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New Unlocked Huawei P20 Pro 128GB O2 Refresh, £75 off available via chat so £324 up front at O2 Shop
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Absolutely great phone with a stunning camera. I went onto O2 chat, asked what the best deal was on a "like new" P20 Pro (showing as £349 on refresh) and the operator immediately … Read more

Sorry, my new phone didn't alert me to your question as I hadn't logged it into HUKD yet. Glad to hear it's sorted.


All sorted thanks


Thank you... Last ask... Did it have a chat reference?


No problem, here you go. From Sat 22nd June: CAROL: Hi my name is Carol. Please give me a moment to read your previous chat. CARL: Hi Carol. The "Like new" P20 pro you have: https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/huawei/p20-pro-like-new#contractType=paymonthly CARL: I'm interested in one. Your offer is £349 if I pay for device in full. CAROL: Thanks for waiting, Carl CAROL: Sure, I will check that for you CARL: Just wondering if you can beat that price please? I can buy the same phone cheaper at CEX and Music Magpie in "like new" condition, but the wait to deliver is a bit longer. CAROL: Let me check that for you CAROL: Please give me a few minutes while I check this for you. CARL: Thanks. CAROL: You're welcome :) CAROL: Thanks for waiting, Carl CAROL: As I have checked that, currently we do have any online promotional offer on Like New device, however we do have online promotional offer on Brand new one CAROL: Let me share the deal with you on Full device pay CAROL: The deal is for 1 month Device Plan O2 Refresh, (Huawei P20 Pro 128GB) with (Device plan-£0.00 + Airtime tariff- £26.00)incl VAT with upfront phone cost £399.00. You will get Unlimited minutes, Unlimited textsand 4G 15GB + unlimited O2 WiFi. In total your monthly cost will be £26.00. CAROL: As an online promotional offer CAROL: Here, I can offer you £75.00 Upfront cost discount CAROL: After discount you will be paying £324.00 CAROL: Sounds good? CARL: I was about to ask why I'd do that until you mentioned the discount... :-) CARL: So to confirm, I pay £324 which pays for the device in full and then it's the rolling airtime contract from then on? CAROL: Yes, that's correct. CAROL: You will just pay for the airtime cost of £26.00 CAROL: Would you like to go ahead with this offer? CARL: And as that's the rolling contract it means I'm not tied in to any contract length, so could cancel/change at any point CAROL: Yes, ofcourse, as I have offered you the deal on O2 Refresh CARL: And is the device unlocked if I want to put a different sim in at some point? CAROL: Yes, it's unlocked device CAROL: With O2 Refresh you've the flexibility to upgrade or cancel the anytime within the contract terms by just paying off the phone plan. CAROL: O2 Refresh splits your Pay Monthly bill into two parts. CAROL: The Device Plan is the cost of your phone or tablet, and Airtime Plan is the cost of your data, texts and minutes. You can trade in your phone at any time and put the cash towards paying off your Device Plan.Leaving you free to upgrade to the latest device. CARL: OK, but in my case there is no device plan, so it's all airtime? CAROL: Yes, that's right


Can you show text from chat please? They're denying the existence of this deal with me

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone | On O2 Refresh | £565 @ O2
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
First of all go through via Live chat for an possible extra £70 - £75 off this deal, which has been proven on a few occasions to work on other o2 refresh deals. Getting the s10 fo… Read more

You won't get get any defults or anything like that as you are free to cancel the contract as per the terms and conditions, however there are 2 credit checks with 02 refresh as it's effectively 2 separate contacts even though you're paying up front for the phone, the 2 credit applications does have a small impact on your credit score for a few months untill the applications drop off your credit file.


Purchased - thank you! Managed to cancel the airtime contract pretty much straight away by mentioning the 14 day cooling off period. Edit: Did everything via chat (inc £75 discount) other than collecting the phone in store.


FYI this would never affect your credit score as it is an on rolling contract of 30 days, you can cancel without any problems!


there you go


question how u guys get it at £490 via live chat????

Google Pixel 3 £377 or Pixel 3 XL £472 O2 Refresh deal
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Save £400 on the pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL, great deal. Steps: Take out a new O2 refresh deal - I advise paying device plan upfront. Wait for phone to arrive. Cancel airtime portion… Read more

I got pixel 3 xl for £397. Cannot complain


Lucky you! I tried 3 people none of them would give that. I'm not going to complain 302 + possibly 29 for one months rental is way cheaper than the 400 i was going to spend on the 3a. Although a headphone jack would be nice


UPDATE: happy to confirm this works. Picked up the phone today and rang customer services to cancel the airtime. Because I'm keeping the phone they said I have to give 30 days notice so I'll.probs have to pay 26 quid. Frankly I don't care - 425 quid for a brand new Pixel 3 XL is the best deal on the market by far. Very pleased with this, cheers OP for sharing!


Black and White back in stock. Managed to get the £100.00 off via live chat. Told me at first it wasn't available but then said it was on the 60gb plan. Promo name: £100 off when you take a 50GB or above tariff was printed on my confirmation. £277.00 !


Can I just say thank you so much for posting this . I lost my hubby 2 yrs ago and it's been a living hell since. I've three kids and I have had to give up a senior nurse career to bring them up. I've lost all my confidence and I an not tech savvy. But today on my birthday I walked into the O2 shop and said I want to pay in full for the handset and cancel the contract. They were lovely I got the pixel 3xl for 444 and I'm chuffed as buttons. I got charged to a cheap as hell data sim deal . I've to wait until Monday to cancel this but they will do it for me. I've had all the pixels 1,2 and now three. But I've never had the XL and at 45 today I'm glad I did as my eyesight is fuxxxxd x so thanks you have cheered me up no end x

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Sony Xperia 1 on O2 refresh plan for £630 plus claim Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones worth £329
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
I had been waiting for Sony Xperia 1 to be released here in UK. At the moment the phone is for preorder on O2, CPW, EE and SkyMobile. Should be there on Vodafone soon. The best d… Read more

Still waiting... I was hoping they would be here this weekend....


Still waiting here :( I already have a pair of the same ones so was hoping to sell them before market crashes badly :(


Yeah same here lol. Still waiting.


Yeah been wanting to post the questions here for a while, the 14 days cooling off period is finished now so we should be eligible for the headphones from sony (anybody noticed the various deals posted here for these headphones recently? (lol) ) Really want to receive the headphones first before cancelling the O2 contract, even though I'm legitimately allowed to do after paying the phone in full, want to avoid any shenanigans just in case.


Up to 28 days apparently.. but if there's nothing soonish, call them. 01425 284000

Google Pixel 3/3 XL - Save £400 O2 Refresh Device Plan!! Pixel 3 64gb now £377
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Big reductions to be had starting from today on the Google Pixel 3 range, using the O2 refresh device plan that we should all be aware off due to the great success with previous de… Read more

To my surprise, I've just logged on to my account, and there is actually a revised bill (dated 7 May) with a credit of £22.53. While it's only £3.50, I still think it's a bit cheeky that they've charged that much given that I didn't even use the SIM card, and cancelled the contract 24 hours after collecting it from instore (as per the advisor's recommendation). As for the phone, I have mixed feelings after a couple of weeks of using it. I thought it'd be a much bigger step up from the Xiaomi Mi A1. The camera is very good but the battery life is shocking - it reminds me of my old LG G4 (awesome phone/interface, awful battery).


Jheez they are so useless. After eventually getting someone to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period I was then locked out of the account. However today I have received a rather threatening email for the full month stating £3.50 charge if I don't pay within 4 days. No money was taken on the direct debit and I cannot even login to the account to attempt to pay it. Just called them and the guy said that it has been sent in mistake and that my next bill would show me as being in credit (despite nothing being taken this month!). I asked him to send an email saying I don't need to pay the bill, apparently they can't sent emails so he sent me a text instead saying "Final bill was sent to you, the charge is no longer valid for the account xxxxxxx was cancelled in the 14 day cooling off period. Thank you. O2." Is this going to screw with my credit rating somehow?


I guess I don't until another month goes by, I was just being hopeful based on the fact I couldn't log in to my O2 account this morning. I really wouldn't be surprised if I get another bill or a request to return the handset at some point.


How do you know it is now wrapped up for sure? Im certainly not positive even though my online account is now disabled... Just crossing fingers!!


This took me several phone calls and numerous online chats to finally get it sorted. They were really struggling with the fact I was keeping the handset and just cancelling the airtime contract. Even when I was told it was all sorted and a letter was on it's way to me... nothing ever materialised and it took another call to get it wrapped up yesterday (fierce)

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro on O2 refresh - £668
Posted 21st JanPosted 21st JanLocalLocal
Huawei Mate 20 Pro on O2 refresh - £668
Saw this in the sale at O2 Device cost £650 plus £18 for lowest amount of data for the 30 day contract. On the O2 refresh tariff so you can pay the device off in the first 14 days … Read more
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02 priority free Grenade Carb Killa protein bar (60g) starts 2nd jan 9am - available in WHSmith High Street stores only
Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd JanLocalLocal
02 priority free Grenade Carb Killa protein bar (60g) starts 2nd jan 9am - available in WHSmith High Street stores only
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No I did them separately


Same transaction?


I got 6 today I took a screenshot and went to self serve. I was really really lucky as the staff where to busy talking.


Expect a call from my solicitor. I'm suing


My local had all flavours except the ones in the deal so we ended up wasting 2 codes

Huawei P20 Pro Like new O2 Refresh £390 @ O2
Posted 27th Nov 2018Posted 27th Nov 2018
Huawei P20 Pro Like new O2 Refresh £390 @ O2
O2 Refresh Huawei P20 Pro both twilight and black available. Personally I hate O2. Customer service are beyond woeful. But they are selling a cracking phone for a cracking price. … Read more

589 now. Ffs why did u hesitate??


may just be updating it .


The deal is over, isn't it ?! The whole website seems to be down ...


O2 will be at a loss to give away at that price. Must be the standard P20 for sure.


Lol where

Extra £5 when using O2 Recycle
Posted 8th Nov 2018Posted 8th Nov 2018
Extra £5 when using O2 Recycle
CLEGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Simply enter promo code 5RECYCLE to the checkout to get an additional £5 added to your recycle order.
Read More

Exactly what happened twice to me...


Even cex pay more.


Got quoted £2 , lol . You can easily get more by selling on ebay


Had an awful recycling experience with these myself. They lost my phone at the local distribution centre. Slowest to respond to any queries as well. They ended up paying me out in the end as they couldn't find it even though it was tracked to their address. I'd steer well clear


WAITADD5 also works

Huawei P20 Pro Like New Black @ O2 Refresh - £374 + £18 1mth contract
Posted 13th Oct 2018Posted 13th Oct 2018
Huawei P20 Pro Like New Black @ O2 Refresh - £374 + £18 1mth contract
Sign up with 1 month contract, £18 Black only back in stock Select ‘Pay for your device in full’ £30 off voucher at checkout.
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Just tried and looks like £30 off is no more :-(


Excellent news!


I can't seem to get the extra £30 off, any ideas? Or has it ended now?


Had the call and got an £18 credit to my account (I have another contract with O2). Not willing to give anything else but I'm happy anyway. Thanks for info.


It took them 6 days to get back to me but once they did they were quick with responding.

Huawei P20 Pro Like New Twilight @ O2 Refresh - £374 + £18 1mth contract
Posted 9th Oct 2018Posted 9th Oct 2018
Huawei P20 Pro Like New Twilight @ O2 Refresh - £374 + £18 1mth contract
Sign up with 1 month contract, £18 Twilight only back in stock Select 'Pay for your device in full' £30 off voucher at checkout.
Get dealGet deal

Select the £18 rolling 30 day anytime contract. Just ring up and cancel, the next monthly payment


This is a 30 day rolling airtime contract, hence only need to serve 30 days


just ordered, code is working and in stock


Just ordered mine i'll see how it looks on monday when recieved


Anyone know where to get a genuine charger from? If I can't rapid charge, I'm returning this to O2.

Huawei P20 Pro Twilight like new on O2 refresh back in stock and cheaper £404 + £18 1 month contract
Posted 28th Sep 2018Posted 28th Sep 2018
Huawei P20 Pro Twilight like new on O2 refresh back in stock and cheaper £404 + £18 1 month contract
This is now back in stock and cheaper as ever. Purchased one just as paid my old contract off today. Best price available on this and in great twilight finish. Pay contract off any… Read more

Twilight Back in stock! :D I ordered one today <3 £422 Total


Ordered this. Didn't get any confirmation email so went on live chat and then they sent me one yday. Went on live chat today and apparently it is out of stock so mine isn't coming (lol) they said wait 48 hours but I doubt they'll get anymore in stock


Can you definitely cancel this and keep the phone? Anyone care to tell me the steps? Thanks


Have you managed to cancel it and did you use top cashback and Did it work? Thanks


I got mine. The phone looks like new. It was completely flat though. It came cellophaned to cardboard with cable and sim pin only. Ive now got to figure out how to get out the contract.

Sony Xperia XZ2 on O2 Refresh @ O2
Posted 26th Aug 2018Posted 26th Aug 2018
Sony Xperia XZ2 on O2 Refresh @ O2
£465.99£56918%O2 Shop Deals
Still looking for a new phone and started to get interested in the XZ2. Bezels annoy me slightly but the 4K HDR and 1080p slow mo are attractive to me. Select the 15gb £47 per mo… Read more
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Depends what you are looking for. Both designs are subjective, but the bezels on the sony are quite big. The extreme rounding of the Oneplus 6 looks cheap imo. Sony has the better video recording with 4K HDR and 1080p 960fps slow mo. Oneplus is supposed to be faster and snappier because of the light Android skin. Also, the camera is highly regarded, plus it has a number of cool gestures you can use to navigate such as drawing C on the screen to open the camera etc.


This or the OnePlus 6?


And will be several hundred quid more


xz3 will be out in a month or so


Added more detail

P20 Pro O2 Refresh Price Drop. £507.99
Posted 9th Aug 2018Posted 9th Aug 2018
P20 Pro O2 Refresh Price Drop. £507.99
As per the o2 refresh trick you can get the P20 Pro for only £507.99. Select the 50gb plan, pay £99.99 upfront then the balance is £407. You also get the free wireless headphones t… Read more
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Oneplus6 does 60fps 4k ois


The boy who posted the deal can help you apparently he said it was easy.


Ahh apologies. Thought you were talking about the Huawei!


No, it's definitely locked, it's a LG G7 not a Huawei. Now that I've paid for the phone completely they said they're able to get it unlocked within 72 hours...apparently. I should be able to get a refund of it doesn't work out. Cheers


You have to play dumb a bit and appeal to their good side otherwise they can make it difficult. Say you need to go overseas for a few weeks and need to put a different SIM in there. They will do it faster for you

Huawei P20 pro Like New - £495.99 @ O2 Refresh
Posted 1st Aug 2018Posted 1st Aug 2018
Huawei P20 pro Like New - £495.99 @ O2 Refresh
Huawei P20 pro Like New Condition for only £499 if you take out a contract with O2 Refresh. Within 14 days of receiving the phone, just call them and offer to pay for the phone wh… Read more
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No issues with mine restarting. Try a factory reset and be careful what you transfer from your old phone. The clone app will copy all of your original apps including some of the bloatware that came with your original phone. Not a problem if it's the same brand. I didn't like the battery usage on mine at first so did a full reset but this time manually downloaded the apps I wanted from the app store. It made a huge difference. This phone is also a lot better in my opinion using the Microsoft launcher available from the app store. The standard launcher that comes with this phone is pretty basic to say the least.


Mine has self restarted twice in 2 weeks , cleared the cache and hoping for the best now . If it goes again this side of 30 days it's going back I love the phone but it seems to be quite a popular problem in the forums


Here's some examples of photos I've taken with this camera, really easy to take nice pictures IMO.


Half the price, much better battery life, better camera. More Software features, larger screen... To name a few.


No. These come unlocked fortunately. Same as OnePlus phones on O2.

IN STOCK: Huawei P20 Pro TWILIGHT with O2 Refresh + free JBL speaker - £579
Posted 28th May 2018Posted 28th May 2018
IN STOCK: Huawei P20 Pro TWILIGHT with O2 Refresh + free JBL speaker - £579
Same deal as posted here before with O2 Refresh deal - £99 upfront - ask O2 to unlock the phone - pay back the loan for the phone - cancel the contract

The idea is good but its 02. I really can't recommend someone to potentially go through the same hassle to cancel their refresh deal as myself. I was lied to several times and its only when I went through resolver and everything was documented externally, I finally spoke to someone further up the chain instead of a lame CS rep. I had months of unpaid bills put through my door which I refused to pay because at no point had I even inserted their sim card into the phone much less used their services.


No I rather have a monthly payments. So I think its no any chance to get extra "toy"


Now comes with a free Kodak mini 2 printer. Are you able to pay the full cost upfront then cancel the contract when the phone arrives?


Any one know if I order it by other website but i've done upgrade can I redeem this speaker too?


I just bought the OP6 and yeah the camera is a lot better although I did upgrade from the OP3 so you'd expect it to be.

O2 Priority: 50% off the upfront cost of a tablet on O2 Refresh
Posted 16th Apr 2018Posted 16th Apr 2018
Saw this in O2 Priority App this morning and thought it would be worth a share. Not sure if it works for new customers. Can be redeemed online and instore, just choose via the P… Read more

This is a rubbish deal from o2. Don't buy an iPad because of this deal.


No the code works on any other tariff, just not the ones where you pay for the device in full Yeah I just read the terms and noticed that too!


from what i read in the app, the discount only applies INSTORE. Although it does appear to say, 'Device with no upfront cost or purchased for cash price only are exluded'


Great shout but I can't get that to work. Says ''promo code can't be used with this order'' if you select to pay device off in full


Thanks for Posting (y)

Huawei P20 128GB Black o2 Refresh with Bose Headphones at O2 Shop Cancel the airtime You can Have phone For 361£ (via sales chat team)
Posted 5th Apr 2018Posted 5th Apr 2018
Huawei P20 128GB Black o2 Refresh with Bose Headphones at O2 Shop Cancel the airtime You can Have phone For 361£ (via sales chat team)
Huawei P20 128GB not Pro Model I managed to order via Chat with sales Team. They Offered me 75£ Off on upfront cost. I Select 99.99£ Upfront and 46£ Month Which was Reduced via pr… Read more

I took an O2 refresh deal for the iPhone 7 and cancelled the contract - there was no problem with doing that but they mistakenly charged me the full amount for the 24 month contract without telling and I only found out 6 months later when they sent me a letter to tell me what they'd done and they refunded me.




Yes select 6th which they accept


what did you choose as purchase date as 5th april is blocked, you can only choose a date after 5th april for purchase date,


Call o2 the will send u proof of purchase and they want to be sure that pre ordered was place within time limit which was 5th april 23:59

Huawei P20 plus free £325 Bose qc35 ii headphones on o2 refresh - £69.99 up front / £14pm x 24 months = £405.99
Posted 29th Mar 2018Posted 29th Mar 2018
Huawei P20 plus free £325 Bose qc35 ii headphones on o2 refresh - £69.99 up front / £14pm x 24 months = £405.99
Ok as above £69.99 upfront and £50 a month deal works out at £405.99 when you pay off the device plan and cancel the airtime plan which you are fully allowed to do Free headphone… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Cheers for the heads on this deal op! After much messing about with O2 they've finally refunded 2 months overpaid line rental (?!). If anyone else is in a similar situation go through complaints, they'll actually sort it out for you. Sold the phone for £90 profit and kept the headphones (highfive)


Headphones arrived today and refund from o2 for the 20 days overpayment on the line rental Was a little touch and go along the way But it's paid off in the end Litterally paid to take a pair of these amazing bad boy headphones (sold the phone and paid off plan) Thanks again OP


Same here, just had my 263xx shipped.


Light at the end of the tunnel! It looks like Huawei just got some new stock. I just woke up to this email: "Dear [removed], Claim ID: 23xxx Your reward has been shipped via recorded delivery to the address nominated during your online claim submission. Please keep this email for future reference. If you are unable to click on any link provided, please copy and paste it into your web browser. If you need to contact us please visit our support page. Kind Regards, Huawei Promotional Support"


I called them this morning and they said they had ran out of headphones due to popular promotion & are expecting a delivery next week. He apologised & said I should receive them the week after.

Huawei P20 Pro + £325 FREE Bose® QC 35  on O2 Refresh - £549.99
Posted 29th Mar 2018Posted 29th Mar 2018
Huawei P20 Pro + £325 FREE Bose® QC 35 on O2 Refresh - £549.99
Choose below bundle and cancel refresh contract on day you get phone. Unique Promo code for £30 will be at checkout page. Huawei P20 Pro128GB Black Select below o2 refresh plan.… Read more
Get dealGet deal



mine two sold, one for £255 and other £250


How much you got for them so far? Mine only sold for £160


Walking around today with the headphones on... audio keeps cutting out if I keep my phone in my left trouser pocket (like I always have done). if i swap phone to the right pocket, issue stops. is anyone else having an issue with the bluetooth connection dropping out? I already updated to latest firmware...


Got both of mine delivered yesterday finally!

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