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Honda Civic 2012 help
Need to replace the rear wiper on a 2012-2017 Civic. Can't find the type of blade I need. All the searches on the like of Halfords and Euro Car Parts point to front windscreen bla… Read more

to clarify, cox's are oem parts from honda :)


Genuine honda one here - https://hondadirectparts.co.uk/parts/honda-civic-genuine-parts/honda-civic-2016-genuine-parts/lighting-exterior-interior-civic-2017/honda-civic-rear-wiper-blade/


Stourport tel number so not far from me either


Thanks for all the links (y)


I've used their own branded stuff a few times and it's pretty good and cheap enough to replace regularly

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Wiper blades for Ford Ka 2000 1.3 petrol
I’m hoping someone could please advise me on that wiper blades I need for the above car as knowing my luck I will order the wrong ones. Very much appreciated for the help. Regards

That depends on the style of sweep - if the blade sweep is across each other, it will make a difference. If they're traditional side by side, then no they won't make a difference.


Then search the part number on ebay & buy it much cheaper


Halfords site has a facility for putting your reg on too. It then lists all the wipers and it’s pretty obvious if they’re sided or not from the description (y)


Also, try https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/. They are essentially the same company but their prices do vary - there are always codes about. And check the individual prices for left & right as being them singular is always cheaper for me than buying as a set.


It varies from car to car, if they’re both the same size it won’t matter which side they’re fitted to.

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Best wiper blades for Audi A4 B8 model?
Best wiper blades for Audi A4 B8 model? Ta Jerry

I agree with Silcone. If you have Bosch Aerotwin type blades fitted already then these are the replacement rubbers - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silicone-28-inch-6mm-Universal-Vehicle-Replacement-Wiper-Blade-Refill-O9B5-GT-TJ/312463910362?epid=2256460614&hash=item48c04ce5da:g:9bYAAOSwd0pcWyIZ I've just changed mine on my Passat - kept the original blade part and just changed the rubber - several youtube videos showing you how to do it. I bought 10 rubbers for about £4.60 from ebay as i look after several cars for the family. Pleased with the performance so far.


I hear silicone ones are the best sort but never seen one for real

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Wiper blades - Ford Fiesta?
Hey there, anyone have any recommendations on a decent set of wiper blades? This being my first car I haven't really got much experience in the field and first time replacing them… Read more

guy must have liked you cause they advertise £8 to change a bulb iirc, and then you have to actually buy the bulb too but at £5 bulb included it is a good service I admit on the subject, there is an RAC emergency bulb/fuse kit at home bargains and b&m for £2.50 - includes headlight, tail light, indicator, all but interior for most cars I believe (except xenon headlights ofc) - very good price for the H1 alone even. If your car is old though you should have a tool kit in there, usually it's a interchangeable screwdriver but if not youcan get one of those for 50p too (I say if it's old because it's usually with the spare tyre and new cars don't seem to have one)


I wouldn't buy a bicycle from halfords but they can be good for car parts etc for example one of my bulbs went the other day, had no tools on me and we were 20 mins from home going away for the day, £5 and 5 minutes later I had it replaced at halfords


Depends whats wrong with them - if theyre streaky or noisy try putting windolene on ur fingers and rubbing them up and down the wipers, usually does the trick unless theyre properly knackered


just don't go halfords you say it's your first car so I'll just say this - never go halfords, for anything Their products are overpriced, and if you're tempted to get them to fit it - you will get gobsmackingly ripped off. if you have a eurocarparts near you, use them - if not, shop online they usually run a 50% off on weekends, and sometimes 20-30% off during the week - also if you go instore the discount doesn't apply but when I mentioned it they put my purchase through as trade so I got the money off anyway One thing I will say, try to do stuff yourself - I know even things like bulbs can seem daunting but for most cars it's literally a screw or 2 - front lights may be a bit more challenging. I think fords have a screw for rear lights and a plastic screw thing - really simple. Oil change (or top up if you're not doing it fully) is also super simple. Everything you need will be on youtube. Also doesn't hurt to find a local garage, guy round the corner from mine does odd jobs for a couple quid. One time I rounded a bolt off and popped it round there and they had no problem getting it off for me and giving me a new one for nothing. ps. eurocarparts do fit but I don't know their prices to comment


Thanks so much everyone :) appreciate all the recommendations. I will have a proper look this weekend. Thanks!