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Halfords Advanced 90 Piece Socket Set - £51 (Trade Card Price) @ Halfords (Free C&C)
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
**Trade card price** Halfords Advanced 90 Piece Socket Set The Halfords Advanced 90 Piece Socket Set is made from Advanced quality chrome vanadium steel, ideal for the DIY enthusia… Read more
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If only the set included a wooden club and a loin cloth too.


Every halfords tool deal just has the same posted every time.


My head hurts trying to figure out what on earth you're trying to say!


Halfords Bingo has been won early on this one (trade card and imperial sockets are rubbish), may as well close the comments now. Note, the full house (i.e. I got these cheap on black Friday) was not available for this game, but thanks for playing.


If you only want sockets and only care about one type, say 3/8, the Halfords Advanced Modular Trays are better value because you won't get lots of hex bits etc bulking out the set.

Kingavon BB-TS210 24 Hour Plug-in Timer Socket Set @ Amazon - £10.83 Prime / £15.32 Non-Prime
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
OK maybe not as glamorous as a smart plug, but may come in handy.

Rubbish. Bought before. Really noisy. Only 1 works out if the 3


The easiest way to find out how they work: plug in a light (switched on) to the timer socket. Set some levers around the dial up and some down. Then plug in the timer to a wall socket. Now turn the dial clockwise and you'll see when the light comes on and off. Once you know that, set your timer. Hope this helps.




I bought one of these, I can't figure how to use one of these and I'm very good with trying to figure out new things usually, so frustrating. I wanted to use it for my radiator to I wanted it on for about 2 hours and to turn off after that.


Don't get me wrong, I love my TP-Link for some things, but a simple timer plug is more than enough for other things.

Halfords Advanced 90 Piece Socket Set £68 with code
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Extra 20% off with voucher code halfords advanced socket sets most already half price makes for a good deal. Free click and collect

3.15% at TCB also, makes it just over 65 quid.




Great with lifetime guarantee


I know, but still a 50p saving for anyone with trade


These codes never work for trade accounts

Halfords advanced 36 piece socket set 1/4” £30 - free c&c
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Good at this price with Halfords half price deal on socket sets. An amazing set to have as it’s so versatile and handy.

The cases used to be also covered by the lifetime guarantee, About 7 years ago my case locking tabs broke off and they gave me a new case but I've noticed they are no longer covered by the guarantee so I suppose they had a lot of returns and withdrew the warranty.


Mine wasn't the advanced, but I imagine the cases are of the same quality. I've put a bit of duct tape from the bottom over the hinge and onto the top, to hold it all together, and that's done its job for the last 10ish years, so can't complain to much.


Got this about 10 months ago for £14. So the £60 RRP looks ridiculous and, £30 not such a brilliant deal, considering I also got a 1/2" set for £34.


The Halfords advance tools are cool for the most part but the boxes they come in always fall apart; they make them that way so they can get you to spend more money when you come to them for a replacement. (y)


£26 if you have a Halfords trade card.

BG British General 2 Gang  822U-01 13A Switched Wall Socket Cover, Twin USB 2.1A Fast charging for £7.99 Delivered @ 7Dayshop
Refreshed 19th MarRefreshed 19th Mar
Description This 2 Gang Switched Socket with 2 USB charging ports is Ideal for charging iPad, iPhone, tablets, mobiles, cameras and more. It features a stylish, modern profi… Read more

Only if the backbox in your wall is large enough to fit the extra depth that USB based gang sockets normally need, otherwise its hassle. However someone mentioned this model includes a spacer, but these look a bit hacky when fitted in my opinion (Spacers).


Hmmm so so they can be a bit tricky if there is 3 cables present at socket box


Are they easy to install for a novice? Ta


Yep, found this with some I installed into our old flat. Ended up channelling out solid concrete walls and installing deeper back boxes as a result. A massive faff when all said and done. Put a couple of LAP USB 3.1A into our new house and they are much lower profile and were a 1:1 replacement for the old sockets which made it much easier.


These are in Aldi for £7.49

Halfords 1/4" Drive Mini Socket Set £9 with trade card, £16 without
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Just picked this up as a kit to use on the car or scooter for small jobs, I know it's nowhere near heavy duty but it will work for interior screws, jubilee clips etc. Originally £… Read more

I got these for about £6 with trade card last year and shop price was about £12 then they went up to £24 !!!!, good little set BUT the little screws in the ratchet come loose and breaks Halfords how can you double the price over night ?


Has JustinKampongsa i got mine for under a tenner.


I was disappointed the it had imperial sides as well. Yes I know you need them for old cars & bikes, but I'd rather of had more metric sizes. It's still a good ratchet & worth it when under £10. Heat from me OP :)


Normally about under a tenner I think I got mine for sure it was about £7

BG Electrical 822U3 Double Electrical Socket with 2 USB Ports - High 3.1Amp Output for £8.99 Delivered @ 7Dayshop
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Brand new in sealed retail blister pack. Update your home and workplace, reduce the mess and clutter and increase access points with these top quality UK made 2 gang switched socke… Read more

Just installed...really easy all colour coded


Just bought a dozen of these, but the Nexus brushed steel version.


Didnt wanna be 'that guy' ;)


£7.49 delivered


Yes. 100% legit

Guild 75 Piece 1/4 & 3/8 Inch Metric & Imperial Socket Set, £16.99 at Argos/ebay, Argos
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Free c&c, home delivery from £3.95. Perfect for car and bike users this 75 Piece Mechanics Set gives you a great selection of 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch chrome, vanadium, steel soc… Read more

You keep justifying the hundreds you have spent on tools. I taken half an engine apart (and reassembling) with ratchet spanners from Aldi, a cheap socket wrench from Machine Mart and cheap sockets. I previously owned Halfords ratchet spanners and compared to the Aldi set I have, they were not worth the extra money in hindsight. I agree with buy cheap buy twice for some products but you really need to update your views and also realise that the average home mechanic isn't going to go out and spend £300 on tools when they have everything they need for 17 quid.


Under heavy use, yes but I don't think this is aimed at professional mechanics. I have used cheap ratchets on many occasions, some of which are indeed broken but they still work enough for most jobs.


I've bought plenty of "cheap" tools over the years and never had one of these life threatening injuries that scare mongerers on here often warn of. If it breaks inside of 12 months take it back.



From the link you posted.... However.... Closer inspection of the photo on the Argos website.... So.... Yeah imperial (y)

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Kamasa 40 Piece Screwdriver Set 11.96 In-store @ Costco
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
First post so go easy.. Kamasa 40 Piece Screwdriver set, in-store at Costco Oldham. Decent price for the amount of bits you get. Cheapest on Amazon is a 23pc for 14.99.

I used to have (fierce) a web page in Russian how it actually began and what connections they had between each other.. not sure where they were actually made might even be Japan not sure... Would be interesting to know that.. And not sure about the quality now on these tools but few years back they were good. (y)


Is this true? Very interesting if it is but I cannot find anything via google to verify. Early Kamasa tools were made in Japan and good quality. Think they are now trading on the reputation of the brand name but selling low quality Chinese stuff. Just what I've read, not claiming to have any facts.


Use Kamasa spanners every day at work; they're really very decent and IMHO an absolute bargain.


Kamasa tools actually were supposed to be only for one car Kamaz from Russia because it is one hell of a beast and it is hard to work on because of the beefy steel bolts. Good quality tools these!


Been using the same set at work for decades, still going strong (y)

Phaze Socket Set 50 Piece 1/4" 3/8" Drive Hex Key Star Crosspoint Plainslot Bits £15 @ Ebay / Halfords
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
FREE Click & Collect at Halfords Shop Phaze 50 Piece Socket SetThe Phaze 50 Piece Socket Set is a great value, good quality socket set, ideal for the DIY enthusiast. This 5… Read more

Don't be phazed, go halfords pro range. Lifetime warranty.


Good quality set? What utter nonsense!


This is not worth £5 let alone £15


Don't bother, get the proper Halfords kit not this Phaze carp. :{


Was £10.80 5 months ago.

Guild 75 Piece 1/4 & 3/8 Inch Metric & Imperial Socket Set for £18.99 @ Argos (+2 years guarantee / Free C&C)
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Useful tool kit. Lowest ever price Perfect for car and bike users this 75 Piece Mechanics Set gives you a great selection of 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch chrome and vanadium, steel so… Read more
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Why does the ratchet not have a ball to hold the socket in place?


Yeah I was thinking more home stuff and TV etc


Maybe for jobs like putting a TV stand etc together. For working on a car, definitely not. :{


Is it worth at this price???


Cold. Delivery option. No stock within 20 miles near me.

Halfords Advanced 120 piece socket set lifetime guarantee £90 / 25 piece combination spanner set £35 free c&c with codes @ Halfords
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Halfords Advanced 120 piece socket set with lifetime guarantee £90 with free delivery or click and collect to store with code ONLY90 120 piece set with metric & AF sock… Read more

Thanks OP, just collected my set and it’s enormous :-) Luckily I had still £12 on my gift card so payed £23 today. £35 is a bargain and I am not sure what can go wrong with this set if using occasionally.


Yes, I think I’m just clutching at straws as they’ve always been bang on with keeping me updated. tracking numbers are untraceable too ;( cheers Mick. (y)


Hopefully on it's way.. unless emails were a system error? DPD are really good at contact, give em a ring, ask if they have anything for you, vendor and post code should be enough info?


Was cancelled and then got dispatch emails late last night but no contact from DPD


Yes 2 one at 7:50 pm on tues to say order processing and on way and another at 9:30 am on wed to say delivery on its way and the invoice. And 3 text messages. 7am to say on its way, 1pm with delivery slot and 3pm delivery conformation.

BG Electrical Double Electrical Socket with 4 USB Ports -  2 X 2.1A 5V Output for £10.99  Delivered @ 7Dayshop
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
TOP QUALITY UK MADE PRODUCT! Supplied brand new in original and sealed retail packaging. Complete with optional spacer plate, screws and screw head covers for a neat finish. Manu… Read more

No suitable for homes surprised they even made them.


Only when someone commented on the post.


non switched sockets are actually not meant to be used in homes


Thanks Apur. (y)


Yes, the title from the retailer is misleading, Now Editied. Thanks. :)

Phaze 50 Piece Socket Set £15 was £40 Halfords (free C&C)
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Phaze 50 Piece Socket Set seems a decent set for the price.
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Don't forget halfords sell presents and they sell tools.


Should come in a cracker...horrible


They are so bad, they get stiff and the mechanism feels scratchy from new. I have some Taiwan made kamasa sets with that kind of ratchet, I replaced them. Don't be phazed by this deal, move on and wait for a halfords advanced.


I remember them ratchets since when I was a kid. You get them in them cheap nasty sets


Not worth a penny

Draper 33 piece socket set £15 @ Wickes (free C&C - instore only)
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Decent socket set for £15, Can be delivered,

Out of stock 😔


In only two stores in the country with stock. Great buy though if close enough


318 miles to nearest store (lol)


oos online..... although worth trying instore as this expert range are really good quality for this price. I have a more comprehensive set in this Draper Expert spec.

MIXED SOCKET SET 94 PIECES £24.99 @ Screwfix
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Socket set same 1 is expensive elsewhere cheapest I could find with 1 year warranty
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Have not used it yet but it seems solid.


Looks better than I thought it would!.


Have you used this set yet? How does the build quality feel?



Halfords Advanced 90 Piece Socket Set from £170to only £75
LocalLocalFound 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
Halfords Advanced 90 Piece Socket SetThe Halfords Advanced 90 Piece Socket Set is made from Advanced quality chrome vanadium steel, ideal for the DIY enthusiast as well as the Ad… Read more

I thought torque wrench are required to ensure bolts and nuts are tightened to the correct nm?


I think they are manufactured by the same company that make the American Craftsman brand as I once had a craftsman branded socket in a set of Halfords Pro. So that could also be a reason for the imperial sizes.


Torque tools are there to make a rusty bolt even harder to remove by rounding it's edges.


I hear you, but it means you're buying half the set....


I need a 1/2'' drive and a 30 & 32mm socket, which I think this set does not include, right? Sorry I'm completely new to the concept of torque wrench tools

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