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kind of an audiophile after spending stupid money on headhpones and would like to upgrade my car audio looking to upgrade the 4 mid/high speakers and maybe add a sub if the price i… Read more

yeah I did some research and compared with the kenwood equivalent however didnt like the massive chin, so get a 12 inch sub which is around 300w constant/rms paired with an amp which can run at 2ohm as that is the sweet spot. yeah like my brother in law and cousins I have asked about this but they have been a bit slow with responses. which is why I turned to the lovely HUKD community :) but the component speakers I should look to pair with a 4 channel amp and then use that. Yeah ill be honest, I would rather get a decent H/U now and then look to keep with the current system for a few years changing from car to car just to keep consistancy :) thanks for your comment really appriciate it


That is some H/U. Over the years I've had a mix of Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, Alpine, Vibe, JBL, Blaupunkt, Denon and Clarion, some new and some secondhand. Depending on how far you want to go I'd start with an amp and sub, as that is what you will notice the most first. As a general rule 2*10 is equal to 1*12, and I would be looking at 250 to 350 watts RMS up to drive your sub/s. Look for an amp that will happily run 2ohm. Just make sure the sub box is the right type and size for the bass sound you want to create, as that can have a massive impact. Next I'd consider adding a four channel amp and new custom fits. Cables I wouldn't go to mad, I'm not saying some of the serious stuff doesn't add to the overall quality but unless your super serious I'm just not sure you will feel it good value for money. However buy ofc speaker cable by the roll as it's a lot cheeper that way. What I have learnt over the years is clarity is more important than overall volume, and the good thing is you are starting with a decent H/U. Still not as good as an Alpine 7939 (lol) but that would be giving my age away!


car seat ibiza 6l 04 plate stereo - pioneer AVIC-Z930DAB preference to make - prefer name brand due to any support however open minded :) as long as it work


What car is it for? Does of have an integrated radio or standard din? Any preference to make?

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Car stereo
Hi, my cheap car stereo from China has packed in within a year. So decided to go for a renowned brand. Although still want something on budget. Any recommendations? Requirements in… Read more

Plug in phone to camecho and a 6mb file is put on phone ready to install. It has a virus in it. Supposed to allow screen mirror but don't work with modern phones however for £25 it's a good stereo for Bluetooth streaming and sat nav audio. Guess the software is different on these depending on supplier. Single din £50 Sony or other with bluetooth and external mic would be my recommendation


Any good pioneer or sony satnav stereo are good for the car I would presume you’re looking for. If you want anything cheaper try looking for a good Camecho one, i heard they’re good. And of course see the output wattage is what you’re wanting.

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Car Stereo
Looking to get my daughter a stereo for her old fiesta, came across these on ebay which seem to include Apple carplay (she has an iPhone) Anybody any experience with these cheap st… Read more

It's factory fit, the triple stack one


Buy cheap, buy twice. I would suggest in this case that, that would be true.


Has your daughter got a 2 DIN radio fitted already?




How old a fiesta is it? I fitted a double din to a mk7 (2009-2017) and the screen angle is terrible can’t see a thing on a sunny day

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Aftermarket Car Stereo
hello HUKD hope everyone is staying safe looking at getting a new car stereo as would like to get the newer features of wireless carplay and android auto however not too sure what … Read more

Glad you asked! The unit itself is fast. Bluetooth connects quickly and it displays many many different languages so it's perfect if you play music with foreign artist or song names. The equaliser settings for music is quite complex and I know that the sound can be amazing but I'm too thick to set it just perfect. The touchscreen is resistive so you need to press a little harder and there's no multitouch support, like most car stereos. There is a more expensive version of this stereo that has capacitive touch but I don't think it's worth paying more for it. If like me, you'll have it mostly connected to your phone via Android Auto or Carplay which means that you won't be seeing much of the stereo's OS. Instead you'll be using your phone's OS. What this means is that you'll be playing music via the spotify app, youtube premium, Poweramp, Samsung music or Google Play. Word of note, there's a bug which makes music really flat sounding if you use any of the music apps, except for Poweramp which has a built in something rather another that brings back the bass. The screen will have the Google Assistant button displayed at all times so you can speak to it, ask it to give you directions anywhere and it'll automatically start Waze, it's all very quick. The assistant will also read out your text messages, whatspp messages and you can tell her using your voice what to respond, it's pretty cool. The important thing to note is that if you do connect your phone, then pretty much any stereo will be showing you the same Android Auto/ Carplay dashboard so it won't make much difference which stereo you buy. Other things worth me mentioning is that this stereo, although is double din, only occupies a single din space in the back so there's lots of room to hold your wires. Also many stereos won't play or work properly unless you connect one of the wires (green) to your hand brake, but you can bypass this by taping a bit of exposed copper in the green wire Sony to the cage of the Sony stereo. The mic is also very clear and a huge step up from my Alpine stereo mic. And lastly, it's very easy to install, i did it myself and I know nothing about cars. Good luck!!!!


thanks for the comment. a lot of people have been recommending pioneer so this really helps. plus for that price who can say no :D


thanks for the comment. a lot of people have been recommending pioneer so this really helps. plus for that price who can say no :D


hello, thanks for the comment. how do you find the os and the usability?


Excellent thanks for that. There is indeed a fascia for mine to take a double din, cheers.

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Android car stereo
looking at changing the stereo on my kia sportage, I think the sensible option is a pioneer or kenwood. don't wanna pay a fortune though. I seen some Chinese ones on amazon and … Read more

Update. Cd6000 is binned. Playing up again. Fitted Sony single din to Mondeo MK4. No ignition wire held me up for over an hour. Gee, rant.cus.. all good now though having just put live wires together. Dab radio sounds terrible though Vs FM imo. Can't see what the attraction is to dab radios. Everything works fine and it's kicking with streamed tunes...


I managed to get a dab pioneer on ebay for £66!! Not an android, but pretty pleased


Update. Removed cd 6000 then fitted again and it's working. Well for now... Hoping its some corrosion on the terminal block on the back of stereo and by simply removing and fitting again will fix it. Easy job and took 10mins but did have to get reading glasses out the box as got caught on hazard lights plug removal. Apple car play and android auto compatible stereos seems to be the way to go for replacement stereos from my research. Jmo... Bit of a punt on the android stereos it seems but they are selling. Posted this for interest


Ford CD 6000 are not well made from what I've seen. Mrs wants to keep the built in bluetooth going for phone conversation so tempted to pickup second hand cd 6000 but I think that will also die in time, and I can't face taking apart again. I'm not going to spend £100s on it either so currently looking about for options.


After a lot of messing about, I realised that my aux isn't actually working, went through cable after cable til I realised. Lol

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Audi A4 car stereo
I’m planning to change my car stereo system to one of this? Any suggestions guys ?

Not DAB, that's my only negative (if it's important)