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Reduced tp link smart stuff - TP link Smart Wifi Plug £18 / TP link Smart Wifi LED bulbs £18 instore at Chiswick Sainsburys
LocalLocalFound 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Seen in Chiswick Sainsbury's in the stuff for Father's Day section (which seems a trifle sexist to me). TP link Smart Wifi Plug £18 TP link Smart Wifi LED bulbs £18

Fab spot and crazy cheap for both items! (worldcup)

LAP GU10 LED LIGHT BULB 345LM 5W 5 PACK £7.99 Screwfix (free C&C)
Found 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
Decent brand GU10 LED bulbs available in store and for delivery from Screwfix. Warm white. Dimmable. Packs of 10 also available but the 5-pack works out cheaper. 5 kWh/1000h. A+ r… Read more
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Not dimmable but definitely a good deal if you don’t need that function.




Look out for the Wickes ones much better value


My bad not dimmable


Price now £11.99, not £7.99

3 Pack E27 LED Bulbs - £1.39 @ Screwfix (Free C&C)
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
Bargain price, 3 Pack E27 LED Bulbs - £1.39 @ Screwfix Hasn't been on here for a while so I thought I'd share again.
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Good price but i prefer the Cool White bulbs. These are only equivalent to 40watts so not bright enough for me need at least 800 lumens around 60Watt equivalent. This site gives a comparison on brightness levels. https://www.thelightbulb.co.uk/resources/lumens_watts/


Same here no stock


Tried all over the place doesn’t seem to be any available anywhere 😞


Try now I re-entered the link and it appears to be working for me.


Dead link?

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Maplin LED GU10 4.7W Bulb (10 Pack) £5.70 @ Maplin (Free Delivery over £10 Or Click & Collect)
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
these seemed like a bargain for what your getting • Low wattage LED bulb saves energy • 345 lumen output • GU10 light fitting used in 240V spotlights • Not for use in dimmers • 1… Read more
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Thanks op ordered 2 packs.


I’ve got these and they are very bright have a very wide angle so don’t look like a spotlight, surpassed my expectations


This ‘20 pack’ is £11.40


the Wickes 20 packs are still £13 , only c & c though , might help https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-LED-Light-Bulb---5W-GU10---Pack-of-20/p/142979


cant answer fully but it says "Providing a 36-degree beam angle, this bulb will give the same output as a halogen, in a natural, neutral white colour, this bulb is ideal for a more contemporary lighting effect, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. It provides a clean, modern, slightly more blueish coloured white."

6x Philips LED GU10 spot lights for £12.80 (Prime) £16.79 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
I baught these previously at £13.99 6 months ago and they are still going strong.
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Don't you love how a bulb knows it's done 2000 hours like it say on the box and blows, we had 100's at work and most went in order. The kitchen down lighters in our kitchen are r50 ses or old type mini spot lights, only LED's I could get to fit are from Home Bargains. I love taking them back if they've blow within 12 month cover to be swapped. It's an electronic item not a bulb.


Thanks, no failures in 2 years is v impressive I'll give them a look.


Phillips are good. LEDs were originally marketed as lasting over a decade but the cheap one's from ebay China seem to only last at most a few months


Two for a quid in Pounland... no brainer really imho ;)


These are 2700 Kelvin, which i find far too yellow for most lighting. Nice colour for reading lamps or anywhere you want a warm light. It does depends what you want but i find 4000-4500k is the best "daylight" colour for general lighting. Anything higher is too blue anything lower is too yellow.

New Hive GU10 bulbs from HiveHome 6 for £99
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Released this week, buy multiples for savings.

Not the same bulb. This price is the warm white bulbs only. £99 for the equivalent


6 for £79 on Amazon.






See my previous post - it's because most homes can't support a smart switch.

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Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Wireless Lighting 10 W E27 Richer Colours LED Light Bulb, Apple HomeKit Enabled, Works with Alexa £34.99 @ Amazon
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
Make light do more for you. Philips Hue is your personal wireless lighting system that lets you easily control your light from your device, creating the right ambience for any mome… Read more
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Now £42.54


On Argos it's 4 bulbs and either a dim switch, motion sensor or dim controller thing for £150 so £10 more than buying of Amazon and getting the additional controls. + Maybe easier for those without prime. Also have the ambiance ones for £100.


I took the plunge changed all my lights to hue the other day! I thought they were overpriced and pointless until I tried them out. I absolutely love them and it really helps with settling toddlers at bed time being able to dim all the lights in the home. If you have money to waste they are fab ! Hopefully they last as long as they say !


We have them in our house for a few reasons. When I have the footy on, the lights/lamps/strips turn the entire room green. When we have nature doc's on, we turn them orange. Watching Blue Planet? They go blue/indigo. We have the house set up with the sensors that go with these. When we walk into a room, the lights come on, when we leave a room, they go off. When on holiday, we log in remotely & switch them on/off every now and then, as well as having them set up to do this automatically too. It's dead easy to change the lights colours/brightness using Echo speakers - "Alexa, turn the lounge orange" and every bulb in the room does just that. When we get into bed, "Alexa, it's bed time" - all the lights in the house go off. I almost never use the app on my phone now, as the sensors & Alexa does it all for me. Of course it's a gadget based eco system, but IMO they are great (but obviously, overpriced). At no point though, during my buying process did I think about how much it would impress my wife (or any other ladies, for that matter). If you're happy with white light bulbs @ £1.80 a throw, then that's awesome, perhaps this thread just isn't for you?

PHILIPS GU10 LED LIGHT BULB 255LM 3.5W - £1.49 @ Screwfix
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
excellent deal if you prefer a bulb not quite as bright as the 4.6w/50w deal posted on here. these are equiv to 35w so may suit certain applications better. works out cheaper aswel… Read more
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Warm White and Non-Dimmable


Great bulbs, I went from 4x40 watt halogens to 4 of these in a spotlight bar. 160 watts down to 14 watts. Bound to save money on the lecky bill


It was very obvious to me what you were referring to, half dozen ordered - thanks for the post (y)


Wow awesome deal for a great make bulb.... Cheers canny 8)


And if you prefer Daylight bulbs, it's £1.49 at Home bargains for 6500k lumens.

Multipack offers on LED Bulbs from £3.19 at led hut
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
looking for some new LED's for my kitchen lighting, LED Hut seem to have decent reviews and at a good price, was looking on https://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/led-hut and found thi… Read more
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delivery isn't free - i did make a note on the post to say that delivery is a bit steep at £3+ but this still works out cheaper than owt else i can find


nope. Just added some to basket to find out delivery isn't free...


Are they free delivery?

GU10 4W 10-Pack LED bulbs £13.99 Aldi
LocalLocalFound 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Great day for 10 pack LED energy saver spotlight bulbs. next best price ive been able to find is 16.99 from screwfix. available from sunday 18th instore Features Form: LED Reflec… Read more
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Its a decent price, but be aware that at 4 watt, they are only really a 40 watt equivalent despite what it might say and at 2700 kelvin it will be quite a yellow light, not ideal for bathrooms or kitchens, you really need OVER 3500 kelvin and preferably 6 watt for bathrooms and 5 watt for kitchens.. Just my twopence worth ...


Robert Dyas do 10 osram for 16.99 think they are brighter and are the more attractive glass style ones.





£13.99 doe 10 pack! not bad.

Osram Lightify RGBW B22 Zigbee full colour smart bulb £13.99 prime / £16.98 non prime
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Normally £29.99. Works with SmartThings and I believe it can pair directly with Hue aswell. Looks like a good price for a colour Zigbee bayonet bulb. This is a full colour RGB bul… Read more
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Can you block me too please, because you are really unpleasant.


I'm not quite sure what your issue is, but my views are my own. Yes, i didn't realise it was full colour, and i thought it was therefore not a great deal. Within minutes i had said "ahh a good deal". Yes i think its a shame its bayonet. That's my view. Deal with it. I also note how you have commented on other deals pointing out that adaptors aren't ideal. Hypocrite? Someone said its the standard in the UK, in reply to me, not you. I replied saying not for lamps. I want this for a lamp, so it does matter. Its not me being difficult, this is not me trying to correct someone. This is me stating that while this person feels it may be the solution for most people, its not for me. Again my view in reply to a comment to ME. Not you. I don't care what you think. On the adaptor, my comment on it "needs to be the other way around" was a genuine one. This was not me correcting the poster. This was me thinking that this bulb was not the solution for me. The ikea adaptors are not the correct solution, i didn't realise there were alternatives. So the correctness here matters. In the end another poster sent me a link to the ones i needed, and i thanked them and ordered 3 bulbs! I did not thank the poster who tried to look smugly correct, when they were in fact not correct. Try to make me look stupid when you are wrong, and ill make a point to correct you, which i feel is fair enough. Again, not about you. I don't care what you think. I think this sums you up perfectly, so a straight copy and paste will do... By arguing for that amount of time on a bit of colloquial phraseology, without focusing on what's important which is communicating to other members what's important, i.e. that they have correct information with which to make better purchasing decisions, you seem to be missing the whole point of this board. People post here mostly to help others find bargains, while many of your posts in this thread seem to focus on ensuring you're right and everyone else is irrelevant. Now, so that i don't waste any more time reading your views, which i frankly do not care about and are not helpful in helping me or other understand the potential solutions out there...consider yourself blocked.


You've asked so I'll reply. In your original response you made a mistake, although you changed your statement a little later you didn't acknowledge the original error.... trickytree1984 27th Jan I'm a fan of Smartthings but this is expensive compared to the tradfri (IKEA) bulbs. trickytree1984 27th Jan Ahh. Full colour. Good then. Shame it's bayonet. even in your change of position you can't seem to help taking a shot at the end...."Shame it's bayonet" Now while everyone is entitled to their views it read to me as if you couldn't resist but to find fault with what the OP had posted. You then went on to comment on someones reply regarding the fact it was a bayonet bulb and that which is in many instances the norm in this country. trickytree1984 27th Jan Andyjb2345 m agoWhat, like most of the country? For ceiling maybe. Not for lamps. What blinking difference does it make? I know loads of houses that have ES27 screw in only fixture sockets and lamps and loads that have B22 bayonet only fixture sockets and lamps. Why on earth would you feel the need to respond in a way that assumes that because this deal is of less import to you it therefore shouldn't be to other people and then you appear to try to diminish their views as a result? Then when someone is talking about a socket adapter you say... trickytree1984 27th Jan TwistedNerve1 h, 20 m agoyou can get a bayonet to screw adapter for 99p or less It needs to be the other way around Again the need to unnecessarily correct a poster, anyone reading the post understood the point TwistedNerve was colloquially making, the specifics of which someone would check appropriately before they made a purchase I'm sure. If you'd instead of phrased it something like this "You'll have to be careful when ordering the adapter to make sure you get the correct one, if you order a bayonet to screw adapter you could get one with a male screw in part and a female bayonet socket as even suppliers often get the phraseology of the order of the connectors wrong. If buying on the high street pay close attention to which connector is on which end before purchase, if buying online look closely at the photos for the same reason, don't rely just on the wording as far too often it's incorrect.". It would have read as trying to be helpful (perhaps even overly helpful to some people...but you can't make everyone happy even some of the time) rather then critical of TwistedNerves attempt to help. Then the pièce de résistance..... trickytree1984 28th Jan TwistedNerve2 h, 36 m agodunno why I'm replying, but here goes..listing is for a bayonet bulb, folk … Read the rest of the comments. This has been discussed. Since you've taken the time to try and make me look incorrect.... You said "Bayonet to screw". If my lights are screw (which they clearly are as I said it's a shame these are bayonet), then I would need to to convert screw to bayonet hence my comment "needs to be the other way around". You quote the socket that needs converting not the bulb. Example.... Does that clear it up for you? #facepalm By arguing for that amount of time on a bit of colloquial phraseology, without focusing on what's important which is communicating to other members what's important, i.e. that they have correct information with which to make better purchasing decisions, you seem to be missing the whole point of this board. People post here mostly to help others find bargains, while many of your posts in this thread seem to focus on ensuring you're right and everyone else is irrelevant. So the absolute arrogance of your phrase "Does that clear it up for you?" made you look like a person who perhaps would be better investing their time with a bit of introspection about how you see others and their value, rather then spending your time on taking sad and unnecessary potshots at people who at least are trying to help. I'll be surprised if you accept this in the spirit with which it's written, which is an honest attempt to get you to perhaps look again at what you wrote in the thread from someone else's perspective. Instead I'm pretty sure you'll see it as an attack on you and therein lies the issue. It's up to you what you want to take away from it at the end of the day.....but continued negativity is just not helpful or healthy. I won't respond anymore in this thread, it's served it's purpose.


Aaaanyway, bringing the discussion back on topic.... 🙄 Ordered this, hue hub found it on 3rd attempt - secret seems to be to simultaneously turn bulb on and hit search in hub app. Control is perfect via hue app, also via Alexa although only seems to be able to set colour to blue via Alexa, and sometimes doesn’t turn off via Alexa, but that might just be my config - I’ve noticed Alexa seems to take a while to “settle down” when you add new stuff? Think some reviews mentioned an issue with the green colour, mine seems fine ?? Overall this works almost faultlessly, although my other hue bulbs are not colour so I have no comparison. Happy with it for the price.


Indeed I did. 6 minutes, literally 2 comments down after I originally commented. Not sure why you are trolling up for a fight 3 days later on something that wasn't even discussed with you?

Hygena Metal Table Lamp@ Argos free c & c - £8.99
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Looks like a nice lamp look nice on a desktop only too review. Simple matt printd finishing table lamp. This is perfect in living-room,. Size H41, W13, D13cm. Diameter of base 1… Read more

Dropped in price again


Dropped in price to 9.99


It's probably on par size wise with my anglepoise type light which takes a standard bulb. Depends what you use it for, I use mine as a desk lamp. This wouldn't be any good for that.


As it's a table lamp you wouldn't really expect to much light from it


They do, but only in candle shape. Won't be as bright as a normal bulb I doubt.

Philips  4 Hue Colour ambience bulbs & hue tap or motion sensor £149.99 @ Argos
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
I've been trying to look for good deals to replace the the for two sets that I missed out before the New Year. This contains two packs of two hue colour ambience e27 bulbs and a hu… Read more

Yes. The two pack gets you down to 42.50 a bulb. If there are better options for multiple hue bulbs that reduce the price per bulb further I would like to know them. I've been looking at Innr Zemi Smart etc and have gone for one Yeelight to see how that works out.


For those who just want bulbs pack of two are £84.99 atm instead of £50 a bulb.

ASDA Instore (Newcastle) 3x GU10 LED Bulbs - Rollback to £5, but scanning at £4!
LocalLocalFound 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Found in Newcastle ASDA - marked on the shelf rolled back to £5 but actually scanned at £4 (party)

Or 10 for £10 5w = 50w dimmable


Can’t see that offer online, was it in store? These are 350 lumen too, nice and bright ones... sometimes the cheaper ones are dimmer I have found in the past


Good price for me as I only need 3 - since they’ll last for years anyway! XD


These are 10 for £2.50 in homebase


10 for 12 on amazon prime delivered. So this is ok if u need bulb same day but not really good price per bulb.

10 x GU10 LED @ Homebase for £7
LocalLocalFound 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Just popped into Homebase (Brookwood) and got 3 of the touch-lamps for £3 but noticed they had these 10 GU10 LED on offer as well. TCP - Warm White - 250lumens 4W > 35W output … Read more

Do you have a link please?


Ditto. When I search ebay I can only find those misleading listings that end up costing about £9 for 6 bulbs or £15 for 12.


Hi. Could you supply a link to the item ?? Thanks


Keep the box and receipt ready for refund as they dont last long


Got mine 6 for £2.50 on ebay. But good for a pick up price

Crystalite LED GU10 Colour Changing Lamp, 3W, With Remote £5, In Store @ Poundland Instore
LocalLocalFound 15th Dec 2017Found 15th Dec 2017
Saw this GU10 LED Colour-Changing Bulb in the Trongate, Glasgow store earlier. Yes, I marked it as a Local Deal...! And, yes, it's £5 in Poundland! Can see this was on Tesco htt… Read more
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The lumens on this bulb is poor so use only when in multiples.


I got something similar from dunelm and it seems to use the same frequency and my tv so randomly changes colour when i use my tv remote.


Trying to think why I’d need a remote control colour changing light bulb


Never tried any of the Dekton items, think Poundland stocked Dekton spirit levels at one point. But useful to know :) In fact, I'll delete my comment about the Dekton Staple Guns - no point mentioning if they're no good!!


Dekton tools are essentially rubbish. I bought a small sample of their products recently, and all failed the basic accuracy and durability test on first use. Buy cheap buy multiple times I'm afraid!

Wemo Starter Kit with 2 Bayonet fit LED bulbs £50 from Tesco
Found 9th Dec 2017Found 9th Dec 2017
Wemo Starter Kit with 2 Bayonet fit LED bulbs £50 from Tesco. Thought this is a good price if anyone is looking.;

Wemo Bulbs discontinued by belkin. http://community.wemo.com/t5/News-and-Announcements/A-note-about-Wemo-LED-products/td-p/33683


They was only £25 last year from Curry's


Tesco trying to sell them again? Last time they did they ended do selling the stock off. At current prices Philips Hue is a far better buy. The Wemo world is very limited - only really plugs and two bulb types. Also the reliability isn't the best. I've never had to re-pair my hue bulbs but with Wemo it happened a couple of times over the space of a few months.

E27 LED Flame Flickering Effect Fire Light Bulb £5.99 Del w/code @ Geekbuying
Found 7th Dec 2017Found 7th Dec 2017
Different size & slightly cheaper than the recent offer. You need to be signed in & use code OFDHRXYS to bring the onsite price down to just £5.99 Del Main Ma… Read more
Mod & Ed Get dealGet deal

Tech stuff tends to be ok from places like this, gearbest and lightinthebox etc but be aware that geekbuying in particular are very very slow so do not expect orders to be dispatched when they say ALSO be aware that they DO NOT answer after sales queries or problems although they are quite efficient in the pre-sale query area. As long as you bear this (and the possible import tax implications) in mind then you should be ok


The quality of the flame effect differs greatly so I would look on YouTube and try and find a good one before you buy.


May end up with real flames buying bulbs from places like this.

Amazon Basics LED Bulb GU10 - 345 lumens - Pack of 2 £2.44 Prime @ Amazon
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
AmazonBasics LED Bulb GU10, 4.7W to 50W, 345 lumens - Pack of 2 [Energy Class A+] Great price :)

Thanks Op, you think of something you really need and some time you don't and this site just delivers. Spent over £20 since this morning.


thanks op (y) it is £2.44 , but what is the £4.43 ? in your post


Just what I needed - ordered 4 thanks!

Beacon Bulbs LED bulbs - £1 - Poundstretcher and PoundStore
LocalLocalFound 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
Seen in Poundstrecher/PoundStore Full list from distributor OTL here
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This is what makes this site so different. :D


Does it do WiFi ?? (lol) 🤣


Scorching hot. Light bulbs are super expensive in the shops around here. I no longer need to sit in the dark ;-)


Why is this hot ? Poundland sell better spec bulbs , even Home Bargains have 800 lumen 9w bulbs for 1.39


That brightness is the bulb shorting out after 2 seconds....its pot luck if u get a working one

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