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The iPhone 6s was launched in September 2015 as an update to Apple’s popular iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, both of which were launched almost exactly a year before. When it was released, the 6s took its place in a long succession of revolutionary iPhone models, taking everyday smartphones into completely new territory.

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Refurbished Grade A As New Apple IPhone 6s Smartphone 16GB £80.99 Silver & Gold @ Stock Must Go /Ebay
402° Expired
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
10% auto applies and use the code for a further 10% off, as new 6s for £80 Grade A - As New - Screen and rear of the iPhone will be immaculate > Data Wiped > Fully tested… Read more

Got mine today and the phone is absolutely immaculate. No complaints at all. Fully boxed and refurbished by remade.com


Only showing 89.99 after applying code for me. Looks like the auto-apply 10% isn't working anymore.


Will the 6s take iOS 14 when it's released?


Yeah I’ve tried deals very similar to this one, great condition phones but 75% battery health or less. In saying that, Apple “only” charge £49 to fit a new battery.


£15 postage?

iPhone 6s Plus 32GB Space Grey SIM Free £249 @ Laptops Direct
-460° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
iPhone 6s Plus 32GB Space Grey SIM Free £249 @ Laptops Direct
Just found this - seems to be the cheapest a 6s Plus has been at. Next best price is Very @ 269, then Argos @ £299 & AO @ £349.
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It's pretty interesting right! I think we'll be suprised when these phones still work well a year into no updates. Web content won't massively change (it's not like when youtube went from flash to html5, I can't see some revolution happening like that) so the 6s+ will be fine. The experience between my 6s+ and X is marginal tbh, like you found with the SE. It's amazing what marketing can do, people really are convinced that something like an X or an XR is miiiles ahead of a 6s+, sure on paper it looks like it, but when you have them in your hand and just flick through apps...It's so subtle, and suddenly the extra £300 - £500 feels a lot more poignant.


If she’s coming from a 4 this will be a big change for her a nice little upgrade. for us SE will be good for awhile I got the white 128gb £479 but it came with free beats x headphones from three which I sold yesterday £45 and got £15 cash back so makes it £419 which is the price of the 64gb. I’m well happy with it


True, and the lifespan is probably 2-3 years for the 6 series before they become crippled due to updates ending.. but there is a market for these older models, and my mum is going to be well chuffed she’s still using her iPhone 4! I think the wireless charging takes the pain out of the battery life of the SE..


Indeed mate, it’s like i said tho as times goes on probably with iOS 14 which the 6s is apparently getting you’ll notice it more as more features come in that demand more power and ram. SE for the money is incredible value I’ve just sent my iPhone 11 back! for a full refund amazon de. saved over £200 for pretty much the same experience same chip. downsides are smaller screen but can be seen as an advantage to many! Battery is lots smaller and you can tell! can just about get a day with medium usage


Just bought the new SE and I’m passing my 6S (not plus) to my mother.. so I have them side by side atm, and honestly there’s not much in it. The SE does feel a little bit snappier, but barely noticeable for the type of stuff she’ll be doing. It’s certainly not four times better, unlike the cost. A heavy user who wants to play games and videos would benefit from the newer tech. The + version is ofc better still than the 6S, which like the SE doesn’t have a high capacity battery.

Apple iPhone 6S A1688 16/64/128GB Space Grey/Silver/Rose Gold Unlocked/EE/O2 refurbished £69.74 @ eBay XSItems
256° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Apple iPhone 6S A1688 16/64/128GB Space Grey/Silver/Rose Gold Unlocked/EE/O2 refurbished £69.74 @ eBay XSItems
£77.49£94.9918%eBay Deals
TESTING: We have tested this item and can confirm that it is in full working order. This item has been restored back to its factory settings. CONDITION: Pristine Condition - Thi… Read more

Sorry forgot to say thank you op!


I got one. 32gb. For a partner who doesn't care what phone he has its a good option. I still have 6s. Hope it's good condition!


In stock ta op!




In stock using app

Unlocked Apple IPhone 6s 16GB £75.99 | 32GB £83.99 In Good Condition @ Music Magpie Ebay
397° Expired
Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Unlocked Apple IPhone 6s 16GB £75.99 | 32GB £83.99 In Good Condition @ Music Magpie Ebay
£75.99eBay Deals
Use the app or desktop site to see real time stock levels, as the mobile site generally displays out of stock Felt like a decent price for the S variant Good – This product wil… Read more

Thanks, the scuffing is ok as it will go in a case - screen itself is fine and display looks great. I emailed them about the battery and they said to return it so hopefully get the battery replaced. Was going to do it myself but not 100% confident enough lol.


If it is as bad as you say personally i would send it back although if the codes are expired i dont know ifyou will be able to get one for the same price and i suppose it is the screen that is the important part.


Ordered and received mine (same as yours) thanks. Back is pretty scratched up with spotted chips to the rear glass and scratches. Sides are scuffed as well towards the bottom. Battery health is 84% and noticed poor battery life, so will need to replace batteries myself. Can't complain for price, although it condition slightly worse than expected.


Pretty sure it was an A1784 variant - iPhone 7 Plus (GSM). The seller had them all original components, 128GB storage with 12 month warranty for £150 - I missed out anyway as I didn't submit an order in time... I always reject clearly modified handsets or incorrect region devices.


Yes it happens on all iPhone 7 models. The A1660 is a USA model, avoid that one as it has baseband issues as well as Audio IC. The A1660 sometimes find their way to the UK, so be careful you don't get that model.

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iPhone 6s 16GB Rose Gold 'Good Condition' £79.97 @ Musicmagpie / eBay
1131° Expired
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
iPhone 6s 16GB Rose Gold 'Good Condition' £79.97 @ Musicmagpie / eBay
£79.97£92.9914%eBay Deals
Thought this was a good enough deal to have it’s on post MusicMagpie include free returns The price is for a 16gb Rose Gold Network locked one. Others will vary in price *** Grey 3… Read more

Hi everyone, how does MusicMagpie Ebay returns process like? About to return a phone I bought 2 weeks ago. Any help would be appreciated many thanks.


Sure you can, if you don't mind wasting time and being out of pocket for a week.


Received yesterday. I chose Good condition but was actually in very good condition so can’t complain!


Can you not simply return the product given they pay return postage ?


Pass, musicmagpie's grading system cannot be trusted. Let's break it down Pristine - Grade A Very good - Grade B/C (minor cosmetic damage, some of which might be very noticeable) Good - Grade D/E (could literately ship to you with a quarter of the display shattered from drop damage, not joking) Good luck guys.

Sim Free Apple iPhone 6s 4.7 Inch 32GB 12MP Refurbished - £126.99 delivered @ Argos eBay
670° Expired
Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
Sim Free Apple iPhone 6s 4.7 Inch 32GB 12MP Refurbished - £126.99 delivered @ Argos eBay
£126.99£148.9915%eBay Deals
On offer. Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee The Apple iPhone 6s sports a 4.7-inch display that provides a clear view of the smartphone's contents and applications. … Read more
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Apps should still load but will want an update which you won’t be able to do , I still use iPhone 4 for downloaded music think it’s all iCloud


Dam my reply just deleted :( anyway yes should be all fine for thats , not sure about music think Apple are scrapping iTunes but you say they are offline mp3 so should be ok. Be careful with google as with android you can’t update or roll back so a real pain and just says google update error so I’d be tempted to not use them but your choice. I’m not einstein on this so you may want to get a second opinion


Oh ok, thank you. I really only use it for texts, calls, surfing the web and listening to music. As long as all that works beyond the non-iOS support I'm happy. Just hope iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play apps still work beyond then so at least I can use it as an mp3 player! I've downloaded the tracks so I can listen without data connection when out and about, just hope the apps still even launch once outdated...


Yes of course it will still work but you won’t have the latest protection according to Apple and things like Netflix and Spotify will no longer update , eventually even things like whatsapp won’t work but I’m sure by that time you’ll be getting your next phone I still use an iPhone 4 as a backup depends what your wanting it to do


Oh ok, so what happens if the iOS updates end? What difference do they make if the phone will work anyway without it? Sorry to sound thick, just wondering what the point of the iOS updates are if the phone would work without them being up to date. I know I could probably use it as an iPod if worst comes to worst?

SIM Free Apple iPhone 6s 32GB Rose Gold refurbished £122.99 @ Argos Ebay
353° Expired
Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
SIM Free Apple iPhone 6s 32GB Rose Gold refurbished £122.99 @ Argos Ebay
£122.99eBay Deals
SIM Free Apple iPhone 6s 32GB Rose Gold
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no earphones with the grey one ;(


Anyone received their phones? And we’re earphones included?


Be glad you didn't take a punt...much better phones out there


OOS ;(


Great phone my daughters just bought one,but I’m after a cheap Xs just waiting for a good price.

Apple iphone 6s cheapest price with 2 year guarantee - £280 @ John Lewis & Partners
-450° Expired
Posted 19th Dec 2019Posted 19th Dec 2019
Apple iphone 6s cheapest price with 2 year guarantee - £280 @ John Lewis & Partners
Product code: 83301255 With enhanced cameras, faster processing and a 3D Touch Retina HD display, the iPhone 6s changes everything. Powered by the latest version of iOS, iPhone 6s… Read more

Or a butchers selling last years frozen turkey 🦃 ;)


Good deal for a brand new iphone with a 2 year guarantee. Best value i could find anywhere


That is one good deal! my Iphone that I got from ebay like two years ago came with a faulty front camera so i'd love to get another iphone at the price that you paid.


I bought an iPhone 6s Plus renewed from amazon last Sunday. Not scratches or marks, battery life 100%. £200


Is this a joke?

Apple iPhone 6S (Grade A "like new" refurbished) 16GB Version Space Gray or Rose Gold - £119.97 at Laptops Direct
210° Expired
Posted 7th Dec 2019Posted 7th Dec 2019
Apple iPhone 6S (Grade A "like new" refurbished) 16GB Version Space Gray or Rose Gold - £119.97 at Laptops Direct
Not going to spend too much time posting this, as many Apple haters will think this is an awful deal, as its an "old" phone, but for a refurbished phone in like new condition this … Read more

True but it's the last IOS update it's getting so people should be aware of that.


I've found that once genuine batteries go and you can't get hold of a genuine replacement anymore then the phone is basically dead. I had an LG G5 which was a good enough phone in itself for everyday use but now I can't get a proper LG battery anymore and the chinese replacements last about 2 weeks before their performance drops off dramatically. Having to charge during the day renders the phone a bit useless. Unless you get a used iphone with a receipt for a proper replacement battery I'd not bother.


Not the worst deal if you need a gift-worthy mint handset but 16GB is tight now so I’d actually expect about £99 for a good condition 32GB 6s really. The phones themselves actually run pretty well even today but iOS 13 is a steaming turd of bugs.


Well that's fair enough, I honestly don't keep up with iphone prices so don't have a clue what's a good deal or not. sounds like this is not a good deal


Though the counter-argument to that is you can get the SE (same phone basically for £50), 6s usually £70-80 and the 7 can be found at this price with big improvements over the 6s, it also starts at 32GB and if you buy from one of the big guys it’ll have a year’s warranty. I bought a 32GB 6s from StockMustGo on eBay and it cost me £50.62 in their last sale. The 16GB is really tight. This doesn’t seem like a deal to me really. OP, the 6s doesn’t cost £200 on eBay... you might pay that if you happen to find a brand new sealed one.

iPhone 6s 32gb (refurbished), O2 4GB data, unlimited minutes & texts, 24 months @ £3.50 - Total £480 (£84 after cashback) @ MPD
-498° Expired
Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
iPhone 6s 32gb (refurbished), O2 4GB data, unlimited minutes & texts, 24 months @ £3.50 - Total £480 (£84 after cashback) @ MPD
An iPhone 6S with a new battery is still a solid offering for a moderate user. I use mine every day and I have no issues to report. This 4GB O2 contract is reduced from £20 a month… Read more

Mine showed up via quidco. It's a good deal if your even considering sim only and data is enough for you. Or if you want a secondary sim for work calls or to the secret girl friend. I dont know what you guys into.


Via quidco , refurb phones will not show up. Just delete all cookies and retry direct.


It still worked when I just tried now, with the link at the top of this page. The offer didn't work if I tried to find it via Quidco last night.


If it helps anyone. I just brought my son an iphone 6s plus 128gb from Very sim free. £349.


Looks like it’s been pulled, unable to find. Shame as it look a good deal which I would have taken.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus (128 GB) - Rose Gold - £349 @ Amazon
-537° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Apple iPhone 6s Plus (128 GB) - Rose Gold - £349 @ Amazon
£349£55237%Amazon Deals
Brand new large capacity iPhone 6s Plus (128GB) Brand new should be also eligible for free 12 months Apple TV Good option for someone who doesnt need latest chips nor he play any… Read more

Usually for family or people who want to stay on iOS platform don’t need latest chip but require high capacity storage for photos or videos.


Why anyone would want to buy this relic beats me 🤦🏻




Yes, even the old iphones are better than most android .


Does this still exist brand new :o ???????

iPhone 6s plus 128 GB Silver/Rose Gold at £349 @ Amazon
Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019
iPhone 6s plus 128 GB Silver/Rose Gold at £349 @ Amazon
Lowest price I’ve seen on Amazon since 2016
Get deal*Get deal*

Ordered, don't forget Quidco to sweeten the deal yet further.


You must be havin a laugh posting this deal, surely... I really do think sometimes members post the most ridiculous deals just to get us talkin’ but fair do’s it does just that lol


#awks (ninja)


Wow I got ripped off with my iPhone 6s Plus which I paid £500......... ....4 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s the hottest deal at the moment so click the appropriate link on the home page

Refurb iPhone 6s 32gb with 4gb data on o2 £480 plus £396 cashback (£84 total cost) over 24 months @ Mobile Phones Direct
-537° Expired
Posted 19th Nov 2019Posted 19th Nov 2019
Refurb iPhone 6s 32gb with 4gb data on o2 £480 plus £396 cashback (£84 total cost) over 24 months @ Mobile Phones Direct
Iphone 6s - terrible Cashback - rubbish Mobile Phones Direct - don't get me started But... if you can be bothered with cashback you are getting a phone and 4gb a month on a decent… Read more

The page for this iPhone 6s deal mentions the Apple Tv+ Subscription offer free for 12 months for new Apple devices. I'm guessing this might be just standard text that MPD have added for all Apple deals and might not apply to this refurb iPhone 6s but would be a good extra bonus if it did (y) Did you try the Apple Tv app to see i this offer does show up ? BTW even though the deal has gone negative I think its a great deal.


Mine arrive today, although in a plain box it doesn't have a single blemish, not so much as a fingerprint. Updated to IOS13 and the battery health is showing 100%.


Morning misleading Cash back is not guaranteed


Looks like it's gone "Unfortunately there are no deals that match your selection. Please try adjusting the filters above to widen your search criteria."


Oh lord! Even the iPhone 6s is better than this deal

Apple iPhone 6s (Silver) (32GB) (Refurbished) £142.99 with FREE DELIVERY @ Argos eBay
-202° Expired
Posted 24th Sep 2019Posted 24th Sep 2019
Apple iPhone 6s (Silver) (32GB) (Refurbished) £142.99 with FREE DELIVERY @ Argos eBay
£142.99eBay Deals
A phone more than capable enough to use every day. iOS 13 compatible. Gold (32GB) - £147.99 Space Grey (32GB) - £148.99 "This item is a professionally refurbished, A-Grade, … Read more
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Just got one. Phone looks like new and has 100% battery and Apple warranty till April 2020. Thanks. OP ;)


Thanks. Got one. Grade A. Like new!


I received mine yesterday. It came in it's original box with a genuine USB charger and USB cable. The phone itself is in perfect condition with 100% battery capacity remaining. I know it's cheaper, but basically "good" condition translates (to me) to a C grade, whereas this 6s is an A grade.


Not quite, different screens as you say but also no 3d touch, older version of touch ID sensor and no baromic altimeter (used when counting stairs climbed in the health app) although due to the lower screen resolution it runs faster than a 6s


Comes up on here quite often. Search and/or setup an alert

IPhone 6s 2GB Data & Unlimited Miutes When renewing Sky TV on Swap12 for £11month -  12-month minimum term (Select accounts only)
-130° Expired
Posted 21st Jun 2019Posted 21st Jun 2019
IPhone 6s 2GB Data & Unlimited Miutes When renewing Sky TV on Swap12 for £11month - 12-month minimum term (Select accounts only)
Good Deal if sky tv is up for renewal and you have a phone contract due for renewal as well.

Just tell them you don't want to renew, the guy i spoke to said he wouldn't bother renewing my tv contract if i didn't want to 8)


i phoned up yesterday to enquire about this, managed to get it for £11 for 2gb data, unlimited calls and texts and the guy even said as good will he wouldn't bother renewing my sky tv contract after i accepted this deal as well he said I was eligible for up to 5 sims with the same deal, 2gb data, ultd calls/texts for £3 per month each on a sim only plan. Absolute bargain!


Got two of these yesterday for £11.00 per month each, for the phones and 2GB data and unlimited minutes and texts. 30 month contract, £11 per month for 24 months and about 7 quid for last six months. Data rolls over, so fine for me and the wife as we hardly use any data. I was paying almost 8 quid each on Vodafone, so this is a bargain for us. Need the wi-fi calling as we get no signal, but had to downlaod the latest IOS to get it to work. Edit. Forgot to add that Quidco tracked on both at £65 each, be a bonus if we get it.


Terms & conditions. If you're new to Sky TV, call 0800 759 1559. Subject to status, credit check & availability of devices. Sky TV customers who would like to re-contract their Sky TV and take £10 a month iPad or £11 a month iPad 6s will lose their existing Sky TV offers. This offer isn't available with any other offers. £10 per month applies for duration of 48-month interest free loan for iPad (cellular). Includes 2GB data. iPhone 6s for £11 applies for duration of 30-month interest free loan. Includes 2GB data and unlimited calls and texts. Data plan required for duration of Swap Plan, subject to 12-month minimum term. Option available to buy device without a loan. Swap after 24 months on iPhone 6s and 36 months on iPad. Sky will buy the old Sky device and credit your loan account with proceeds. Loan must be paid in full to Swap. Phone condition criteria and market value adjustment may apply. Direct Debit required. Model subject to availability. 18+, terms apply. Sky.com/swaphelp for details. Save £204: Includes £180 saving on the iPhone 6s, £6 p/m saving on data plan on Swap 24 over 30 months when joining or renewing Sky TV and £24 saving on the phone. Offer ends 27.06.19. Save £288: Applicable to the iPad, £6 p/m saving on data plan on Swap 36 over 48 months when joining or renewing Sky TV. Offer ends 27.06.19. Sky TV: New 18-month min. term. From £22pm & £20 upfront cost. Separate contracts apply to Sky TV and Sky Mobile. Further terms apply. If you do not wish to re-contract your TV then you can get £3 off the iPhone 6s or iPad, with no conditions.


Phone just about meets the minimum for upcoming iOS 13. Very likely this phone won't get iOS 14 in 2020. So defitnyl wouldn't get this on any sort of long term contract. It's very much nearing it's end of life.

Apple iPhone 6s 128Gb Space Grey - £311 @ Amazon
-715° Expired
Posted 1st Jun 2019Posted 1st Jun 2019
Apple iPhone 6s 128Gb Space Grey - £311 @ Amazon
£311£39922%Amazon Deals
Seems like a limited time offer on Amazon for the Space Grey. Other colours all still £399.

That’s just a rumour from an Israeli website, and as far as I know it isn’t substantiated. I could counter it with another unsubstantiated rumour that it *will* be supported, and even things out. There are often Apple rumours bandied about that turn out to be claptrap.


Next iOS update is due to stop support for the 6, so the 6s will probably be dropped in feb.....


5s and 6 are still supported so wouldn’t this still get updates for at least a couple of years?


Same here... (highfive)


Like I said, I wasn't buying for myself, and the person wanted a new iPhone. I am also aware refurbished ones are cheaper and if for some reason I was going today buy one for myself, I'd be happy getting a refurbished one.

Samsung Note 9 £399.99 Good | Nokia 8 £116 VGC | iPhone 6s £98 Varying Grades + More [Apple, Oppo, Huawei] @ Ebay
645° Expired
Posted 30th May 2019Posted 30th May 2019
Samsung Note 9 £399.99 Good | Nokia 8 £116 VGC | iPhone 6s £98 Varying Grades + More [Apple, Oppo, Huawei] @ Ebay
£399.99£449.9911%eBay Deals
Extensive list of the best smartphone choices using the ebay code, taken from xs items all very good condition, and music magpie all either very good or pristine bar the note 9 I t… Read more

Personally? Better software (in terms of OneUI VS EMUI) - feels like more attention has been paid to aesthetics and usability - expandable storage, headphone jack, much nicer display, better biometrics, way better stereo speakers, pen support, more reliable security updates without jumping through hoops, better video recording, better quality snapshot photos from the main camera. Just my own personal experience.


Thanks. Just interested to know why you think the Notes a better phone?


Yeah I owned one for three months. Sold it to Music Magpie for £462 a few months back. Any questions, let me know.


I take it, you have used the mate 20 pro then?


P30 Pro surely? They're likely not expecting to buy them at this price. I expect they don't want any inventory as the prices are sinking.

Apple iPhone 6s Space Grey 64GB + Accessories In Good Condition £139.99 With Code @ 4Gadgets
728° Expired
Posted 27th Apr 2019Posted 27th Apr 2019
Apple iPhone 6s Space Grey 64GB + Accessories In Good Condition £139.99 With Code @ 4Gadgets
£139.99£146.995%4gadgets Deals
Excellent price for a still very usable iPhone. In my previous experience good come better than good, but obviously if you ain't happy, then you can always send it back. Opera… Read more

Good, so it was a gamble, well boxed with plug and headphones so it might just be a bad one or I'm fussy. It's a present for my 13yr old daughter so didn't want to take a chance on it.


Oh dear! Doesn't sound good. What grade of phone did you choose? I'm waiting for mine to arrive.


Bought, arrived today, lots of scratches on the screen and back. Really dirty especially around the camera, doesn't even looked as if they bothered to give it a wipe over. Going back tomorrow as if the outside has been treated like that I don't trust it working for long.( A return label and bag is supplied).


Not owned a one plus so didn't know that. Shame that one plus just can't get the camera competitive with the leaders. They don't have to be leading at their price but somewhere comparatively near would be more than enough for 90% of people including myself. Great stability and detail|zoom for videos at 1080p @60 is definitely the sweet spot between quality and space taken up. Weird to hear that about the pixel 1. When I downgraded to Oreo from pie, I didn't have that issue with my small pixel 1. There must be a way to disable notifications from the update app though? It's pretty crappy because some people are smart enough to stick to mainstream apps on the play store and not download crap off dodgy websites. Android is pretty safe the way it is. All these arbitrary tests to show iOS is more secure etc don't stand up in the real world with educated people. Obviously not everyone is educated.


Actually OnePlus does this as well and pixel range too. When there's a new update , the notification bar will be permanently there until you update. Ajay been annoying me add i travel for work and can't be doing updates abroad in case of bugs etc

Refurbished (Pristine) - SIM Free Apple iPhone 6S 4.7Inch 32GB Unlocked Silver USE CODE: PRO10 £166.49 Free Delivery @ MusicMagpie eBay
66° Expired
Posted 20th Apr 2019Posted 20th Apr 2019
Refurbished (Pristine) - SIM Free Apple iPhone 6S 4.7Inch 32GB Unlocked Silver USE CODE: PRO10 £166.49 Free Delivery @ MusicMagpie eBay
£166.49£184.9910%eBay Deals
USE CODE: PRO10 to get the 10% off. Code valid until 11:59pm UK local time on 22nd April 2019. Great price for a pristine refurb from a reputable retailer. Pristine - This is a… Read more

Ok £132 you drive a hard bargain!


Just here to highlight the difference considering this is only a 32GB model


I suppose I could give you £131


I've got a BNIB ( warranty replacement) iPhone 6s 64GB I'm trying to get rid off yet Music Magpies will only give me ~£130 :/

Refurbished (Grade A) - SIM Free Apple iPhone 6S 4.7 Inch 16GB Unlocked - Rose Gold - £148.99 - Argos @ eBay
403° Expired
Posted 30th Mar 2019Posted 30th Mar 2019
Refurbished (Grade A) - SIM Free Apple iPhone 6S 4.7 Inch 16GB Unlocked - Rose Gold - £148.99 - Argos @ eBay
£148.99£149.991%eBay Deals
12 Mth Warranty Seems a fair price for a Grade A Refurb from a decent retailer "This item is a professionally refurbished, A-Grade, Argos Manager Special - our top grade of refur… Read more

In that case so do Samsung and Google... bet you won’t admit that...


What so when people changed the batteries, the phone showed full performance, that was a lie too?


Yes they did


That's what they wanted you to think. If this was the case they should tell the customers that they will do this, but they don't.


And no they don’t slow down phones...

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