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Sealey 12V Car, Van, Boat, Caravan, Camper Solar Panel Trickle Battery Charger £19.81 @ aceparts_uk / eBay
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Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Features: Amorphous solar panels convert daylight directly into 12V electricity. Suitable for maintaining charge in a wide range of batteries and power packs. Ideal for batteries… Read more

I must admit, a lot of that went over my head, but I get the basic premise, & yes, that makes since. By the sounds of it these Sealey ones are no different, so I couldn't recommend them! I am quite disappointed with Sealey for releasing it, given that many people will fit them expecting their battery to be maintained for long periods, only for them to jump into their car/van/camper after a few months to find their battery not only flat, but damaged due to the battery suffering cold British temperatures with low/no voltage, leaving them with a large bill for a new battery. Its not on really. Might work in sunny countries, but if you live in the UK, forget it!


Sealey 12v/1.5w Amorphous solar panel. Unless my battery is holding charge good enough. But my last bike and battery was constantly draining whenever left for long periods,and this stopped the issue.


I've had an Oxford version of this, used more battery power than it charged during the winter months.


Which solar panel unit do you have, i have a Oxford Solarizer unit and too be honest its a waste of time, my motorbike battery is flat every time, I even went and bought a new battery thinking that the battery was duff but within a couple of weeks that was flat too.


Might be worth watching this video. Extrapolating for your application I'd say the schottky blocking diode is probably dissipating more energy in heat when reverse biased in darkness than the solar panel can deliver during the day.

46 Litre Waste Water Carrier £39.99 delivered @ ALDI
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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Ideal for Caravans etc, delivery included. Make light work of heavy waste water loads with this 46 Litre Waste Water Carrier. With a large 46 litre capacity, this carrier has a st… Read more

It is a special buy so only in stock at ALDI a few times a year and it’s about £10 less than elsewhere for a wastehog. But reviews are a bit off putting. Better off with a Hinchman wastemaster


This is just a regular price item at Aldi. It's been on the website for ages. Not sure how it qualifies as a hot deal...

Maypole 25M Caravan Site Extension Lead £16.50 (+£4.49 non prime) at Amazon
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Posted 29th JanPosted 29th Jan
Maypole 25M Caravan Site Extension Lead £16.50 (+£4.49 non prime) at Amazon£16.50Amazon Deals
Also in argos with limited stock. Keep the power flowing on your next trip with the Maypole 25m caravan site extension lead 16amp/230V site connector. Supplied with a splash p… Read more

Showing £36.97 for me


Back in stock again and available to order.


It wont let me add it? No problem got it from Argos, Thanks op


Ordered (y) Thank you op (y) Heat added (y)


Fab price

LEGO 31108 Creator 3in1 Caravan Family Holiday Toy with Car, Camperva, Lighthouse, Summer Construction Toy at Amazon - £37.50
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Posted 22nd Dec 2020Posted 22nd Dec 2020
LEGO 31108 Creator 3in1 Caravan Family Holiday Toy with Car, Camperva, Lighthouse, Summer Construction Toy at Amazon - £37.50£37.50£57.9935% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
50% of its RRP is worth it at this price (y) Hope it helps someone (it helped me XD ) ***Copied from Amazon*** Product Description Creative camping adventures and fun… Read more

:) (y)


Mines due today 😁


Going to leave mine in plain sight with the rest of my unopened Lego.


Delivered 10 mins ago (excited) :) (y)


Yeah, mine is due today from RM. Got to figure out how to hide it from the wife.

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CTEK MXS 7.0 Fully Automatic Battery Charger (Charges, Maintains & Reconditions Car, Caravan & Motorhome batteries) 12V, 7 Amp £84.99 Amazon
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Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
CTEK MXS 7.0 Fully Automatic Battery Charger (Charges, Maintains & Reconditions Car, Caravan & Motorhome batteries) 12V, 7 Amp £84.99 Amazon£84.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Absolutely invaluable in winter - leave it on as long as you like, safely. Adaptor available to connect via cigarette lighter socket. So quick, so easy. Best price for a while. … Read more

I have the Noco G7200 which maintains my rarely used MX5 and has done an excellent job for the last two years.Does it recover a dead battery,god knows because I never let my batteries go flat because I bought my Noco to stop batteries going flat,prevention rather than the cure.Ref the review it's a 2014 review when Noco wasnt a big brand in the UK so a easy target.It's got a 4.5 star rating on Amazon with 1.4K reviews Search Amazon for a CTEK and click one star reviews you would never buy.But take with a pinch of salt like the review above I would also happily own a CTEK but much preferred the Noco choice of accessories that suited my vehicle.


I have been looking at car battery chargers for a while and stumbled upon Magic Smoke on youtube who does some really technical testing of loads of battery chargers. He isnt so sure about the ctekSee and many of the others he has don


Makes for interesting reading. I bought 5x of noco's smallest 12v chargers, the G350, that start charging at just 1v, for £10 each. I dont consider this to be expensive. Hence why I bought so many. They charge at such a low voltage that I consider them to be perfect for battery maintenance. As a company, we've never had any issues with noco. The price is relatively cheap, the ease of use is simple, they do what they say they will. We use the G350, G3500, G7200, G26000, GB70, all for different specific jobs & batteries. The GB70's are particularly fab for starting generators from dead when clients have left the ignition on accidentally. So, we like them.


I have no personal knowledge of the Noco chargers, but I have been using CTEKs for many years without problems, and their 5 year warranty is reassuring. They've also been around for a very long time, with Swedish design. The Noco chargers may be fine - I don't know. But I did find this interesting Amazon technical review. Customer Review Keith B 2.0 out of 5 stars NOCO vs CTEK: A technical view... Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 May 2014 If your experience of car battery charging is limited to old, conventional, bulky transformer-based linear chargers, any modern smart charger will prove a revelation; they're compact, lightweight, charge efficiently, and invariably require little user monitoring or intervention to achieve a good charge. This Noco Genius 3500 proves no different... to a point. Here, I'm comparing a borrowed Genius 3500 against an established favourite, an older Ctek MXS4003* (simply because of those Cteks I own it matches most closely the Genius's capabilities). The primary application for either of these chargers is to charge a 12-volt car/boat/camper-van battery. So never mind the marketing hype, the flashing lights or the claimed number of charging steps, the key issue here is how well either of these smart-chargers will actually charge your battery. The principle difference between these two chargers is the charging algorithm - and it's a very important difference: In use, the Genius uses an inferior methodology (known as the "III" algorithm) of simply stepping the current down by a fixed/sizable amount as soon as the battery achieves optimum voltage at each step of the cycle (purporting to be additional charging steps!); as a consequence the voltage also drops and thus the battery is rarely ever at its' optimum state during the whole charge cycle. In real life, it charges the battery to a just-adequate level, but nowhere near an optimal one. In fact, this charging algorithm is almost identical to some of the very cheap German Supermarket own-brand smart chargers available at half this price, and there's nothing "Genius" or "Wicked Smart" about that! In sharp contrast, all similarly sized Ctek chargers apply full current until the optimum voltage is reached, and then continuously & progressively reduce/adjust that current whilst still keeping the battery locked at that optimum voltage - without gassing or overheating (The "IUoU" algorithm). This stretches the battery, as it is kept at its optimum voltage throughout pretty much the entire charging cycle (Bulk, Absorption and - where included - Float). You can see these differences most vividly if you take a semi-depleted/semi-sulphated battery and attach each charger in turn, keeping a voltmeter across the terminals throughout the charge cycle: On my 7-year old, well used and partially sulphated Varta 74Ah/640CCA(SAE) 12v car battery, the Genius applied an average 13.1 volts (often less, occasionally slightly more) during all its' numerous charging phases, and simply "trickled" an arbitrary low current to achieve no more than 12.7 volts during its' maintenance cycle. Never at any time did it hold this battery at its' optimum. By comparison, the Ctek throughout its' bulk and absorption charging locked the battery at a constant 14.4 volts (optimum); during float maintenance, a constant 13.6 volts (again, optimum); this is achieved by continuous monitoring of the battery and adjustment of the charging profile, which the Genius with its' simpler lower-tech approach fails to do. The net result of my own (admittedly limited) testing showed the Ctek to deliver a perkier, more highly charged battery every time. Even calculating in the small differences in rated output of each charger, the Ctek also charged the battery somewhat faster and consumed approximately 20% less mains current doing it too, suggesting greater efficiency. This operating cost could be particularly significant when using a smart-charger to maintain a battery longer-term in an infrequently used or stored vehicle. Note also that with a severely flat 12-volt battery, a Ctek will begin recovery and charging from as little as 2-volts residual - The Genius requires a minimum of 7-volts: Although there are tricks you can use to force a charge, this higher threshold could pose problems when attempting to recover/charge a battery that is simply too flat to start a vehicle. There are other aspects that should be commented on - not least some of the outrageous claims Noco are making for this product: On Noco's website, it is claimed "The G3500 restores batteries to their original capacity". Running a digital CCA battery test , this proved not to be the case with my well-used but still perfectly servicable 74Ah battery; I personally wouldn't have expected this (or any) charger to restore any aged/well-used battery to "original capacity" - but I didn't measure any capacity improvement whatsoever (I again wouldn't expect to with this charger's limited technology) and I feel to make such a bold unqualified claim is deceitful and grossly misleading. Or how about "The most advanced charger ever"? Noco might do well to compare their simplistic charging approach against (as random examples) the Optimate 6, the BatteryMinder 12248, the GysFlash 4 or 7, and indeed anything that Ctek have to offer (typically the MXS 3.8 or MXS 5.0T) - which are all comparable 12v smart-chargers, yet all are considerably more technically advanced, more efficient, and equally safe in use - albeit usually at a higher price point. Again, Noco's claim that the G3500 "Brings batteries back to life; An advanced recovery mode repairs damaged areas of the battery..." is stretching the truth: There are potentially many performance-reducing damaged areas of a battery that cannot be repaired by any means - such as internal shorts, shedding, corrosion, or heavy, crystalised sulphation. At best, the pulsing of the G3500 applied below 10.5 volts might help to remove some light/soft sulphation, but that is as far as this claim to "repair damaged areas of the battery" seems to go (it is in any case a common technique found in even the cheapest brands of smart-charger; there appears to be nothing "advanced" about Noco's implementation of it here). I could go on... Provided your battery isn't too flat, sulphated or otherwise damaged, this Genius 3500 works reasonably well and will likely prove a better option than many conventional old-fashioned transformer-based linear chargers. But is it the best at this price level? In my testing, it replicated exactly the charging profile and overall performance of my Aldi 3.8 amp smart-charger - which also offers the 6/12-volt, bike/car, AGM/cold weather and "recovery" charging options of this G3500 - but the Aldi smart-charger typically costs a much more reasonable £14. Alternatively, for slightly more but still much less than the cost of this Noco G3500, there's the technically much better 3.8 amp Maypole 7423A or the 4 amp German ATEK4000 (search here on Amazon for "Absaar 77949"), both of which offer enhanced feature sets as well as superior Ctek-like constant current/constant voltage charging algorithms (although they too also require a minimum 7-8v residual voltage for recovery). It is in this low-cost company that the G3500 starts to look comparatively expensive for what is in reality a strongly branded but - as smart-chargers go - a decidedly mediocre product. Pitched against the competition, considering the price when balanced against quality, performance and features, this Genius 3500 is perhaps just about worthy of 3 stars (it's okay, if unexceptional), but the misleading marketing should make any prospective buyer very wary: The many wildly exaggerated claims could I feel set the expectations of the non-technical buyer unrealistically high, and for that - together with it's relatively higher price for the basic smart-charger technology on offer - this Noco Genius 3500 has to be downgraded to just 2 stars. (*The Ctek MXS4003 is an older 4-amp version of the current Ctek MXS5.0). 275 people found this helpful


Its a charger & maintainer, so if you're not using a vehicle for sometime it'll keep your battery topped up. So yes, better than jump starting. However, take a look at the noco range on amazon, in my view far superior. In total I have 8 of their chargers, ranging from the very smallest up to the largest, along with 2x jump starters for just in case. At the 1st lockdown I put all my vehicles onto a charger/maintainer. Saves money in the long run on new batteries & we know they're ready to go if need be.

LEGO Creator 31108 Caravan Family Holiday £50.42 (£48.90 with Fee Free Card) @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020Shipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
LEGO Creator 31108 Caravan Family Holiday £50.42 (£48.90 with Fee Free Card) @ Amazon Germany£50.42Amazon Germany Deals
Looks like a good price for this set! RRP £74.99 so a third off, the next best price I could find was £59.90 at John Lewis. :)