Posted 6th Aug 2016
My son's bedroom has wooden floorboards laid down on it - some of which are quite gappy. Somebody has given me some underlay (8 mm foam), however, I have never used underlay before. I've looked it up on google, and it says to staple the underlay to the floorboards and to put down gripper carpet rods (never used those before either). My son's bedroom is very small (around 6 m2) and I was going to put down the carpet myself.

I do not actually own a staple gun and don't want the extra expense of buying one - can you use some type of staple/nail that can be hammered in instead? Also, I looked at gripper rods - which it says to nail to the floor, but I do not have a carpet stretcher and was wondering how you push the carpet on top of the gripper rods - seeing there are spikes sticking up on them? Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you.
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