Has anyone bought a PC from Palicomp before? What are they like?

Posted 2nd Aug 2022
Thinking about buying this:
or possibly this:
palicomp.co.uk/amd…c10 swapping to a i5 12400F

I was going to go with PC specialist but for similar builds it costs a couple hundred more.

Also looking for monitor reccomendations.
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  1. hc4eva's avatar
    Palicomp are regularly used by @sarden84 for a lot of his deals on here. Hundreds will testify that 99% of the time they’re great.
  2. cecilmcroberts's avatar
    Bought one pre-covid and delivered to N.Ireland (without charging a fortune like others) with no issues. Happy with the service, didn't have to deal with them again afterwards for anything. (edited)
  3. sarden84's avatar
    Palicomp is a small firm.

    8/9 staff according company house, seem to be have nice profit operations in 2020-2021

    And still somehow undercut others in the same near like for like build deals which has been welcome in the hell market and have been very open to site suggestions.

    They are not scan nor AWD or CCL.

    Site needs updating but then again the site has made some back door ones possible so I can moan one way then regret not being able to do a deal the other way.

    Overall excellent feedback, but with the others above stuff happens as do on Amazon so no company is invisible..

    Budget builder who before this market use last gens CPU+ boards with current gen GPU so before this market went daft in 2020 they was a little higher being a small firm, but when the big guys went up and buy stock at live rates or have a site what Inc cost as demand sells stock they certainly became one of the cheapest

    But since then they have operated a kind of erm sport direct site of motto stack em high n sell them cheap for us hotukdealers

    Will be interested to see how this goes on for the next set of ranges....

    My prediction will be: old CPU/board with new gen GPU again..

    And I hope it gives the big guys a run for the money (GPU over CPU) as the big guns like scan are up intel/AMD/Nvidia rears as they be wanting to push new platforms fully.. where as I'd pref to keep one aspect old platform and double new platform on the gpu for the same buck.

    Let's see what happens going forward.

    CCL has done a nice 6600 which u can make a nice 6700 too but if u want Nvidia system ATM palicomp ones are great value still
  4. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Observation: any change to default itemised components will likely be classed as customised build so not benefit from otherwise mandatory off-premises 14days right to cancel and may incur significant return fee. There was an elongated dull discussion about this concept earlier this year and there is no benefit to re-visit. Obviously no issue if you are confident that the performance/features will satisfy your expectations.
    Genuine initial faults / premature failure would still provide you with initial 30days right to reject / up to 6 years to present claim respectively.
  5. Entombed's avatar
    Think I'm going to go ahead with the second option, maybe with a better PSU. I am tempted with the deal that's just popped up with the HP PC on Box but I've been swithering on what to buy for the past few months so just need to bite the bullet.

    BTW does anyone happen to know whether Palicomp are one of those companies that don't consider Inverness to be on the mainland when it comes to delivery?
    AndyRoyd's avatar
    Whatever DPD regards as "UK Mainland".
  6. Mich8ll8's avatar
    Got my boy a self build gaming pc from palicomp nearly 2 year ago….customer service was great for quickly answering my questions…fast delivery and never had any issue’s since using it…hope this helps!
  7. SuperSportBilly's avatar
    Surely this is a much better deal for £999? hotukdeals.com/dea…362

    5700G & 3070TI. Case looks to be the weak point and a 3070 TI is an incremental upgrade over a 3070 but either way a worthwhile step over a 3060TI for not much more - that's a 3070TI step up for sort of 30060TI to 3070 differentials.

    I had the Lenovo 5800 and 3070 offer previously for £1133 but sent it back holding out for the new 4000 series GPU's and regretting it a bit now as my i7-2600K and crossfire AMD 290's are creaking now and prices aren't really coming down much at the mo - the HP link above is the first time I have seen a cheaper deal for a similar spec. Slightly weaker CPU but slightly stronger GPU. Weaker case (Lenovo case and build quality was excellent) but probably better MB and PSU but £130 cheaper so wins overall I think @sarden84 ? Plus, all said and done the Lenovo isn't available now!
  8. sarden84's avatar
    The dell one is cracking just seen the double tag by u.

    Oem board OEM PSU OEM ram.
    Rubbish case compared to many others

    But a higher GPU with a nice 8c spec.. but not 8c spec in raw speed

    It's a 8core version of the 5600g in performance.. not like the 5700x or 5800x where each core offers more performance too.

    Be interested to see how palicomp next round of systems advance as there the only Nvidia provide lately who's been marching the Lenovo / HP budget prices...

    Prob internal some new changes and sells jump first so should pass down soon..

    Previously when hp / Leno drop first I pitch palicomp to bring there version.

    -on it. (edited)
  9. sarden84's avatar
    My forecast soon:


    This at £999...

    5600=5700g in gaming.
    Hp with a have an OEM ti palicomp will have an aib 3070.

    Higher PSU n higher storage at palicomp.

    Other then HP does palicomp need to drop?

    No. If we take a look at CCL 3070 scan 3070 ebuyer 3070 custom ones. No.

    There's Ur issue.

    See what I can do
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    That Palicomp one looks quite good, am I right in thinking the 5600X is roughly equivalents to the 12400F?

    Thinking about getting this monitor too and use my old BenQ GL2450 as a second monitor.
  10. .MUFC.'s avatar
    My PC is from Palicomp. When I bought it they kept spamming me with offers. Do you want to upgrade this, do you want this or that etc.. No I just want the PC I ordered! They must be ex double glazing sales men!
    slimy31's avatar
    I didn't mind that, mainly because the CPU for the PC I'd ordered wasn't in stock. So there was a lot of going back and forth to get a PC that I wanted at the price I wanted. Yes they were a bit 'salesman' with some aspects but I have to say they really do know their stuff and were very quick to respond. I'll be going back to them for my next PC.
  11. Entombed's avatar
    Well I went ahead and ordered the 5600x one from Palicomp. Still looking at monitors, might wait until next payday now.
  12. usernamechecksout10's avatar
    Palicomp are great. Ignore the after sales they do, they are just trying to make a better profit margin but the items are quite old/useless.

    The next day delivery might seem appealing but they usually dispatch within 2-3 days anyway.

    Had the computer for 18 months now and love it, use it probably 10-12 hours every day
  13. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Just had a look at a couple of their set ups, and I am left wondering what people are actually using at home, when a machine with 8GB of RAM is labelled as "Perfect For Web/Emails/Office Use"
  14. jude.larosa's avatar
    Just bought from palicomp really nervous as I’ve seen mixed reviews I’m not changing my specs even if they try will I have to wait ages if anyone knows should I be worried as I’ve just spent a lot of my money on my first pc ?
  15. happymanuk's avatar
    I'm considering purchasing from Palicomp too - Very tempted. Do they ever offer any genuine 'bargain' useful upgrades as part of their hard sell tactics after purchase?
  16. spoo's avatar
    Another Palicomp question, when you buy a PC from them, do they also provide the original boxes for the main components in case you want to upgrade and sell them on a few years down the line?
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    Old comment I know, but replying in case anyone wants to know - No they don't. They only provide the box of the case.
  17. Darkeru's avatar
    I bought a PC from Palicomp a while ago, and I didn't have the best experience...

    I wrote up a full review here, but dodgy tactics, upselling, and damage were included with the price. But the price itself is certainly good and might be worth it under certain conditions.
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