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The Apple Watch 4 looks like others in the series but is easier to use and has a selection of fresh premium features. As a smartwatch, it provides fitness tracking and health applications, along with integration to other iOS devices. Get the latest news on bargain offers at the hotukdeals Apple Watch 4 page. Read more
Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 40mm 44mm GPS Only All Colours Aluminum Case £354.95 at hitechelectronicsuk eBay
210° Expired
Refreshed 1st AugRefreshed 1st Aug
Update 1
£324.99 using 20% off code - expires at 23:59 01/08/19
Using the PAYDAY20 code you can get £75 off this product. Apple Watch is sold by Hitechelectronicsuk. They have 100% feedback! If you’d prefer space grey with a rubber band: ht… Read more

gutted missed this deal, anyone knows if similar deal is available elsewhere ?


There would be a ton of leaks by now as there is for the iPhone 11. If there is a watch 5 this year they are doing a seriously good jobof keeping it under wraps.




Just a reliable rumour source


Interesting. Anything to back this up?

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm GPS Only Space Grey & Black Sport Band MU662LL/A - £295.99 @  Hitechelectronicsuk / Ebay
193° Expired
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Cheaper than my last post which was £332 via Amazon Italy. Use code PARTY at checkout for this price. Product Identifiers Brand: Apple MPN: MU662B/A GTIN: 0190198841421 Model:… Read more

Thanks Bigbea70 and welcome to HUKD (y)


Hi. I’ve never commented before, I just thought Frank30uk posted a fabulous deal so I just added my purchase on here.


It should say in the item description. As guy above says he has stock again of black and white ones in 40mm and rose gold in 44mm i ordered the white one yesterday and it says it’s brand new unopened.


Is this new or used grade A condition?


I know this said “expired” but I have just managed to buy Apple Watch series 4 using the same code

Apple Watch S4 Cellular 40mm Silver Alu with Seashell Sport Loop £377.39 Argos ebay
57° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
This model is on clearance on the Argos ebay store so combined with the 10% PRIZE10 discount code brings it in at a very good price for a brand new cellular Series 4 model from a r… Read more

It was launched on O2 a couple of weeks ago



Any idea what’s different about the new one ?


Just to confirm you can get cellular on EE and vodaphone. Also o2 are in the pipeline to get it next


Not voting either way but the new one will be out in two months, good price if that doesn’t bother you (y)

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 40mm) - Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band  £332.22 @ Amazon Italy
329° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Noticed a nice drop in price on this Apple Watch Series 4 on Amazon Italy website. Information taken from Amazon UK listing - Over 30% larger display - Electrical and opti… Read more
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Thanks for the tip, I had to buy at full price in the end as it was a present for a rapidly approaching birthday. Win some, lose some.


If you are still looking, the 44mm are also reduced on Amazon Italy to 399 EUR, roughly £360.


Cheers (y)


the price is coming as 429 euros. Expired.


How does it worth buying the cellular version yourself? Do you need a sim-only (eSIM?) data plan or a Watch specific one

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Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS), 44mm Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band £415 + £50 Credit Back with code @ Very
-213° Expired
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
There are lots of variations, some cheaper and some more expensive. But £50 off each model. Granted you’ve got to join very, and granted in many ways they are not great, but a… Read more

I thought exactly the same and assumed features would be available in the region of my account or even used gps to determine region functions.


Cheers for the info. I suppose it’s kinda understandable they need to be quite strict on this kind of stuff. Makes a change Apple being difficult because they have to rather than just because they can. I hadn’t heard of such restrictions before, I’ve always taken for granted that European hardware is just that, so I’ll certainly take care if ordering a grey import.


I bought one in Australia and found the ecg function would not work as Australia are yet to approve it. I reset the watch and I couldn’t get ecg to work in the UK with a UK account. It seems the feature is locked down to where the item was purchased. There is a thread here discussing a similar situation that mirrors the experience I had.


Surely the functionality is software and not hardware enabled. For example if you sourced a watch from a non supported country and set it up with a UK account it would work. I can’t see anything in that article to suggest otherwise.


If you source an Apple Watch from outside a country in this article you’ll miss out on ecg and other features until the county approves the technology.

Apple Watch Series 4 - £389 @ Currys - plus up to £100 Off With Trade-In (See Post)
105° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Series 3 link (cheapest model) £179 with max trade in Series 4 Nike+ (cheapest Nike variant) £329 with max trade in Link to trade in checker Trade-In Link for T&C’s … Read more

You would be using their usual trade in service. The £100 deal was a specific guaranteed minimum price offer.


Don’t think scratches count. Cracks yes. Scratch is wear and tear.


I've put an iPhone 7 into the trade in, it came back at £115 will that work on this deal Also do I have to get it on the credit plan mentioned, can I not just pay the cash balance


Trade in price on a series 2 42mm is £40 now, only mine has a scratch on the screen in the corner which puts it into the “needs repair” category ... £3


Ah, tough luck - the trade in prices are laughable when not on a “deal” promotion. Prime day is soon, so maybe give that a shot if the prices are right.

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular, Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Loop - £428.99 @ Amazon FR
-30° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
GPS + Cellular 44mm, EUR 463.47 delivered, approx £428.99 or £411.5 with a fee free card. GPS + Cellular, 40mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Strap EUR 433.52 delivered,… Read more
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I purchased a Apple Watch from eBay but how do I know if it is cellular is it the red part on the crown to identify ?


Yes this will work fine with UK cellular network and I think currently only EE provide cellular data to Apple Watch


Might be a silly question but will it work ok with uk SIM card? And will I need a contract of some sort?

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular, 40mm Space Grey Aluminium - £267.57 delivered @ Ebuyer
87° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered. The largest Apple Watch display yet. Built-in heart sensor. New Digital Crown with haptic feedback. Low and high heart rate notification… Read more

And... they didn’t honour it, and cancelled the order.




This is hot if honoured!!!! XD


Price jumps up to £511 at checkout as others have said.


Price corrected! Was trying to check out but had to reset password.

Apple Watch Series 4 - 44mm - £285.12 @ Transparent
193° Expired
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Never used this website but they have pay pal payment option and must be authentic.

Sorry but anyone can say they go to one “Oh by the way mine arrived this morning!” ...see!


Obviously, everyone on here is lying, no one got their goods and you, having not ordered anything and just made ridiculous assumptions about unicorns carries more weight than everyone else?


I also managed to get one but ordered the 40mm one by mistake!


Got mine today in gold! Thanks op


I got mine (ordered the grey one) and it arrived today :) I thought they’d cancel the order so I feel lucky

Apple Watch Series 4 - 44mm £415 or £315 trade in existing watch @ Currys PC World
47° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Trade in an old apple watch to get £100 off Product features Silver & White (Sports Band) Voice calling / voice commands / smartphone notifications Contactless payments via A… Read more
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What was the process? I’m sitting in curry’s and they say I can’t trade in.


I’ve just gotten £100 for my Apple Watch 2015 (series 0) from curry’s you my new Apple Watch Series 4


I just sold a mint Generation 1 (older that Series 1) 44m for £107 on ebay


Yeah just had a look, most people are fetching is £90 and even that's pushing it average is about 60-70,so this is a pretty good deal. I'm tempted to wait till September for the S5 but given the 4 was a brand new design I can't see much of a improvement other than a spec bump. Plus S1 value would of dropped even further by then.


Have a series 1 that works but has a cracked screen -does anyone know whether they would take it? Have read terms and would only get a £2 gift card (highfive)

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) 44mm Aluminium Black £367.59 (£356 w/ fee free card) with coupon delivered @ Amazon France
761° Expired
Refreshed 19th MayRefreshed 19th May
Feels like a decent price for the latest watch. Below indicative price using Amazon’s calculator Description Fundamentally redesigned and reengineered. The largest Apple Watch… Read more
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I managed to get an 44mm stainless steel for 570... Looks miles better :O


Just purchased one from currys at £329, traded my gen 1 Apple Watch for £100 off, if that helps anyone. Not the absolute best value, but very convenient (and my gen 1 was playing up!)


AW4 comes with a UK mains converter plug with USB > induction pad. The Mob AW4 I purchased via a HUKD link hereabouts is lasting 48hrs before it needs to spoon on its pad within a field of electricity.




Good luck with it - otherwise the Very offer might be one to check out too - assuming thats still running.

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm £345.60 @ Currys Ebay (10% off, may work with other items too)
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Apple Watch Series 4 40mm £345.60 @ Currys Ebay (10% off, may work with other items too)
£345.60£365.996%eBay Deals
Curry's ebay shop offering 10% off until Saturday. Makes the 40mm series 4 Apple Watch less than £350.

From seeing a co-worker who uses one, he sometimes used it to check his notifications quickly, but I think it's mainly as a fashion accessory for him (they do look really nice tbf)


I'd tend to agree that rounded proud surface for something that'll get dinged is more a cosmetic that practical design. But won't expect Apple to fix that any time soon.


I tell you no lies... mad max


Why? £414 x 0.9 = £372.60


No you didn’t

Apple Watch series 4 44mm cellular at EE for £26.10pm (via live chat - see description)
-331° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Apple Watch series 4 44mm cellular at EE for £26.10pm (via live chat - see description)
£624.40EE Deals
Apple Watch series 4 44mm cellular EE For £26.10 due to a glitch Ok so to get this I tried going through Quidco and getting the “as good as new” versions of the watch. After putti… Read more

Not to spoil the party, but the wife got a series 4, 44 cellular pink, brand new on a EE contract for 21x £20 & 3 x £18. Meaning the first three months she got a 2 pound discount. I know, sound like I'm full of $het, but yeah sometimes the rep will sell you at any price to make their quota.


The thing I missed is that I got 6 months free subs with the series 3 when I bought that and would imagine it’s the same with the series 4. With that in mind, the deal is £5 more expensive but that’s a cheap price for the cost of borrowing. It’s a shame that it’s not a stock deal rather than a live chat specific deal.


You mean the crappy Apple Watch that can actually save your life. For £26 a month that seems pretty reasonable.


Bargain haha.


Ok dokies I haven’t found one cheaper.

Apple Watch series 4 44mm stainless steel space grey £509 @ John Lewis & Partners
-185° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Apple Watch series 4 44mm stainless steel space grey £509 @ John Lewis & Partners
Apple Watch series 4 44mm stainless steel space grey for £509! Great price for great piece of technology normal price is £749

Just picked mine up, so will take the one back from a few weeks ago or sell it locally. This was a fantastic price for the stainless model and will get roughly what I paid for it when new model comes out if it’s worth upgrading. Picked 40mm SSSB from Amazon for my son when they where £499 and fancied upgrading my series 2 aluminium 42mm after seeing his. i did if JL if they would refund me the difference from the £529 to £509 but they refused as the price has now gone back to £749.


Picked mines up yesterday (y) 🏽


Thanks again op. Just picked mine up. Phenomenal deal!


This is a fantastic price especially for the black one which is more scratch resistant. Ordered mine, fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow, received confirmation too


That’ll be the Apple Haters voting

Refurbished Smartwatches Inc Galaxy Watch £179 / Galaxy S3 Frontier £130 / Apple Watch 3 £230 / Apple Watch 4 £332 @ Argos Ebay
186° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Refurbished Smartwatches Inc Galaxy Watch £179 / Galaxy S3 Frontier £130 / Apple Watch 3 £230 / Apple Watch 4 £332 @ Argos Ebay
£179.99£229.9922%eBay Deals
All watches are refurbished and they all come with a 12 month Argos warranty. Gear sport £124 ? Appl… Read more

Does the gear sport have contactless pay? Says it has NFC but no mention of contactless pay.


I have a 6.3inch wrist. I like the look of the s3 but again not sure how it'll look.


It's a decent smart watch I have to say, much better than my Fitbit charge HR I used to love... Sending texts while in work on the sly is what really sells it (lol) had a problem with my charging cable tho as it just didn't work, luckily I had about 9 of then already with one being an official Samsung one (y) told eBay Argos the whole charger doesn't work in hopes they'd send me another one even if it was a non official one it's just an extra for free but they said they'd just refund me £10 and Ill have to buy a new one myself, wouldn't be happy with that if the full charger didn't work but as it was just the wire and I had a spare anyway I was happy with it


That's good then :)


I ended up getting the 46mm fits fine even with smallish wrists

Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular + GPS - Space Grey - Refurbished - £346.99 @ eBay Argos
77° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular + GPS - Space Grey - Refurbished - £346.99 @ eBay Argos
£346.99eBay Deals
Great price for a cellular version and space grey colour. Argos and Apple Warranty included. Refurbished 40mm

Bit expensive for 40mm refurbished?? Cold


It’s a lot of money for a watch that might last 2/3 years. I’m just here to see if the op is still crying.






This is a LOT of money for a second hand watch! Cold for me.

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 44mm - Argos Refurbished - £314.99 @ Argos eBay
199° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Not the most common colour though, it’s advertised as Gold Aluminium/ Pink Sand band Comes with 12 months Argos warranty

Ion-X glass, which might as well be standard mineral glass given its scratch and crack resistance - doesn't matter what fancy marketing name Apple gives it... great watch tech but let down by what is possibly the stupidest glass shape ever. Why'd you think watches generally have the bezels protruding above the glass? I'm sure Apple wants you to break it so they can charge you a small fortune to replace it.


I bought the series 4 gold cellular 44mm last week from Argos/EBay got sent a series 3 gold cellular 38mm. Sent back awaiting refund. Wouldn’t deal with again. There attitude was send it back and will look into it...


I quoted. #madlad* *i shall get me coat (highfive)


Apple is selling for £259 for the 42mm refurbished. Thinking of getting one of this or the 40mm Series 4, any advice? new to smartwatch here. Thanks.


How much are the larger series 3 refurbished generally these days?

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS Refurbished Space Grey 12 months warranty - £307.99 @ Argos eBay. Others available too!
232° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Apple Watch Series 4 GPS Refurbished Space Grey 12 months warranty - £307.99 @ Argos eBay. Others available too!
£307.99£310.991%eBay Deals
Love them or hate them but the Apple Watch S4 now has heart monitoring included with latest software update. These are £399 new and were £341.99 yesterday. Probably only a few in … Read more
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Result! Great to hear..still chuffed with mine at the £307 but yours is a complete bargain now!


They either offered to return and refund the whole thing, or a £20 goodwill gesture and I keep the strap. I actually quite like the strap now I’ve used it a bit and don’t imagine I’d find a better deal on the watch so went with the later, making mine an even more bargain £287 ;) Probably could have pushed them to just replace the strap if I was bothered but I’m happy with this outcome. Just to confirm as well, the watch is 100% as new as far as I can tell and their CS is good, so if Argos get more on eBay people should go for it!


How did you get on with your email?


Mine also arrived, it’s in perfect condition but came with the sport band rather than loop! I’d rather the loop so messaged them and I’ll see what they say... though tbh I’ll probably keep it even if they can’t do anything, great price for it as new and it’s a lovely device


Just by way of an update this arrived today. I can't tell it apart from a new one wear wise. It was a generic box but aside from that no difference I could see - sadly enough I tested this out first by buying an Apple one and then returning it once I was happy it was a good buy :-) ..

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) stainless steel space grey with black sport band - £529 @ John Lewis & Partners
-101° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) stainless steel space grey with black sport band - £529 @ John Lewis & Partners
Stainless steel version of series 4 watch normally retails at £749.Comes with 2 year JL warranty. Potential mis-price as aluminium version is also £529!

Damn....missed it again 😡


just bought one as back in stock and i had requested an email alert. didnt even notice it was cheaper until i read your comment nick1946


Now £509


Well lad had his for all of 1 day and took it back for full refund. In his words it’s pointless gimmick crap, not really any use to him and way overpriced for what it is. Glad I didn’t bite the bullet on it as I was really toying with the idea but had similar thoughts to my son. Now to find a proper watch 🙈


I have just picked one up from oxford street. £529 and it’s the stainless steel one. Keep an eye on the John Lewis app. It will tell you which stores have them in stock.

Apple iPhone X Silver / Space Grey 64GB £649 / 256GB £739 - £120 back with 12 months BNPL (New & Existing Customers) @ Very
1111° Expired
Refreshed 22nd MarRefreshed 22nd Mar
Apple iPhone X Silver / Space Grey 64GB £649 / 256GB £739 - £120 back with 12 months BNPL (New & Existing Customers) @ Very
£649£76916%Very Deals
Upto £120 back on Apple Products with 12 months BNPL Use code NKLAV at Checkout Payment method will automatically changes to 12 month BNPL For New and Existing Very Customers.… Read more

If you go verys page they already discounting the iPhone , so is this a further price reduction ?


I used very for a laptop using the BNPL credit thing which knocked £150 off, I then paid the remainder and cleared the debt the next month. does that mean I cannot take advantage of this offer now?


Isn't this expired now? Anyone know of any similar deals?


Does anybody have a screenshot of the £155 topcashback new account offer for Very?


I was wondering the same.... if not the price has gone up!

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