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IN STOCK: Huawei P20 Pro TWILIGHT with O2 Refresh + free JBL speaker - £579
Found 28th MayFound 28th May
Same deal as posted here before with O2 Refresh deal - £99 upfront - ask O2 to unlock the phone - pay back the loan for the phone - cancel the contract

The idea is good but its 02. I really can't recommend someone to potentially go through the same hassle to cancel their refresh deal as myself. I was lied to several times and its only when I went through resolver and everything was documented externally, I finally spoke to someone further up the chain instead of a lame CS rep. I had months of unpaid bills put through my door which I refused to pay because at no point had I even inserted their sim card into the phone much less used their services.


No I rather have a monthly payments. So I think its no any chance to get extra "toy"


Now comes with a free Kodak mini 2 printer. Are you able to pay the full cost upfront then cancel the contract when the phone arrives?


Any one know if I order it by other website but i've done upgrade can I redeem this speaker too?


I just bought the OP6 and yeah the camera is a lot better although I did upgrade from the OP3 so you'd expect it to be.

O2 Priority: 50% off the upfront cost of a tablet on O2 Refresh
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Saw this in O2 Priority App this morning and thought it would be worth a share. Not sure if it works for new customers. Can be redeemed online and instore, just choose via the P… Read more

This is a rubbish deal from o2. Don't buy an iPad because of this deal.


No the code works on any other tariff, just not the ones where you pay for the device in full Yeah I just read the terms and noticed that too!


from what i read in the app, the discount only applies INSTORE. Although it does appear to say, 'Device with no upfront cost or purchased for cash price only are exluded'


Great shout but I can't get that to work. Says ''promo code can't be used with this order'' if you select to pay device off in full


Thanks for Posting (y)

Huawei P20 128GB Black o2 Refresh with Bose Headphones at O2 Shop Cancel the airtime You can Have phone For 361£ (via sales chat team)
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Huawei P20 128GB not Pro Model I managed to order via Chat with sales Team. They Offered me 75£ Off on upfront cost. I Select 99.99£ Upfront and 46£ Month Which was Reduced via pr… Read more



Yes select 6th which they accept


what did you choose as purchase date as 5th april is blocked, you can only choose a date after 5th april for purchase date,


Call o2 the will send u proof of purchase and they want to be sure that pre ordered was place within time limit which was 5th april 23:59


can i ask how you claimed? what did you use as proof of purchase and where did you get proof of purchase from? also they ask of sate of purchase but don't allow to clock 5th april, what did you choose?

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Huawei P20 plus free £325 Bose qc35 ii headphones on o2 refresh - £69.99 up front / £14pm x 24 months = £405.99
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Ok as above £69.99 upfront and £50 a month deal works out at £405.99 when you pay off the device plan and cancel the airtime plan which you are fully allowed to do Free headphone… Read more
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Cheers for the heads on this deal op! After much messing about with O2 they've finally refunded 2 months overpaid line rental (?!). If anyone else is in a similar situation go through complaints, they'll actually sort it out for you. Sold the phone for £90 profit and kept the headphones (highfive)


Headphones arrived today and refund from o2 for the 20 days overpayment on the line rental Was a little touch and go along the way But it's paid off in the end Litterally paid to take a pair of these amazing bad boy headphones (sold the phone and paid off plan) Thanks again OP


Same here, just had my 263xx shipped.


Light at the end of the tunnel! It looks like Huawei just got some new stock. I just woke up to this email: "Dear [removed], Claim ID: 23xxx Your reward has been shipped via recorded delivery to the address nominated during your online claim submission. Please keep this email for future reference. If you are unable to click on any link provided, please copy and paste it into your web browser. If you need to contact us please visit our support page. Kind Regards, Huawei Promotional Support"


I called them this morning and they said they had ran out of headphones due to popular promotion & are expecting a delivery next week. He apologised & said I should receive them the week after.

Huawei P20 Pro + £325 FREE Bose® QC 35  on O2 Refresh - £549.99
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Choose below bundle and cancel refresh contract on day you get phone. Unique Promo code for £30 will be at checkout page. Huawei P20 Pro128GB Black Select below o2 refresh plan.… Read more
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mine two sold, one for £255 and other £250


How much you got for them so far? Mine only sold for £160


Walking around today with the headphones on... audio keeps cutting out if I keep my phone in my left trouser pocket (like I always have done). if i swap phone to the right pocket, issue stops. is anyone else having an issue with the bluetooth connection dropping out? I already updated to latest firmware...


Got both of mine delivered yesterday finally!

Apple iPhone SE 16GB Like New (Perfect) Pay As You Go on O2 Refresh - £177.99
Found 7th Nov 2017Found 7th Nov 2017
Apple iPhone SE 16GB Like New (Perfect) Pay As You Go on O2 Refresh - £177.99
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What exactly does re fresh mean ?? I’ve just got one on a contract with 02 and they said it was a new phone ??? Can Anyone help please


you might as well wait for Black Friday than jumping on this


You need to top up so that's another £10 on top


that was £267 in the summer, they really have put the prices up or we got bigger bargains :)


Saw iphone 7 32Gb in silver almost perfect for £373 on there too

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Like New Jet Black 128GB O2 Refresh
Found 24th Oct 2017Found 24th Oct 2017
Apple iPhone 7 Plus Like New in Jet Black 128GB O2. Grade A so mint condition. Got mine yesterday and warranty with Apple started when I activated it (I checked on the Apple websi… Read more

Do you just buy online or do they offer this in O2 shops too?


I was told by customer service you would not be charged line rental if you also returned the phone. I will see what I get in the way of the first bill. Phone is brilliant!


I did it twice and never paid a month's charge after cancelling but just a couple of days pro-rata. I'm talking about cancelling in the first 14 days. The monthly charge doesn't get paid on day 1. I should have worded it like that.


You haven't paid it yet though (that's what I was getting at) so once you cancel they will send a final bill pro-rata with the actual charge. That's how it was for me twice. Hope this helps.


I have received my bill already for £26... and when reading into it a bit more it says it may be pro rata’d : 1 month plus what ever you use until cancellation?

iPhone 7 plus Perfect (like new) 32gb O2 Refresh deal
Found 16th Oct 2017Found 16th Oct 2017
Finally. If you choose 5GB with 19.99 initial and 46.00 monthly payment, 20.00 for handset and 26.00 for airtime. Cancel the airtime after you get the handset unlocked.

Duly noted.


If it sounds too good to be true, it is!! I’ve spent the last 2 months trying to resolve an issue over end balance on a refresh. . Quick summary is that from 100s of £s I’m supposed to owe 02 (I was told I’d cleared my balance when I cancelled) I was told everything was resolved and the account was closed for goo. 1 month later a debt collection agency wrote to me saying I owe £100 and I’m still trying to resolve everything. I’ve never owed anyone a penny in my life and this experience has been appalling. Just stay away. Trust me.


this is 7 plus, not 7.


I am waiting for a £300 iP7 again, weren't they that low on O2 refresh before?


I think many know about this so called credit score hit. I say so called since many say they never got affected as they done it properly. So who knows. Eitherway yeah a tad expensive ... Heat for the effort since it doesn't matter now anyways ;)

iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold 32GB Like New £452 at O2 Refresh
Found 12th Oct 2017Found 12th Oct 2017
Not bad for a Plus model - cheaper than used handsets on eBay with the additional 12 month warranty (and unlocked too!). I've just ordered mine and it'll come tomorrow :) . It's … Read more

I want to pay off the device plan half way through my 24months. When do i then cancel the airtime part?


It’s 256gb I meant typing error


lol Bought a phone that doesnt exist ey? good one.


Post screenshot of the Amazon transaction.


That's a good price. I got one in black but perfectly fine condition (grade C I think but just had a couple of light scratches at the back) for £408 back in June.

iPhone SE 64GB / o2 Refresh Deal @ £225.99 *PERFECT condition*
Found 12th Oct 2017Found 12th Oct 2017
seems like lowest ever for PERFECT condition

NEVER consider the 64Gb. Don't even look at it. It's THAT OLD. This is the only possible use for an iPhone 64Gb : Get the newer otherwise-identical 32Gb instead - it's from 2017.


Yeah it came out last year. 2016. What sort of idiot uses a phone that's over 12 months old !!! It's absolutely useless...


64gb model is old. 32 & 128 gb are current models. COLD!


Seems like a good deal to me,so posted.This is more than 60£ cheaper than Refresh deal posted last which i see people voted hot .


Classic newbie error. Posting an apple deal and hoping it wouldn't be freezing!

iPhone SE 64GB / o2 Refresh Deal @ £288 *LIKE NEW condition*
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
It's back. How it works (thanks to aaqeel): Insert sim, activate your iPhone. Don't use any minutes/text/data. Ring 202, request for unlock code first. Once request goes through,… Read more
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I bought the SE in July on the refresh, I did not activate the sim, did not even put it in the phone - I called from my own phone and cancelled the air time no probs as I already paid off the phone. Why does everyone say you need to activate the sim?? This is the 2nd phone I bought on refresh, the 1st I activated the sim but cancelling that one was a nightmare - sent me a bill for the whole airtime contract in one go even though I was 1 day into contract - well within 14 days - o2 on that occasion made it an unpleasant experience!


yep agree normally add that but for some reason didn't, score returned to normal the following month and we did do 4 phones so could expect a hit anyway.


I never do this again. They messed with my credit score and I had to call them more than 10 times!


Those 50 points can make or break a mortgage application.


appears to have vanished.. unfortunately

Motorola Moto G5 Sapphire Blue 16GB 2GB RAM Sapphire Blue £129.99 @ O2 PAYG
Found 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
Specs: Screen : 5.0 inches (1080x1920) (441 ppi pixel density) (IPS LCD), Camera : 13MP (Records at 1080p), OS : Android 7.0 Nougat, Battery : 2800 mAH removable battery, … Read more
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is this sat nav thing with the compass really a big issue? for an occasional google maps user? im still toying with the idea of getting the mrs this but dont want it to be worse than her samsung a3


Nope If u need dual SIM you LL have to buy from Amazon.


is it dual sim?


I unlocked one for my sister a couple of weeks ago. Used ebay mobunlockingmaster and cost £1.79. Worked fine.


For those folks planning to buy and unlock the phone, a word of caution. I have had a couple of phones on pay as you go on O2 recently, both of which have had to be returned as I couldn't get them unlocked anywhere, and I tried unlockers all over the world / net / high street. The phones were simply too new and the unlockers didn't have the codes for the IMEI numbers. O2 won't unlock the phone unless you have owned / used it for year, and you stump up £20. So be prepared to have to return the phone at your own cost, under the 14 day cooling off period, it worked okay for me on both occasions, but you do have to chase O2 to get your refund. Good luck, hope it works out better for everyone than my own experience. As always YMMV.

Iphone 7 plus Rose Gold 32 GB Perfectly fine (like new) on O2 refresh - £417.99
Found 8th Aug 2017Found 8th Aug 2017
Most of us already know how this works. This is a nice way of availing a prime handset. But beware of a temporary impact on your credit scores. You need to click the 3GB 129.99 up… Read more

Dear MKH Thanks again for so kindly taking the time to check this out for me and for replying so promptly very much appreciated I'll keep my eyes peeled on O2 refresh for any better deals now I ve thanks to you got a better idea of what to look for


Dear MKH thank you so very much for kindly taking the time tori rustle reply AND for taking the time to check this out for me. I'll keep my eyes pealed...thanks again


the prices have gone up unfortuntely and this deal is not available for 3gb 129.99 upfront option. the next cheaper option I can see is if you select 32gb "almost perfect" condition and selecting 3GB, unlimited min+text and 119.99 upfront 37.00 a month. The device cost £479.99 is too much considering todays market when Iphone 8 and X is released.


Dear MKH thank you so much for posting the instructions on how to do this I'm still a little bit confused would you mind clearing up a few points for me I see there are some iPhones in stock on refresh at the moment but I can't see the 3 GB data 129.99 upfront option. Should I select the deal with the highest upfront cost and lowest monthly cost instead. Ideally I'm looking for a refreshed iPhone 7 either not plus or plus with more storage than 32gb. If you can spare a moment I'll be really grateful if you could give me the heads up on what do you like should go for at the moment thanks ever so much for what you've done so far anyway


If anyone wants a 128gb sealed and boxed black 7 plus, I have one going for £650 posted

Apple iPhone SE 64GB Perfectly Fine £192 (O2 Refresh)
Found 7th Aug 2017Found 7th Aug 2017
One of the bigger memory versions of the SE at a reasonable price with the usual O2 caveats. Check previous deals how to go through to get the lower price (i.e. Pay the handset off… Read more
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That sucks man. Good luck. My final bill came in as -£8 so it can be done!


Just had final bill come through - they're trying to charge me £272.99. Here we go again to get another O2 Refresh deal final bill corrected.




Ouch! For what it's worth, I've had zero problem with mine and I'm messaging on it now. Very happy with it all. Just got to wait for the next month credit score to see if it has dropped hundreds...


Bit more information. Device was finally replaced by o2 complain resolutions. Received new refurbished rose gold and went away this weekend with it. On using it device started crashed and restarting over and over again 😡😡😡😡 manage to an apple appointment on Monday and device replaced by them luckily there and they. The o2 nearly new experience had been shocking for us ha. Maybe it was bad luck but 2 devices with both major issues sold as perfectly new no way. Pictures from 1st phone taken lost and second one I manage to do a backup and restore the new device. Apple confirmed hardware fault as could see the crash logs. Just to give people heads up what might happen ha

iPhone 7 (like new) on O2 Refresh - £355.99
Found 7th Aug 2017Found 7th Aug 2017
Not as cheap as some previous O2 Refresh deals posted for an IPhone 7, but this still merits a mention being available again for £356. Select the £109.99 up front cost, with £… Read more
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Go back through one of the old threads terms are in there but complains after cancellation aren't been changed. But anyone doing it now I would say make sure you say you are cancelling in the 14 cancellation period.


All I can tell you is that the person I spoke to told me there was no way I could cancel without paying. I recorded this conversation. I f I can see in the t&cs that this is wrong then I will complain


that is not correct at all, did it in the last 2 weeks with 4 phones, no issues at all, first one said you need to do the 30 days notice, told her I had the webchat that said you didn't and the terms said you can cancel in the first 14 days she went away and came back and said I was correct. The next one I told them I wanted to cancel in the first 14 days and she said that's ok, normally if you aren't in the first 14 days you have to give the notice. Next two no issues at all, final bills generated for two of the phones and owe less than a pound, final letters to close the accounts are also through.


They may say that - if you switch it to PAYG (or request a PAC and port the number out - Asda SIM is 50p if you don't have one) you can be out in a few days. The first bill may still go out depending on the billing cycle but the line rental then gets credited back.


They deny the cashback if you cancel airtime within six months.

Apple iPhone SE Like New Almost Perfect 16GB £115.99 o2 refresh
Found 17th Jul 2017Found 17th Jul 2017
O2 refresh deal The kind where you purchase the refurbbed phone with airtime contract then cancel the airtime contract and payoff the phone price within your 14 day cooling off pe… Read more

Cheapest I can find an iPhone se is £360 second hand on o2


I'm still waiting for mine to be resolved, despite leaving O2 nearly 2 months ago, they're still taking money from me!!


Thankfully I managed to get it sorted quite easily after posting but I would definitely warn others against trying it. So many people were successful so I naively believed I would be as well. Was so relived when I finally got it all sorted and got the phone at a bargain price, wasn’t fussed about the credit hit at the time as my score has actually increased from three months ago regardless. For the sake of peace of mind though I wouldn’t go through it again


It's abundantly clear that Refresh/cancellation deals are high risk, affect credit ratings, and whilst it's an legal loophole of O2's own creation, time and time again I'm reading about the misery they are causing with "mysterious" billing errors and termination fees when people try to exploit it, requiring time and persistence to resolve. Same as cashback deals that can be problematic, the refresh deals are biting people on the bum and these deals appear again and again on HUKD without caveats.. I think it's time Refresh deals stopped being posted as regular deals on hotukdeals. I really never understood why they are posted routinely nobody disputes they cause a credit ratings hit.


I had a similar issue, took out a 7, paid off shortly after getting it and cancelled airtime contract within a few days of getting it. Over the course of the month, I spoke to lots of different people on live chat and 202 to confirm it had been cancelled. The following month, I get a £65 bill, called up, got it refunded and asked if the refresh airtime was cancelled, yes it's cancelled they said... Next month, same again and against a refund to be processed. I get through to someone who sorted it as apparently something wasn't flagged when cancelling my airtime, lovely. So they cancelled that as I shouldn't have been liable to pay that. Next month, £500+ bill comes through. Which was the entirety of the refresh airtime which had been cancelled, hmmmm... In the end escalated to the complaints department (https://www.o2.co.uk/how-to-complain), got all that month refunded, after being £500 down for the month ("thanks o2") and broke out of my 12m SIMO contract without early termination fees and have since moved networks. This month, £50 early termination fee for my SIMO contract (ffs), which is now in the process of being refunded. tl'dr, O2 are a bunch of incompetent *******.

Xperia xz like new o2 refresh £264
Found 2nd Jul 2017Found 2nd Jul 2017
Pretty decent price for the Xperia xz in perfect condition. Usual refresh drill here order and pay off immediate to stop any other price increase,and get you unlock code as soon as… Read more

I have come to buy this and after reading the camera comments I have changed my mind. My s4 active is taking blank photos when I press the shutter too fast. What is the cheapest camera on a new phone that has a fast shutter speed I need to replace my phone.


Here's a more balanced take on the camera: Experia Forum


Ignore THIS comment. Simply not true. Check out the long-running threads on the Sony forums. The camera is a mess. Even if it were true, buying a phone that takes crap photos in automatic mode - which is what 99% of us do - is a waste of money.


​Agressive? ill informed comments are moronic so what's agressive about mine.


Why so aggressive?

O2 Refresh iPhone SE 16gb £102 or 64gb £192 (RECONDITIONED)
Found 29th Jun 2017Found 29th Jun 2017
O2 have dropped the price of their iPhone SE on refresh Means you can get the following: 16gb (perfectly fine) £101.99 £29.99 plus £3 x 24 64gb (perfectly fine) £192 £0 plus £8 x … Read more
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Just an update in case this helps others for future Refresh deals. I used the upgrade option to obtain a couple of additional devices for family members and to get a longer Apple warranty (the longest was April 2018 for a 16gb SE handset), finally switching to PAYG. I tried switching to PAYM Sim Only then close that in the 14 day cooling off period for that account, as suggested on here, but they still claimed I needed to give 30 days notice so switched to PAYG - I was probably just unlucky with the agent I spoke to. My second/final bill online showed a breakdown of each new period/tariff and then credits against the first payment. Once I had switched to PAYM Sim Only, the upgrade option for additional handsets was no longer available, so keep that in mind if you do want to request any more. It is worth noting that although it did not do a credit search on each upgrade application, the new handset agreement (followed by account closure) each appear on the credit report. On my Clear Score and Noddle, the credit score itself does not appear to have been affected beyond when the first contract was taken out, when the score dipped slightly. If I had paid in full for the device each time, I assume there would have been only the one entry on my file (for the airtime) as I would only have been the one credit agreement. Would the upgrade option still be available for the handset if paid for in full? I assume so and if that is the case, if participating next time I will probably take that route just to keep it less complicated and only one credit file entry (it will also mean I could probably request, if required, another handset as soon as I get the despatch confirmation). I would also request a PAC and transfer the number out to close the account, as going the PAYG route added another week until it was processed. Finally, if anyone is looking to sell any old handsets, it is worth checking Game as well as other online trade in companies, as they offered the best price instore when I checked to get rid of our older iPhones (more than I paid for the refurbs - so effectively free upgrades 8) ).


I have just been hit with a £275 bill lol paid my first month of £15 was told I would get a credit for that which shows at £9 but now also have a bill for £275 phoned them and the guy said I wouldn't have to pay the £275 but didn't fill me with much confidence about what he is doing to correct it said they would txt me but I might have to pay another £15


Their termination fee, when they charge it (in error) is what remains of your 24 months line rental (normally about 23 months if they have already billed the first payment). So far my second bill shows a credit - the breakdown shows each period of time with my different upgrade tariffs until I finished. My error was switching to PAYG (or rather letting them send the PAYG and the transfer, as that added an unnecessary week of line rental - I should have just requested the PAC). I await my final bill to see if it has been processed correctly. In the end it has cost me about a month of line rental but I did a few upgrades. Worth noting that although it didn't seem to credit check for each upgrade, each is reported as a new contract on Equifax/ClearScore (shock) . I expect next month will show them all settled but it has brought my score down this month (I know there are different views on whether this matters or not).


£285. I believe it was effectively 24 months line rental.


What was that? Their calculation for termination fees is totally wild

iPhone 7 Perfectly Fine 32Gb O2 Refresh - £303
Found 29th Jun 2017Found 29th Jun 2017
Just noticed, O2 have dropped their prices for Like new iPhones. The best deal I could find was for iPhone 7 32Gb Perfectly fine, Tariff £109 upfront and £33 plan for 5Gb. This b… Read more
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i never recieved my final bill however if you log into my o2 on laptop or desktop and go to your account on left click payment history and there should be pending payment amount in my case it was £25.16 cr (credit) you then need to go to https://www.o2.co.uk/apps/help/help?qid=1&q1=34 and claim that money back


Finally sorted,a bit of a headache but it's finally sorted,first bill £28 taken from my account then the £492 final bill produced,had to call them several times..few days ago another final bill produced -£512 something had to call to get the difference of £21 something refunded into my account..glad it's all finished now,a bit of a headache but it's totally worth it,thanks again OP


Just buy the official one from Apple, I saw an official one on eBay for £6.95, don't buy cheap unofficial ones because they stop working on iOS 10.3.


Guys, any recommendation for iphone 7 lightning headphone or adapter?


Your final bill will arrive 14 days after the disconnection date.

Huawei P9 (NOT lite version) Grey 32GB Dual Leica lens camera phone (2 x 12MP) £297.99 on O2 Refresh
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
Looks like the best price you can get for this at present though has been cheaper about 5mths ago - so worth checking if you don't have a TARDIS and want a phone now. As with all … Read more

No, even a non-O2 customer can avail of this deal. Has been cheaper though (almost £70 lower), so this is not the best deal for this phone they've ever done: Huawei P9 £229.99 at o2


I'm an o2 pay and go customer, do you need to be on contract to get this deal?


Sort by featured and it's third from bottom.


Can't see how you got that?


It looks like you can get this for £277.99 by selecting the 6GB data option (£109.99 + £7 x 24).

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