Is there a worse delivery company than MyHermes?

Posted 12th Feb 2022
Waiting for an ebay delivery, no rush but received multiple messages from MyHermes that would be arriving between 14:30 and 16:30 today. Parcel was around 100g and less than 10x10 cm. Stayed around as didn't want to miss it.

Just checked tracking and was updated with "This parcel is bigger than we expected, so a specialist Hermes courier will need to deliver it. We're sorting this now and we'll update your tracking as soon as it's on its way". Again the parcel would fit in the palm of a kids hand and weighs less than 100g. Easily would fit in letter box.

Website provides no way to query this or make a complaint. I wouldn't mind but this is every MyHermes delivery. The local courier constantly leaves parcel at wrong address and takes "evidence" photos which may contain his foot and the roadway but nothing that could identify where it was delivered to. I've tried to point this out a few times in the past but never had a positive reponse.

Wouldn't be so bad but the website offers no way to contact anyone and I tried an external meditation site which resulted in an automated reply from MyHermes and my response to that was a response saying they don't monitor email.

Venting but is it so hard to get an honest response, we tried but couldn't deliver today would be a lot more acceptable than claiming such a tiny parcel is over 15kg and more than 120cm x 120cm.
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