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Free condoms near you. NHS services offering free condom by post and in person
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Link for everyone Find your nearest local nhs service for condoms and sexual health services https://www.nhs.uk/Service-Search/Free%20condoms/LocationSearch/732 Different area’… Read more
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This post is a bit different from the last post which was under 25’s. For this post I have highlighted some services that offer free condoms by post, as well as where those over 25 can access condoms too I actually don’t see the issue with another post for free condoms as clearly it is important people can access them. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.standard.co.uk/news/health/young-adults-in-uk-are-diagnosed-with-an-sti-every-four-minutes-a3971051.html%3famp STI rates in the UK: Young adults are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection every four minutes PHE) said there were 144,000 cases of chlamydia or gonorrhoea diagnosed among people aged 15 to 24 last year - the equivalent of almost 400 a day. That’s only one static for young people.


Why? Haven't you run out from the last time? They do have a best before date.


How many times do we need this posted? Was done so 3 and 4 months previously


(strong) Blur


Girls who are boys Who like boys to be girls Who do boys like they're girls Who do girls like they're boys... ...and live in Hull

The Gym Group Corporate Discount for Public Service and NHS Staff
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
If you are already a member of The Gym Group, why not ask your your branch if they do civil service or NHS corporate discounts. Mine was £17.99 and reduced to £13.99. Every branch … Read more

Your local gym isn't West Croydon by any chance?


My opinion is helping alot of people on Google where it matters. My Google review Stats: 2,440 views, 56 thumbs up. Adiós.


Did you miss the last bit of your comment where you referred to them as "The Joke Group"? Your opinion on this case is pretty worthless without mentioning the locations you've used.


You obviously missed the first bit of my message 'My Local The Gym Group'. I didn't say all the gyms are like that. I've been to 2 of their Gym's and the experience hasn't been good IMO which I'm entitled to share. Lot of Gym's nowadays are contract free cancel anytime, offer day passes or pay as you go and offer incentives for gym members to share with family and friends. It's nothing new... Lastly no-one is gonna be put off by my comment...people tend to check reviews before joining anyway. Happy Gyming. Don't forget to warm up 😄


One crap gym doesn't reflect the quality of the entire chain though. Anybody who is put off by this comment, Gym Group Gyms are contact free, so you can cancel your membership at anytime without fees if the standard of your local is not acceptable for you. You can also buy a day pass if you want to check it out before signing up. Mine offers free day passes fairly frequently throughout the year for members to give to friends and family so might be worth asking folk you know if there's any deals on. Also upgraded members can bring a non-member friend 4 times a month so with asking mates about that too. In my personal experience I've been to 2 Gym Group Gyms, one is in a retail park unit, the other was an old supermarket building, they both had the same range of equipment more or less and neither was leaky except one time where high winds damaged the roof of the retail park one, which was closed for repair and reopened in about 2 days with no visible damage inside.

Home screening kit - Bowel cancer screening @ NHS
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
The bowel cancer screening test for people aged 60 or over is a kit you use at home. This is used to check for tiny amounts of blood in your poo. It doesn't diagnose bowel cancer,… Read more


No no no. Turkey was not 'offered to join the EU' (that doesn't make sense..). Turkey wants to join the EU. They applied in 1987 and their application was recognised in 1999. Negotiations started in 2005. The 'offer' that was made in 2016 was to accelerate talks as part of the refugee deal. However, talks have stalled, the EU is extremely critical of Turkey and we have a Veto anyway. Turkey will not join the EU until it reforms. Telling someone to shut up because they havent worn a uniform. How is that for democracy? I see what kind of world you believe in. Typical brexiter. When someone raises their opinion online and you dont agree you accuse them of hiding behind a screen. I would say exactly the same to your face but don't tell me...I wouldn't dare say that to your face. Why is that tough man? Its not a case of loving the EU. I am british. But you mindless bunch of poorly educated fools are being dragged off a cliff and taking the rest of us with you. You dont realise is that all Brexit will achieve is damage to our economy. There will of course be winners. We know who they are. They argued before the referendum that a 52:48 remain win would be unfinished business. They suggested that a 2nd referendum would a good idea after a negotiation of a deal. They argued that a democracy fails to be a democracy if we can't change our mind. The will of the people may have change since the advisory referendum. Too scared to find out?


Snore... Boring and wrong...... One word... DEMOCRACY... Because without that we have nothing...... And I might add the EU are nothing but the crap on my shoe... They are a protection racket that takes money, pays half back then bribes politicians with the rest to get the votes they need to power themselves.. Grow up smell the coffee


Actually Turkey was offered to join the EU providing they stemmed the influx of immigrants. That was the deal but after Turkey did that the glorious EU went back on their deal. Have you ever wore a uniform if not shut up. You have no idea you silly little fool. If you love the EU that much leave now and find you better self instead of arguing behind your computer screen like a real man lol. Ps see you at the next rally.... Oh and blame us when the whole country has a civil war. One last thing.... This isn't about whether we stay or leave its about democracy and installing the will of the people. British heritage.


This thread has a cancer of its own, it’s distracting from the original thread which was intended to save lives not threaten them. Bloody Brexit arguments. See https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/home-screening-kit-bowel-cancer-screening-nhs-3191895

Superdrug is offering 10% discount to NHS staff from 27th February to 26th March. Instore only.
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
For a limited time you can receive a 10% NHS discount with a registered Health & Beautycard and a valid NHS Staff IDValid in-store from Wednesday 27th February - 26th March 201… Read more

Heat added, thanks OP


only those with too much time on their hands would moan..lol..


Aaaand... cue 'why should NHS staff get discount, they're already paid for their work'... Heat given!


Thanks (y) (y)



50% off meals at certain McDonald's restaurants for Emergency Services personnel (NHS, Police, Fire Brigade)
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
I like to think that I know most of the good NHS/NUS deals out there, particularly when it comes to restaurants, but when my colleague told me about this deal I must admit I was sh… Read more
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I certainly won't be taking dietary advice from the honey monster. You be trying to pass all that fat off as mass and fur, I bet.


It's been a pleasure.


Thanks Doctor Family Guy.




(lol) You were talking about heart disease though not 'obesity'. Regardless I can confirm I occasionally eat McDonald's and I am not obese nor do I have heart disease!

Free NHS “Yes I Donate” Products, T-shirt’s, pens, vests, coasters, key rings and more
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Leaflets and stickers also available. Information and products to let people you know you are willing to partake in organ donation. Please do not abuse this service. Only order pr… Read more

There are 6 pages of products


I can only see leaflets on there x


Are the people on saying that they have never had a free pen, mug, t-shirt etc off any charity stall.


Doh! Should have read the description properly. (embarrassed)


I'm confused by all the outrage in these comments. Are products not also for raising awareness about organ donation - which I assume arises from a person wearing the shirt? You seem to all be obsessed with raising money for publicity rather than direct publicity? Is the end goal not simply encouraging organ donation sign up not the fundraising in and of itself. Some of you are writting angry letters to the comapny though, so what did I miss....

The NHS prescription charge goes up to £9 in April. Buy an instant digital £10.40 pm prepayment certificate to save potentially £100s
Refreshed 7th MarRefreshed 7th Mar
A prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) lets you get as many NHS prescriptions as you need for a set price. If you regularly pay prescription charges, a PPC could save you mon… Read more

Parking at ERI & Ninewells (Dundee) were included in a deal created about 10-15 years ago, & the original contract remained after parking was made free at other NHS hospitals There is also a private car park next to Glasgow Royal Infirmary, that has nothing to do with the NHS


Saving page for later reading


Didn’t know that, last renewal was 11 months ago so I guess it’s no card this time .


The wikipedia source is from a TUC blog based on something Gordon Brown said in a speech. As I say for 90+% of the population to be getting free prescriptions unemployment would need to be over 40%, which it isn't.


They don't send cards anymore. You just get an email which you can print out to show to the chemists. You can pay 10 monthly payments of £10.40 via direct debit.

NHS Child Health App - A Guide For Parents Or Carers Of Young Children @ The Playstore & App Store
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Just heard this on the radio, seems like a decent little app helping with common health conditions for children Between the ages of 0 - 5 Child’s health, an NHS guide for parent… Read more

Was advertised on the radio yesterday, and it's a fairly new app, so I'd guess those two put together comes up with an answer? Or not? :D


An 'NHS' app with only 10k downloads on Google play?! Gotta be a fake! The developer does other unrelated apps too.


Heat for sharing @Mrswitch If it could prevent/help one unfortunate incident, it would be worthwhile. Thank you !


Catch ap is a really good nhs ap too if your area commissions it.


Thanks for sharing :)

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Lloyds Pharmacy Blood Pressure Monitor just £14.99 (free click and collect)
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Blood pressure monitor and cuff from Lloyds Pharmacy for just £14.99 collected (free C&C). Add voucher code OWN25LP in checkout to receive a £5.00 discount! Better to be safe… Read more

Buy this one first as a good price and then if you want another " more advanced " model later you could always use 1 against the other to calibrate and take an average of the 2. ;)


Yes, think the Omron one can be bought for £19.99 at the mo, although this also seems good as it’s medically certified too. Hope it’s of benefit :)


Thanks The GP said to her that Omron blood pressure monitors are good but will try this one first as noticed on the omron ones vary a bit in price


Bless her, hopefully this will help her keep track on it :)


Thanks just ordered for my mum as she’s been after one since finding out she’s got high blood pressure recently

Pretty Funky £25 Frame Selection At Specsavers (Free Frame + Single Vision Lenses If Eligible For NHS Voucher)
LocalLocalFound 4th FebFound 4th Feb
This is an FYI more than anything. The cheapest frame selection Specsavers carry are £25 - the frames + lens are completely free if you're eligible for NHS vouchers and have an… Read more
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I picked up my Maroon Cat Eyes last week - my first Varifocals. Was a bit alarmed when I saw the yellow pen markings all over the lenses - but the assistant cleaned them off with alcohol. I can now read close up without having to put my glasses at the very end of my nose :D I also ordered Varifocals from Goggles4U - though my experience with them was half good/half bad, already mentioned here Bit disappointed G4U removed my review (it was there for a few hours) but I've shopped with them for years and their customer service is great - second time lucky, I hope.


I have a receipt for my purchase (mentioned above). There were no hidden charges yesterday (when I purchased my varifocals). No hard sell, either. No problem giving me my prescription for internet ordering (the Tesco Optician a few years ago was notably snotty when I was honest) and they happily adjust my glasses, no matter where I've purchased them from. Maybe it depends on your store, but I think my local Specsavers is great.


Went to Asda and got the same prescription and almost identical frames for £89, where the quotes are genuinely inclusive of most "additions" charged as extra at Specsavers :)


Specsavers are rip-off merchants in our experience. They knew the prescription (they did the test) and from our choice of frame, started off saying "2 pairs of those for £200. But then kept adding another £50/£100 when they "remembered" all the details of the prescription (which they had in their hand when making the original quote) till it reached nearly £500 for ONE pair; then said "sorry, can't order them without speaking to the manufacturer" - there'll be an additional cost implication....". They thought they saw us coming....... they certainly saw us going..... (mad)


As promised, added the Mens' £25 frames to the original post - also more of the Womens' £25 offerings. Still from the Trongate, Glasgow store.

NHS and Emergency Service workers - Free laser eye surgery saving £1190 @ Optical Express (Plus more discounts for Emergency Services + NHS)
Refreshed 1st MarRefreshed 1st Mar
Optical Express are giving NHS and Emergency service workers free laser eye surgery treatment - they are putting £1 million in funding behind the initiative. Emergency workers need… Read more
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I didn't get an email - but I got one of their call centre staff call me today to follow up with their apologies for not winning and offer £500 of laser treatment...


Emergency Service staff won't be allowed to provide the required video testimonial, so sadly a scam.


I had laser eye surgery from optical Express 6 years ago. I had to wear glasses all the time as couldn't see a thing. 6 years later not wearing glasses and vision is amazing within 24 hrs was told fit to drive. Would recommend this


This is all just to harvest your information. They are ridiculously pushy sales people. You'll get told of special offers which you only get for today, you'll get continuous calls about their "offers". Avoid at all costs. Plus, any future problems arising from the surgery, you'll have to fork out a ridiculous amount to rectify. If you are seriously considering doing the surgery, search local consultants and get peace of mind.


You know what, if that’s the case then I can see the argument. However I would love to think it’s people in lower occupational levels who took benefit of this and not senior or top level managers. But I’m probably wrong.

NHS/EmergencyServices/Military 10% Discount still active at Iceland, but ends soon!
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
The pre-Xmas NHS, Emergency Services & Military 10% discount is still active at Iceland, but ends soon! This isn't a glitch, it's a previously advised promotion, so don't go m… Read more
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I think today is the last day folk (y)


I was told it had finished as well, then they scanned my bonus card and it took 10% :D Lasts till 30th January according to an email I got yesterday. The email does say "don't forget to scan your bonus card" but would be handy if staff had been told as well (y)


It's actually bloody mental that this ends a day before the last Thursday of the month ... Our standard pay day. Why end it just before payday, especially the January payday? And, anyone else getting success after scanning your card, especially if showing a Blue Light scheme card, or @military or @weightwatchers @Militarysavings @nhsdiscounts @nhsdeals @FIREDEALS @policefireman @Police @RNLIZorro @Rescue1 @bluelights @weightwatchers


That's great news :) Thank-you.


Or in a cynical manner, the NHS is one of the biggest employers in the world. Add all the others, police, fire, mountain rescue, RNLI etc then you get a big chunk of society. That big chunk of society gives you a bigger market share, your stats look better with more customers. Maybe they are just that shallow? But who cares? The discount covers pretty much EVERYTHING I the store ... Even ALCOHOL :) What's not great about that?

Free NHS health check for over 40s. It could save your life
31/12/2019Expires on 31/12/2019LocalLocalFound 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
For people aged 40 plus you are eligible for a free health check. You will be asked about about your lifestyle and family history, measure your height and weight, and take your bl… Read more
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Seen cost of funerals.


An admission of being ‘worthless’!


Saving my life isn't a big enough incentive - I'm here to save money. Cold.


I don't think you quite get me. James Haskell Eng Flanker has about the best physique you could get, his BMI is high. Ok I'm carrying a bit more timber than JH but I have a 51-54 resting heart rate and know I'm relatively probably top 10-15% for my age group. And I get told to lose weight by a noodle armed doc with problem more fat but safe BMI. The mirror is the best judge.

FREE CONDOMS! @ NHS multiple locations, BE SAFE this Christmas.
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Hey guys, OK so I thought it was time someone posted the free condom service again, I havnt seen it in over a year and more and more people are contracting STDs at this time of yea… Read more
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My friends grandad just got a new girlfriend he is fat grey haired and 65... there's 6+ billion people in the world dude keep the faith haha


I'm safe I'm fat and 50.


No. They are increasing because of irresponsible individuals


Thanks for the report! (y)


Nice link but only in the south in specific towns not great for us northern folk haha at least the NHS has got us covered.

Braun thermoscan 7 thermometer, as used by the NHS £30.99 at Amazon
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
One of the most accurate thermometers & used by the NHS. Parents will be familiar with this device! GPs , hospitals use the thermoscan 7. There are 3 versions. Thermoscan 3.5 &… Read more
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Customer returns it appears, got one and then a replacement, both had been opened and were marked.


No, I ain't gonna FEED you. You having given away in an instant your MO. I truth is ain't got time to waste reading lame provoking and insulting comments from brave individuals like you. So instead of even reading what you dribbled on about again, I'll just go straight to making my last reply to you. And tell you, you are clearly a very excitable sad vitriolic simple minded individual. You clearly have a sad broken life. Bye :)


You’re sharing a opinion by saying how did everyone manage before this. It doesn’t matter how people managed before this. It’s ur opinion and sometime you should keep it too yourself. I assume you don’t drive use a mobile or laptop/internet. Oh hang on you’re on here so you must do. How did you manage before all that. No one cares whether your opinion is that you can buy something similar for a pound. All that matters at that moment someone buys something is that it’s important to them and they feel like it will help them. Too many people on here giving a “opinion” which isn’t a opinion it’s saying not too buy it because there is a alternative. I’m the kind of parent that will tell my children it ain’t important what someone tells them they should or shouldn’t do. To ignore the people stuck in the past (like yourself) and push for different future. Just because you have had a job with kids don’t mean you know it all. I’m sorry but you just sound like a right boring person that lives by the book. Let loose live a little. The world is forever changing don’t get left behind.


Firstly, I did not tell anyone not to buy it. People buy what they want. If oneday amazon sell home X-ray machines, or blood analysis kits or home defribulators... and someone is convinced they need it to keep their children safe, then fine, go buy. I understand how you feel, and respect your choice, but your talking to a parent too, and a CYP&F practitioner (well former), plus I'm not idiot when it comes to risks prevention etc. My comment did actually give an alternative, one that is, and has been used for many years (and has satisfied my needs, and millions of other families around the globe for many years). And when used in tandem with common sense, and the option to ALWAYS be able to seek medical attention via 999 if really concerned, then why would each and every parent need yet another expensive gadget in their home? Afterall, this electronic gadget offers no 100% safeguarding guarantee. Keep in mind, their are caring, loving and concerned parents, even wealthy bringing up their kids safely without a gadget for each and every event. If you wanna but, den buy. Peace


Bravely said.. You don't know me, or my background yet you you cast 'low life' abuse simply because I share my opinion? Parent? You've just given a profile of what kind, and class of person you are. So it's evident what kind of parent you are. Pleb (you might need to look that up, lol)

Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB Hybrid Sim + Free wireless charger @Samsung Student portal £699 + £150 Cashback = £549
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Get the Note9 and a free wireless charger. TODAY ONLY!!! Cashback expires midnight tonight. - Read comments in this thread The free wireless charger will be automatically added … Read more

Anybody got £150 cashback with student deal?


Yes, and they sound like **** Vs their wired counterparts


You understand how cheap Bluetooth headphones are, right?


My claim paid out in bank today


Lovely story but the comparison was with the Mate 20 Pro. I much prefer the Note 9 though, it's a fair bit heavier, a bit slower but no OS bugs, no offensive burnt in malware and no stupid notch making the notification bar pointless waste of space.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB Hybrid Sim @Samsung For Students, NHS workers... - £699 +£150 Cashback = £549
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Get the Note9 for a cracking price. Here we go again... This price is available on the Ocean blue, Black and Lavender purple. Trade in an old phone If you wish to take advantag… Read more

Cash back paid out today...time to send the Part ex in


Sending it back tomorrow they want £25 cos mute button on my trade in 6s doesn't work thought they recycle not resell I was thinking they might still refuse cashback even if I paid £25.


Thank you note is on charge and trade in phone going tomorrow let's see what happens couldn't wait any longer now waiting for ebay £1 final value fee so pixel 2xl can go😁


If you decide to return phone then you'd be given the cash equivalent if they can't return your phone to you.


I need to send my trade in phone soon received envelope on Saturday just wondering what will with that if they don't pay cashback and I return the note 9?are you using your phone I've not opened mine🙈

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 dual SIM - £699 for students/NHS etc. + £150 cashback (£549 total) @ Samsung
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
Found this accidentally! Samsung currently have £200 off the Note 9 if you login to their student/staff discount site. They are also offering £150 cashback. If you include the ca… Read more
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Has anyone received an email from Samsung Recycle about their recycled device? Just received an email which states Device Faulty - No Power on. Please pay £25 to MTR Group Ltd The phone powered on without a problem before I posted it and I've never had any issues with it before. Anyone else received an unexpected demand for payment?


Got mine on Saturday now!


Mine was paid via Opia Limited


Yes, mine has been paid (y)


Yep cashback paid for me

Stress Control - Free nationwide weekly wellbeing CBT sessions (used by NHS/HSE)
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Stress Control - Free nationwide weekly wellbeing CBT sessions (used by NHS/HSE)
This could be of use to someone who is maybe on a waiting list for counselling, or just needs some guidance on how to reduce stress in their lives. It’s a slideshow-based class, w… Read more

Thanks mate, appreciated, will have a look at them (y)


Hello buddy. I have done a few youtube videos (same username) kind of documenting when i was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks as i was also on a waiting list when i was so desperate to see somebody due to the weird suicidal thoughts etc. When i rang up the counselling service i was told "sorry we can't help you because our computers are being slow today" after that it took about another 2 months at least before anything was arranged which i think is not good enough at all because if you've never had anxiety/panic attacks then you really don't know how bad they are. I was in a very desperate place and that's why i started creating a few videos just to see if they could help anyone at all going through the same as i did as i preferred to watch people talk rather than trying to read something because my mind just wouldn't process it at all. Sorry it sounds like an advertising plug and it's not meant to be but i know that i really needed to talk to people about it when i was seriously at my worst.


You sound like their target audience so you might as well.


Typical argument jumping to conclusion I read the daily mail. which i dont.


No they don't, you have no idea what you're talking about. Stop reading the Daily Mail. The prisons are in tatters, why don't you go and see for yourself, you can enjoy lots of 1:1 sessions, they just won't be with a counsellor.

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