£25 Cashback by Asus - Rate my gear.... old deal continues, pls read..

Posted 26th May 2020
So end of last year, Asus had some cash back called "rate my gear" if u bought some items of theres, the cut of point was the 31st of January something like that, it was sometime after that to submit it.

so that was the end of it.....

then they did some kind of Zboard cashback, but upon researching that now, well it seems to me that the promo has been continuing on quite alot more lines, it was limited to 1000 entrys, but there still advertising it,

if you have a look here:

Products marked with an asterisk (*) and purchased after 19/05/2020 are no longer valid for this promotion.

Products marked with an asterisk (**) and purchased after 29/02/2020 are no longer valid for this promotion.

submissions got to be in by the august this year, it says on the main website,

if u bought one of these products, its worth a try to submit it,

and the promotion is still on going now for all else without a */**, as i said before, it was limited numbers, but if an asus item seems good for what it is, its still worth a shot but only if it was a deal anyways, so keep that in mind for the future.

PS: anyone order the £85 Asus B450M for £65 motherboard last week?.. when it comes try its on there with out a *or **!.

So have a quick look though the parts u got in the past as well and if it slots in submit it, and if an item as i said comes up good for an asus, (rare as hell mind u) then submit, but dont buy cos of it....

its just a nice try for now on. so its still a deal but more of an awareness post for previous buyers.
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