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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Deals

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Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Standard grey Pro Controller
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Didn't notice that, deal is for £50.99 not £65.99 so listed incorrectly and a terrible deal.


Yes, because Hong Kong isn’t in the UK.


^^ my point. I didn’t know about what Toby’s Deal’s were like until I posted a deal from them. Now I know they’re from Hong Kong, so the £4 extra is worth it for getting it from a better place


Is it not better to spend the extra £4 and get it from a trusted site, so you're guaranteed to get what you ordered? I'm not even sure how this scam of a site is even allowed on here.


Well that's more reasonable.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - Splatoon 2 Edition now just £52.99 and free delivery @ TobyDeals
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
In stock currently....... When ordering if you follow the link it will say £54.99 but when checking out a £2.00 discount is automatically added taking it down to £52.99 delivered!… Read more
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has anyone actually received these???


I know terrible isn't it.you may have a gold star .Well done.


Couldn't of said it better myself.gold star for you.well done.


Cheers mate. (y)


https://www.tobydeals.co.uk/en_GB/product/nintendo-switch-pro-controller-4.html 48.99 when going to checkout

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller £39.99 / Joy-Con Left or Right 24.99 each Preowned @ graingergames
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Preowned, cheapest I've ever seen them at. Highly recommend the pro controller if you currently don't have one.

http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/28/grainger-games-closes-21-stores-staff-made-redundant-7423310/ Website is down, stores closing, did people get their orders


I got a new one on Slidr for £41 using their £10 off discount code last week


expired :(


I’ve never played xenoblade and wasn’t sure about the “pink” grips, but got the Xeno controller as it’s got the D-pad fix. Now I had it for a few months I think it’s brilliant, it looks ace in person too ( the standard black pro controller looks boring in comparison )


Like most people I got my switch for portable gaming, but I surprised myself that I use mine roughly 50/50. The pro controller is perfect for being able to dump the switch in the dock and instantly play on the tv rather than removing the joycons each time it’s docked. If you can stomach the stupidly high controller price it’s a must have.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller £49.49 @ 365Games
Refreshed 17 h, 21 m agoRefreshed 17 h, 21 m ago
Cheapest around I can see. Over £50 everywhere else Code APR10 which makes it £49.49 @ checkout

nobody considers an xbox one controller with play an charge a good deal though lol personally I think 35 is a reasonable price for a controller but you can get the zelda one for like 25 and looks alot nicer imo


I won't exactly be surprised if this controller is still being sold for around the same price in a few years' time.


The cost is just a number without the context of value to the purchaser.


How Nintendo get away with their pricing I will never know. Everything Switch related seems vastly overpriced.


Just wondering, will the Wii u Pro controller work with the switch?

Xenoblade Chronicles Switch Pro Controller (Switch) for £49.99 delivered @Game
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller contains 2 linear resonant actuators, each with independent HD Rumble capabilities, creating a similar effect as with the Joy-Con Controllers. Th… Read more

As others have said,been out of stock for ages. Since the last time it was posted.




I was in store earlier and they had several pairs of grey joycons for £54.99 which isn't too shabby. The standard Pro Controller was £59.99.


Has been this price for ages, has also been OOS for ages.

Switch Yellow Joy-Con pair £59.99 @ Argos + Strap only £2.49
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Yellow Joy-Con Pair £59.99 @ Argos www.argos.co.uk/product/7077445 Yellow Joy-Con Strap £2.49 @ Argos http://www.argos.co.uk/product/7072804

Yeah your a bit late to the party unfortunately. Keep your eyes peeled am sure they will be £63 or less deals for these with the likes of 365games, Base, SimplyGames etc in coming weeks and months. They do look great, and are worth it! Pink/Green pair for £63.49 at Base seems a reasonable buy with current market prices https://www.base.com/buy/product/joy-con-twin-pack-green-pink-nintendo-switch/dgc-joycongpns.htm


I do really like this color and like the idea of having a second set for while the others are charging but no stock any where nearby.


Snipper Clips and such games are fine with a tiny controller. They are better with a strap attachment though. Then there is the new cardboard stuff, but that's another discussion!


As dan said games like fifa, mario kart etc can be played with one half of the joycons, the other can be given to another player, works quite well


Depends on the game, a lot of games you can use the ‘half’ controller as a single controller per person.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller £49.99 with code @ Amazon
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Currently cheapest price for standard pro controller. Use code VG5OFF35 at checkout

The xbox one elite controller is £120


£50 for a freaking controller!?


You should keep an eye in one of the closing down Toys R Us stores. Managed to snag one with 30% off the RRP of £50, costing me a staggering £35.


The Xenoblade controller has a different dpad which is their test to fix the issue I think?


Nice one, just in time for Bayo 1 and 2 being delivered tomorrow as well (y)

Wired Switch Pro Controller Super Mario Star Edition £21.50 @ Coolshop (Pre-order)
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Made by PDP. The expected release date is 3rd March. RRP is £24.99. * Note it is a wired controller (detachable 8' cable included). It also has an interchangeable faceplate design… Read more

Some Amiibos give in game power ups etc. Eg on mario odyssey you can use Wedding Mario or Peach (cant recall which) for temp invunerability. So can use it on boss battles. So you need to be quick using the Amiibo.


I have a controller like this & for me it makes it easier to pack & take it with me when I'm going away. It makes it fit a control case just like the real Pro can without the cable getting in the way.


2m in lay mans terms


I’m not judging.. I’m dyslexic :)


No idea, I don't own it and I won't buying either. I rarely buy the deals I post. I am happy with the Joy-Con's and is going to be wireless only for me with the Switch. I guess in theory you can easily replace a damaged cable? You can use a longer one perhaps if needed.

Island Flight Simulator (SWITCH) £26.95 @Coolshop
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Coolshop now have stock of the physical cart version. Has only been available on eShop previously. Enjoy fantastic open-ended gameplay, touch down in the tropics and transport fre… Read more

Equal amount on console, and not getting in the way of ANY of the top games coming out this year.


No problems with your posts @otterboxer , I like free speech :). I don't think it looks a worthy game either (unless your an aviation enthusiast perhaps), I wouldn't even buy it physical for a tenner. Re the keywords, I always feel compelled to use the whole 10 but could not think or find any, random things like Sega or Atari certainly mix it up, what can I say.


My musings come when they come @noahsdad hence different posts. (all valid though) (y) The link does still seem to send me back here fwiw (not that i'd consider buying it, just wanted to have a look before voting) Ah, ublock was kicking me back my mistake.


@otterboxer the HUKD link works fine, maybe the HUKD server had a momentary network issue when you tried it. You can condense all your comments into one single posting you know :)


Also this has nothing to do with either Sega or the 3ds so not sure why they are there as keywords? Spotted after wondering why this "deal" popped up on my keyword feed. :|

Tiny Barbarian NINTENDO Switch £24.81 delivered @ Amazon
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Amazon UK - £24.81 365Games.co.uk - £ 35.99 Coolshop.co.uk - £36.95 * This game has only ever been available over here as a digital eShop download. There are no plans to release i… Read more



Definitely. £25 for a game of this type is outrageous.


It certainly did have epic barbarian-ish music. I think this is the video you are looking for :) The keyboard/synthesiser sort of 8-bit sounds are totally outdated of course, but if those epic tunes were modernised with violins and guitars etc they would sound brilliant even today.


Rastan had great music. Used to play it in the chippy for 10p. Next to Rastan Saga was Saint Dragon. Happy memories apart from the chips.


Lot of rose tinted rehashes on the switch i've noticed. More 3rd party support is what Nintendo wanted but the proverbial barrel is getting scrapped a bit looking at some recent titles.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - Splatoon 2 Edition £49.99 on Amazon / Game (and Xenoblade controller)
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Cheapest it has been, according to camels x3, 'great' price, in a nintendo point of view perspective, to each of your own, though (lol) Supposedly price matching Game https:… Read more

Can you read? (I assume we're going for an abusive tone now). You mentioned that there was 'no benefit at all if you play handheld', while this is correct, if you use tabletop mode the pro controller is a better option than two joy-con in a joy-con grip. You also said 'so i'm not sure why you are posting a thread about controllers'. It's difficult to parse what you've written as it makes no sense. One interpretation would be that you think the post you replied to was from the original deal poster, which it isn't. The only other interpretation I can think of is that it's just more pointless confrontational language. Why are you so unpleasant? Did somebody hurt you?


Have you been drinking? You can use the Switch in tabletop mode with the joycons, are you confused? I was merely saying this controller is not essential, but comes recomended as it is a lot better than the packaged setup


kingtreelo's answer is incorrect. If you use the Switch in tabletop mode or don't get on with the attached joy-con, this will work fine.


Logically following that, if you've already got 3 of the latest consoles, and cluttered up with so many controllers, you can afford another decent official one for your Switch :D


Look up sunk cost. Many of us gamers already own PS4's and Xbox's and with these, lots of controllers cluttering up drawers. You are 100% correct, if you don't own a PS4 already, buying a controller and usb stick would be silly and I don't think anyone here is suggesting that.

Gear Club Unlimited SWITCH £27.99 @ 365games
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Seeing MK8 v.3 (aka Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) is fairly disappointing, seems worth posting this alternative racing game, now out to buy on physical cart.

I’ve got it from Boomerang so I’ll see what the fuss is about later. If it’s terrible I don’t really care. Edit:- I've played it for an hour or two and can confirm its utter guff on the Switch


I play this on ipad and is a very good mobile game. Don't really think it warrants a console version tbh as options are fairly limited (as is the case generally with mobile orientated games). However, I'd guess it's more accessible than the like of Gran Turismo etc for a quick pick up & blast session as it is so simple to play (though to be good it does take practise!). I'd also guess Switch players are generally younger than XB1/PS4 so can probably understand the designers aiming toward Switch After umpteen patches etc it is still quite buggy on IOS ie. some achievements don't seem to want to register eg Catagory A fan - I have several different Cat A cars and still only says I have 1 for this achievement No matter how many times I try to invite friend (am logged in through FB), it won't play ball Similarly, I am unable to borrow a friends engineer for that achievement. Anyone else with issues such as these? nb. with the latest update (last couple of days) the AI cars are much more aggressive and will usually send you into the barrier with any collision with them (not necessarily a negative thing as it makes you much more careful around them)


People here appear to be trying to compare this with Forza or Gran Turismo. I understand the price being too high but the User Score on MetaCritic is a 7.3 and it looks decent for a racing game on the Switch.


Freezing. Rubbish price. Would bite at maybe £3.99 on eShop.


It *is* a mobile game. And they have the gall to charge full retail for it at release :(

3D Minigolf Switch £16.99 pre-order (Prime / £18.98 non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
Tiger Woods just tweeted me to alert me to this cracking pre-order deal. Just £16.99 @ Amazon UK for what looks like a good single or multiplayer game 1-4 players. Is £21.95 … Read more

Here's a review of the PC (Steam) version https://www.gamegrin.com/reviews/3d-minigolf-review/ TL;DR, its awful


Thanks noahsdad. Heat and have pre ordered.


I'd kill for Everybody's Golf on the Switch. They can rebrand it Mario Golf again, that's fine. They need to get it done


Looks a load of rubbish


Everybodys golf is great. Haven’t seen reviews for this but judging by the videos looks the same quality as a £3 early access game. I would avoid until reviews come in.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller £49.99 @ coolshop
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Thought it was a decent price at £49.99
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£59.95 Now




HD Rumble plus battery life that knocks the competition into the next multiverse.


I like the joycons, so I can just have my hands slobbing lazily by my sides.


Hilarious when people feel £49:99p is a hot deal for a controller !!!!!! Amazing how Nintendo get away with their RRP.

PowerA Switch Question Block Game Card Case £7.49 @ Argos
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Just reserved one of these at great price of £7.49 and thought it would be rude not to share :) Argos price: £7.49 Amazon price £12.85 PowerA have made really good products for… Read more

Thought it was this at 1st ;(


haha, know what you mean, I couldn't quite believe it myself :) good ole Shargos


More stuff to keep WALL-E busy...


Can't help myself even though my carry case has 8 slots..


Reserved...an Argos deal actually in stock in my local store!

Hori Switch Joycon Themed Thumb Grips (Mario/Luigi/Toad/Star) £7.99 prime / £9.98 non prime @ Amazon
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Pack of 4 thumb grips for the joy cons, one each of Mario / Luigi / Toad / Star, now back in stock for £7.99. These are hard to find and Amazon rarely seem to have them. Very well… Read more

They do add a lot of grip to the little joycon thumb sticks and also look fab too. Would recommend.


Heat added but think they’re overpriced for what they are


These were £5.99 in my local Sainsbury's just before Christmas. Got them out the box, looked at them and decided they were too expensive at £5.99.


I agree! Don't like the Toad one much myself and have not used it. If a peach grip / controller theme is what you want, then you need to look at this thread: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/4-x-switch-joy-con-thumb-grips-239-delivered-ebay-mg-direct-choice-of-bluewhiteredblackclear-2872151 They are a bit more pricey, but they are very good quality too. Interesting your DS4 ones fit well as that opens up new colour possibilities for joy cons. Could get a lime green once for a Yoshi theme for instance.


Really wanted to get me some of these but I was looking for the zelda ones to drop in price. Ive been using my old ones from the DS4 and they fit very well. Still these are very expensive thumb grips... Anyone knows if these fit the pro controller's as well? I'm imagining they don't...

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - Splatoon 2 Edition @ Amazon - £59.99
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Cheapest I've seen Decent price drop :)

Have heard they are almost as good as 2 joy cons on a comfort grip ;)


What a bargain


I got this for just under £50 from toys r us before Christmas. Might be worth holding out


Just ordered. Still £20 more than it should be - but it’s a must have controller and I love the design. Heat from me!


Got this for £49.99 @ Toysrus Harlow.

Nintendo switch pro controller @argos with ebay code PNY2018 for £47.99
LocalLocalFound 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017
Just orderd a switch pro controller at Argos ebay with click and collect for £47.99. £12 off with ebay code PNY2018
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I picked this up from argos yesterday... Worked amazingly... Until I realised it wouldn't charge, and the LED to show charging won't light Now I need to return it :( It's great when it works! If it works..


It didn't have any signs of been worn, it was when I played COD id press the stick in to run and my character would stop running so had to press again, was fine with other games like Diablo but was very annoying on FPS


Oos. Sorry bud.


"The item you selected wasn't added to your basket"


Ad to basket?

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 Edition £49.98 - £49.98 instore @ Toys R Us
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Found this in my local Toys R Us in Bradford while looking for the joy cons! Not available online now but someone might find it in their nearby stores. Update: They also have the… Read more

Managed to get one in the Toysrus 30 minutes away from me. Thanks for the heads up. Knew about the regular one on offer but was nice to get the colour grips.


Thanks. I phoned Harlow TRU in the morning and they had one (Splatoon) left and he agreed to keep it at customer services for me to collect in the afternoon.


I took 1 and there was 1 left


I don’t want to alarm you but it would appear from your picture you paid £49.99 for an empty box (shock)


Are there lots of deals in the shop at the moment with their problems? Wondering whether it's worth a look in my local!

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