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New Huawei P30 Pro 128GB On O2 Refresh + Huawei Watch GT £580.50 @ O2
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Updated 2 h, 5 m agoLast updated 2 h, 5 m ago by MrSprkle
Another refresh deal, this time getting a P30 pro for £580, as soon as you recieve the phone, and your first bill, ring up and cancel the airtime part. Don't forget if there are… Read more
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Anyone who was out of stock had theirs shipped yet?


They will not email me a proof of purchase. Said I can have a posted one in 30 days. So I contacted support again to be told one would be emailed but I have had nothing. They really are poor for customer service.


I agree 100% with you.. O2 is worst CS that I have faced. 3 is much better than O2 even they have their call center in India. I had chat with around 4 times. 3 times of 4 my name is correct for security checks but the 4th time it is not.. Which I really don't understand. Once I have confirmed it with them I realised how stupid they are....


shame cant used paypel credit


(lol) (lol)

Sony Xperia 1 128GB Black/Purple - O2 Refresh (possibly £555)
Updated 3 h, 13 m agoLast updated 3 h, 13 m ago by MrSprkle
Really hope Sony does well with this phone. They do always try something different. Am massively tempted, even though I would have to go through the O2 Refresh route. Th 21:9 asp… Read more
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I agree with lots of comments hoping this does well.. But Sony really need to sort out their CS mess, they are horrific to deal with, and generally will ignore faults with devices, I haven't used a Sony since the Z3 compact due to the their terrible customer service. Its shame beacuse Sony devices run so smooth too.


Does the height of the phone cause any issues when trying to reach the rope of the screen? Really love the smaller width and aspect ratio.


Good for you man, enjoy it! If the battery life is good enough for you then no one can tell you different. It's your phone, your use and your expectations. But if it's not good enough for me, then none should try to tell me different either :) The deal is a hot one because it's well discounted a good, but I'd swear the comment section was basically to write comments about the deal and the product itself... That's why since the beginning I said it's a hot deal, but not a good one FOR ME.


I actually own this and am currently in Bournemouth, been using all day, without stamina mode, took some excellent photos and videos, and still have 14 percent battery, that's since 8am, so battery life decent. What really amazed today was that could actually hold with one hand and take video and photos without struggling like a s10 would have. The narrow width makes big difference, I was holding my 3 year old while on boat trip to Poole, so only could shoot with one hand. Other phones are just two wide like p30, so 21.9 ratio is the way forward. For all the people that complain about Sony phones, they normally don't or ever really used them, And biast opinion. Please use the phone then base your opinion instead off following like sheep someone else who is a so called expert


Thanks OP for your understanding

New Huawei P30 128GB On O2 Refresh + Huawei Watch GT £351 @ o2
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Updated 4 h, 1 m agoLast updated 4 h, 1 m ago by ssjinzo
Outstanding value with the watch thrown in. Another refresh deal, this time getting a P30 for £350, as soon as you recieve the phone, and your first bill, ring up and cancel the … Read more

This happened to me to the reason is simple when they send the phone the sim is active so you will always be billed at least minimum of 1 day if you cancel the cancellation may take a day or 2 and thus need to pay 2 day of usage if if you haven't used the sim as the sim has been active. It's like any contract if you don't use the sim you still get billed for the days the sim has been live. The cooling off is for sending the phone back but you will still maybe billed for the days sim has been active even is you haven't used the sim.


I thought that but keep reading contradicting information in regards to that. No matter, don't mind paying for a few days.


Thi k it's single SIM mate


you shouldn't need to pay for any airtime, as you have 14 days cooling off period. is the p30 from o2 dual sim card ?


Might help some, when I spoke to o2 chat about cancelling the airtime it was suggested I switch my account to payasyougo. This would be actioned within 72 hours, I'd get a new payasyougo sim with the same number. This would terminate my airtime contract within 3 days and I'd get my final bill 14 days after. Apparently I'd only pay for the 3 days. Hopefully this is correct.

Huawei  Mate 20 pro like new 02 refresh £256.00
Updated 6 h, 50 m agoLast updated 6 h, 50 m ago by ssjinzo
Mate 20 pro like new on o2 refresh twilight and black version £256.00 upfront cost cancel sim only before 14 days

I knew that would happen you will need to wait till the new bill is produced for 2 days of usage. Then after that bill comes taken off the £19 and then you will be refunded around £17 pound i would say. The refund takes a maximum of 14 days and generally its around that time. I have had loads of experience with refresh contracts.


Same here , billed for the £19 , after I was assured via messenger that I wouldn't be , now told will be refunded minus the 2 days it took to cancel the SIM side of the deal


Just a update First month money has been taken out will need to claim that's back and get a new final bill will be generated after 3 days as I canceled 2 / 3 days after I got the phone


They still won't budge, keep saying the contracts are linked when in fact they are independent,.distance contract gives you 14 day cooling off period but thy are saying you need to return phone for that, they don't like you pointing out they are separate contracts? I'll go to Citzens Advice to clear this up.


any similar discount codes floating about which will work again with this phone?

New Samsung S10+ 128GB £705 On O2 Refresh
Updated 16th JulLast updated 16th Jul by rdajackson
Another O2 refresh deal. Make sure to select a tariff over 30GB data month to claim a free gift of either: (i) 2 Diggit Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers with Stereo Pairing Ability in … Read more
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He isn't right. People have done this many times, myself included. See my chat above which you are welcome to pass off as your own (change the name!) if you have any issues.


Got the £75 discount! However, the guy on chat said I am forced to pay one month of the contract. If I cancel the sim before the first month, I'll need to return the device. Anyone else experience this? Was anyone able to cancel the sim while keeping the phone?


Thanks for posting the deal BTW. It should be rated hotter. The only place you will get this phone for this price elsewhere is by getting a grey import - other than that it's about £800 - £900. I reduced my cost even more by flogging my good condition S8 64GB to Music Magpie for £188 - this is with a 10% voucher easily googled for. If anyone is thinking of doing this, I can do a referral code thingy for extra money off plus I get some too!


Just seen your edit. Seems to depend who you get through to with o2. Either they are trained to try it on and see what the customer says...or they aren't trained on it all!


Sorry - I just edited my post above before I read you reply! I didn't risk waiting. Will still apply for the free gift though - you never know!

Honor View 20 (128GB, 48MP Camera, 6GB RAM) on O2 refresh £249
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Updated 13th JulLast updated 13th Jul by rammy
This is a brilliant price for an incredible phone. On O2 refresh simply purchase the phone on contract to get it at this price then either pay off the device plan or keep your cont… Read more

If anyone with the Honor View 20 hasn’t claimed (and doesnt intend to claim) the free Fortnite code that’s available through ‘gifts’ option on the App Gallery, I have a son who will happily make use of it. I’d make a small donation to charity of your choice (if only to stop his nagging!)


No, dual sim


Single sim?


Just received the 256gb version with 8gb ram in phantom blue. Brand new. Unlocked. If anyone is interested, give me a shout. As my mate 10 is still running strong.


I got this phone.,.. great camera , very fast Highly recommended

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Huawei P20 128GB [Like New With FREE Gift] Smartphone £200 On O2 Refresh @ O2
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Updated 12th JulLast updated 12th Jul by eddibabyyeah
Seemed like another cracking refresh deal, please do not do this if you are expecting to have a big credit purchase coming up, I don't know the exact implications, but a credit che… Read more

This hasnt expired. I just ordered one


Has this expired? It still says in stock


expired this is no longer £190, the headline price has been'reduced' to £200


After much debate agent on 02 chat advised the same and gave me a number to call, thanks for your input appreciated.


You Need To cancel in the 14 day cooling off period.

New Unlocked Huawei P20 Pro 128GB O2 Refresh, £75 off available via chat so £324 up front at O2 Shop
Updated 11th JulLast updated 11th Jul by churchreg
Absolutely great phone with a stunning camera. I went onto O2 chat, asked what the best deal was on a "like new" P20 Pro (showing as £349 on refresh) and the operator immediately … Read more

They've now told me that this will have affected my ability to buy other things as it might look like suspicious behaviour. The only way to resolve is to call a chargeable number or email and they get back to you in 10 days. Urrrm, not too pleased with O2 right now.


A word of warning. The final payment confirmation screen was blocked by Chrome. This has led me to three hours on the chat and calls to my bank as they ended up blocking both my business and personal accounts due to me attempting to take payment. Apparently the first payment was authorised. Even when I tried a different bank and payment system it went wrong. That's three hours I'll never get back. I was excited about getting this phone, now I don't think I ever want to order a phone again.


Sorry, my new phone didn't alert me to your question as I hadn't logged it into HUKD yet. Glad to hear it's sorted.


All sorted thanks


Thank you... Last ask... Did it have a chat reference?

Code Still Working Now At £256 - Huawei Mate 20 Pro 128GB Black & Twilight Smartphone | £256 On O2 Refresh @ O2 Like New
Updated 10th JulLast updated 10th Jul by 3LeggedDog
Go now before they take the code down, thanks to @RockBlesnar Usual warnings, please don't do this if you have upcoming big purchases, ie mortgage etc, as there is a possibili… Read more

Damn gutted I missed this!


When i phoned upto cancel the lady said they will bill you first month as it's is automated the bill is generated when they send the device out and all mobile providers then charge you a month in advance. Since it is automatic they will charge you. After you cancel same day they wil produce a new bill in 14 days. So if you have used the phone zero days they will charge you zero days if you have had the sim for 2 or 3 days they will charge you for that. After which you can the claim a refund. People who are saying they will not be charged are wrong they will be charged first month and then you can get a refund. Also another tip is to put the sim in and use the number for o2 priority moments giving you freebies this will still continue after disconnect and will be active. I ha e done this in the past and has worked for me but this may change.


Well I did it, can’t believe I still managed to get the £100 off.... thanks op... :D


Correct and yes if not happy return the phone


Just to confirm, do I need to cancel the contract within 14 days and if I do. The phone is 100% mine. Also for any reason if I’m not happy with the phones condition, can I return it?

Google Pixel 3 £377 or Pixel 3 XL £472 O2 Refresh deal
Updated 10th JulLast updated 10th Jul by bumper2bumper
Save £400 on the pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL, great deal. Steps: Take out a new O2 refresh deal - I advise paying device plan upfront. Wait for phone to arrive. Cancel airtime portion… Read more

Can’t see this price on the website. I guess deal is over. Any similar deals for the Pixel 3? Need it mainly for the camera, so any other phone with decent camera will do.


Great deal, unfortunately looks like it's now ended


I got pixel 3 xl for £397. Cannot complain


Lucky you! I tried 3 people none of them would give that. I'm not going to complain 302 + possibly 29 for one months rental is way cheaper than the 400 i was going to spend on the 3a. Although a headphone jack would be nice


UPDATE: happy to confirm this works. Picked up the phone today and rang customer services to cancel the airtime. Because I'm keeping the phone they said I have to give 30 days notice so I'll.probs have to pay 26 quid. Frankly I don't care - 425 quid for a brand new Pixel 3 XL is the best deal on the market by far. Very pleased with this, cheers OP for sharing!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone | On O2 Refresh | £565 @ O2
Updated 5th JulLast updated 5th Jul by MrB_1977
First of all go through via Live chat for an possible extra £70 - £75 off this deal, which has been proven on a few occasions to work on other o2 refresh deals. Getting the s10 fo… Read more

Did anyone had to pay the 30 days notice period


This deal has now ended but o2 have another new deal up on the s10+ with £200 offf, makes it £705, not bad for a new s10+


Just had to wait till I'd received my first bill before I could cancel. They unlocked straight away. Didn't take too long, just a bit of patience needed




chrismad4rit did you say anything in particular to both get the unlock code and to cancel, don't fancy a long drawn out process on chat - took me an hour just to get the £75 quid off

Sony Xperia 1 on O2 refresh plan for £630 plus claim Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones worth £329
Updated 4th JulLast updated 4th Jul by Tejstar
I had been waiting for Sony Xperia 1 to be released here in UK. At the moment the phone is for preorder on O2, CPW, EE and SkyMobile. Should be there on Vodafone soon. The best d… Read more

Good to hear you got it sorted. I decided to take a different route and requested a PAC code and switched my number to a PAYG SIM I had lying around. The result is effectively the same, as the O2 line was disconnected on 2 July, and I shouldn't have to pay any notice. This is all thanks to the new rules that came about on 1 July 2019 - good timing! (y)


finally had time to call them yesterday and got the cancellation done, but not without a little bit of drama. like previously mentioned by Tejstar they initially gave me the same line of 30 days notice, then I told them I specifically used livechat and was told clearly in writting by a service rep that phone contracts even o2 refresh contracts (unlike sim only contracts) doesn't need 30 days notice, I asked him to check the livechat history, he said no problem they keep the chats for several months. moments later then he said they had 2 systems that store the chats, the 1st sytems only store recent chats within 1 month, as the chat I referred to happend on May 23rd, he needs to check another system which stores chats for upto a year. But after a minute or so waiting he came back and said even though he can see chats and history from that system back to last year, the May 23rd livechat (and anything in that month) is missing, so there is a "gap" in that history, I said to him (in an ironic voice) that is convenient isn't it, the livechat with the proof just "happens to be missing" from the archive/history. luckily I have an email copy of the livechat, and he said I can email him that and he gave me his o2 email adress, and he got the email pretty much instantly, then he said he'll speak to his manager and show him the email, then moments later came back and said no problems, he'll do the contract cancellation right away without the need for 30 days notice. I told him £21.45 has been taken by DD on June 18th, he said that payment covers me upto July 4th, and because I cancelled the contract on July 1st, I'll get a pro-rata refund of those few days. He said I should receive an email confirmation for the cancellation within a few hours, but reassured me the cancellation has been done. But as of today I've still not received any email confirmation, but I have tried to login into my O2, and the phone number associated with the pay monthly contract is no longer there, and I don't seem to be able to see the billing history or any charges, so it does look like the phone number is deactivated or "wiped", and contract is cancelled. So long story short, the proof of the livechat email helped me to cancel right away, without the need for 30 days notice, without it I'll probably be in the same boat as others needing to pay another month. I'll also cancel my o2 DD just in case.


Interesting. Did you call today to cancel without giving 30-day notice? Keep us updated. I may have to get back in touch with them... :|


That's not what I was told on May 23rd before I ordered, luckily I used online chat so received an email of the chat script as proof: DAVID: The question is, how long do I need to keep the Airtime contract for if I paid off the cost of the phone straight away(£630)? looking at the T&Cs on the webpage, I only need to keep the Airtime contract as long as I'm in contract for the Device plan, if I paid off the Device in full straight away, because the Airtime contract is a monthly rolling contract, the max Airtime contract length should only be 1 month? so does that mean I can cancel/leave after 1 month? also because Sony is doing the free headphone promo just now, I will be keeping the Airtime contract for at least 1 month. JACQUELINE: Yes, you are absolutely right. JACQUELINE: As you will pay off the full device cost JACQUELINE: After that anytime you can cancel the airtime or can upgrade or can carry on with the tariff JACQUELINE: So you will get charged only for the tariff DAVID: so I can definitely cancel the Airtime after 1 month? I read there is the 30 days notice, so when can I actually cancel? JACQUELINE: On phone contract you don't have to give the 30 days notice it is applicable for sim only contracts JACQUELINE: On phone contract anytime you can cancel the airtime JACQUELINE: There is no termination charges or notice period JACQUELINE: Let me help you with the explanation JACQUELINE:On O2 refresh deal your payment is split into two parts (Device plan and Airtime plan). Airtime plan will give minutes, texts and data per month. Device plan will be the cost of the phone/ipad. On O2 refresh deal you can cancel or upgrade your contract early by paying your remaining device plan and the best part is you don't have to pay your Airtime plan So if a new phone of your choice comes out, you can upgrade to that contract without waiting or paying any early upgrade fee/penalty. DAVID: oh ok. But I'm a new customer purchasing a phone using O2 refresh, but I'm paying off the phone straight away (so no loan purchase), but the Airtime contract is not the same as sim only contract, so I don't need to give notice before I cancel? JACQUELINE: Yes, you don't have to give any notice period JACQUELINE: As that's on O2 refresh DAVID: so after 1 month (I'll be requesting an unlock for the phone during that month), I can cancel the Airtime contract, and I keep the phone, no problems? JACQUELINE: The phone is already unlocked DAVID: oh that's great to know, thanks JACQUELINE: It's not mandatory to keep the airtime for 1 month JACQUELINE: If in case you pay off the full device cost today JACQUELINE: So as you will get the phone delivery JACQUELINE: Just call on 202 and can cancel the airtime JACQUELINE: Simply you will get charged as much you have used from the tariff DAVID: thaks for the info good to know. So what happens after I cancel the Airtime contract, will the mobile number/sim be deactivated? JACQUELINE: Yes, then the sim will get deactivated DAVID: and I can use the phone with another sim if I want? JACQUELINE: Yes, indeed


Called to cancel earlier. Didn't have any issues, but now that we're outside the 14-day cooling off period, there is a 30-day notice that needs to be given. So it looks like another monthly charge before it finally gets disconnected.

Google Pixel 3/3 XL - Save £400 O2 Refresh Device Plan!! Pixel 3 64gb now £377
Updated 18th MayLast updated 18th May by dharle
Big reductions to be had starting from today on the Google Pixel 3 range, using the O2 refresh device plan that we should all be aware off due to the great success with previous de… Read more

To my surprise, I've just logged on to my account, and there is actually a revised bill (dated 7 May) with a credit of £22.53. While it's only £3.50, I still think it's a bit cheeky that they've charged that much given that I didn't even use the SIM card, and cancelled the contract 24 hours after collecting it from instore (as per the advisor's recommendation). As for the phone, I have mixed feelings after a couple of weeks of using it. I thought it'd be a much bigger step up from the Xiaomi Mi A1. The camera is very good but the battery life is shocking - it reminds me of my old LG G4 (awesome phone/interface, awful battery).


Jheez they are so useless. After eventually getting someone to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period I was then locked out of the account. However today I have received a rather threatening email for the full month stating £3.50 charge if I don't pay within 4 days. No money was taken on the direct debit and I cannot even login to the account to attempt to pay it. Just called them and the guy said that it has been sent in mistake and that my next bill would show me as being in credit (despite nothing being taken this month!). I asked him to send an email saying I don't need to pay the bill, apparently they can't sent emails so he sent me a text instead saying "Final bill was sent to you, the charge is no longer valid for the account xxxxxxx was cancelled in the 14 day cooling off period. Thank you. O2." Is this going to screw with my credit rating somehow?


I guess I don't until another month goes by, I was just being hopeful based on the fact I couldn't log in to my O2 account this morning. I really wouldn't be surprised if I get another bill or a request to return the handset at some point.


How do you know it is now wrapped up for sure? Im certainly not positive even though my online account is now disabled... Just crossing fingers!!


This took me several phone calls and numerous online chats to finally get it sorted. They were really struggling with the fact I was keeping the handset and just cancelling the airtime contract. Even when I was told it was all sorted and a letter was on it's way to me... nothing ever materialised and it took another call to get it wrapped up yesterday (fierce)

02 priority free Grenade Carb Killa protein bar (60g) starts 2nd jan 9am - available in WHSmith High Street stores only
Updated 4th JanLast updated 4th Jan by SajidAli-ad629.06113LocalLocal
02 priority free Grenade Carb Killa protein bar (60g) starts 2nd jan 9am - available in WHSmith High Street stores only
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No I did them separately


Same transaction?


I got 6 today I took a screenshot and went to self serve. I was really really lucky as the staff where to busy talking.


Expect a call from my solicitor. I'm suing


My local had all flavours except the ones in the deal so we ended up wasting 2 codes

Huawei P20 Pro Like new O2 Refresh £390 @ O2
Updated 9th Dec 2018Last updated 9th Dec 2018 by Babbler
Huawei P20 Pro Like new O2 Refresh £390 @ O2
O2 Refresh Huawei P20 Pro both twilight and black available. Personally I hate O2. Customer service are beyond woeful. But they are selling a cracking phone for a cracking price. … Read more

589 now. Ffs why did u hesitate??


may just be updating it .


The deal is over, isn't it ?! The whole website seems to be down ...


O2 will be at a loss to give away at that price. Must be the standard P20 for sure.


Lol where

Huawei P20 Pro Like New Black @ O2 Refresh - £374 + £18 1mth contract
Updated 19th Nov 2018Last updated 19th Nov 2018 by Quantum334
Huawei P20 Pro Like New Black @ O2 Refresh - £374 + £18 1mth contract
Sign up with 1 month contract, £18 Black only back in stock Select ‘Pay for your device in full’ £30 off voucher at checkout.
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Just tried and looks like £30 off is no more :-(


Excellent news!


I can't seem to get the extra £30 off, any ideas? Or has it ended now?


Had the call and got an £18 credit to my account (I have another contract with O2). Not willing to give anything else but I'm happy anyway. Thanks for info.


It took them 6 days to get back to me but once they did they were quick with responding.

Extra £5 when using O2 Recycle
Updated 8th Nov 2018Last updated 8th Nov 2018 by mattinhull
Extra £5 when using O2 Recycle
CLEGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Simply enter promo code 5RECYCLE to the checkout to get an additional £5 added to your recycle order.
Read More

Exactly what happened twice to me...


Even cex pay more.


Got quoted £2 , lol . You can easily get more by selling on ebay


Had an awful recycling experience with these myself. They lost my phone at the local distribution centre. Slowest to respond to any queries as well. They ended up paying me out in the end as they couldn't find it even though it was tracked to their address. I'd steer well clear


WAITADD5 also works

Huawei P20 Pro Like New Twilight @ O2 Refresh - £374 + £18 1mth contract
Updated 13th Oct 2018Last updated 13th Oct 2018 by ashington
Huawei P20 Pro Like New Twilight @ O2 Refresh - £374 + £18 1mth contract
Sign up with 1 month contract, £18 Twilight only back in stock Select 'Pay for your device in full' £30 off voucher at checkout.
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Select the £18 rolling 30 day anytime contract. Just ring up and cancel, the next monthly payment


This is a 30 day rolling airtime contract, hence only need to serve 30 days


just ordered, code is working and in stock


Just ordered mine i'll see how it looks on monday when recieved


Anyone know where to get a genuine charger from? If I can't rapid charge, I'm returning this to O2.

Huawei P20 Pro Twilight like new on O2 refresh back in stock and cheaper £404 + £18 1 month contract
Updated 8th Oct 2018Last updated 8th Oct 2018 by JestR
Huawei P20 Pro Twilight like new on O2 refresh back in stock and cheaper £404 + £18 1 month contract
This is now back in stock and cheaper as ever. Purchased one just as paid my old contract off today. Best price available on this and in great twilight finish. Pay contract off any… Read more

Twilight Back in stock! :D I ordered one today <3 £422 Total


Ordered this. Didn't get any confirmation email so went on live chat and then they sent me one yday. Went on live chat today and apparently it is out of stock so mine isn't coming (lol) they said wait 48 hours but I doubt they'll get anymore in stock


Can you definitely cancel this and keep the phone? Anyone care to tell me the steps? Thanks


Have you managed to cancel it and did you use top cashback and Did it work? Thanks


I got mine. The phone looks like new. It was completely flat though. It came cellophaned to cardboard with cable and sim pin only. Ive now got to figure out how to get out the contract.

Sony Xperia XZ2 on O2 Refresh @ O2
Updated 27th Aug 2018Last updated 27th Aug 2018 by spinach_pie
Sony Xperia XZ2 on O2 Refresh @ O2
£465.99£56918%O2 Shop Deals
Still looking for a new phone and started to get interested in the XZ2. Bezels annoy me slightly but the 4K HDR and 1080p slow mo are attractive to me. Select the 15gb £47 per mo… Read more
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Depends what you are looking for. Both designs are subjective, but the bezels on the sony are quite big. The extreme rounding of the Oneplus 6 looks cheap imo. Sony has the better video recording with 4K HDR and 1080p 960fps slow mo. Oneplus is supposed to be faster and snappier because of the light Android skin. Also, the camera is highly regarded, plus it has a number of cool gestures you can use to navigate such as drawing C on the screen to open the camera etc.


This or the OnePlus 6?


And will be several hundred quid more


xz3 will be out in a month or so


Added more detail

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