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Launched in 2016 as a successor to the iPhone 5, the iPhone SE (SE standing for “special edition”) is sleek, compact and powerful. Featuring a small screen but high resolution, it's a more portable alternative to larger iPhones and one of the finest of Apple's many digital achievements. Find out how to purchase the cheapest possible iPhone SE at HotUKDeals.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Apple iPhone and iPad. Discounted to £4.69 from its original £8.49 - Itunes
Found 4 h, 41 m agoFound 4 h, 41 m ago
Much acclaimed and sprawling RPG Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) – oft quoted as one of the best Star Wars games of all time – has received a price cut. A sizeable one too. Dis… Read more
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This is great on the PC, and the steam version got updated a few years ago with better visual, joypad support and steam chevoos....cracking game.


I once completed this game on my iPhone, it run like crap but it’s such an awesome game. It also looks very good in 4k on my X1X


Same here, I absolutely loved it.


I played this on the iPad last year. It plays really well.


So tempting! I LOVED the original and the sequel too. But I've been bitten by the nostalgia bug a couple of times recently and downloaded games onto the iPad, only to be disappointed... Can anyone set my mind at ease? :)

iPhone SE 32Gb, 2 year contract, 4Gb, unlimited calls, £22 p/m 24 months £20 off with code £518 Mobiles.co.uk
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
OK, now the newest phone, but good price. 2 year contract on EE, 4Gb data, unlimited calls/texts, iPhone SE Silver or Grey 32Gb (no upfront cost), cashback and with 'Deal20' code … Read more

Yeh £180 32GB SE unlocked freezing cold £240 last year on eBay 20% freezing cold


And just cause apple over price their phones doesn't mean they are better or even worth it. Only mugs pay iPhone prices. Again, just my opinion. And the majority of HUKDers also think that, since its gone this cold. Along with all the other iPhone deals....


I didn't say they was the same. Android is far superior. IN MY OPINION.


No, it won't be. iOS 12 is being rolled out to the 5s this year. The CPU in this phone is from the 6s, minimum software support you can reasonably expect is up to and including iOS 14.


A budget iPhone is £300 A budget Android is £60 You think they are the same?

Apple iPhone SE and iPad From £25 per month on a 3 year deal @ Virgin Media
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
I know this deal will not suit most people but if you want a mobile plus ipad and dont want to pay up front then this may suit you. I'm personally going for the 2,500 minutes, unl… Read more

How is it ‘about 97%’, surely it’ll just tell you exactly in the Battery Health (beta) bit. Anyway that figure is an estimate so if you’ve charged it 1400ish times then that percentage will bear a linear relationship with the charge cycles so it doesn’t sound right. Maybe they don’t ‘rig for performance tests’, they’ll just underclock your CPU and not tell you... not like you can compare it directly to something else. Anyway I have an iPhone as welland I’m happy with it.


Well I have it here and that’s what it says in batt health..Best phone I’ve had , gonna keep this as long as I can..too many suffer from upgradeitis. Just checked my wife’s and her iPhone 6 battery is 88% , still not bad for a 4 year old phone.


Even if it was switched off the last four years in a drawer that's unlikely


I dunno you tell us?


That's a really silly thing to say. Why would anyone have a product they think is trash?

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Apple iPhone SE 64GB - Unlocked, various grades from £119.99 @ Smartfonestore
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Seems like a good deal for an unlocked 64Gb version.I bought a grade B, it was mint, no scratches or nicks. £4.99 postage
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Yeah my grade b was pretty mint, perfect for my kid as it’s cheap (can be replaced), not desirable (won’t get it nicked) and it can play fortnite


Ordered a couple of grade b’s and they came looking perfect. Haven’t turned them on yet though...


All the options I would consider (iphone 6 64gb unlocked) are only avail in either Grade A(more than I want to pay) or Grade C(Ilower quality). Decent deal for an SE though.


I’ve been browsing for a cheap SE with higher than 16gb storage for a few weeks now and this deal stands out. Tempting. Thanks OP. Voted hot.


Because it’s apple and the haters happen to be on here

Apple iPhone SE 16gb Various Networks EE/VODAFONE (A Few Available) Refurb Good @ Music magpie - £87.99
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Under £90 mint. FREE 12 Month Warranty on ALL Tech! Contract FREE No Monthly Payments! FREE Tracked Delivery on ALL Phones This product has moderate signs of wear… Read more

Mine arrived yesterday. In good condition, so very happy :)


Mine arrived today - I hesitated taking the lid off the box having read some negative comments. I am however thrilled with it. Few dinks on the sides but no scratches - screen near perfect. Excellent for a grade good phone. Everything seems to be working and battery health states 89%. Happy.


Not able to get 10 percent off even if sign up .. Anyluck for someone


Well I’ve ordered an 02 one and it has been dispatched... so I will let u know. I only want it for a second phone for when I’m out - I don’t want my phone with all my data/personal stuff being hacked or stolen when I’ve had a sip slip on the ole pino !


These run iOS 12 like a dream - thoroughly recommended- hot hot hot !

Genuine Apple iPhone SE 16gb Refurbished Excellent £139 and Refurbished Good £99 @ Envirofone Ebay
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul
Another couple of good prices here, under a ton for the good👌 And just under £140 for the excellent... The tiny but mighty iPhone SE may only have a four-inch display, but… Read more

This is too expensive for a 16GB phone


New are £180 odd for the 32GB just have a search on here. That one may have gone but others are £199.


Received a ‘good’ today (paid £99)but sending it back for a refund. Too many bumps, scrapes and scratches and battery health is 89% ... you win some you lose some ...

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Apple iPhone SE 32GB - Grey - Unlocked (Any network) - Brand New at Smartfonestore for £189.99
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
I'd say best small phone out there, with 32GB memory. edit: Brand new and unlocked. So it comes with all the accessories etc.Postage is £4.99. edit 2: it is £199.99 now. supply and… Read more
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What's the warranty on this, 1 or 2 years? I've Googled and find news articles stating it is 2, but Apple's site is vague, and states 6?!


Well, it wasn't necessarily just for crane loading, but I wouldn't recommend anyone stand under a load, correctly calculated or not.


Cheers, it does work that way. Which is the reverse of android and a standard calculator. Unless thats the US method, when they use the calculations. As I've wrote previously, why can't the display Brackets and orders, rather than doing it as you input and before pressing =. Just a pet hate, as I like to check what I've input incase of errors.


Cheers, it does work that way. Its a shame it doesn't show Brakets and orders, so you can check the imputed values before you press =.


Same here 👆 Worth noting that the additional UK 3 pin plug is not an Apple original/genuine accessory... but, who cares? The iPhone SE box itself was sealed with all accessories (& EU plug). Came next day. Very happy.

Apple iPhone SE + Allowance + Cashback! @ Skymobile - £15pm x 30 months = £450
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
Unlimited Calls and Texts 5GB plus 3GB free Brand New Phone £55 Cashback via Quidco Free delivery Total minus cashback £305
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The EE much better as I can’t stand Virgin customer support - useless and based in India, at least with EE you do get UK or IE support and all of them speak English!! My speed on EE between 30 - 120 Mbps (better than Welsh broadband)


It’s not.


Must be where you live because mine dosnt go slow its always between 30-54 mbps and when im working i drive all round the midlands all day delivering and no issues at all its great now o2 were dreadful if i made a call while driving it would just cut off every time i moved areas and 4g was so slow everywhere i couldnt even look at my cctv or hive cameras absolute rubbish


That’s probably more to do with Virgin being off the back of EE which has a pretty strong data network these days though. I’m not a fan of Virgin as the data is slow during high traffic/peak times and they keep trying to push 36m contracts on the unsuspecting customer.


Oh i see, i didnt bother trying to calculate the 24 months just thought maybe theres some extra cash back or something he didnt list. I never used to like mvnos either but to be honest i left o2 after 8 years due to losing signal and slow 4g every where and joined virgin mobile 4 months back and its been great excellent service and fast speeds

Iphone SE 32gb £249 @ John Lewis
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
Both versions of the IPhone SE are reduced to clear at John Lewis. 32gb is showing at £249 whilst the 128gb is showing at £349. 1. Yes I know there is a new version due any day 2. … Read more
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It was there for the past few days and definitely when I posted, as I checked it, but looks like they've reduced it now


After the Apple been through (EU lawsuits), yes they will support it but originally it was on the next page to remove from any updates and support, the same as iPhone 5s.


I can’tsee the £45 cashback:-(


About to be discontinued. (poo)


https://www.macworld.co.uk/news/iphone/iphone-se-2-2018-3500611/ maxmix

iPhone SE Premium Pre-Owned 16GB in Space Grey SAVE £70 - £149 @ AO
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Premium Pre-Owned iPhone SE for a fraction of the price of brand new!! Not sure how long it's on for, snap it up!! Looks awesome to me (highfive)
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Premium definition used to refer to something that is of higher than usual quality: Pre owned definition someone once sat on on the cra*p*r scrolling through facebook, with this phone.


With a potential £45 topcashback too, making it £5 more of it pays out.


Giffgaff for 50 more


It’s premium pre-owned, which means that the phone has been checked over to ensure it’s still in superb condition


Means it was owned by a celebrity! All these terms like 'pre-owned', 'refurbished' etc. just mean used & second hand ... so let's go back to using those terms, instead of pretending it's something different and better!

iPhone SE - Good Condition £99 @ Giffgaff
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
Amazing price for what is still a well performing iPhone.
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absolutely cracking phone for the money


Thanks. Much appreciated! !!


Nothing note worthy in stock


Yes you are right, I was comparing others to my needs, which I shouldn't have.


The iPhone SE has a comparable camera to the iPhone 6s which was higher rated than the Note 4, primarily because it is a newer device. Don't expect it to be twice as good or anything, but it should win in an all condition shoot out.

Apple iPhone SE 16gb Various Networks EE/VODAFONE (A Few Available) Refurb Good @ Music magpie - £87.99
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Under £90 mint. FREE 12 Month Warranty on ALL Tech! Contract FREE No Monthly Payments! FREE Tracked Delivery on ALL Phones This product has moderate signs of wear and t… Read more

Got to agree about M M service, my iPhone became faulty after 6 months and gave me a full refund..


Damn this cheap and with MM excellent service. Deal!

iPhone SE 32GB New - £199 + £10 topup @ GiffGaff
Refreshed 15th JulRefreshed 15th Jul
Been watching this for a while and now it's dropped a further 10% down to £199. Considering pristine/refurbished on ebay are around £170 seems like a good deal to me! Note if you … Read more
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What's the warranty on this, 1 or 2 years? I've Googled and find news articles stating it is 2, but Apple's site is vague, and states 6?!


it already runs the ios 12 beta, would love an official statement about it but google suggests another major upgrade or 2 after that


Can anyone give their views on: 1. Whether this phone will continue to be supported given it’s quite old now. will it get ios12? 2. Did TCB track fine? Since the cashback is £45 I would want to make sure it tracks


Should be!


So this phone unlocked?

Infinity Blade trilogy by Epic Games the developer behind FORTNITE! £5.99 each reduced to 99p... save 83% @ iTunes
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
£5.99 reduced to 99p each! Infinity Blade delivers one of the coolest experiences on iPhone and is a sure contender as one of the best mobile games ever made from Epic Games, the … Read more
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Never knew this was made by epic. Played the first two games years ago. Good games by mobile standards. Probably helped them develop fortnite in the end


I would be happy if I would not know what it is. Be glad mate


Exactly Unreal Tournament is where its at. Fortnite is for the filthy casual's (highfive)


Can’t bring myself to buy any game which sells in game currency. :(


Oh you know it’s that groupthink experiment where if you don’t play it you’re not considered cool or relevant enough

iPhone SE 64GB Rose Gold / Silver Unlocked (Refurbished - Good - 12 month warranty) £123.99 Delivered with code @ Music Magpie
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Brilliant price for a 64GB Unlocked iPhone SE. As always, phones come with a 12 month warranty, and are rated as 'Good' condition. You will need to use the code ' SUMMER20 ' at ch… Read more

Well following on from my last post (if anyone's still following this thread) I ordered a 64GB in "good" condition, paid extra for 24hr delivery and it got to manchester sorting office and stuck there. 4 days later im still without it and tracking says its still in Manchester. Musicmagpie were sympathetic but wouldn't send a replacement until RM had investigated the lost one. So I ordered another "good" condition 64GB SE thinking I can return the missing one if it ever arrives. The next day postie brought my replacement AND the missing phone! So I had 2 the same "good" condition to check out. One was in a MMagpie box and had 3 scratches plus a mark on the back plus a dent right by the camera on the side. Apart from that it was very clean including the screen, a case would have hidden the marks, only problem was it was dead on arrival, it wouldn't power up so its being returned for a refund. The other previously "missing" phone came in an apple box with new apple charger and non apple lead. The box still had the instructions and pin inside too. Checking this for damage I found 2 tiny marks on the bottom and one by the power button as in the pictures, powered up, screen was perfect too, very happy to keep this one. So all in all I have had 3 phones from them and none of the marks would cause me to return them as all were small and covered by a case. So "good" and "very good" seem to be worth taking a risk on for damage, well done MusicMagpie.


I ordered one last week 16GB "very good condition" arrived and apart from the rear case having a small dent and covered in sticky residue from some label or tape, it looked fine. Looked much better after I cleaned the goo off the back though and I would say they dont put much effort into cleaning them as I managed in 5mins to make the sides and front look "pristine" so apart from the one dent in the back all was fine in the end. I just ordered a 64GB "good condition" so I will have another dip in the lucky pot and see what happens ;)


Picked mine up today expecting the worst and a rapid return, 64Gb rose gold unlocked. It is totally unmarked and mint, battery health is reading at 100%! Checked out when manufactured from the serial no and it's 4th Jan 2018.


I think only the newer software shows the battery health, and the software (latest iOS) doesn't work on an iPhone 4 Anyway under settings, go to battery, and then scroll down to Battery Health (beta) and click on that.


Very very pleased with mine, looks like its luck of the draw, mine was bought as "good" condition, but if I bought it as immaculate I would still be happy, it has a few minor surface scratches to the screen but you can only see that in a certain light. It looks like its been well looked after and would have been in a case all its life. Came with original Apple iPhone box, inserts and instructions etc but a 3rd party USB (non Apple) charge cable. No USB charger adaptor but hey I've got loads. iPhone SE space grey 64GB unlocked. I'll try and get a picture of it later, but my phone of course is my main camera :) Battery health is at 93% which compares well to the phone it replaces - iPhone SE 32GB that was only 14 months old at 87% - that still sort of works but has some water damage hence I needed a quick cheap replacement.

iphone SE 32GB with 2 year warranty £249 @ John lewis
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
The iPhone SE is a 4-inch powerhouse that easily fits in your pocket, yet delivers the same high speeds and stunning graphics as the iPhone 6s. It’s designed with an improved batte… Read more

Not after 12 months you cant.. they wont entertain you, just refer you to Consumer Rights, the fact JL offer 2 years is great for the 2nd year.




£229 at Giffgaff. JL’s warranty is better but I’d say it’s less important with Apple stuff because you can go direct to them.


It's a 4" powerhouse


Only time machine can make this deal hot! :)

iPhone SE 32GB in Gold or Rose Gold (Network Unlocked) - Certified Manufacturer Refurbished (mine arrived sealed and like brand new) - £159 - The Phone Outlet via eBay (99.8% Positive Feedback)
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
After not having much luck with Music Magpie buying a cheap iPhone 5S and then an iPhone SE, which were both returned either for the phone constantly crashing or the awful state of… Read more

Thanks OP really great deal. Thought it would probably come back in stock. Looks like they're unused, re-sealed stock. Fantastic price when you consider they are pristine and come with all accessories. Paid more for an O2 refresh iPhone 5c, with no accessories not so long ago. Thanks again, great spot (y)


Pleased the deal worked for you, lots seem to doubt me... They're still selling the Rose Gold for £159.99... The link was posted in the text section of the HUKD deal, as the main link pointed to the gold one. m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apple-iPhone-SE-Unlocked-32GB-SIM-Free-4-12MP-Smartphone-Rose-Gold-Refurbished/122544416109?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1


Deal I got seems to be oos but they have 1 left of this deal with same seller for £179 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apple-iPhone-SE-32GB-4-12MP-Unlocked-SIM-Free-Smartphone-Rose-Gold-Pristine-/122959536892?hash=item1ca0f5a2fc


Sorry, I had to wait for a few days before setting it up. Arrived in original packaging as per op's description. Looks new with all original accessories. Set it up today, all aok. Battery health 100%. Has still got about 10 months Apple warranty. Very happy. Great deal! Thanks OP!


any update saniman ??

Refurb iPhone Se 64 GB on o2 network (condition : Good) 12 MONTHS WARRANTY -  £119.99 at MusicMagpie on ebay
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Silver - rose Gold and gold available at thetime of writing 127.99 for unlocked version Choose 64gb and Good condition for this price 16 Gb for 89.99

Just like to warn everyone from musicMagpie since it's unfair that they don't tell you this. They can give you a phone with third party parts I was told that often they take phones and repair them with THIRD PARTY PARTS. Just spoke on the phone to them now they may even repair your battery but since they aren't Apple they would just give you a third party battery. I bought a google pixel from them and im pretty sure the screen is fake and has no gorilla glass since it has been scratched accidentally by a pen which is a joke. I know im too late but pls think twice before buying. My screen has a 1cm scratch and another scratch, after paying 250 quid for the pixel thinking im getting a google pixel when in fact its a pixel with a fake screen (mad)


Got a really nice condition Rose Gold one. It does have 1 or 2 slight dings on the edges but very good condition for being rated as 'Good'


Thanks OP, been on the edge about buying a personal iPhone to replace my smashed (but functional) 5s and have now pulled the trigger! 64gig will make me a happy snapper :-) and an happy Apper!


Wow, do you have the same phone I received? Same. No marks on the front, couple of scuffs on the back, but with my case on it, can’t even tell. Battery is 87%. Bargain. Thank you OP, well chuffed


A bit against music Magpie as bought a creeper Xbox controller for my son's birthday which did not arrive and when I finally got an answer they said that the courier had "lost it" and they were unable to supply a replacement. Why can't they just be honest??????

Used 16gb iPhone SE with 12 month warranty £87.99 @ eBay Music Magpie
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Choose O2, 16gb, good condition, space grey. Use code PARTY20 for 20% off, making £109.99 £87.99. Once received, Tesco Mobile will unlock for free.

Code is not working


A 4" screen is rather small though.


Mine arrived today and condition is really good, not pristine but totally fine. I went on Tesco mobile live chat to unlock and it took two minutes, no questions asked just give them the IMEI and a mobile number. The phone came with a case (previous users I think), a screen protector and a cloth and cost little more than a second hand one off ebay would cost which doesn't come with 12 month warranty. All in all very happy. Thanks OP for the O2/Tesco unlock tip.


Phone has arrived and the 'Good' condition is brilliant. Hardly any marks or scratches.


If Music Magpie sent me a free phone , I would still send it back …………………..

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