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Radeon RX 580 Red Dragon OC V2 - £289.99 @ Scan
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Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Radeon RX 580 Red Dragon OC V2 - £289.99 @ Scan£289.99Scan Deals
PowerColor Radeon RX 580 Red Dragon OC V2, 14nm, 2304 Streams, 1350MHz Boost, 8000MHz GDDR5, DP/HDMI/DVI-D DL

Being the type of people looking on this website I suspect nobody brought one.


Did any one ever get one of these delivered?


Utterly rediculous price for a card so old.


How tf did you get a 580 at that price, I've only ever seen them at £200+ used on ebay


Thing is, things won't stay equal and people are flocking to this like it's a money printer, I suspect they will get their fingers burned, especially if they're buying on credit - more miners = more competition = lower earnings. Even the 4GB cards are hiked as Ethereum Classic reset their DAG and you can mine RVN on the smaller memory cards. Even if this does go 'pop' it will take ages to reset, even during 2018-19 cards were overpriced for a while. Anyone who wants a card is best off looking at Facebook or Gumtree really - not paying Scan, OCUK, etc. silly money.

MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB Armor OC Graphics CARD GPU £195 @ Currys
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Posted 26th Dec 2020Posted 26th Dec 2020
MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB Armor OC Graphics CARD GPU £195 @ Currys£195£219.9911% off Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
I purchased this card yesterday from Currys (I vowed not to buy anything at Currys again with problems with them cancelling my PSU order, but they came good in the end so thought I… Read more

Blimey. (flirt)


Going. For 400 on eBay now (lol)


I would personally wait until early next year. More graphics card shipments are due which might stop some of these stupid prices for old cards like this


Have ordered this one for £202 although waiting for it to become available. Thanks Mark.


OK many thanks for that. I have ordered the above 1660 Super from Amazon for £202 (a few posts up) and am currently on the chat to Currys to cancel the MSI card. Thanks for all the updates everyone. 😁 (y) 🏻

Ryzen Vega Package deal £400 or Ryzen 3 3100+1650 £530 or Ryzen 3100+RX580 £580 - 480GB+1TB+Wifi+16GB Ram Windows 10 systems @ Palicomp
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Posted 13th Dec 2020Posted 13th Dec 2020
Ryzen Vega Package deal £400 or Ryzen 3 3100+1650 £530 or Ryzen 3100+RX580 £580 - 480GB+1TB+Wifi+16GB Ram Windows 10 systems @ Palicomp£400Palicomp Deals
3200G £75-115 A320-K Motherboard £47 480GB SSD £45 16GB 3000mhz Ram £59 Cit Flash Case £40 500W Kolink PSU £40 1TB Hard drive £35 Internal Wifi Card £13 Windows 10 £50 Valuation: … Read more

I'll keep an eye out for your deals, keep up the good work mate (y)


coming soon but they be custom pitch ones.


Evening @sarden84, was going to bite the bullet on the 3) (Smashing GPU Gaming Deal) but I believe this is no longer available, do you know of any deals at the moment for a similar spec/price? Looking for a machine to run Warzone at atleast 60 frames at 1080. Thanks in advance.


They've been emailing me this morning about my build mate so I think they must be open. They have said they have a substantial backlog at the moment though but hopefully they prioritise your repair.


I'm sending back a pc so I hope it doesn't sit in the warehouse for weeks waiting to be fixed.

ASUS Radeon RX 580 Dual OC 8 GB Edition £165.37 @ Amazon
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Posted 9th Dec 2020Posted 9th Dec 2020
ASUS Radeon RX 580 Dual OC 8 GB Edition £165.37 @ Amazon£165.37 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Just spotted this has come back into stock at amazon and now with discount, been looking out for mid-range card for while The usual blurb for the card : ASUS Dual series RX 580 … Read more

The price gone up to 249 now


Or this, sold by Box. When there's a used one at £300 on eBay..... People are strange


Bargain. At the moment


I can confirm that the Asus 1660 Super from Currys mentioned in this thread does qualify for the £25 cashback (product code is DUAL-GTX1660S-O6G-EVO). So if it comes back in stock it's not a bad buy at all at the moment for £215 after cashback.


Paying a lot more, but its a lot better. All depends on your budget https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1660S-Super-vs-AMD-RX-580/4056vs3923

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MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB Armor OC Graphics Card, £138 at Currys/ebay with code
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Posted 3rd Nov 2020Posted 3rd Nov 2020
MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB Armor OC Graphics Card, £138 at Currys/ebay with code£138 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Decent offer for this card. Specification Brand: MSI Model: Radeon RX 580 8 GB Armor OC Graphics Card MPN: S10152093 Colour: Black Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years Box con… Read more

Price gone up now expired


Not to mention you can't do SLI on anything less than a 3090 SLI is dead


My eyesight sucks its wasted on me lol


Shame you didnt go for the MSI Gaming X variant, as that was a solid card (as always).


What's your experience on gaming with ultra settings? I have the Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ and can play most games on 1080p high / very high. On ultra some settings such as Texture quality and ambient occlusion have to be lowered to stay around 60fps. Cpu is R5 1600AF with 16GB HyperX 3200

Sapphire RX 580 Pulse Graphics card, 8GB - £147.24 using code @ eBay / realtime_distribution
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Posted 6th Oct 2020Posted 6th Oct 2020
Sapphire RX 580 Pulse Graphics card, 8GB - £147.24 using code @ eBay / realtime_distribution£147.24 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Chipset:AMD Radeon RX 580 Bus Standard:PCI Express 3.0 Video Memory:8GB Memory Type:GDDR5 Boost Clock:1366MHz Memory Clock:2000MHz Memory Clock Effective:8000MHz Memory Inte… Read more

I put the 590 Pulse in my boy's first rig - it's an excellent 1080p card, and even does a good job at 1440p/144hz with less demanding games like Fortnite & Rocket League. It does run hot - a decent airflow case is essential, along with an aggressive fan curve. I have a watercooled 2080Ti in my personal rig, but I find myself admiring the Radeon Adrenaline software suite, every time I fiddle with it. I've struggled to understand people complaining about AMD's driver support, etc, as the 590 has been rock solid. I'll be upgrading him to a 5700XT later this year/early next year as prices adjust to the new range (unless there's a stonking value Big Navi card in the £3-400 range).


Depends on your usage case. If you are looking to upgrade a Mac Pro 2009 - 2012 to Mojave, the Sapphire Pulse cards are meant to be superb and £154 is the best price around at the moment.


I've recently bought some components and similarly wondering when we'll see prices fall on units like the 580... I'm running on a 3600 at the moment and incredibly happy with performance coming from using an i5 8250U laptop (it's no slouch but a couple generations old now and low power consumption). The 3100 is the same series as the 3600 so I'd tentatively say it'd be a worthy purchase. I'm of the understanding, though, that for gaming specifically some of the lower end Intel CPUs will outperform so if that's the main focus of your hardware you might wanna look at the i3 10100. You can pick the i3 up for around the same price as the 3100 and it'll get you nominal gains in gaming and pretty equal performance elsewhere. It's also worth baring in mind there are memory and overclocking limitations on the i3 as well. Personally, I'd say now is the worst time to be spending big on CPU and GPU. Wait until November (unless something gets an unmissable discount in the meantime), see what the market effects are for Big Navi, the 30 series and Zen 3. The console launches might also have an effect on pricing (just a hunch I'm pulling out my arse tho haha). Lots of volatility and little certainty. Dunno if that really helped lmao 🤷


It’s best to start a discussion if you haven’t done so


I'm in the middle of my first build (low budget). Still need a cpu (3100?) And a gpu (thinking RX570 or 1660, happy second hand). Everyone seems to be talking about prices dropping but I've yet to see much as yet. Anyone have any suggestions, should I bit the bullet at current priced.