What are people putting on fire sticks these days?

Posted 14th Jun 2022
I gave up with Kodi years ago as everything just took so long. Is there any faster decent alternatives these days? Tia
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    Seriously, normal people would buy nvidia shield tv. (edited)
    Why? It's overkill for most people
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    Translation : “I want hooky tv/film apps
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    Not these days, but running movie/TV shows APK for the last few years. Who needs Netflix and Disney+

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    But you’re the one called Onlydongles!
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    I bought a firestick recently to see what the hype was but I'm still not sure what to do with it
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    You're after an IPTV recommendation?
    Yes I am!
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    Plex? Kodi was fantastic (and still is!) sadly ignorance killed it off. I wanted to get rid of the VM "tivo" box but the missus likes the features (even though they can all be replicated using other boxes I already have!)
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    CintrolD DNS changer and vidio Indonesia
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    Plex and IPTV
    What iptv do u use
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    Plex Share - go on reddit plexshares if you want one - All my VOD needs.
    Sports only service
    UK TV official apps

    All I need.
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    Tivimate app. LG TVs do not have android smart apps, so perfect for sideloading apps for IPTV. Fire TV 4K Max and Fire TV Cube do have some processing clout compared to older gen Fire TV Sticks.
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    "cinema" works really well for tv shows and movies..
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    Plex and iptv oh and maybe some retro gaming
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