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HELP please, toddler leaking through nappies at night

Posted 2nd Dec 2009
If anyone has any advice it would be very appreciated. I have a two year old boy who is no-where near being potty trained, but every night at the moment is leaking through his nappies, he's always done this occasionally but now its every night and i'm starting to despair. when this originally started we tried all different types of nappies and found pampers the best, and he wears two, one on top of the other, but this no longer works, and unfortunately he's already in the largest size. I really don't want to get him up half way through the night if i can help it as i have a 6 week old baby which is disturbing his sleep enough already. He does have a cup of milk before bed, but i've heard that lots of professionals advice not to stop that (something to do with decreasing size of bladder). Has anyone got any other suggestions? feel so sorry for him, he's soaked from armpit to knees and through the bed and can't feel nice.
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