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Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Tacx Neo £945 + 10% off when added to basket, + AN EXTRA £10% off when click and collecting with various standard Halfords discounts (e.g. NHS, British cycling, age concern etc)… Read more

My old Tacx came with some basic software so assume it does, but if you’re spending this kind of money on a trainer I’d recommend Zwift as well.


Does it come with software, or do you have to subscribe to Zwift?


Exactly. This is the cheapest this has been. Plenty of cyclists are buying them. It's the new golf don't you know?


The best trainer on the market. My old man has one, and it's great! Everytime I ride it, and go back to my Tacx Flow Smart I think about selling a kidney!


I personally would go with the diretto (and I did) but if I was more flush I'd get the Tacx, it's a luxury machine at a luxury price. This is the lowest price I have seen for the Tacx.

NHS staff FREE stay at Hallmark Hotel (min spend £50 food and drink)
24/12/2018Expires on 24/12/2018Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
NHS Staff stay for free on Sundays when spending a minimum of £50.00 on food and beverage at Hallmark Hotels. T&Cs apply but a great deal for a nice night away. One-night bre… Read more
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Drs don’t do any hours for free if they are still at work after their shift ends they get paid for it unlike the nurses who have to do their notes after their shift ends because it’s the only time they can do it!!!


Thats 85pp not overall. Pretty big difference


The hotel stay *is* free, even though you have to spend £50. I understand that some people read the headline and expected it to be a total giveaway, but thats not what the offer is, and those people were wrong to expect that. Saying all this, its not a particularly good offer. Sundays are the quietest night of the week in hotels and the cheapest to book anyway. The rooms are often empty so if they can get £50 over the bar when all its cost the hotel is a room clean and linen then they will still be quids in. Also I dont rate any offer that's only open to a certain section of society, students is the typical one, but nhs staff is just the same. Cold from me.


not everyone who works in the back offices is lazy as you imply. i work in recruitment and i can tell you that what we do makes an impact on the nhs as without our department how would the staff be brought in??


This is completely wrong. How did you decide that? Doctors are not on the agenda for change payscale. They're on their own payscale.

Chicken Pox Vaccine free at NHS (certain criteria on immune system)
Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
Many of you would of remembered that horrible case last year that made national news of that boy with awfulChicken Pox Boots and Superdrug cashed in by offering the vaccine privat… Read more
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I had shingles on my eyelid. Had to have strong antibiotics as if left unchecked can lead to blindness. Don't take any chances. see your GP.


I have a weak immune system due to arthritis medication, chicken pox is dangerous to me. I have to avoid anyone who has it. Amazed how many parents do t even think to tell you their child has it. It's a killer to a minority of people. You have to take this illness seriously.


Antiviral are a must and as soon as you suspect shingles. I have recently had it and it's no fun :(


For anyone considering this, I would see your doctor and discuss appropriate medication such as antivirals (see relevant NHS webpage) before relying on Vitamin B to sort Shingles out. Nothing against the user davening, but the source for the above Googled quote doesn't look entirely reliable to me.


Let see if this is actually a "Hot Deal" for the tax-payers. The cost of the vaccine is £27, and you need 2 separate doses to be immuned, so £54 per person + costs of 2 nurse appointments at the Doctors. How many people will need this? True, it is offered FREE for those who are eligible but it's entirely your choice. Chicken Pox like any other Viral Illness can be life-threatening, it varies among people. If you are unlucky, you can also die from Cold virus! However, the Viral Strain for Chicken Pox in the UK is not as severe as other country like USA where vaccines are given routinely. Hence, the key point here is to see your doctors if you are UNWELL even with the so called "Minor Illnesses". Most people get through the illness just fine as others. TWO things to consider before you go for the vaccine (not just about the cost, or whether this is a "deal"):- 1) All vaccinations have side effects, you can also die from bad complications. Especially in children, there had been reported death among infants who had these vaccines and hence, it is now banned for under 1 to be given in the community - Only under Consultant Supervision. As a parent, think about the need for the jabs. It is not painless and can be traumatic. So, make sure you balance this up when making such decision. 2) If you are thinking of having Chicken Pox vaccination for this reason (transmitting infection to those with weaker immune system), you should also be mindful about other infectious diseases which are not possible to vaccinate against. Only 1% of these diseases can now be prevented with vaccination. It is not possible to stop transmission of any other 99% infectious diseases with vaccination. Hence, other approach is also needed to save them from these diseases. This include a good health promotion by the government to enhance people's understanding of their illness in order to seek help at the right time. If any of your family members or friends are not well, simply ask them not to visit people with weaker immune system. Finally, for those who already have a weaker immune system, if you caught any of these illness including Chicken Pox, seek urgent medical advice. Doctors can provide you with treatment - which are not routinely offered to other people. For example, Chicken Pox - If you are really at risk due to weaker immune system, you can be given Antibodies called VZIG when you are in contact with those who have Chicken Pox. Even if your family is fully vaccinated, still seek help if you are not sure.

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Free Eye Tests and how to get them
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Free Eye Tests and how to get them Eye care is very important for our health and we all should be having regular eye examinations, but we’re sometimes put off by the cost. Howe… Read more

The shop assistant asked for my free coupon and didn’t say anything about waiting for a copy of anything. Perhaps I should go and ask for it next time I’m passing? Thanks for your responses.


If your eyesight is good then all or most of the boxes on the prescription will be blank or zero, they only put measurements in when your eyesight needs correcting with glasses, thats probably the reason you didn't get one. That said, they should have given you something to say when and where your eyes were tested and by whom, and that no prescription was needed. If they sent you away with nothing then that is sloppy and unprofessional.


Did you ask me why they didn't give it to you? Seems shady practice to me?


I went for the free eye test today at boots. They didn’t give me my prescription. Should they have given me it even though I don’t require glasses?


Asda glasses are ok. Glasses Direct frequently sell two pair of glasses for £25 or less. They're just about ok. I bough from them a few times.

Free Pro Wrestling for NHS Staff!! Featuring WWE NXT UK Superstars!
LocalLocalFound 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Dragon Pro Wrestling: Breakout FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY CELEBRATING 70 YEARS OF THE NHS With hardworking staff, giving up precious family time for our National Health Service. Dragon… Read more
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I was joking kid


Neither the admin staff nor the family members are saving lives! Teachers? Well my partner is a teacher and has to put up with regular attacks. Crowd control! I once asked a relative who was a teacher in an inner city comp what he taught. His reply? Little barst****!


They all play a part in saving lives. Should I get it as a teacher? No, and I wouldn't expect it, our NHS deserve any bonuses they can get with the rubbish wages and terrible working conditions.


Secretarial staff? Family members?


NHS workers save lives and those professions don't?

70th anniversary of NHS with FREE hot drink for all NHS workers at participating Asda stores for Big 7Tea on Thursday 5th July 18
Refreshed 4th JulRefreshed 4th Jul
Just seen this on Facebook m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2064003863671007&id=141700922567987 "We’re celebrating the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service this… Read more

No probs.


(annoyed) I didn't mean to reply to you, I was replying to the same person you were...


I aim to please.


I think if you read again it was exactly as I was saying, this should not include other services because it is for the NHS 70th birthday.


Because it's the NHS 70th birthday!

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Free Nhs Calorie Checker
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
Calorie checkerCheck the calorie value of over 150,000 food and drinks, using this handy calorie checker. You can even search branded products. No use to me as i have perfect body … Read more

They should make an app


You can have the chips, I don't do carbs, not good for ya


Yes please!


Mussels and chips...


Yeah whatever.... Great anecdote... Lol

Free Nhs Health Check ( 40 - 74 ) @ NHS
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Look after your healthFrom online interactive tools and self-assessments to NHS Health Check – there are lots of ways you can check and assess your health. Finding out more abou… Read more

How exactly is this a deal? Cold.


Do you call your local GP to arrange or where?


I posted this original because I'm going for my mother at the docs monday god knows what he will say lose weight stop drinking take more exercise and so on


Anything concerned with health matters has to be good


They have to do more than offer statins they have convince patients to accept the prescriptions. Receiving more money if they do this is an incentive no matter how it’s worded. I used statins as an example, my point being that regular standardised health checks would be very beneficial as long as safeguards are put in place to avoid the over prescription of drugs. Early diagnosis of conditions that present no symptoms in the early stages would benefit the patients, the NHS and the taxpayer.

NHS FREE Fitness app.
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
If you're looking for ways to help improve your health and fitness, you can download the free NHS fitness app Active 10 . The free app (downloadable for Apple/iOS and Androi… Read more

Your are correct to a point however the point of the NHS guidance is to "encourage" people to at least do some exercise. They have done research on this and there is a sliding scale of benefits and doing just 10 minutes will make a huge difference compared to doing nothing at all. Stating that people need to do an hour day will simple terrify many people who are out-of-shape, overworked and tired, and many of them will think that there's no hope so wont even bother trying. I started my exercise routines doing just 10 minutes and when I started to get fitter and healthier, my interest fitness grew and I started trying new things and extending my workouts. A few years later and I'm full of energy and love doing longer workouts but there was a time in my life when the idea of doing an hours exercise a day would seem like torture.


I thought you were joking until I read the article. *Facepalm*


Sex is great exercise. Maybe that should be prescribed.


Just goto the gym or even swimming is good for you and your joints not the type you smoke (flirt)


Have you got the deal on the cereal please as I’ve got a tank of petrol and ready to go once my pizzas turn up.

Free all you can eat breakfast or Toby Carvery for all Armed Forces personnel  Sat 30th June / Plus ongoing discounts for Armed Forces, Emergency Services and NHS staff
Refreshed 29th JunRefreshed 29th Jun
Toby Carvery are running a free carvery meal or breakfast to all military personnel on the 30th June as part of Armed Forces day. This offer applies to all members of the British… Read more
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Thanks for listing, I expected the TC to have been mobbed as near M&D's Motherwell. We popped in around lunchtime for the Carvery and all was fine with plenty of eating space; I have never seen it so empty. (y)




Take a bow Mr Carvery. (y)


That is not a nice thing to say.


Brilliant - well done Toby Carvery.

EE sim only - 40gb Data, unlimited minutes/texts £25 p/m - £20 with NHS discount  - 12mth contract retention
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
I've just renewed my sim only deal and now getting 40gb data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. I also managed to get NHS discount (20%) bringing it lower than £25p/m to £20 … Read more

Think this is available for new customers? Also can you get the nhs discount over the phone??


Dam you EE, you bring decent offers out after I have left EE.


Can’t really see why this is cold? Good deal.


No, I got a £10 loyalty discount to bring it from £35 to £25, and an additional 20% off the plan which they calculated from the original plan value of £7. In essence, I have £17 of discounts, bringing it down to £18pm


Don't you mean £28 ?

O2 now offer Teachers upto 40% off Mobile Phone bills (also NHS, Armed forces, Police, large MNC / blue chips )
Refreshed 12th JunRefreshed 12th Jun
Top of the class: O2 offers teachers 40% discount on their phone bills O2 offering UK teachers up to 40% discount on selected airtime plans when bought with O2 Refresh handsets … Read more
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First if all, don't you think it's a bit self serving banging about how "how important they all are" and "get down off your pedastal" is a little ironic when you then lead on to talk about "24 likes" "lots of similar comments"? Second of all, please show me where I said teachers were more important than any other public service? Third if all, when you have the idiots in government who have no idea what it's like in state education making education policy and having you jump through hoops for the sake of jumping through hoops instead of doing things that are meaningful, what exactly can we do? I personally do the best that I can do, often working over 12hrs a day to make sure that my kids (and they are my kids, as I treat all 300 of them like my own) do the best that they can. Your attitude regarding "well you're doing a great job aren't you!" Is precisely part of the problem. Gone are the days when parents are expected to do their bit, and school is supported in turning our children into valuable members of societies as now parents can offload all their responsibities onto the school. Further more, regarding it being teachers fault for council properties and taxes going up, I think you've got the wrong generation - I and many of my teacher friends either share a house or simply live at home because we simply cannot afford to "move up and out". It was the older generation that screwed the economy over. Also, regarding crap teachers, have you been in a school recently? You do know that we now get observed at least 3 times a year and that if we fail short once, we are put on a support plan that could lead to the capability proceedings and the sack if we don't improve. Please do not try and demean how important we are compared to other public servants, as we all work bloody hard. I notice nothing was said about nurses who just secured a 6% pay rise whilst teachers receive nothing, or are you the one who doesn't value all public servants the same


Ok this took some jumping through hoops as the discount wasnt applied and I had to get it done manually, but in the end I got the following: Moto G6 12 Months Netflix 24 Month contract 25 GB Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts O2 Travel The airtime and device is split so £7 a month for device and £32 a month for the airtime, but I got just over 40% applied to the airtime (£13 each month) making the total a month £26. I also got Topcashback of £80 so I'm pretty pleased with this.


Yeah I'm with Three now, but it's the signal that's an issue. The booster is fine in the house but I have no signal in the garden and for the first 1-2 miles when leaving the house etc. Unfortunately it seems from speaking to neighbours etc O2 is the only consistently good signal in our area which limits me to Three, GiffGaff or Tesco.


O2 pricing is poor compared to any website that does bundles and contracts. I used to do all those cashback deals until my last one 3 years ago went bust so i lost out half way. Before that i had saved about 2k! Anyway... i would say to monitor the mobiles area on hukd as great contacts come up regularly. Not as many as the old days sadly. But i have never seen a decent contract deal for o2


So, back to the deal. Even with the 40% is there actually any half decent deals or not? I'm having to change my contract from 3 as my signal is so poor where I've moved to, EE doesn't work and Vodaphone is pretty dire too so my options are limited. This one does look too bad - The Moto G6 on Refresh 24 months 3 GB, 1000 mins and unlimited texts at £9.99 upfront cost and £25 a month. You get the 40% discount off the airtime only which is £18 a month. By my reckoning with the £9.99 upfront cost and the phone/airtime in total over the 24 months it works out at £18.21 a month. Potentially £40 Topcashback too which looks decent.

Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Sign up to Chemist4u and get your NHS prescriptions delivered to your house for FREE to any address in the UK!

I tend to find if you download the Evergreen App and ask your surgery for your linkage code, you can then 1. Order prescriptions from the app according to your repeat slip 2. Have the prescriptions delivered by chemist-4-u.com, after you have nominated them. They do sent in letter box friendly if the drug packets are small enough 3. Book doctor appointments (Rather than wait hours or days) 4. Look at your past medical history (Amazing as mine goes back to 1979)


England only?


I use pharmacy2u and it’s very easy. I order my repeat prescription on the NHS app and a few days later it all arrives in the post.


problem with this service is - if you have a multiple items, they dont send them seperately, they box them all together, then they don't fit through your letterbox, and if you're not in ( as I wasn't) you have to collect from the local delivery office (if you cant wait or arrange for redelivery) which is 7 miles further way than my local chemist, So i'm now sticking with the local pharmacy to collect


Can't have all drugs delivered. And if there's a query you can't see anyone in person like you can Ruth your local chemist.

Discounts available for current or ex Military, ministry of defence Civil Servants and NHS
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
This isn't new, but certainly may be of interest to some on this site. Discounts at many retailers are available for members of the Defence Discount scheme. It is an official sch… Read more
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For the most part yes. However this card gives you access to online discounts also (typically the employee portal) and veterans don't usually have their military ID.


I know, disappointing isn't it. I wasn't particularly hungry that day ;(


Who spends 80 quid at yo sushi?



If you show your Military ID card you get the same discount? Heat added but something to be aware of.

HC01 Form; Free Eye test, Free prescription, Free NHS dental appointment if low income
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
Use this form if you need help with paying for: • NHS prescriptions; • NHS dental treatment; • NHS wigs and fabric supports; • sight tests, glasses and contact lenses; or • tr… Read more

Gosh wish I'd seen this the last 6 years that I was a student and struggling to afford eye tests. Just getting my first pay check next week so probably will not be eligible anymore, but voted Hot! Something to pass on to younger friends and relatives who are still studying


All free for us in Scotland


So you get penalised if you save ?


What about someone that is a carer, unemployed and doesn't claim any benefits not even jsa? Can they claim for free prescription,as I thought you had to be claiming some type of benefit to get free prescription?


Thanks for posting op :)

17-18th March Twycross Zoo FREE entry for Highways England Personnel, County Council Highways Personnel, Blue Light Card Holders and NHS Staff ('Snow Hero weekend')
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
This offer is available for: Highways England Personnel I.D needed: Highways England Staff Card County Council Highways Personnel I.D needed: Local Authority Staff Pho… Read more
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Hang on.....according to the Met Office (believe them at your peril) these guys and gals are all supposed to be needed on the roads this weekend.

Donate Blood - stocks low! (Ftea, coffee, biscuits, and an ID keyring with your blood type on it)
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
“Because of the recent weather, we haven’t collected the usual amount of blood donations. It is going to take a month to get blood stock levels back to normal, so we have made more… Read more
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Would love to be able to give blood but I'm a type 1 diabetic so no can do ;(




and also give us money for our blood


It's very wrong people have to wait for 2 hours. No wonder there's a shortage of blood. Have made an appointment for next week.


I would be happy to give blood regularly, but it isn't easy trying to work out where they're going to be taking blood and when. It would be great if I could pop into a&e, or better still a local clinic with free parking and donate it whenever I am free, but what seems to happen in Wigan is the circus rolls into town, they hire a big venue and hope everybody just happens to be free on that day. Maybe it actually works better than my method, but i've only managed to give blood once just because it usually isn't convenient when I remember to check if they're taking it locally.

20% discount to Police, Fire Services, Ambulance service and NHS staff. @ Nando's
Refreshed 25th MayRefreshed 25th May
How Does Your Emergency Services Discount Work?As our little way of saying thanks, we offer a 20% discount to Police, Fire Services, Ambulance service and NHS staff. To use this di… Read more
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But Tesco doesn't cook it nor serve it to your table? Nor provide condiments or cleaned cutlery for your benefit. And you want 1/2 price? Really? Are you aware that thousands of employees fall under the 20% qualifying discount and that would/could potentially cripple or bankrupt a chain like Nando's if their clientele had to quadruple overnight due to giving away 50% of their food for free - in exchange for saying 'thank you' to people who've chosen to work for the services (and also get remunerated for doing so) I'm sorry, but I think your opinion on the matter is atrociously greedy.


Not to everyone new Postie's didn't get any


Many of whom will be working administrative or processing positions and will never get close to saving lives. Yet they get it whilst others don't. Seems ridiculous


It was originally meant for 'life savers' - Coast Guard, Police, Nurses and the military.


Or burnt alive...

Order your NHS Prescriptions online FREE TO YOUR DOOR @ SUPERDRUG
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Not really a deal but worth knowing folks
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The norm I'm afraid...


I had phone up superdrug cs as the online registration didn't recognize my local health center, even when typing address and postcode! Guy on phone had lots of problems trying to register for me, overall spent about 30 minutes trying to register finally sorted online! Just hope it all goes through via my gp and delivery etc, apparently sd use postman to deliver, sign for at door!


I did. The government should stop foreign aid, overpaid mps and expenses, the royal family and put the money in the NHS.


If it's that bad just change your practise? I reckon we need a privatised system where people start paying per appointment.... That usually stops all the problems that we are enduring in the UK that all seem down to an overworked and understaffed NHS (not enough appointments, appointments not long enough and consequently rushed appointments etc.).


Yeah as others have said if you actually *need* your medication you should avoid postal companies like this, 9/10 your local pharmacist will go out of their way to help you if there's an issue with your medication and it's possible for them to help such as supplying an emergency supply for the weekend if you loose your meds or run out unexpectedly but this is dependant on whether they can see clear regular usage and it helps to already be a customer!

Vodafone 15% discount on monthly bills for nhs employees
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Just came across this on the vodafone website. Could benefit nhs employees, Not really had a proper look although i think there may be a £10 membership fee.
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May, like trump, is rubbish, but definitely the lesser of two evils. Socialism just doesn’t work.


She's been part of the government that decided to screw NHS staff over, if I recall she dismally failed to hit immigration targets, she is absolutely useless but at least she's setting Labour up for a win


Agree I got offered 30% today after threatening to leave. Couldn't get it on the 50Gb sim only deal but did get it for £24.46pm with free Spotify so really only £14.47


How she manage that? She has only been PM for less than two years. Since 1/22 workers is employed by the NHS and their average salary is 2,500 above the national average, I don’t think they do too badly compared to the rest of us. They do whine a lot though.


All emergency services staff qualify for the discount, including NHS staff too.

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