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Released by gaming legends Ubisoft, For Honor is one of the most advanced, exciting, and graphically impressive action games ever released for home gaming consoles. Anyone who loves RPGs, historically-themed games or first person shooters will adore For Honor, which looks set to be 2017’s game of the year. This buyer’s guide explains how For Honor works, and how to buy it at the lowest possible price. Read more
Honor Magicbook 14 Laptop - Ryzen 5 3500U / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD +12mth Microsoft 365,+Mouse +Router 3 for £499.99 @ Honor
31/08/2020 at 22:59Expires on 31/08/2020 at 22:59Posted 21 h, 56 m agoPosted 21 h, 56 m ago
Another great bundle from Honor and this one includes: Honor Magicbook 14 Laptop Microsoft 365 for 12 months HONOR Router 3 Honor Mouse The laptop itself is around at that … Read more

I wanted. The 15.6 inch magicbook 15 deal on eBay but the seller increased the price due to eBay promo


Too spec i7 10th gen


If you don't want or need the freebies then this deal may be ideal. £440 as long as price stays as is and voucher is live:


What generation of I7? Best to put the exact cpu model and Google the benchmark for it. You can then compare against others. Ryzen 7 series 3 = 7425 on the bench mark, where as a Ryzen 3 series 4 get 7895 on it.


Which ryzen chip matches i7

PC GAME - Epic Store - For Honor for this weekend
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Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
For honor is free to play from 23/07 to 26/07! Your progression is saved if you decide to buy the game.
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I agree, it is a loan at best, but certainly not 'Free'


Free with epic games i think ages ago. Tried it and thought it was rubbish, surprised they are still flogging it


I’m sure this was given away free ages ago. It’s in my library (not a trial) and I certainly didn’t pay for it.


Is this a trial of the full game or do you get limited access?

For Honor (PC, XBox One, PS4) - Free Weekend July 23rd - 27th @ Ubisoft
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Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
The game can be enjoyed for free over the weekend. MetaScore of 76 Description Enter the chaos of war as a bold Knight, a brutal … Read more
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No. Rape isn't "up my street"


It might not be up your street.


Uh huh. Bit more to this perhaps.


I'm not defending Unisoft, merely pointing out that a small percentage of humans are monsters.


Cause they made some games you like or because rape isn't that bad really?

Honor Magic Watch 2 42mm Fitness Tracker Black Smartwatch for £87.59 delivered (with code)@ ALiexpress Deals / Gamer1987 Store
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Posted 29th JunPosted 29th JunShipping from PolandShipping from Poland
Nice price when it is shipped from EU. No extra costs and comes from Poland. This is the Magic 2 and the 42mm version. Sadly delivery is still around 3 weeks and no tracking so… Read more

Looks like two different watches in the pictures, or is the writing on the bezel part of the display? Does anyone know how this displays multiple messages, for instance from Whatsapp? Does it give you details of individual messages, or will it say you have 5 new messages after the only giving details of the first one?



Reckon Garmin has a golf one. Sorry, don't remember the model though


Oh I see, thought you'd found another way of doing it


I heard about that. No I am talking about manual activity entry on the plus button on the main page. Its not a detailed entry though. good enough for me.

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HONOR 3W IP54 water resistant Mini Speaker in Red for £13.99 delivered @ Honor
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Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
HONOR 3W IP54 water resistant Mini Speaker in Red for £13.99 delivered @ Honor
You can collect the £5 voucher if you have an account and you are logged in. After collecting the voucher the final price should be £13.99 which is great for a 3W IP54 water resi… Read more

I'm quite happy with four hours.


4hrs playback time is poor by any standard

Honor Smart Watch Magic Meteorite Black with AMOLED colour screen + 2 Year Warranty £74.99 with coupon @ Honor UK
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Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Honor Smart Watch Magic Meteorite Black with AMOLED colour screen + 2 Year Warranty £74.99 with coupon @ Honor UK
£74.99£94.9921% Free P&P FreeHonor Deals
Still a great offer if you missed the deal 2 weeks ago. It is £74.99 now when you collect the 2 vouchers on the site. One for free delivery and one for £5 off. Total will be £74.99… Read more

Welcome to the club Generally very good watch, like many have said lasts about 5 days, perfect for ladyboy type wrists and has enough bells and whistles without the nonsense. Only problem is the Bluetooth doesn't automatically pair between watch and mobile, seems to require manual selection


Aw bummer, sorry to hear that. I had to contact CS again this morning. Received a dispatch email an hour ago saying should arrive monday (fingers crossed). Like you say if there are any issues with the next one I shall be returning for a refund also.


Replacement arrived yesterday. Paired with my Samsung - everything seemed fine. Battery level was about 50% so I put it on charge overnight, however, this morning the watch wouldn't switch on - completely 'dead'! Rang CS and am returning it for refund (don't want to take a chance on another replacement). Disappointed as I liked the watch but I think there must be flaws in a batch and/or poor QC/QA. Hope you have better luck!


Yeah, still waiting on mine, was told could be any day now. Keeping my fingers crossed but not holding my breath.


Likewise. Received Tues 26 May - stopped working after a few days - returned for replacement, CS said it would take about 10 days after it was received by the 'warehouse'. Bit of a nuisance!

Honor Smart Watch Magic Meteorite Black with AMOLED colour screen + 2 Year Warranty £69.99 delivered / £64.99 with coupon @ Honor UK
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Honor Smart Watch Magic Meteorite Black with AMOLED colour screen + 2 Year Warranty £69.99 delivered / £64.99 with coupon @ Honor UK
£69.99£94.9926%Honor Deals
Update 1
Now live - you can get for £64.99 with £5 discount. To get the discount you need to be logged in and do the coupon spin/lucky draw and will be auto applied at checkout
Honor Smart Watch with AMOLED colour screen for £69.99 including free delivery. Looks to be a good price and decent reviews, with good battery life, accurate fitness and sleep trac… Read more
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I bought this on June 1st and they still have not despatched it. When I go on the chat support, they tell it will be sent out soon, but refuse to give a date. Am losing patience. Anyone else in the same position?


Looking at the activity records, it measures how many steps taken, minutes of exercise... What is the third item. Number of times standing? Do every time I stand up to go to the toilet...does that count? How is this even defined or captured?


The flashing green light is your heart monitor, it really should not be visible so it would suggest your strap is too loose.


Very impressed so far. Anyone else notice a constant green light flashing under the watchface touching the wrist area? Anyone managed to suss out how to turn off any notifications automatically (i.e. Do not disturb) when you go to sleep. Prefer to put a schedule rather than remembering to manually change each time


The eagle has landed!!!

For Honor (Xbox One) - £4.35 @ Amazon Prime (+£2.99 P&P non-Prime)
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Posted 2nd Oct 2019Posted 2nd Oct 2019
For Honor (Xbox One) - £4.35 @ Amazon Prime (+£2.99 P&P non-Prime)
Platform: Xbox One Edition: Standard Game For Honor is enhanced for 4K gaming Unique warriors to master: Choose your favourite warrior among 12 unique Heroes including dea… Read more

Still going down, from £4.56 to £4.35


Still going down, from £4.71 to £4.56


Still going down, from £4.87 to £4.71


Still going down, its at £4.87 from £5.42


looks like it's dropping still haha, wonder when it will stop? (lol)

[PS4] For Honor £5.99 delivered @ 365games
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Posted 5th Sep 2019Posted 5th Sep 2019
[PS4] For Honor £5.99 delivered @ 365games
£5.99£ Deals
Carve a path of destruction through the battlefield in For Honor, a brand-new game developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio. Enter the chaos of a raging war as a bold kni… Read more
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For Honor Standard Edition Free (PC) @ Ubisoft
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Posted 20th Aug 2019Posted 20th Aug 2019
For Honor Standard Edition Free (PC) @ Ubisoft
For Honor standard edition (PC) is free via the Ubisoft store, if you didnt manage to pickup for free at Epic Games previously. No card details needed if you download via Uplay on … Read more

Superb. Thanks for that.


You can add the game to your store without the client and without entering any deatils using this link below: Obtained it via Neowin:


I can't get into the Store anymore via the UPlay app, it just loads the homepage for a bit in the background then goes to "The Ubisoft Store is Currently Unavailable". I also have a bug with my account that means purchases made via the website never appear in my games library, and I have to contact support every time with the receipt to have them manually added. I have a completely different purchase history on the website to what I do in UPlay! Good old Ubisoft (y)


It doesn't take any money.


thank you!

[Xbox One] For Honor (New) £6.99 delivered @ Coolshop
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Posted 28th Jul 2019Posted 28th Jul 2019
[Xbox One] For Honor (New) £6.99 delivered @ Coolshop
£6.99£8.9922%Coolshop Deals
ONLINE CONNECTION REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES. Enter the chaos of war as a bold Knight, brutal Viking, or deadly Samurai, three of the greatest warriors of legend. Wield your blade lik… Read more
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Alan Wake & For Honor (PC Game) Free @ Epic Games
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Posted 25th Jul 2019Posted 25th Jul 2019
Alan Wake & For Honor (PC Game) Free @ Epic Games
Update 1
Games are now avaliable for free!
The latest games to go free are For Honor as well as Alan Wake and will be available from August 2-9. The current free games till the 2nd August are MoonLighter & … Read more
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when people compare the price of PC gaming vs console gaming, they forget that the vast majority of people on the XXI century NEED or SHOULD have a computer, therefore the cost of owning a gaming PC is just a little more than a regular household PC, and they are even more pleasurable to use (faster, better peripherals, etc) nowadays gaming laptops are surprisingly cheap, you can get a REALLY good laptop for less than a thousand, easier to hook to a TV than a console, super portable (good luck playing with your PS4 on the train) and you can just alt-tab and be posting in HotUKdeals just like me this is a hot topic, but you can, very easily, pirate games on PC, you can download hundreds of AAA games for free, potentially saving thousands of pounds. the game catalogue is beyond comparison, from old school arcade, to the latest and most intense and skilled competitive games. From minesweeper to a full fledged aircraft simulator with tens of thousand £s worth of peripherals.(I have a friend who is a lorry driver in real life, and also a huge fan of Euro Truck Simulator with a realistic "lorry cockpit") I understand the convenience of a console hooked to a TV to play easy "button smashing" games, after a exhausting day at work, just like a Smart car is more convenient to commute than a McLaren, that doesn't make it better in any way, just "simpler"


epic games do that just to be better than steam ^^


Every company is shady to some extent but it is impossible to boycott them all. Google though have crossed a line by mixing politics and human rights with business. Having a contract with the Pentagon to improve the accuracy of drone strikes. Working closely with the Chinese government to subdue its people. Reading people's email and harvesting their information. Sure the likes of Bethesda screwed up with Fallout 76 and Bioware with Anthem but they can be forgiven for one little bump along the road. If they learn from their mistakes and are willing to correct them then this can only be a good thing. Hello Games are a good example of this with No Man's Sky that they could have just walked away with the money they made but chose to try and fix their mistakes and win back their audience. Microsoft messing up the launch of the Xbox One has actually helped them in the long-term. They have gone out of their way to be seen as consumer friendly as possible with everything from backwards compatibility to cross-play, more powerful hardware to play anywhere, so forth. It has benefited me being an Xbox fan them learning from their mistakes and willing to correct them. The future of Xbox is looking very exciting and might have been very different had they not a had that one little bump along the road.


Also games too, you reminded me Yeah if they join whole Epic Games only store I won't support them, it's Anti Consumer I hate Google too Infact i hate a lot of companies, I'm not going to talk about Proctor and Gamble, Burger King, etc I hate these companies, EA, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games (used to love them, still love their games but not the online side) Twitch, Bioware (kinda EA, one of head of the many headed dragon) Netflix, Twitter And of course. Bethesda

For Honor - Standard Edition - £10.39 on Steam
Posted 28th Jun 2019Posted 28th Jun 2019
For Honor - Standard Edition - £10.39 on Steam
£10.39£10.925%Steam Store Deals
Enter the chaos of war as a bold Knight, a brutal Viking, or a deadly Samurai. Play the thrilling story campaign or fight in brutal PvP modes, now on new dedicated servers. Make th… Read more

Had this with PS plus found it awkward and difficult to play. Damn these stubby fingers (lol)


-60% off op...not 5%...

For Honor Standard Edition for PC £8.94 @ Green Man Gaming
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Posted 23rd May 2019Posted 23rd May 2019
For Honor Standard Edition for PC £8.94 @ Green Man Gaming
£8.94£25.9966%Greenman Gaming Deals
Other editions on sale too :) • UNIQUE WARRIORS TO MASTER Choose your warrior amongst a variety of bold Knights, brutal Vikings and deadly Samurai, each with their own weap… Read more



Got it when it was free, still feel I paid too much...


Thanks :)

For Honor PS4/XBox One - £7.99 @ Coolshop + 3.2% Cashback on Quidco
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Posted 16th Apr 2019Posted 16th Apr 2019
For Honor PS4/XBox One - £7.99 @ Coolshop + 3.2% Cashback on Quidco
Good price for a decent pick up and play game. Don't forget to go through Quidco for Cashback

Yeah, this deal is solely for people without time machines.


(Re-installs immediately)


This is good fun, just choose Knights and pretend you are Jon Snow!


Think it's been on both services, but people may have missed it.


Was this not on ps+ a few months back??

For Honor PS4 - £8.99 + other cheap PS4 games @ 365 Games
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Posted 28th Mar 2019Posted 28th Mar 2019
For Honor PS4 - £8.99 + other cheap PS4 games @ 365 Games
£8.99£ Deals
Mixed reviews for the game but for £8.99 I'm giving it a go. Other cheap titles on the Playstation 4 seemingly on offer at this store at cheap prices CoD Infinite Warfare £5.99 - … Read more
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I tried For Honor, and perhaps didnt give it a huge amount of time but i couldnt get on with it at all. Graphically its fairly poor and the mechanics are like playing lightning fast rock, paper, scissors.


"CoD Infinite Warfare £5.99 - It is what it is it's just a cod game" is it?


You will need ps plus for for honor the single player is bad


The game sucks and it was free last month! ps+ never comes out with good free games its so annoying! (devil)


Not a bad price if you missed For Honor last month with PS+ and Deus Ex last year (y)

PlayStation Plus February Games - For Honor and Hitman: The complete First Season
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Refreshed 22nd Feb 2019Refreshed 22nd Feb 2019
PlayStation Plus February Games - For Honor and Hitman: The complete First Season
For Honor and Hitman Complete First Season On other consoles: Divekick ( (PS3 & PS Vita) … Read more

Played it and struggled to keep awake. Bit of a snoozefest


Ignore, he only makes one comment per month.


Hitman's supposed to be pretty good isn't it?


Crap as usual


Good point, but console wars are still funny to read.

Huawei Honor 8X 6.5" FHD+ 20MP Android 4gb/64gb, Oreo 8.1 Blue/Black for £209 Delivered @ BTShop
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Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
Huawei Honor 8X 6.5" FHD+ 20MP Android 4gb/64gb, Oreo 8.1 Blue/Black for £209 Delivered @ BTShop
£209£2299%BT Shop Deals
Your order is set to arrive 1-3 working days after your order has been dispatched Free! CPU Octa-core (4x2.2 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4x1.7 GHz Cortex-A53), GPU Mali-G51 MP4 Displa… Read more

Google drive will work but the best all around Is Dropbox. My phones, tablet and pc are linked to Dropbox. Photos goes to Google drive though and some important documents also get put on both Google drive along with Dropbox. Dropbox is more automated so nothing to do.


So is it easy to transfer all my files to Google drive? And also download it back to my new handset? I like the concept of Google photos as automatically it synchronise both on the phone and my Google account- something like this would be really ideal for all my phone's contents- is this possible?


It's in the Google app store if you need to download it. (y) It has to be in the store so you can download it into another brand of phone you might transfer from.


It is not wise to keep files on phone only. That's asking for troubles. Not wise to use sd cards either.. Justice go to file manger and select stuff and share with Google drive.. You can just leave it there or download back your new phone if you really need it on device but I don't


Surprisingly, I don't have this 'phone clone' on my Huawei p8 lite handset? Do you know any other app that might literally transfer everything? Thanks

For Honor (Xbox One) £4 @ CEX (+£1.50 Delivered)
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Posted 2nd Dec 2018Posted 2nd Dec 2018
For Honor (Xbox One) £4 @ CEX (+£1.50 Delivered)
Live by the sword Witness the bloody brutality of the battlefield as history's most iconic warriors come face to face. Choose between the agile Chosen, the brutal Warborn or the b… Read more
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Cold was free on GWG (y)

Black Friday Sale at PlayStation PSN Store US - Return to Arkham £3.89 The Last Of Us Remastered £4.67 Shadow of the Tomb Raider £23.39
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Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
Black Friday Sale at PlayStation PSN Store US - Return to Arkham £3.89 The Last Of Us Remastered £4.67 Shadow of the Tomb Raider £23.39
Deals on US/Canadian PSN Store will go live 5pm in the UK on Friday 16th November US Prices listed - rememeber to check the Canadian store before purchase as you may get more fo… Read more
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So how do I get this to work on my ps4 anyone know?


There’s so many to check now, even Russia has entered the mix with some games


Make sure you do a quick search of all the PSN region sales as FIFA is on sale everywhere, I’m not actually quite sure if that’s the cheapest..


Fifa 19 for £23!?!?!

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