PayPal transaction is still going through even though Argos order failed?

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Posted 28th Jul 2015
I tried to order a £350 phone off Argos yesterday. They have an online promo code TECH10 available for 10% off that expires midnight today so I took advantage of that. It says it was in stock at my local store so I tried to pay for it to then pick up at my store today. When I used PayPal to pay for it, it redirected me back to my trolley and said it was actually out of stock, however the PayPal transaction is still going through. It's currently in my PayPal as 'Pending' but the funds have been deducted from the available money in my bank account (but the transaction hasn't shown up yet). I went into the Argos store today and they seem to think because the order failed and I'm received no confirmation emails from them then within a couple of days the money should go back into my account. They told me to wait and see what happens and if I am charged then they're happy to refund me.

It's a great deal on the phone and I actually really wanted it though and it expires tonight. I'm tempted to try order it again but I don't know if it'll complicate things if the first payment does in fact go through. I'm obviously concerned it'll happen again too and they'll just steal £700 from me. I've never had this problem with Argos before. I'm assuming it went out of stock just as I was ordering it, but it's showing as back in stock today.

Not sure what to do?
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