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Updated 19th MarLast updated 19th Mar by IAmATeaf
Replacement front wipers for Toyota CHR
Shopping around for a replacement pair however they are coming up around £30 for front pair. On my previous car it was £15. Bocsh was the brand for both cars. Anyone know why they are more…
Avatar rimalpatel007
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Updated 10th Mar 2021Last updated 10th Mar 2021 by cache
Honda Civic 2012 help
Need to replace the rear wiper on a 2012-2017 Civic. Can't find the type of blade I need. All the searches on the like of Halfords and Euro Car Parts point to front windscreen blades only w…
Avatar PonJaul76
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Updated 14th Feb 2020Last updated 14th Feb 2020 by alg
Wiper blades for Ford Ka 2000 1.3 petrol
I’m hoping someone could please advise me on that wiper blades I need for the above car as knowing my luck I will order the wrong ones. Very much appreciated for the help. Regards
Avatar justonemore
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Updated 6th Jun 2019Last updated 6th Jun 2019 by Van1973
Best wiper blades for Audi A4 B8 model?
Best wiper blades for Audi A4 B8 model? Ta Jerry
Avatar Jerry3018
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Updated 10th May 2019Last updated 10th May 2019 by Sc4mp0
Windscreen Wipers
So I've had a look and the last post about windscreen wipers is quite old. I need to replace mine, will ideally change back and front wipers. Does it really make that big a difference if yo…
Avatar Sc4mp0
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Updated 15th Oct 2018Last updated 15th Oct 2018 by crankup
Windscreen Wipers advice
My wipers clear the screen when they swipe up but make the screen blurry when they swipe down. Do I need new wipers?
Avatar david_wavid