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MYLEK MYW09 18V Cordless Drill Electric Screwdriver Set, Powerful Lithium Ion Battery Pack, 18 Volts Combi Driver - Black - £26.95 @ Amazon
Posted 28th NovPosted 28th Nov
Small drop in price on this Mylek cordless drill Small and Compact The small size and light weight of th… Read more

Anything for grown ups or only this toy one? 15Nm - forget it!


This drill doesn't have hammer function. Are you talking about 100mm hole? You need corded drill Something like this It might last you lifetime.


Can anyone recommend a cheap drill like this that will be good enough to drill into brickwork to put a tumble dryer vent on?


Better to get something like this. Its more expensive but at least last longer and extra battery and hammer mode for light duty.


15nm torque and 650rpm are awful specs. You'd expect at least double that even from a budget cordless drill. For general DIY I'd recommend 35/40nm plus.

X-Change 18V Cordless Drill Driver, Impact Driver & 4 1/2" Angle Grinder w/ 4.0A & 2.0A Batteries £149.98 @ CPC Farnell
Posted 27th NovPosted 27th Nov
18v Drill Driver, Impact Driver, Angle Grinder + 4.0A & 2.0A Li-ion Batteries Free Delivery This Ozito Power X-Change Cordless 3 Piece Kit includes a Drill, Impact Driver &… Read more

Really good value. Batteries alone would be £80+. If it didn’t already have them I would buy this.


Made by Einhell for Bunnings in Australia. batteries as Einhell but differ in colour and the plastic for the casing does not feel as good quality. Probably about the right price for this kit.


Bought same one in Homebase for 67£ on offer still going strong 💪

Bosch Professional GSR 12 V-15 FC Cordless Drill Driver + GFA-12B Drill Chuck Adapter with 2 x 12 V 2.0 Ah Batteries £93.50 @ Amazon
98° Expired
Posted 25th NovPosted 25th Nov
Range of chucks: providing the tool with flexibility One-click interface: easy change between attachments Rotatable chucks: helps with tight situations 100% compatibility: 10.8V/ 1… Read more

Just called them and got a £28 refund. (highfive)


I got £23 back from Amazon. They offered £14 straight away, but I said the thing i most wanted was the right angle adapter, which today is £23. They went away to check, and came back and agreed. Makes the set ~£70 which is not bad at all. You need to chat with an agent, not use the question and answer flow, which will just take you to the refund bit.


How did you get Amazon to give you part refund? I just get the option to return for a full refund. They have now changed their picture on the site



Amazon have offered me a refund of £14

Pro-Craft 18V Li-ion Cordless Drill Driver with 50-Piece Accessory Kit for £24.99 with code (Free C&C / £4.99 delivery) @ Robert Dyas
Posted 16th NovPosted 16th Nov
Lowest offer I think for this cordless drill and accessory kit with positive reviews. Was £39.99, then £34.99, now £29.99 and you can get a further £5 reduction using code CC21TS… Read more

I'm going to sound negative but it is meant with the best intentions. I went through a few cheap tools like this (Not this exact one) before buying more expensive. These cheap ones are false economy. They are nowhere near as nice to use, they don't last long on a battery, they don't last long before bits start falling off and they are often not up to the job at hand. I would classify myself as using them more than an average DIYer. I ended up choosing Makita tools. Once you have a couple of batteries and a charger then the tools themselves aren't that expensive. A decent impact driver can be had for £45, a decent combi drill for around the same. Yes I realise that it in percentage terms it is a lot more, but in real terms given the amount of time a decent tool will save - then these cheap tools just aren't worth going for. Save your money and choose a brand and build up some decent tools. The difference really is night and day.


I got this for the same price without the bits and case but with two batteries, purely because I also got the Hilka impact driver and wanted some more batteries. This thing isn't worth £25. I was really surprised how weak it was. It would be better described as a driver and not a drill. I then burnt £300 on a Bosch Pro Impact Driver and Combi and I've burnt my bridges with cheap tools.


Great for drilling into butter


I did the same. However, after the basic drill started showing signs of replacing, I've got rid of it and also got rid of the corded hammer drill and purchased a cordless hammer drill for about £60. For basic stuff people don't need hammer drill, mine was taking the space without getting used.


Great insight and advice. Thank you. I have a corded Bosch hammer drill which has been going strong for years so will continue to use that for more demanding tasks. Just wanted something for light use that could quickly do a job. This seems ok for that. However, I will check out the Positec options you mentioned as may well be worth the extra cost for longevity sake. That's what I'm thinking. Have a corded hammer drill for the heavier jobs and just want something that can do a quick job without the hassle of being restricted by a cord.

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Bosch Cordless Drill Universal Drill 18V (1 battery, 18 Volt system, in carrying case) - £81.19 @ Amazon
Posted 9th NovPosted 9th Nov
Bosch Cordless Drill Universal Drill 18V (1 battery, 18 Volt system, in carrying case) The Universal tools from Bosch – versatile and strong with intelligent solutions for bigge… Read more

Do you have small compact charger too? (lol) :D


I agree fully regarding the Bosch Green stuff going downhill. I remember my dad having some Bosch green stuff years ago, and it was great. Both of the friends who I had to lend my drill to were using relatively new Bosch Green drills. It does appear that Bosch are downgrading the green stuff. I can only assume they are repositioning the green range to compete with some of the really cheap own brand tools from B&Q, Argos etc. and some of the Amazon-only Chinese brands. I felt sorry for both of my friends as they had bought Bosch solely on the trustworthiness of the brand name, but it no longer means much in the lower end of the market.


I'd disagree with the generalisation on Bosch greens as from personal experience of having a PSB 18 LI-2 (no longer available) for 9 years and a PSB 1800 LI-2 (still available) for 6 years - both with weekly use including some masonry and never had a problem with either. That being said, this particular drill seems to be following the annoying trend of late from Bosch of widening the gap between the green home range and their blue professional range by removing useful features in newer versions of home items and maintaining the same price (e.g. hammer drill function and battery level indicator in this case) - the product "innovations" of the last few years have certainly started to make me consider other ecosystems (confused)


I'll stick to my Milwaukee, thanks


I may be wrong, but this one does not seems is hammer drill. B&Q has/used to have a £50 Bosch with battery, don't remember if it had hammer drill or not, but to me that was a more reasonable price. I didn't vote, but I think you can get Ryobi with 2 batteries at this price or less. Maybe not now, but Ryobi comes often on deals. Edit - £55 at B&Q and £70 for combi with 2 batteries

DeWalt Cordless Drill Impact Driver Twin Pack DCK2060L2T-SFGB 18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion - £130.04 @ iforce_marketzone ebay (UK Mainland)
239° Expired
Posted 2nd NovPosted 2nd Nov
DeWalt Cordless Drill Impact Driver Twin Pack DCK2060L2T-SFGB 18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion -brushless -12 month RTB warranty (IDK but it's possible that may be extended to 3 years after regis… Read more

Nice work on your first post, @borozu (y)


There was a deal on here yesterday for one (y) 🏻


Do u have a link


I'd try get a kit with a 796 drill. It has the all metal chuck which I absolutely love.


These are not the top on the range drill/driver, but good for general DIY. It’s unlikely you’ll get the warranty extended to 3yrs as they say “as new” but worth a try! - might need a receipt stating “new” for this