coloured table tops sat atop classic minimalist wood… Read more



Yep, saw them yesterday in store in my local HB.


You are most welcome 🙏


Thank you


I think so and they usually do as its not online exclusive.

King F7 Driver Black Hand: Right, Shaft Flex: Regular, Shaft: Fujikura Pro 60, Loft: Adjustable (9-12 Degree) £131.06 @ Jam golf
Made hot 10th Dec 2018Made hot 10th Dec 2018
King F7 Driver Black Hand: Right, Shaft Flex: Regular, Shaft: Fujikura Pro 60, Loft: Adjustable (9-12 Degree) £131.06 @ Jam golf
£131.06£27953%Jam Golf Deals
5% off with 'JAMSAVE5' and 8% quidco making this £131.06

Only 2 left in stock now as well


The connect system looks ace as well, see the videos online!


I've ended up getting this as well, £131 is a joke for how much club this is. Selling at £200+ elsewhere


Welcome :)


Really good deal on a great club. Ordered one for myself (y) Thanks 😁

Youngman Easiway 3 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder - Max Height 3m for £35 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Made hot 15th Nov 2018Made hot 15th Nov 2018
Youngman Easiway 3 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder - Max Height 3m for £35 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
To be honest I've never purchased a loft ladder before but this one for this price is alright. There are quite a few reviews available on Amazon Top quality 3 section alumin… Read more
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I've finally got round to collecting mine tonight and it says max weight 150kg on the packaging. Not sure if they've made a mistake and given me the more expensive model but means I don't have to worry about how many mince pies I eat this Christmas now!


Says the product can't be found?


Awaiting to buy this item. Nice post. Tx


Young man....there's no need to fall down


Thank you! Just what I was after.

Solway plastic recycled chicken hen house, £225 delivered @ Solway Recycling
Made hot 15th Nov 2018Made hot 15th Nov 2018
The Eco Hen Loft is a variation on the poplular Solway Mini Hen Coop. The Eco Hen Loft is made from 100% recycled plastic so will not rot and will prevent the build up of red mites… Read more
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I don't think you can help yourself can you.When your in a hole stop digging yourself deeper in it.


So did I say this is the 3rd coop I have purchased? If I post this deal again in another few months and mention that I have purchased one of these coops a few years ago that does not mean I have purchased another one, I am referring to the one I have purchased and the one I have added a photo of In the post.


No not every time. just three times out of the five times you posted it according to your own words.


Just because I have listed it a few times does not mean I purchased one every time.


According to yourself you bought quite a few over a period of time.

Knauf 100mm Space Loft insulation Roll - 8.30m2 Coverage £14 / Type 11 Single Panel Universal Radiator - 600x600mm £18.47 (plus more in post) @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Made hot 1st Oct 2018Made hot 1st Oct 2018
Knauf 100mm Space Loft insulation Roll - 8.30m2 Coverage £14 / Type 11 Single Panel Universal Radiator - 600x600mm £18.47 (plus more in post) @ Wickes (Free C&C)
£14£1613%Wickes Deals
Looks a warm enough price for the coverage. Covers 8.30m2 in total and gets decent reviews. Price has been up and down on this, but this is the best I can see this for at the mo. P… Read more

Thanks. If you get 4 or more rolls it works out £12 inc. VAT a roll. Same price for 170mm thickness for less coverage


You got 100 million internet points for being brave enough to admit it, good one :)


Both 8.3m2. How’s it less


also called slab as in the third item in the title


Less m2

B&Q 200mm Multibuy Knauf Loft Insulation Eko Rolls - £15.50 per roll (free C&C)
Made hot 8th Sep 2018Made hot 8th Sep 2018
B&Q 200mm Multibuy Knauf Loft Insulation Eko Rolls - £15.50 per roll (free C&C)
£15.50B&Q Deals
B&Q Multi buy back on across all three sizes. As long as you buy 3 or more across any sizes, you will only pay £15.50 for each roll - even the 200mm.
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Asked in store about the expiry date on this - told it'll be on until February.


Try contacting Warm Wales:


Abuse is fine if the being isn’t your pet? :/ Death can take days with glue traps. It’s extremely cruel. If you insist on using lethal methods they should at least guarantee a quick death.


You're just confirming what i said. Finding it useful or effective or whatever doesn't change what the other guy said: it's barbaric. There's humane alternatives that are no less effective. That's what makes it barbaric: actively choosing the method that causes the most suffering.


Depends on the context. You would rather prefer infestation? Rats & mice can carry virus & diseases through urine who wouldn't care about your morals than to breed. I guess your health isn't important to you then?

Knauf Earthwool loft roll 200mm £12.50 @ Homebase
Made hot 30th Apr 2018Made hot 30th Apr 2018
Knauf Earthwool loft roll 200mm £12.50 @ Homebase
Knauf Earthwool loft roll 200mm £12.50 @ Homebase. Click and collect available or delivery from £3.95. Seems great since its thinner 100mm counterpart is £12.99 as you can see in … Read more

A quick look shows you can get 200thick at 4830x114mm for £14.50 ea. Bear in mind that was in oct last year but over those few months, many deals around that price were about.


When I did nt whole loft, I calculated in a table the £/m3 of insulation, then you have a truely relative number to compare to each other. I'll see if I can dig it out and post if anyone is interested.


Back to £13.95 now


7 years ago.


Was that when Princess Diana got married to Charles

2 piece loft ladder in B&Q. £33
Made hot 22nd Mar 2018Made hot 22nd Mar 2018
2 piece loft ladder in B&Q. £33
Nice and light. Comes with fixing kit to attach to your hatch or just use it as a small ladder. Online and in store.
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Voucher expired 5th march need a time machine NOW.


Might be useful for some... I gave up buying the stuff which i dont really need. Enjoy.


Do wooden ladders usually state max weight limits? Any idea what the limit is for one you linked to? They also seem to do a handrail version for a couple more pounds.


Can this be used for external work at all?


6% discount for me :D

Made hot 2nd Mar 2018Made hot 2nd Mar 2018
MANTHORPE GL250 INSULATED DROP-DOWN LOFT ACCESS DOOR WHITE 686 X 856MM £27.99 down from £39.99 Seems fair value.

Bugger, missed it. Anyone know anywhere else a similar price?


No. The lockable variant is the GL251


Can this be locked?


Prefer apple version, twice as much for sure... Half as good but cool logo in the hatch cover! Worth the extra obviously! Good find OP. Thanks


Just fitted mine. The biggest job was getting the old hatch out as it was bonded in with mastic all the way around. It's only a 15 minute job to fit then. A few ratchet clamps are handy to hold it in place, centre it and drill pilot holes. Nice big outer frame to hide any mess from the original. The sealing strip is quite close to the inside and even though I have 600mm centre joists I still have 10mm gap down the lengths either side, which means the seal isn't pulled to the ceiling on those sides. Might stuff some foam down the gap.

Knauf 100mm space loft roll £13 at  Wickes -  FREE Click & Collect
Made hot 1st Mar 2018Made hot 1st Mar 2018
Knauf 100mm space loft roll £13 at Wickes - FREE Click & Collect
£13£21.7440%Wickes Deals
Lowest ever price from what I can see, cheaper than B&Q
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No problem, Loft legs are grate, be careful with the distance / spacing there is a table on there web site that can help, I renovate houses the older one are fantastic but nothing "just works" every project need more thought and extra effort. but after its all done you will glad you did it.....


Thanks for that - I started doing it the other way, bit luckily have only got 1 roll down so far so will either change it or just do the rest at 90 degrees. Mine is taking a little longer as using loft legs and putting boarding over the top and also the distance between the rafters seems to be less than the boards (guess it's because it's a 1950's house)?


Not my loft (or wife) but this how its done.... as many have said 100mm between joists then 170 or 200 on top at 90degree to first layer, if you don't do it like this then you will get "cold bridging" via the joists, Note: if you were only to put 200mm between joists there would be very little benefit....


This is the bottom layer that goes between the rafters - you then stick the 170mm stuff on top!


Awesome, ordered 9 rolls been wanting to get some down in our loft for ages!

KNAUF EKO ROLL LOFT INSULATION, (L)4.83M (W)1.14 M (T)200MM Price Mix and match - Buy any 3 or more for £14.50 each. Discount applied at checkout @ B&Q
Made hot 22nd Feb 2018Made hot 22nd Feb 2018
KNAUF EKO ROLL LOFT INSULATION, (L)4.83M (W)1.14 M (T)200MM Price Mix and match - Buy any 3 or more for £14.50 each. Discount applied at checkout @ B&Q
£14.50B&Q Deals
PRODUCT DETAILSProduct InformationThis Loft insulation;is one of 3 pack sizes available from Eko Roll, this roll measures (L)4.83m (W)1400mm (T)200mm and provides excellent thermal… Read more
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Deal is no longer there


Besides putting a carpet and underlay over bare floorboards on the first floor, any possibility of something light under the floorboards for sound and heat insulation? I think I know where my neighbours TV is below me.




I did my loft late last year with this stuff (they had the same offer back then), easy to uses as it is pre cut and wasn't really itchy.


Bought 3 of these, great stuff - only needed 2 though so returned one and got refunded £14.50 - so you can technically get 2 for £29 rather than the usual £32.

LOFT LADDER ALUMINIUM 3-SECTION 12-TREADreduced in Screwfix £44.99
Made hot 20th Feb 2018Made hot 20th Feb 2018
LOFT LADDER ALUMINIUM 3-SECTION 12-TREADreduced in Screwfix £44.99
£44.99£6025%Screwfix Deals
This seems better quality than the b&q one listed earlier. This is still £60 in b&q. Extends from 3 overlapping sections that can be affixed to the inside of a loft to be … Read more

Unfortunately this has expired now. I would've got it at this price!


Thanks, ordered. Great price. Heat added :D


Are you keeping them robes you are selling on Ebay in the loft?


It mentions the loft hatch has to be under 20mm or under, that seems pretty thin? Most modern ones I've seen seem to be about 25-50mm and lined with foam insulation.


Worth noting that the one in B&Q for £60 also includes a handrail and a spring mechanism to make it easier to stow. Each to their own but I’d rather spend the extra £15 for these benefits. B&Q loft ladder with handrail

2 Section 10 Tread sliding Loft Ladder £29.70 w/code @ B&Q
Made hot 19th Feb 2018Made hot 19th Feb 2018
2 Section 10 Tread sliding Loft Ladder £29.70 w/code @ B&Q
£27.90B&Q Deals
Good price, use code 10LADDER at checkout for R&C Maximum height - 2.69 m Loft Ladder, fixings, Universal stowing pole Guarantee - 1 year Features and Benefits … Read more
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Ask your husband to do it.


Check Ebay. A friend got one about 1.2m long for under £15

Hunt4deal 5 years warranty


Seen as this only goes to 2.69m I’m going to go with a no.


No sense here. So cold from me to you.

Loft Range Oak Effect Finish Computer/Laptop Desk £34.99 on Home Bargains
Made hot 13th Feb 2018Made hot 13th Feb 2018
Loft Range Oak Effect Finish Computer/Laptop Desk £34.99 on Home Bargains
Loft Range Oak Effect Finish Computer/Laptop Desk on Original RRP is 89.99 but it has been reduced to 34.99 and its a great bargain price
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It’s just for the laptops as the picture highlights! ;)


Nice-looking desk and a really good price. Is it proper veneer/vinyl though, or just paper? It makes all the difference


Good Price , but does not have pull out keyboard tray. I find the keyboard tray and full keyboard very handy even when using my keyboard.




Nice find for £35 - heat from me :)

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