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Updated 2nd MarLast updated 2nd Mar by wakkaday
Nilfisk Compact C120 not working through the spray gun
i have a Nilfisk Compact C120 Pressure Washer and when i attach the trigger nozzle there is a lack of pressure, just comes out very slowly or normally like a hose. any tips?

Guys I got another device it’s the same issue .. I have a feeling it’s my hoselock connector ... but not sure what to try ?


Yes I haven’t used in a year


Mines been doing that as it’s been idle for months.


My Nilfsk had a different problem, the Lance would always be spraying out a tiny jet of water when not being used and the motor/pump would blip on for a second every 30 or so seconds. Turned out it was small o ring in the lance that needed to be replaced which fixed the problem so do a google and maybe only a small inexpensive part needs to be replaced.


Doubt it's the lance, if it's complete and the trigger is working correctly and you also have the end piece connected with the tiny hole at the end of the lance then it can only be the pump that's knackered.

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Updated 18th Oct 2020Last updated 18th Oct 2020 by slimy31
Nilfisk hose inlet connector
I have a Nilfisk C110.4 pressure washer, and the hose inlet connector has snapped. to be honest I'm surprised it lasted this long, it was a stubborn connection at the best of times… Read more

Hmm, you have a point there, perhaps that plastic part is there for a reason. I suspect the next fitting is a little more expensive (time and money) to fix.


I had the exact same failure on a Nilfisk pressure washer and replaced the original black plastic part with the brass fitting from Toolstation (as above link). Now the fitting that the new brass fitting screwed onto has failed somehow - have not yet taken the unit apart to investigate.


Aye, I should have started there as I seem to remember that's where I got my other fittings from! The only thing is that it's to go on to the pressure washer itself and I'm not sure a standard tap fitting would work.


I’m not sure what you need but Toolstation have a good selection of hose fittings,

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Updated 26th Aug 2020Last updated 26th Aug 2020 by 7ommy.78
Nilfisk C110 Snow Foam Lance
Hey All, Hope you're all doing well. I have a Nilfisk C110 pressure washer and wanted to purchase a snow foam lance to wash the car. The one supplied is just a bottle and doesn't … Read more

I’m guessing by the one he linked he’s not into “branded” £40+ foam lances that don’t offer massive amounts more than a cheapy for a weekend warrior




That’ll work as long as you buy one to fit the nilfisk the one you linked is for karcher Like this one

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Updated 4th Aug 2020Last updated 4th Aug 2020 by joedastudd
Best available Nilfisk Pressure Washer for £155
Hi, been waiting ages for a deal but can't wait any longer, basically i think this is the best available in this price range - Unless you know better… Read more

(confused) I've used mine for about half an hour a year or so ago then had it got it out this Sunday and was using it for about half an hour. Didnt have any trouble with it. Got a bit caked half way through mainly on the bristles so I took it off turned it over and used the standard nozzle to clean it. Iirc it comes with some pins to clean it, but no had to bother.


Mine doesn't work either, it does what you said for about 30 seconds then gets clogged and stops spinning so you give up and do it the normal way.


The patio cleaner is designed to stop all the muck and dirty water flying everywhere. It works great on really dirty flooring and saves washing the walls and windows after.


Its only £1 more for the patio cleaner with this one


or this

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Updated 24th May 2020Last updated 24th May 2020 by steveblackman
Using Karcher Telescopic gun on a Nilfisk Pressure Washer
I want to buy a Karcher extendable gun to clean conservatory and gutters but have a Nilfisk Unit. (The Nilfisk version has bad reviews on lack of pressure at end of nozzle plus it'… Read more

I wouldn't recommend using a pressure washer on a conservatory, you will damage the seals on the glass and also you need purified water as tape water will leave water makes and can often make glass look worse.


That looks like an adapter that I plug my Nilfisk gun into, then plug that in the Karcher gun, so I'd have two guns. This is what I want to connect to my Nilfiskärcher-Telescopic-Pipe/dp/B004U7EHCQ/ref=sr_1_5?crid=2S55UJKD8UVW1&dchild=1&keywords=karcher+telescopic+spray+lance&qid=1588792054&sprefix=Karcher+tele,aps,186&sr=8-5&swrs=9DCE4B8BA84B21B2A88AFB350B58FD0B It's not really an attachment to add on to my existing Nilfisk gun, but a whole new gun on its own.


lots of adapters on fleabay


Something like this


Question, why do you wanna use a Karcher on Netflix? (confused)

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Updated 27th Mar 2020Last updated 27th Mar 2020 by PumpingPools
Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer
Hi All, Finally got round to unboxing my pressure washer as per the title... nothing flash, just a cheap 'Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer'.... My only issue is, is that it doesn't co… Read more

Thankyou everyone!


Yes I always run the water through before switching on My old karcher k2 failed so I try and treat this one perfectly lol


I also believe they allow the pump to momentarily run dry unless you pull the trigger on the gun to get water flowing through to prime the pump then turn the machine on


Exactly what I got, hose pipe and the two connector (£7 in total) to connect from my new pressure washer to kitchen tap


This is one bit where I saw it..only found as I have to wrestle connector on. I guess the plastic bit inside would restrict flow...I only notice as on private water supply so pressure isnt great to begin with!