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2 X Smart Plug TECKIN 13A WiFi Sockets Work - £14.99 Prime / +£4.49 Non Prime @ Sold by BABAN EU & Fulfilled by Amazon
01/06/2020Expires on 01/06/2020Posted 21 h, 12 m agoPosted 21 h, 12 m ago
Update 1
Price dropped by £1 30/05
Amazon Lightining deal... Remote & Voice Control - Remote control your electricals via mobilephone from anywhere and anytime. TECKIN plug is compatible with Alexa and Google… Read more

Have these as well the Nooie ones, work well.


Yeah after removing IFTTT support I switched to tp link minis. May have been a work around, but decided a more reputable brand was worth it. No issues with the Teckins though for the time I had them and I got £60 for selling 8 second hand on eBay. So all good.


Good little plugs these. I bought a couple last time this offer was on. Will add some more in the future. Heat added


YouTube it. I'm sure I saw a YouTube video by paul Hibbert where he said could use the brilliant app, not sure if it will work as was on in the background and Iwasnt paying full attention.


I've had the original version of these (square ones) for several years, once setup they just work. Teckin have been around for many years now. Absolutely no reason to buy more expensive brands they probably all have the same chipset inside making them work.

Smart Plug, Gosund Amazon Sockets Works with Alexa, Google Home £13.59 prime / £18.08 non prime Sold by Nice EU and Fulfilled by Amazon.
374° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Smart Plug, Gosund Amazon Sockets Works with Alexa, Google Home, WiFi Outlets with Remote Control Timer Function Energy Monitoring No Hub Required, 2 Pack, 2.4Ghz Only Remote Co… Read more

My coffee machine takes a good 15 minutes to warm up, so using I've of these I can turn it on from the comfort of my bed. Also use two in the living room for a floor lamp and table lights. Use another for my subwoofer so I can turn it off independently for late night viewing.


And for any Numpty’s out there. Please don’t think you can control your router when you out, and think you can turn it back on after ;)


These are great for outdoor lights and indoor floorlamps where the foot controlled on/off isn't regularly accessible. The app will turn on/off according to sunset/sunrise and so perfectly adjust through the year (y)


Got 2 smartplugs but only ever found use for one, electric blanket. Yes I know lights etc but just seems easier to turn them on/off with my hands.


Agree, but Amazons returns are great, so not a great deal to loose? Not as If you have to post back to China! (angel)

Teng T1436 Socket Set, 36 Metric 1/4in Drive at UK Tool Centre for £38.73 delivered
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Teng T1436 Socket Set of 36 Metric 1/4in Drive. I was looking for a small socket set and came across this when looking at a Bahco set that was posted on here. It's a little bit m… Read more

Season ticket holder....Can't wait for League 1 next season (party) (party) (party)


Good deal made even better that the Author is a Argyle fan COYG


Anyone have any experience with Teng warranty? Sent two broken bits back a few a go and still had nothing back.


Got the smaller 1/4 set, would be lost without it - very useful - especially for motorbikes.


Good deal, I paid twice this for it.

Rolson 36109 Socket Set - 40 Pieces for £5.80 (Prime) / £10.29 (Non Prime) delivered @ Amazon
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Update 1
Available again 23/05
Great value socket set that should do the job if you are on a budget. :) Make sure you are well prepared for any challenges you may face while carrying out DIY in and around the … Read more
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Thanks @Brutes :)


@idontflycathay BACK DOWN. (y)


To be fair, the coffee will last longer than this set. The other thing is, the sockets tend not to be exact sizes, and if they are slightly too big, you end up rounding off whatever you are using them on. Even some of the 5 star reviews on amazon aren't exactly singing it's praises Looks good feels good. I've added some 3/8 and 1/2 inch extension bars to fatten it out a bit. More than happy for the price for the lot. Thanks. So......i get home try out the new 1/2 inch extension bars and the 1/2 inch socket direction selector falls apart in my hand and i haven't used it on anything. I've never seen the inside of a socket selector and did not expect this, it's only a few days old not being used yet.....falls apart. Going back to amazon for replacement. Thanks I did receive a replacement socket set via Amazon which also had a very loose ratchet 1/2 inch ratchet so i contacted Rolson here in the UK and explained the situation to one of their sales team. Some photo's/phone calls later i did receive a brand new heavier duty type 1/2 inch ratchet which is much better. So thanks to Josh Marcus at Rolson tools UK for that.......nice one. Why anyone would leave a 5 star review for something that fell apart before even using it is beyond me.


all the tool pros... it's £5.80 ... £5.80!!!... 1 and a half starbucks FFS


I got a small halfords advanced set for £20 when it was on offer. Good set to keep in the car. Also bought a small Bahco set for around £20 when they were on offer from amazon. Both decent sets and survived a few uses.

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Duracell 175W Power Inverter with Dual AC and USB Sockets £18.99 @ Mymemory
270° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
This Duracell 12V 175W portable power inverter with AC and USB ports is great for delivering power while travelling. 2.4A Output 2x USB Ports 2x 3 Pin Socket 1M Cable Descri… Read more



was on offer, now gone. Sorry.


Showing as 19.99 to me?


Depends what you are using it for. I just use one (not this model, but a 180w invertor) for powering my router and monitor and maybe the tv when we get a power cut. I just use an old car battery. But if you are only drawing 20-30W then a car battery will happily supply that for 10-20hours depending on its size and charge state. These are quite useful, especially for camping or traveling if you need to charge a several phone or laptop etc.


Yes you do or you will kill the battery very quickly.

Rolson 36109 Socket Set - 40 Pieces £5.80 @ Amazon Prime / £10.29 Non Prime
403° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Combined 40 piece 1/4" & 3/8" Drive socket set Complete with ratchet and extension bar Screwdriving handle and socket convertor Range of metric and imperial sockets Blow moulde… Read more
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Buy cheap pay twice as they say. Why buy cheap tools made of compressed kitkat foil when you'll just end up paying for a quality set later on? The Bergen tools on ebay are great quality and don't cost alot more




Don’t touch anything Rolson - it’s the worst tat out there. I cant understand why this has been voted hot - must be people buying stuff just because it’s “cheap”.


Spend £15 on a bacho set. Never look backX


I actually owned this set a number of years ago when I couldn't find my ratchet (turned out my mate had borrowed it and not given it back) I bought it in desperation. The ratchet lasted me about 3 months of odd jobs, as I ended up using it as a back up after I got my proper one back. I didn't use it for heavy or serious work but it actually lasted pretty well. All I did was wrap the handle in electrical tape as it's pretty uncomfortable without it. It's a horrible piece of equipment to use, it flexes and rattles but 3 months of odd jobs before the mechanism broke was pretty damn good for the money. Definitely fine as a back up kit, although I wouldn't put too much torque through it, it would probably break pretty quickly.

2 X Smart Plug TECKIN 13A WiFi Sockets Work - £15.67 prime / £20.16 nonPrime @ Sold by BABAN EU & Fulfilled by Amazon
386° Expired
Refreshed 11th MayRefreshed 11th May
Update 1
Update - deal unexpired 11/0
Remote & Voice Control - Remote control your electricals via mobilephone from anywhere and anytime. TECKIN plug is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, voice control makes li… Read more

Purchased, price seems fair enough


Useful for a P67 form if working from home, you can prove how much electricity you use in a month and claim it back


I have 2 of these in the garage, one with the car charger and one with a set of outdoor lights on a schedule. They work really well and integrate into Google home easily. The only thing I would say to bear in mind is they don't connect to 5ghz WiFi.


Got my plugs through today. The set is easy and can be connected to Google assistant or Alexa once the initial set up with the Smart Life app is done. The smart Life app itself is pretty comprehensive in terms or automation and scenario setting. But to be honest I will mostly use GA to utilise these. Definitely worth the purchase though due to them being 13amp plugs. Many smart plugs are only 10amp


I'm buying my 3rd pack of these (there should be two in the box!). They are nicely made, nice compact size and work well with the Smartlife app. Definitely recommended. I've converted a load of stuff around the house to be Alexa controlled using them; mainly lamps and the like. Very good.

Halfords Advanced 175 socket set Lifetime Guarantee Free Next Day Delivery £175
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Seems like a good deal for the new version of the set. 30% off rrp apparently. The 150 socket set is still showing as £190. Whereas the 200 socket set is £325 Lifetime Guarantee … Read more
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Ah, good point. I hadn't realised there was an updated set.


I don't think these newest ever have. They've not been out that long.


Just bought the 100 piece set,absolutely top notch. On par with the top name top price makes


As mentioned previously, often come down to half price.


Not voting either way, but I got the 200 piece version for £127.50 a few years ago. Not sure if they go that price regularly, but worth considering.

Halfords Advanced 36 Piece Socket Set 1/4" £26 + £3.99 del at Halfords
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Halfords Advanced 36 Piece Socket Set 1/4"The Halfords Advanced 36 Piece Socket Set 1/4" is a great value set, ideal to keep in the garage, workshop or car for general maintenanc… Read more
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No bikes are not covered.


Unless trades people travel to work on their bikes (lol)


had mine over 10 years too, and the set is a spit of the 'signet' set before it that had a greeney tourquise box but otherwise identical... 7mm works for 4mm nuts btw :P so its only 9'n'11 ya should have a bit redundant ;)


Well worth having around the house. I keep mine in my car. As have needed to use at work a few time on furniture/ dismantling Comms cabinet etc. It’s a lifesaver. Had mine for nearly 10 years and it’s faultless.


No the sockets aren't deep enough.

Phaze Socket Set 50 Piece 1/4" 3/8" Drive Hex Key Star Crosspoint Plainslot Bits £17.50 @ Halfords / Ebay
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Phaze 50 Piece Socket SetThe Phaze 50 Piece Socket Set is a great value, good quality socket set, ideal for the DIY enthusiast. This 50 piece set has a wide range of sockets, per… Read more

I’ve had this very set for 13 years. Bought to remove a battery and has just kept on going. Snapped the 3/8-1/4” adapter and the Perspex on the case but everything else has had a fair amount of abuse and served me well. Yes of course there’s better tools but for the money can’t moan.


Not good quality. Better off getting the Advanced 36 bit set


Can u use trade cad


Phaze 275 Piece Tool Chest Set Kit Lock Handle Sockets Bits Screwdriver Pliers £87.50 Delivered @ Halfords / Ebay
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Phaze 275 Piece Tool ChestThe Phaze 275 Piece Tool Chest is a brilliant value tool chest with a good selection of tools required for most workshop and garage jobs. The sturdy met… Read more

Pound shop quality. Buy yourself some plasters if trying to undo anything really tight with this lot. Cheap tools plus plasters and possibly a hospital visit vs half decent tools = less pain. Voted hot for price only. Hotukdeals should let you vote twice......once for price and once for quality, giving a true temperature?


Good find. Will give this a miss in that case. Not gonna vote either way!


FYI from Halfords Reviews: Budget toolset 6 years ago 1/2 inch ratchet broke as soon as I used it.1/4 inch ratchet broke during use. No 13mm spanner,the most used spanner in any toolbox. No long reach 13mm socket No 1/2 inch extension bar. Bottom tray contains rawplugs etc,this is IMO what takes the total pieces up to 275. Disappointing product. Definitely a budget tool-set and will not stand up to being used for long. This set would be better without the bottom draw contents and replacing those pieces with the item I suggested. budge61 · Reviewed on Halfords


Not sure about the quality but if it’s decent then it’s a good deal. Never heard of the brand before though. Funny how you might get one or two tools from places like Halfords and they last you a lifetime and the other 90% break in the first few times of use. Heat for the price.

Aukey Car Power Inverter 12v to 230v 300w with 1x AC and 2x 2.4A Smart USB Sockets £14.99 @ MyMemory
684° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
300w output which is decent and comes with cables to use straight from battery or cigarette lighter (150w). Stay powered up when travelling with the Aukey Power Inverter. Convert… Read more

Time for a "car-boot sale" ! (y)


A pro draws up to 160w, can get a USB powered monitor, so roughly another 10w. With an 80ah battery, and I'll assume not simultaneously being charged, and you also do not want to use more than 75% of capacity as lead acid batteries don't like being drained will empty, so let's assume 60ah useful capacity. 170w at 12v is around 14.2a continuous and will empty that 60ah capacity in around 4 hrs 15 mins. This doesn't take in to account inefficiency and heat generated, bit is countered by fact you won't be drawing full 170w constantly. Hth


Vauxhall like self igniting i wouldn't aid it lmao From zafiras to insignia they love to burn.


1st car phones - number of times we had to push start the boss on a evening, told us to push backwards it jumps better and have done to the day. I sat an hour with the internal fan on in the van whilst on a call and wouldn't start 4 hrs later, 63 plate combo. Travel kettles used to make a brew on the road. I found mine and plugged onto a 130ah battery used to run garden lights and a 100w solar panel. that took 8amps - 4 from panel and 4 from the battery & 18 mins to boil. It was a free brew.


How long would this power up my ps4 pro and a 17 inch monitor? (y)

175W Power Inverter with Dual AC and USB Sockets £19.98 at MyMemory
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
This Duracell 12V 175W portable power inverter with AC and USB ports is great for delivering power while travelling. The USB ports output 2.4A 5V is perfect for digital devices suc… Read more


Seems to be a regular occurrence with things like this, according to the reviews. Unless everyone’s trying to use a kettle with them?


Had one of these and burnt out with 2 uses. Maybe just my bad luck


Would this work for camping (just needed for low wattage light), small radio and charging mobile phones? Obviously need the car to start next morning :D


Same price available on amazon too

RAC 150W Car Power Inverter with USB and AC Sockets at MyMemory for £11.98
904° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
The RAC 150W power inverter is cylindrical shaped and is small and compact, it will fit neatly into your vehicles cup holder. Converts 12V to 240V AC socket 220-240V USB output 5Vd… Read more
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Never been a fan of universal laptop chargers. Had a customer with one once and he had the voltage set wrong. This took out the main board in his laptop. So... had the pcb replaced at cost as it was out of warranty and... a week later he'd done it in error again using his universal charger, obviously not knowing that it was the charger that initially was destroying the laptop. Use carefully I say.


Be careful with the cheap chinese inverters.... very poorly made and no doubt dangerous... just open one up ;)


Must be one hell of an alternater to keep them self charging hybrids going ;)


Yes the 3000w inverter the poster mentioned would boil a low wattage kettle but the problem will be you'll end up with a flat battery unless you have a big battery bank. If you want to boil a kettle off grid you'd be better buying a small camping stove and a traditional stove top kettle.


No it isn't, a Tesla charges just fine from a "granny" charger that plugs directly into your regular 3-pin socket, drawing about 2kW. Still, that's a lot more than this could provide(and it's a stupid idea anyway).

Top Tech 25 Pc Handy Socket Set in storage case - £2.99 + £3.99 Delivery (Free if £15+ spend) @ EuroCarParts
289° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Really cheap. Seems like it can only be delivered though, not available for collection. Delivery is £3.99 but it's free over £15 and there's a huge range of items on the site any … Read more
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you get what you pay for - had one in the past and the handle snapped


Take ages to deliver. took 18 days to get my order. Customer service is attrocious. Delivered wrong items. Dont answer emails. Wait hours for them to answer chat on their site then they close chat instaed of answering it. 30 minutes hanging on the phone then gave up. Emailed them two days ago still no reply


Also had gecko gloves.59p


Very similar to the one from Pound shop

Samsung Smartthings hub +Two free Samsung Smartthings smart sockets for £79 with code @ Samsung Store
286° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
A nice package if you prefer the Samsung smart world. Add the two sockets to the basket and then add use the code P5HQ6N5T80 at the checkout . Smart hub: https://www.samsu… Read more



No smart meter


Did you have a smart meter with them too? I'm with them & on a fixed tariff for 2years & bulb are still coming up cheaper...tempted...


It's cheaper than my previous EDF supplier,


Desktop chrome and explorer didn't work

Bahco BAHS160 Socket Set 16 Piece - 1/4in Drive, £19.95 delivered at FFX
356° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Great kit at fair value. Features and Benefits: DIN 3120 / ISO 1174 Matt chrome-plated finish Constructed from chrome vanadium Oil and temperature resistant case Dynami… Read more

Quality is amazing for these sets


Bought from their eBay shop for £20.40 on Saturday and my order arrived today


Great set but..... “Due to Covid-19 supplier disruption we are unable to provide a definitive ETA for this product. It is still available to purchase, but may take up to 4 weeks to arrive (pending further government notification).”


No. These are about 2 cms shorter than my old Omega one (these new ones are getting a bit like Wagon Wheels).


?? This is the size 1/4 ratchets are meant to be.

2 X Smart Plug TECKIN 13A WiFi Sockets £14.99 Delivered- using promo @ Sold by BABAN EU & Fulfilled by Amazon
313° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Further down in price with a New voucher (y) Redeem the £7 voucher from the promotion message or insert the code at checkout. And the price includes delivery for Non prime accou… Read more

(y) The credit goes to alpha1411 who mentioned them here.


Your tip was perfect. Arrived today and all 4 flashed within 10 minutes


I had to return the last Techin ones I got because they couldn't be flashed. I had success with these. They also have power monitoring.


Right... So to conclude my question - these definitely do not offer power monitoring feature. And please correct me if I am wrong ;-) Thanks for your input.


I'm pretty sure these ones can't be flashed with Tasmota. Good price though if you are happy with using Tuya's servers.

2 X Smart Plug TECKIN 13A WiFi Sockets Work - £15.67 prime / £20.16 nonPrime @ Sold by BABAN EU & Fulfilled by Amazon
569° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Price looks good (y) Remote & Voice Control - Remote control your electricals via mobilephone from anywhere and anytime. TECKIN plug is compatible with Alexa and Google Home,… Read more

shame, code didn't work for me. thanks for the link though, didn't realise these existed


Not used these and can only speak from using the Meross ones. They're the first lot of smart plugs I've bought and found the setup straightforward and the app easy to use. Integration with Amazon Echo products was no issue and it is also compatible with Google Home and IFTTT (which I haven't used).


Would you get the these? Or the ones on this post?


I just saw these ones as I want energy monitoring too £15.99 2 pack with energy monitoring. Use code JCB66R6I at checkout for £4 discount Smart plugs with energy monitoring


These have an energy monitor built into the app, 3 for £24 and so are much the same price each as this offer - I have two of these and they're very good.

Top Tech KL-12229 Tool Box with 150 Pieces (Ratchet / Sockets / Pliers / Adapters ) £33.99 Delivered using code @ eBay / carpartsbargains
740° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Nice tool box set for anyone who's looking to get their tool collection started. Considering it comes with a sturdy looking tool box, I thought this was a pretty decent price! You… Read more

Unless you already own a drawer tool chest as it's way more convenient to use. Otherwise it seems like it would add up quickly to same price Also once you hit breaker bar world 3/8" fades away


The tools will be like using play dough id imagine!


what a waste of space and money, you either need decent tools, or don't need tools at all


You'll get better quality tools out of Poundland christmas crackers.


Poor quality.

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