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Launched in 2020 as a successor to the original iPhone SE, the iPhone SE2 (SE standing for “special edition”) is sleek, compact and powerful. Featuring a smaller high-resolution, it's a more portable alternative to recent larger iPhones and one of the finest of Apple's many digital achievements. Find out how to purchase the cheapest possible iPhone SE at hotukdeals.

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Apple IPhone SE 2020 64GB Smartphone Used Condition White & Black - £349.99 @ Curry's Clearance / Ebay
Posted 12 h, 52 m agoPosted 12 h, 52 m ago
Big name seller, description below. :) (y) White Link Black Link The iPhone SE packs a powerful processor (the same as the iPhone 11 Pro) into a compact design. So… Read more

Might help someone... I bought one of the Grade B "damaged SIM tray" ones from Cheapest Electrical eBay the other day and it was perfect apart from the tray. Bought a replacement for £1.50 and it's as good as new. 11 month warranty. Cost £295 with eBay code.


Apple just call it iPhone SE https://www.apple.com/uk/iphone-se/ but others are calling it iPhone SE 2020 just to be clearer


Only for one year from date of purchase/activation, not two as you get from buying a new item


But it's £70 saved, no? And only advantage of new is a) knowing it's new b) extra year with JLP. £70 = not far off 20%.


WHere? It's 420 elsewhere no?

iPhone SE 64GB on Three - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 100GB for £26 per month 0 upfront (£48 cashback - effective £24pm) 24mo @ Fonehouse
23/08/2020Expires on 23/08/2020Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Provided you aren't afraid of a little cash back, this is a pretty decent price for an SE with a healthy amount of data. Plan is originally £26 per month on a 24 month contract, … Read more

Source please?


Why, how much is it there with 100gb data


sky mobile better


Seems a good deal to me. Shame it's not available with less data and less P/M but heat anyway


Terrified of 3 and even more of cash back

Apple iPhone SE 2020 64GB Sim-Free Unlocked Black / Red £348.90 Delivered using code (new-open box) @ Cheapest Electrical / eBay
363° Expired
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
Great price for an unlocked 2020 SE 64GB. Only a few at this price so suspect will go quickly. Use code PACKUP10 at checkout. Item is new and unused with possible box damaged/ bo… Read more

Whatever floats your boat mate


These were proper new phones - I just got mine and it came with 12 months Apple TV too


Essentially an iPhone 11 but with larger bezels but cost almost half as much.


Essentially the same but better lol



iPhone SE 2020 128GB on EE - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 15GB Data for £26pm with 0 upfront using code (24 month) @ Affordable Mobiles
288° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Unreal price on this iPhone SE considering it's the 128gb version, 15GB of data per month on EE along with access to six months Apple Music, 3 Months BT Sport and zero upfront … Read more

Just ordered this with the code. Thanks (y)


Ooh good spot! It isn't very clear though is it. It doesnt say until the item is in your basket. By which time the purchase decision has been more or less made.


I had a similar thought process and it’s not immediately obvious, but that looks to be 64gb not 128gb


Deal is now available to all without a promo code Link to EE Iphone SE 15GB deal with no upfront cost


what deal did you get, the mrs is in this very position

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iPhone SE 64GB Rose Gold refurbished £59.99 at v9universal ebay
-195° Expired
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
The phone is in perfect working condition. There are some heavy marks/scratches due to previous use. It does not affect the functionality of the phone. ***Touch ID/Fingerprint Se… Read more

I bought one of these for those awkward movements in a pub or restaurant when you get a wobbly table , cos without a case on them they even up the table perfectly .


LOL, that is a classic comment, not sure you needed to be so blatantly sarcastic to what was a reasonable comment, maybe it is just me.


It was supposed to be sarcy but not at you


Well, you can download these things called 'apps' which are really quite something. It has a calculator, a calendar and can make/receive telephone calls. I kid you not!


As hacked by the Met...........go on son

Apple iPhone SE 16GB Rose Gold Unlocked Smartphone (Refurbished, 12M Warranty at £58.49 stockmustgo ebay
388° Expired
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Ok so its the old version iphone se and only comes with 16 GB, and many people won't like it, but its £58.49. 12 month guarantee and 30 day no quibble returns. Might help someone.

Try a reset, they usually blow life back into older devices:


Mines not a refurbished one it was a hand me down. It's fine, it's running stuff I just wouldn't want to be using it all the time.


I think you may have a faulty one, I got mine second hand so not refurbished; so maybe your parts are not original apple parts hence the problems. An A9 chip is still quite capable of running IOS 13, just think you got a bad apple.


Thanks for posting @grayp and a belated welcome to hotukdeals (highfive)


My Mother's been using one of these for atleast 3 years now. Perfect for people who don't use their phone very often but need something relatively up-to-date. Think battery health shows 82% which isn't too bad at all.

New SIM Free Apple iPhone SE 64GB 12MP 4G Mobile Phone - White/Red Smartphone - £398.05 / £445.55 128GB @ Argos Ebay
473° Expired
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Good price drop using code PRODUCT5 White link Red link £445.55 Black 128GB Link White 128GB Link iPhone SE is the most powerful 4.7-inch iPhone ever. Featuring … Read more

Mine was a 6s but it came via a network. The IC chip failed (as later diagnosed by an eBay repair) as I'd been using cheap Poundland cables. I'd had two battery replacements from Apple previously - one free, one at the reduced £25 rate. The advice re: buying from them came up while instore - they still did me an engineer's report for free on a four year old phone - the network batted away the six year consumer rights stuff that's frequently mentioned on MSE. I've had various Macbooks in the past where years down the line they've still done hardware repairs/replacements after warranty, all were purchased directly from Apple, so would argue there's some merit in it, perhaps not in all cases but it was enough to dissuade me from getting a network issued phone if planning on keeping it.


My recent experience is that Apple are willing to do something about it, IF you’re willing to cough up hundreds in repairs costs. My iPhone 7 microphone and speakers (when making and receiving calls) recently stopped working. After running through various potential fixes (and nothing working) Apple advised that I make an appointment with a store to get it fixed. Fixed price for fixing an iPhone 7 out of warranty is £286.44, way more than what the phone is worth!


My mother in laws died as well and I gave mine to her which was a great excuse to move on. I’m sure you will love it 👌


Thank you, food for thought then as the camera's the reason I went over to Android. That said, between my partner and I we've had four Pixel 3s, the camera on hers was DOA and my camera went blurry after 13 months.


I found the 3a was just all around better from a point and click perspective. Some of the shots I have had have been great. I believe most of that is a result of software though. The SE has been good as well but just missing something. If the lighting is right then there have been some nice shots but as a direct comparison the 3a wins.

'Open Box' Apple iPhone SE 2020 4.7'' 4G Smartphone 64GB Dual-Sim Unlocked - Red - £341.90 @ cheapest_electrical/Ebay
238° Expired
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
10% automatically applies at checkout, 8 available at the time of posting Possibly one of the best in terms of grading handsets, in my opinion This item is Open Box Grade A… Read more

Mate, you are most welcome. Enjoy it please :)


I received the phone today. It was exactly as you said, brand new in original sealed box. Doubt it was ever opened. Thanks again for your comments & for posting deal.


Can you find me a great iPhone xs deal please I keep missing them (annoyed)




I bought my iphone se 2020 128gb off them back in May. Said grade b. But it was basically brand new. Literally not a mark on it and everything there. And it came within 2-3days!

Apple IPhone SE 2020 64GB Smartphone Grade B Retail Boxed - Red £304.99 / White £314.99 Refurbished @ Stock Must Go /Ebay
176° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
10% auto applies at checkout RETAIL BOX WHAT IS IN THE BOX Apple iPhone SE 2020 64,128, 256GB Black | White | Red Charger Is Included Headphones PRODUCT INFORMATION … Read more

Is the battery life as appalling as the reviews say


Good point. Will go compare. Think the XR has Face ID though, would prefer Touch ID.


People who received these phones, how is the condition like?


Right, ok. You have a good day too, technodonkey.


Why would they always be more expensive? They were expensive when they were introduced in a brand new phone nearly 3 years ago but the technology has moved and having parts laying around does nothing for the manufacturer of the parts or Apple so both can move the parts on and make money. Like I said in my other comment, making an SE3 in the body of an X and selling it for a small price increase (<£500) would have a lot of buyers. Apple have upped their phone range from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and reportedly are going to 4 handsets within the same generation on their next generation of phones for a reason - to hit every price point in order increase sales. They haven’t cannibalised sales doing this so why would a bezel-less and bigger battery phone at ~£500 do so now? They’ve been doing fine but didn’t/don’t want to allow cheaper Android handsets to thrive at that price point.

Iphone SE 64GB £419 at Mobile Phones Direct (£380.25 with Cashback Via TopCashBack)
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Seems to be offering £38.25 cashback on SE and iPhone 11 purchases, correct me if that won't track how I think it will (:I

But it's cheaper at box.co.uk and cashback is not guaranteed.


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


What a steal!


For example box.co.uk have it for £418.99 (lol)


Try and find it cheaper elsewhere and tell them, they'll sharp remove it

iPhone SE 2020 64GB Refurbished Vodafone Red 6GB - £4.99 upfront + £22pm 24mths = £533 total using code at Mobiles.co.uk
41° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
I've been looking for a good iPhone SE 2020 deal for a while and, while I think you can do a bit better (and get more GB per month) if you are willing to rely on regular cashback a… Read more

Don't think the cashback will payout if you use the code? £15 guaranteed now or probable £40 later? Let me know if you can get both?


Excellent thank you.


Totally like new, though in a white cardboard box so no Apple packaging (doesn't bother me). And no headphones included, which also didn't bother me. My only complaint, which is very minor, is I couldn't see a SIM tray removal tool in the package.


How was it when it arrived?


I'm interested too please.

iPhone SE 64GB - £30.50/month (24 months) 100GB = £732 total @ Virgin Media
-167° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
iPhone SE on Virgin Media for £30.50/month for 24 months. 100GB data. Total cost of £732, iPhone SE currently around £400 so you’re paying just over £13 a month for 100GB of data… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Hey @James_Maloney , thanks for posting your first thread - sorry it didn't go hot on this occasion! Hopefully your next one will be a scorcher :)

iPhone SE 100Gb of data unlimited minutes £24 per month / 36 months at Virgin Media
-177° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Came across this deal and it's the cheapest around. I'm sure other networks would also match if you didn't want to go with Virgin. 36 months. No upfront costs

Different prices now


Deal doesnt seem to exist


I am already with Virgin and due to end this month - can I close my account and open a new one in my wife's name now?


EE sim only plan, 100gb @ £24 per month for 18 months. Assuming you stick with the plan, at the same cost (ignore RPI price rises), you will have effectively been paid £36 to accept a free iphone. I dislike anything Apple, but this is a good deal if you are prepared to stick with the same phone. Alternatively, sell the phone, and with the money given and money saved, you could buy a couple of decent phones in the duration.


I'm with EE and my contract is up the 4th of this month I have a iPhone 5 with them on a 24month contract unlimited mins and txt and 10gb of data , I won't a iPhone and I was wondering what EE's best retention deal would be as anyone had a good retention deal from them, can someone please advice

Apple iPhone SE 128GB - O2 120GB Data + Unlim Calls/Texts for £40pm for 24 months (£960) - Mobile Phones Direct (£360 possible cashback)
-222° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Iphone SE 2020 128 gb 60GB Data 120GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts £360.00 Cashback £360.00 cashback provided by Mobile Phones Direct reducing the monthly line … Read more
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A grand for a phone with a battery that's not fit for purpose


Seems like a good deal once you take off the sim tariff and cashback but can’t find it??


I bought it from Apple shop used my own SIM card and you can pay it up costs £415


Yes but you have cashback 360. So generally monthly plan is 25 pound


Cold 🥶 nearly £1000 for a phone worth about £450 no thanks

Used Apple iPhone SE 2020 64 Grade C £296.99 @ stockmustgo /eBay
-205° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Grade C 2020 SE 10 Percent Discount On Checkout until midnight 26th June
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Grade A still available for £350


I agree. This was a great deal. I bought a Grade C one from the same eBay seller a while back for more that. It has a minute little scratch on the screen. A scratch so small I struggled to see it. I feel it was a good deal and there's 12 month warranty + Apple seem to be saying I'm covered by their warranty they gave to the original owner (not sure if that will work). Hoping that the battery is no more likely to die than a two month old phone bought from new. If it does, 12 month warranty cover to test it before then.


No I just put the board in my reflow oven and it works now.


Voted hot. Had this in my basket earlier today but decided not to go ahead. £120 saving on new. If it’s too worn out, return it at postage cost. You also have balance of Apple Warranty.


Assuming you paid by PayPal, did you make use of their 6 months period to make a claim against a seller?

Iphone SE 2 128gb (Refurbished/Customer Return) + 1 year Apple TV & warranty Sim Free £399 at Mobile Phones Direct
-67° Expired
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Iphone SE 2 128gb (Refurbished/Customer Return) + 1 year Apple TV & warranty Sim Free Available in White and Black.Red is available for 369 - 64gb.
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:) lol


That’s a lot of money for some cellophane!!


It's a really good deal. Was going to buy it but I've decided to pay a little extra (£40) as I've found I can get it brand new sealed for £439. Still voted hot.


Link brings up the 64Gb version. Perhaps its OOS?


Heat from me. I got the 64Gb version and the handset was only 5 days old as I checked the warranty on the Apple website. Why pay the extra for some cellophane on the box??

Apple iPhone SE 64GB on O2 Unltd minutes/texts/10GB Data £23/month/£29.99 upfront £582 (£44 cashback)+ Apple/Disney @ Mobile Phones Direct
894° Expired
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Iphone SE 2020 normally retails for £400 -£420. This deal gets you unlimited minutes/texts and a reasonable 10GB data on O2 - £23/month + £29.99 upfront. Total cost is £582/ 24 m… Read more
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Disney is not free via 3rd party purchases only if you buy directly via o2.


Do 02 customers get discounts for these kinda stuff


What website is this?


Fairly flexible with upping the data & price, but you need to watch, likely to lose the cashback if you do & possibly even get charged by retailer (it is in most retailers T&C that changing tariff allows them to charge you the 'cost of the phone') - maybe ask them?


Their android phones are - is there not some weird apple norm of locking to the network of the first SIM inserted?

Apple Iphone SE (2020) 64GB EE 50GB Data Ultd min/txt - £35/month = £840 over 24 Months [possible £300 cashback] @ Affordable Mobiles
-135° Expired
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Great deal if 50GB data is enough for you . Total cost of contract after cahback is =£540 Possible Topcashback is = £35.70 Iphone Se 2020 is costing £400 so you are just paying 4… Read more



Personally, I'm more budget orientated as certain aspects I just don't care about. Which is exactly the target audience for the SE. Its just whether I want to go back on contract again, which I'm not really sure if I do. Contracts are always great for 6 months, mediocre for another 6, and you end up pining for something else for the remainder of the contract. (excited) My last iPhone was the 6, so will be a familiar form factor, just with an upgrade to the insides. Either way, this seems great.


Its great budget phone from apple especially camera , sound and nost powerful CPU/GPU , futures updates, compact design( might be boring for some). My only concern was low capacity battery because of which i went for 11 pro but reviews suggest that battery is nit bad for general tasks but not good if you are into gaming or heavy users who need 6 hours or more screen on time daily without the need of charging the phone. It seem apple intentionally did not put bigger batteey otherwise who will buy their higher end phones costing thousands quid


Nice deal. I'm very tempted by a 128gb for a couple of quid more per month...


There are plenty of deals form this sites here and reviews seem good https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.affordablemobiles.co.uk I recently bought one refurbished contract for iphone 11 pro from them but it had no cashback. Cashback deals are mostly same on all popular sites (fonehouse, mobileohonedirect, affordable mobiles, e2save, mobiles.co.uk etx)

IPhone SE with 11GB data £25 per month / 36 months but you can swap after 24 months at Sky Digital
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
So technically this is a 36 month contract but you can swap after 24 months. Deal is 8GB data but Sky VIPs get an extra 3GB. Unused rolls over too. 2GB data (5GB VIP) is £4 les… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

It's a 36 month contract so the price is wrong, it's £900 not £600... Sky is very devious with this (similar to the other scummy networks that do 36 months) and it only appeals to people who don't pay attention. They are locking you in for a minimum of 36 months and extend it again when you 'upgrade' at 24 months.


Thanks for sharing a deal with us @helen.bligh It's a very competitive market for phones at the minute and this one has gone cold i'm afraid but hopefully your next deal will fly :)


Expensive if you ask me, phone from Apple is £16.99 a month which is about £410 after the 24 months and then you own the phone. Get a good contract separately if you wanted for £8 or odd a month works out the same and you own the phone

Red Apple iPhone SE 64GB Refurbished (As New Customer Returns) Smartphone - £369 @ Mobile Phones Direct
766° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Couple quid back on the cashback sites, from my experience these come as new boxed customer returns 4.7-inch Retina HD display Water and dust resistant (1 meter for up to … Read more

Wow :o ... just remember folks, it’s just a phone!!


Have a nice day? I will thanks, likewise! :/ (lol)




Better buying 128gb version from ebay. Might come from Europe but better value 2 pin plug


I’m typing from a Refurb iPhone 11 bought from this website. The box had been opened and there were signs of use- the cables had been unwrapped etc, but condition of everything was basically as good as new. Refurb does always feel like a gamble but I would buy Refurb from them again.

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