Posted 25th Dec 2022
Card details need updating but when i do it all it does is load on the screen. Any idea’s
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    Changed it to Philippines and it works, only about a quid dearer per month
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    I think the issue comes when updating a expired/expiring card.

    If a account is already set up, then I think its fine. But when the card is up for expiring, then that's when the issue is. (edited)
    It does, if you already have a card setup before the recent changes in Indian banking, your payments will still go through either until cancelled or when the card expires, whichever one happens first.
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    my curve card has expired, new one wont add, youtube premium india - any qorkawrounds from anyone in the know?
    with respect i suggest you look at the comments above, including my post directly above yours, which summarized all the information on fixing the problem (edited)
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    India had a change recently with their banking systems and the payment likely won't process, basically you need to buy from another region now.
    It was over a year ago if I remember correctly. I moved mine to Argentina for that reason.
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    You can still buy through India, you need to use a Currensea card or similar instead.
    Monzo is similar but that no longer works.
    There are issues once the card expires, if you update the payment method it no longer works.
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    Mine says suspended but it won’t accept card details
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    I just got hit with the same problem. I was using revolut for long time and it worked super fine for over two years. Got message saying payment rejected last month, I tried few cards, all declined but one, starling went through. However, it went wrong again now, and my subscription expired! Tried all the cards I had, nothing works. I manged to get the Turkey one, got to the point where I can enter card details, then it asks to open new window to verify the card, so I get prompt on the banking app or I'm being sent text to enter, and nothing happens, it goes back to the buy now option, to open the verification window, I'm stuck in loop here. Anyone figured out how to bypass it? Is it Google glitch?
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    You probably need to go directly to Google Pay to change your details rather than via YouTube.

    I’ve changed my payment details twice in the past couple of weeks on YouTube without any issues. (edited)
    I thought you could only change once a year.
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    had the same issue last month. all cards declined. later moved to argentina, so far working. 
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    Heads up for those wanting to change region, you may need to delete the payment profile for the region's you no longer want on your Google account
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    I had youtube family India but could not change the card as wouldn't go through so switched to Argentina and worked fine using starling.
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    Thanks all for the tips, Like others my card expired and while I managed to get the Indian sub working for another month with a different card it then stopped again. Was as simple as connecting to Argentina, deleted the indian payment profile, and then subscribing again with my starling card. Was a bit concerned about the family account changing country as I had issues with that a few years back, but so far so good :-)
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