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150 Microsoft Rewards Points For Free - Browse Bing
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Made hot 26th Oct 2020Made hot 26th Oct 2020
150 Microsoft Rewards Points For Free - Browse BingFREE£0.01Microsoft Store Deals
Complete a few simple tasks by the 31st of the month as part of the Halloween celebrations and pick up free 150 points. And then not even 2 minutes later I have this : Credit… Read more

You can spend 29,250 and get a £25 reward. Three days before the pre-orders went live, I cashed out and 292,500 points 10 times for £250. I earn around 14-16k a month doing the searches and all the game pass quests. It takes around 3 minutes a day for the searches and I play on the Xbox daily.


rewards automator does all your searches for you daily you just need to run the app on android


Thanks OP


Thats a lot. I reckon I can make about £10 per month. I dont buy much on the store though


Hotel? Trivago?

£10 FREE Credit...Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership @ Amazon £14.99 (£4.99 with credit or £3.50 students)
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Refreshed 22nd Dec 2018Refreshed 22nd Dec 2018
£10 FREE Credit...Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership @ Amazon £14.99 (£4.99 with credit or £3.50 students)£14.99£24.9940% offAmazon Deals
Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership + £10 FREE Credit | Xbox Live Download Code Students get extra 10% on student accounts

I've said it a million times. These credits are not free, it is a bundle. It might seem like a good deal for this bundle though.


Sold 8 on Stay clear of eBay, sold 8... 4 so far have been fraud. Rediculous odds I'm afraid. Merry Christmas and all that. Putting them all on G2A Edit: 5 out of 8!! (lol) (lol) (lol) . It's a good job I'm not reliant on that isn't it! Just increases the base cost with less profit. Some right b***ards about. Christmas of all times. Will make it around £260 all in with a controller. So maybe 70-80 profit in it plus a controller. eBay have the cheek not to remove the final value fees too. I don't bloody think so.


Not available?


Yeah I got them over 12 hours, I've chanced putting some on eBay too. 3 sold totalling around 9.60 each after fees. So put another 10 on there and left the 30 on G2A. I'll just see how it goes. I assume the live codes dont expire for a few months? It's the credit which needs using ASAP anyway. Cheers!


You have to list in Euros, so it depends a bit on the current exchange rate, but it's €0.15 to create a listing (so one listing for all the keys) and then selling fees are €0.35 plus 10.8%, so you'd have to sell them for €11.75 to get £9 after fees. I sold mine for €11.49 when I first did this, but current cheapest is €10.89, so that would leave you with £8.42, which is still about a 50% discount. So did you manage to buy all of those just today? Not sure whether to push my luck with Amazon or not - could do with another controller and trying to decide whether an Elite one is worth it, even with the discount.

Xbox live points  £2.49 Tesco, canal rd, Bradford
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Made hot 18th Feb 2018Made hot 18th Feb 2018
Xbox live points £2.49 Tesco, canal rd, BradfordTesco Direct_eJod Deals
These were on customer service desk
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Have anyone been able to use points for the last 2 days now? This is what i get when trying to redeem a 2100 points code: Check the instructions that came with your code. You might need to redeem it on a different web page.


You can now buy gold with currency, I got 3 months XBL with XB currency last week for £6.99


Yeah we googled was £18.99 normal price. Redeemed fine for us my son bought things for fortnite lol


My local Tesco only up the road from there, might go down when it opens...


Microsoft seems to have problems atm you can't redeem points This is the error message you get when trying to redeem points: Check the instructions that came with your code. You might need to redeem it on a different web page. Even though its a valid code, hopefully they get it fixed soon.

Varta Rechargeable AA 2100mah Batteries × 4  £3.49  Screwfix
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Made hot 7th Aug 2017Made hot 7th Aug 2017
Varta Rechargeable AA 2100mah Batteries × 4 £3.49 Screwfix£3.49Screwfix Deals
2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee Pre-Charged & Ready to Use

Ahhhh, wish I'd ordered some last night now


missed it, expired


Thanks OP, 2 packs ordered and in to get them first thing tomorrow :)


Great price for the 'eneloop' / 'pre-charged' type.


Great deal, may have to pop in :)

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£18.02 worth of Xbox credit for £5 (2100 Microsoft Points card) instore @ Asda Walthamstow
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Made hot 24th May 2017Made hot 24th May 2017LocalLocal
£18.02 worth of Xbox credit for £5 (2100 Microsoft Points card) instore @ Asda Walthamstow£5Asda Deals
Can be redeemed on an Xbox One. You will be redirected to by the console and then you just click 'Confirm' and the credit will be added to your account. Credit lasts for o… Read more

I purchased D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die (Xbox One game) today using the credit I bought from Asda.


so can you use this for Xbox One content, or only Xbox 360


£15 in my local, had loads aswell




Happily i'm a hundred and ten miles west now.

4 Varta AA Ready To Use 2100mAh Rechargeable Batteries £3.49 Screwfix Today Only (15/3/17)
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Made hot 15th Mar 2017Made hot 15th Mar 2017
4 Varta AA Ready To Use 2100mAh Rechargeable Batteries £3.49 Screwfix Today Only (15/3/17)£3.49Screwfix Deals
Screwfix's Today Only deal. I haven't used these so don't know how good they are but have good reviews on Amazon who are selling them at £7.27. Varta are a German manufacturer th… Read more

Final results - 2180, 2200, 2200, 2210 mAh for the pack of four. These are damn good batteries!


OK so some empirical evidence to cut through the BS being spouted on here. Picked 3 packs of these up last week and tested at 250mA discharge straight from the pack down to 0.90V. All four had charge levels of around 1700mAh which is pretty much spot on for what they say about batteries that have been stored for a year. Just running a full charge/discharge cycle and will post back with results when it's done but looking good so far! I see the offer's expired but they have only gone up to £5.09 which is still a good deal for stay charged batteries of this capacity. As for people complaining that they are only 1.2V, do some reading. You think your 1.5V batteries still put out 1.5V under load? Ever heard of low internal resistance? Flat discharge curves etc? If you can show me a single device that uses 1.5V batteries but don't work with 1.2V I'll be surprised.


I can only see 3.7V for that sort of price that are only useful in flashes/torches etc. To get down to 1.5V they need to extra components inside.


Still stock in Worcester


I discharged and charged a set overnight and the charger indicates that they are holding 2.45-2.55 mAh each battery!! Has anyone else measured the charge?