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Planet Earth Collection (Series one and two) Blu Ray £12.98 Prime / £15.97 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Stunning shows - if you haven't seen them yet I strongly recommend you check them out. The extras show just how damned hard they worked to capture such amazing spectacles

Amazon have excellent customer service. Do a live chat.


I have received it, and it's the Dutch boxset... No English HOH subtitles.


Great price but note this is for the 4 disc version, the 7 disc version is £22+. Unfortunately Amazon put reviews of both versions together but the product description and box art states 4 or 7 discs. It's unclear what difference the 3 discs make so cannot say if they're worth the extra.


Ordered thanks.


Got that yesterday , Fantastic for a fiver.

BBC Planet Earth II 4K UHD Blu-ray - £13.99 Delivered at 365 Games
Refreshed 8th OctRefreshed 8th Oct
In my opinion, one of the best 4K titles to show off your 4K TV! Never been cheaper! Currently £24.99 on Amazon

Up to £15.99 now


In terms of direct comparisons, I was comparing the iTunes 4K HDR stream of Alien Covenant against the Blu-ray last night. The sharpness of the iTunes steam was significantly better, as you would expect, and general colour tones were too (WCG and HDR will no doubt help here). In terms of artefacts, there wasn't really anything noticeable on either - at normal viewing distances there would be nothing of any relevance at all. At the end of the day, both look very, very good. It's not the sharpness that swings it for the iTunes stream though, it's HDR, which is far more important to the overall picture quality.


My last TV was a Panasonic plasma St30 ha,


Well that is a coincidence! I have the same panel and yes the upscaling is excellent! Interestingily, I still I find the blu ray disc on my 1080p Panny plasma better quality than 4k netflix streams (dark room) than on the Sony (at closer distances) so I don't think it is that obvious. Both screens are isfc. Quality isn't only defined by resolution. Higher resolution with lower bitrates and no HDR doesn't always equate to better quality than a blu ray disc even with the narrower colour gamut. Just stating what I've observed for 1080p blu ray discs.


I have a Sony XE95 55in 4ktv which has one of the best upscaling on the market, I did say that I compared the 1080p disc against 4k Netflix and Netflix was obviously better, this was in reply to someone erroneously saying blu ray (which to me means 1080p) was better than 4k Netflix, later I found out they meant UHD discs (4k blu ray) were better than 4k Netflix (of course) It was a misunderstanding of terms.

Planet Earth 2 UHD 4K Bluray £17.09 @ ZOOM
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Planet Earth 2 UHD and Bluray Got this myself, one of the best looking 4ks out there!

Thanks, ordered! Watched some of it on netflix already, but want to see this in HDR! (excited)


Cold. I’m waiting for Planet Earth 3: Global Warming strikes Back.


If you like iguanas don't watch the first ep


Me either...?


£17.09 to have the pleasure of being guilted about the amount of plastic in our oceans, and global warming, that's all these Attenborough documentaries seem to focus on these days. How about focusing on wildlife that's thriving instead of depressing realities that I can't do anything about, apart from recycling all I can?

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Planet Earth 2 4K digital - 40% less than Blu Ray at Amazon for £14.99
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
I noticed that Planet Earth 2 in 4K was available on Prime Video for a lot less than the 4K Blu-Ray, so thought I'd share.

Yes absolutely. But you get what you pay for etc


Interesting point - I don't have a 4K disc player. That's a pretty substantial additional investment over digital, despite the debated quality gap.


Spend £3-4 (assuming you have a player) more and get the physical version. Much, much better video and sound quality.


I have an Denon X2400H which is under £300 right now and supports 7.2 or 5.1.2 My speakers I picked up 2nd hand and they cost me about £100 for a 5.1 setup and another £50 for some decent fronts, so I have a 7.2 setup for under £450.00, not to bothered about Atmos, and 5.1 Dolby Digital is perfectly fine for 99% of visual media IMO, so audio is non issue as far as I am concerned. For quality on downloaded vs physical, You are most likely right, I have no preference and you're right to point out about streaming because that was my assumption, I didn't realise this was a full download rather than a stream, I do own Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II both on Blu Ray and the quality is outstanding, the HDR is some of the best.. So I would agree with you that digital downloads could be as good as disc for quality. EDIT: after some research this is a Streaming Quality, so my original comment stands :p


I'm Referring to digital download not 4k streaming which is a joke. Most of the data on disks is usually uncompressed high fidelity sound that 99% of people will never fully benefit from. I don't have a £1000 Atmos system so it's wasted on me. The movies themselves look as good on digital as disk. I challenge anyone to point out movie that was percievably worse on digital than disk.

Planet Earth II 4K UHD Blu-ray £18.99 @ 365 Games (Double Player points worth £1.90 for those that collect)
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Stunning in BR never mind at UHD, been a little cheaper before but not seen better for a little while. Next best is £20.98 which is still worth it... until I saw this. Delivery is … Read more

any recommendations for that wow? I have the martian & independance day on 4k which surely has to have the wow?


Wouldn't get too excited. I have these discs in 4K and an LG OLED and it really is an over rated picture. Sure some scenes are really good, such as the dessert scene with the beetle. But most are hardly reference material. There is far better content out there for the WOW factor.


:O decent, already have it but will wait until I have my OLED ;)


Its been added to Netflix in 4k if you have a sub


I have this and is stunning. The bbc iplayer showing was good although not available anymore but not as good as the 4k blu ray. A must buy and blue planet 2 as well.

10% off orders w/code  - Crash Bandicoot Switch / Xbox £26.99 - Destiny 2 PS4 £8.09 - Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 £8.99 - Planet Earth II 4K UHD Blu-ray £17.09  (see OP)  @ 365games
Refreshed 2nd JulRefreshed 2nd Jul
* Updated 2nd July - deal back on use new code PAYP10 * Code PAYP10 works on selected items (exclusions apply inlcuding pre-orders) but some good prices including gaming and blu… Read more

Got The Crew 2 XB1 for £38.24 which I am happy with! 8)


doesn't work on the Far cry 5 gold edition for £43 (lol)


The code box is for special offers or player points so you can't stack it would seem.


Can you stack codes..just used a £15 voucher, would this stack?


Would have been all over this If it worked on preorders.

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Planet Earth II (4k UHD Blu-ray + Blu-ray) £18.99 / £17.09 w/code @ 365 Games
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
This title includes 4K ULTRA HD BLU-RAY Use code PE10 Captured in stunning Ultra-high definition detail, Planet Earth II is an immersive exploration of the jungles, mountains, de… Read more
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If the bbc can broadcast In the hdr ,they should do it. We’ve paid for them to invest in this technology . Not hold it back it


to be fair. the bbc did have Planet Earth II on iplayer in HDR over xmas. seems you missed it. but may show it again


Tell me where I can find the BBC broadcasting in 4k again?


Should be free to all tv license payers. The bbc as usual double dipping into our wallets so they can give Graham norton millions a year for his Botox treatments.


Have just watched this on my LG C7 and it's simply breathtaking. If you own a 4k TV you need to see this in 4k to fully appeciate it and also demonstrate what your TV is capable of when it's fed the right content

[4K Ultra HD] Planet Earth II - £17.09 - Zoom
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Use code: SIGNUP10 Captured in stunning Ultra-high definition detail, Planet Earth II is an immersive exploration of the jungles, mountains, deserts, islands, grasslands and … Read more
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I gather this disc is far better quality than the stream. Normally is the case for 4k content. But maybe I'm totally wrong?


Well yes if your internet isn’t good enough then you are stuck with physical disks.


This was free to download in 4k on sky Q UHD box via iPlayer app. I still have it on my box. Cold


You have to ask how much single use plastic has the BBC created in producing this DVD? BBC needs to move with the times, go towards a netflix style worldwide subscription and stand on their own two feet i.e. believe in their own content. Hopefully, it would be the end of the churned out licence funded dross like the One Show to fill the airwaves. So much of the BBC TV is lazy, unimaginative packaged pointless space filling content.


Hmm I see your point, my Internet isn't good enough to stream 4K content unfortunately so this is my only option. I won't get in to the NHS side of things, that can of worms can stay closed (:I

Planet Earth II/Blue Planet II Ultra HD 4k £46.79 DELIVERED at Zoom
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
NEW RELEASE of the 4K Version specificallyof these two amazing series in one box. 10 discs. £51.99 but with 10% first order discount to £46.79 over £25 cheaper than amazon or other… Read more
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£17.09 now for BP2 and £22.49 for PE2


Got this preordered at £38 from Zoom at Black Friday, arrived today!


Please check before you tell somebody they are wrong , I did not mean to detract from the post more to point out what is possible. P.S I have paid £41 for these combined when bought separately for 4k versions Both deals have been on here and I will provide links if needed Admittedly BP2 in not available at this price at the moment but no doubt will be again So I stand by what I originally said


This is the 4K UHD version specifically which was only released this week for BP2 so your comment is incorrect. Separately is still £10 more at least


Im waiting for BP2 for £20 or less.

David Attenborough: Planet Earth - The Complete Series (Blu-Ray BoxSet) £8.09 Delivered (Using Code) @ Zoom
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Code: SIGNUP10 The latest David Attenborough nature documentary series, shot in HD. This ambitious 2006 series, described as 'the definitive look at the diversity of our planet'… Read more
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Not Blu-ray quality, no lossless audio, no ownership.


on BBC iPlayer for free


Is the Betamax still going strong???


Buy the Special Edition over this, better quality video and audio.


I have it on HD DVD (skeptical)

Planet earth 2 on BBC I player
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
From the frozen tundra in the north to the dry forests of the equator, Sir David Attenborough narrates a compelling view of the planet. “Planet Earth” was the first natural history… Read more

It's not in 4k on I player that's blue planet 2


For the full package, with 4K? 199 Mexican Pesos = £7.51 a month = £90.12 a year. Basic package is 109 Mexican Pesos = £4.12 a month = £49.44 a year.


how much is netflix per year?


4k on BBC I player all for the price of the Licence fee !!


I was watching it on Netflix yesterday. I'm configured for US Netflix though, so perhaps it's US only, at the moment.

Planet Earth 2 4K UHD blu ray @ for £21.99
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
Cheapest I could find, Amazon have just put theirs up today to £27.99, hoping they'll price match this as I have Prime, a new 4K TV and a few days off work to watch it :)
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Frankincense and Myrrh editions also available.


Yes I did, it seemed a bit weird at the time that my cracker joke relied on someone posting a deal for Blue Planet 2 on 4K BR, but now it makes so much sense!


Did you get that joke out of a cracker?


would be nice if Amazon price match this, my tv got the 4K trial, but can't seem to get the full episodes.


Was looking forward to a 24k gold disc. Am most disappointed.

Planet Earth The Collection Blu-ray £15.29 prime members / £17.28 non prime @ Amazon
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Every episode from the BBC documentary series which showcases life on planet Earth, narrated by David Attenborough. Made a decade apart by the BBC Natural History Unit, each series… Read more
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blueray - that is so yesterday


Yup... and then I got a gold one lol. Just won a T-shirt :)


£18.99 now🎅


Yes, I keep mixing these 2 shows up


This isn't blue planet

[From 16th December] Stream Doctor Who, Sherlock, Peaky Blinders, Line of Duty, David Attenborough's Planet Earth I & II, Blue Planet I & II + more for free @ BBC iPlayer
LocalLocalFound 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
Dramas Doctor Who (every regeneration episode since 2005) Sherlock – Series 3, 4 and The Abominable Bride Taboo Line of Duty Three Girls Undercover Happy Valley Wolf Hall… Read more

nearly every TV sold in the last 10 years has a ci module slot, would be a simple case of giving everybody a cam with a card, this wouldn't of been of any more expense than what the digital switchover cost, probably less with the amount of people who wouldn't want it. Other countries make use of pay TV on digital terrestrial TV using that system. Fact is they shouldn't broadcast in the clear as it's subscription, the UK people have been believing its a license for owning a TV which it's not, it should be renamed 12months BBC subscription.


I think your "updated" idea is outdated! I wouldn't want to have to have a box in any room.


WHY?,my avatar is in protest at the BBC disgusting treatment of Dr Who by going out out their way to destroy the programme by cutting it to the bare bone, then when the fans still did not leave it, they just went and cancelled it twice, once in 1987 and finally in 1993 for a whole 10 years, and despite having over 4 million veiwer still watching it weekly, this from a public funded company that is supposed to make TV for all, and not just soap and sport fans.


Okay Donald


Interesting you say this with the tardis as your Avatar.

Looney Tunes Box Set - Big Face Edition DVD  £13.49, Nightmare on Elm Street 1-7 Blu Ray £11.69,  Planet Earth II Blu Ray 4K £17.99   The Hobbit Trilogy Blu Ray 3D £13.49  Zavvi with code
Found 26th Nov 2017Found 26th Nov 2017
Some really good prices with unidays10 code Nightmare on Elm Street 1-7 Planet Earth II 4K https://www.… Read more

My bad thought it was just regarding the code 10% off (y)


That's a deal for the Iron Man box set.





Planet Earth II - 4K Ultra HD Edition Blu-ray £16.14 with code BFPOWER @ Zavvi
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Be quick, this code knocks 15% off BF Deals at Zavvi, but only lasts for one hour. This title includes 4K ULTRA HD + BLU-RAY Captured in stunning Ultra-high definition detail… Read more
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Outstanding! Thanks for the heads up! I also got the Magnificent Seven in UHD for £13 as well!! :)


stonking deal cheers.



Ey up, Deeky. Is that confirmation right there? (flirt)


Thats so true, my cupboard is rammed with sealed blu rays :D Hmmm, which reminds me, I might be able to offload some of these soon...

Planet Earth II - 4K Ultra HD Edition Blu-ray  £18.99  Zavvi
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Cheaper than recently posted deals ...

£16.14 with BFPOWER code if you order it very quickly.


Still charge for delivery?


10% off if you create an account and use referral code WELCOME. Think just for first orders with them


Straight onto the Christmas list this goes, been looking for something to test out the 4K blu-ray drive on my Xbox One X, thanks OP!


Thank you!

Planet Earth II - 4K Ultra HD Edition Blu-ray  £19.99  Zavvi
Found 19th Nov 2017Found 19th Nov 2017
Captured in stunning Ultra-high definition detail, Planet Earth II is an immersive exploration of the jungles, mountains, deserts, islands, grasslands and cities of the world. Jour… Read more

bargain. martian and revenant are very good looking movies. not had a chance to check out independance day in 4k. i dont believe it comes with a HDMI cable so you might need to grab one of those if you dont have a spare one lying around.


Managed to pick one up new for 130 with revenant, independence day and the Martian included :D


Cheers for sharing this! :D


theres some brand new ones on ebay for £120. theres one for £125 which includes the spiderman uhd. even accepting ive got one and its a nice player.


[quote=pavel76][/quote] An Xbox one S isn't much bigger (and actually can stand on its side too, making the footprint less), can do more, and is the same price...

Planet Earth II BD [Blu-ray] [2016], £9.83 from Amazon (£11.82 non prime)
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
I don't have 4k, sorry. Product Description Narrated by David Attenborough Captured in stunning Ultra-high definition detail, Planet Earth II is an immersive exploration of the… Read more

ive got this on 4K its stunning, even playing it on my £45.55 xbox one s lol , Amazon have it at just under £20 at moment


Got excited, then realised its only the bluray and not 4k :(


Appears to be cheaper (approx £9.20) from other sellers on Amazon? :)


Awesome price!

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