Cheapest way to buy postage stamps.

Posted 29th Oct 2020
Hi everyone. I was wondering if there is a way to save on postage stamps? A large letter 2nd class is 88p and I was wondering if I bought a lot of them could I get them cheaper? Thanks guys
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    Government / semi-government services usually do not have a wholesale discount to avoid subsidising those with the means to get the discount. Costco offers it mainly out of their own pocket as they make most of their profit from membership fees.
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    Find a postman or woman who doesn’t use their Christmas stamps given to them each November and make them an offer.
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    You can normally save a few pence per stamp at Costco, but you have to buy 100’s.
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    It’s not 100s, it’s something like a book of 48 they sell at Costco.
  5. sasjohnson7's avatar
    Think you would have to bulk buy to get a discount.
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    sasjohnson729/10/2020 23:32

    Think you would have to bulk buy to get a discount.

    Even buying 10,000 1st class stamps direct from RM doesn't get you a discount! A huge roll costs £7,600.
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    Make sure it saz 1st class, 2nd class etc as you dont have to pay more when stamps go up in price, i find chemi chem good place to them,
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    Every now and then I see bundles of legit unused ones on ebay for about 20%-30% less than face value (usually sheets of 100). No idea how they can be so cheap - maybe from office clearouts?
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    Thanks for your help everyone. I think I will keep my eye on eBay for those discounted ones. Thanks again
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    You can often pick up 2nd hand Presentation Packs from Ebay at less than face value. They will be a mixture of stamp values so you may have to add multiple stamps to make up enough for a large letter.
    Just make sure you don't bid on First Day Covers as they have already been franked.
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    If your sending a lot of items then it might be worth looking into a franking machine.
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