Lidl Non Food 50% sale

Posted 29th Nov 2023
Lidl is doing a big Non Food Sale starting 4th December untill 8th December.

Everything will be 50% off. Excludes anything items that came into store as part of the Black Friday sales.

Lidl can't keep anything aside for customers so will be just your luck if the products you want are still available but might be worth popping in and having a look.

This won't be advertised untill this coming weekend. My local store had the posters up but had to take them down while i was shopping
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  1. HighlandScot's avatar
    Everything on non-food 50% or up to 50% off ?
    chrisgray_1983's avatar
    It said 'Everything 50% off' Excluding Black Friday deals
  2. ToastyBuns's avatar
    They had to take them down? Someone cocked up
    chrisgray_1983's avatar
    I believe customers aren't meant to know about this sale until it starts next week
  3. Downtownmonkey's avatar
    Thanks! I will keep eye on that. I need to go to Lidl to get some Xmas stuff so will wait until next week.
  4. Bbqueue's avatar
    Has anyone been yet?
    chrisgray_1983's avatar
    I went into my local Lidl today. Was a bit crazy with customers but Everything in the 'Middle Aisle' was 50% off. Barbies, Hotweels, Funko Pop, christmas decorations, crhristmas crackers. Definitely worth a look if you're near by
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