Hermes failing to pick up Amazon return package

Posted 3rd Jun 2021
Hermes was supposed to pick up my return package this week (it's a heavy item so home collection was the only option available) but have now failed to do so 3 times in a row. Each time they keep saying my package wasn't picked up for a completely false reason e.g. I wasn't at home. All untrue. Amazon customer service quite unhelpful, just saying to wait till the next day, they can generate a new return label etc. Don't see how that would change anything?? Has this happened to others and can you offer any advice? Thank you!
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    Thanks everyone for your comments! Think I'll take the advice and go with another courier (parcelforce). Amazon said they would refund me the postage cost, but I had to ask.
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    Going by previous threads on here I would just avoid the Hermes return altogether if possible.

    Many people have reported items not reaching, even though showing as delivered.

    If you're having this much trouble with the collection, what is going to happen with the delivery?

    Risky especially if expensive.
  3. jameshothothot's avatar
    Oh god. not that one again! I tried to return a broken TV to amazon.. had problems getting it picked up. they ended up saying for me to get my own courier and they would refund. I picked parcel2go as cheapest.. and they lost it.. it eventually showed up weeks later at an amazon depot. .. try going on amazon chat and explaining Hermes have let you down... and maybe you can arrange DPD. they're the only ones I trust... good luck! (edited)
  4. deleted2663551's avatar
    Count your blessings and use someone else.
  5. W.e.S's avatar
    I have used Hermes for years for my own personal stuff and also for various Amazon returns and not once have they let me down.
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    One of the factors may be that the Hermes driver might be using their own car to make deliveries/collections, and because of the size or weight keeps thinking I’ll collect it tomorrow when the car’s empty, but because of their workload - that tomorrow never comes. (edited)
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    I had that 3 days in a row then I complained to Amazon and it got picked up the next day
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    iang00703/06/2021 14:01

    I had that 3 days in a row then I complained to Amazon and it got picked …I had that 3 days in a row then I complained to Amazon and it got picked up the next day

    But 6 weeks later it never got to Amazon, they have refunded it though
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    I’d ignore the comments about counting your blessings ask Amazon chat to rebook it, even if Hermes do loose the parcel it’s Amazon problem not yours as it’s Hermes and Amazon that have a contract not you, of course keep your proof of collection
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    Never ever return to Amazon through Hermes! unless you want it to go "missing".
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