Get your Vodafone entertainment plan inc Spotify, Amazon, Youtube

Posted 30th Aug 2022
sample sim plan deal
How it works

Charge to Bill is an option on all plans. It allows you to buy services from other merchants and pay for them all in one place - through your Vodafone account.
This means that even if you already get Amazon Prime as part of your entertainment plan, can add Spotify Premium or Netflix to you Vodafone bill as well.
And its not just entertainment - Charge to Bill means that you can make one-off purchases like in-app purchases and text-donations to charities through your Vodafone account too.
Step 1
Head to our Entertainment portal and sign in with a One Time PIN (OTP).
Step 2
Choose which entertainment provider you want to add to your bill.
Step 3
You'll be taken to your chosen entertainment provider's website - follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe.
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  1. ChelseaRae's avatar
    48129649-fFHa0.jpgBetter off with this SIM only deal and paying the subscription separately, saving around £8-10 a month depending on which entertainment option, plus getting an extra 40gb of data.
  2. Stopha's avatar
    And this is a deal how?

    Out of the kindness of their hearts, Vodafone are giving customers to add more stuff to their bill. Amazing.
    Voli1984's avatar
    you can choose a plan with or without benefits. £27 for this plan it’s a good deal for me .
  3. Shoi1234's avatar
    It's posted in discussion. It looks good as Spotify is 9.99 for one user. I'm guessing you can't select the plan for Spotify? If you already on single plan. Can cancel that get this.
  4. TYRONE2012's avatar
    Or even a voxi sim with unlimited streaming and social media is much cheaper than this
  5. Denney_Masters's avatar
    Does Vodaphone still limit your Internet speeds on plans?
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