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Smart lights allow users to turn their homes into energy efficient, ultra-flexible, atmospheric spaces, where everything is controllable with the swipe of a finger. Eco-friendly, cost-saving, and convenient to use, these innovative products are also well and truly ready for prime-time. Pick up the most advanced bulbs, hubs, switches, strips and plugs at the hotukdeals smart light listings. Read more
Philips Hue white and colour ambiance E27 £12.97 at Currys PC World Leeds Headrow store
Posted 6 h, 36 m agoPosted 6 h, 36 m agoLocalLocal
Currys PC World (Leeds Headrow store) had labels for Philips hue bulbs on clearance. Asked and checked but they didn’t have any stock in Leeds, said other stores may have stock


Hunting unicorns!


I've not seen the wild goose jpg for a while


That is a massive discount


Would guess stores with stock are getting rid of the old versions (without Bluetooth). Great deal if you can find them (y)

Philips Hue White & Colour Ambience Smart Lighting Starter Kit Bridge B22 £58.99 @ ebay / Currys
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
£1 cheaper than the other deal that was posted a little while ago.

And heres the other one from ebay, just to prove they dont even bother replying, currys are a joke AVOID.


Still no reply, and paypal are reviewing it, whats to review if they cant be bothered replying, 6w before i could get a refund, less hassle to shop elsewhere.


Well you will now if you return, its more than a coincidence, all 3 orders, they wont get a penny of me ever again, argos all the way.


I'm sorry you had that trouble. But I have never had any problem with using the Currys eBay store.


Iv got 2 paypal claims going on with currys, not even bothered answering either of them, i also returned my currys ebay item as a screw you currys, never refunded that either, made a claim and that was payed back by ebay, my advise is avoid at all costs.

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance E27 Starter Kit £59.99 at Argos
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Includes Bridge and 2 Bulbs, B22 Bayonet version available for the same price

Ah, for the gu10s. (y)


That's for the gu10. I don't think either currys or argos are selling that bundle.


Is that better value?


3 coloured bulbs and a hub on Amazon for £95, still available


just to confirm, this is a good price,right? just getting into the hue eco system so trying to assess best prices for things. thanks

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Philips Hue Go 2 - Pair Special Offer - £99.98 @ Argos + free Click and Collect
21/07/2020Expires on 21/07/2020Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Philips Hue Go 2 Colour Portable Smart Light with Bluetooth Best deal was back at Christmas, 59.99 for one with a dimmer switch. This seems to be decent at 49.99 each. Introducin… Read more
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Sorry this is a very poor deal from Argos only have one in stock and none for delivery. I know it's store dependent. However it does seem like click bait from Argos.


Curry's are doing 20% off if you buy two: Not as good as Argos, but at least they are in stock!


Ordered a few days ago. Just had an email to say they aren’t honouring the deal. Argos deals are useless. They never have anything in stock for delivery and it’s extremely rare they have anything in store for collection. “We are sincerely sorry to advise that the Fast Track order you recently placed was not successful and as a result your item(s) will not be available in-store for you to collect. A full refund will be issued which will require no further action from you. If you haven’t received your refund in 7 working days, please contact your bank.”


Typical Argos, every single store in my local area has one in stock so you cant claim the deal. How convenient for them!


1 in stock everywhere by the looks of it.

Novostella Wi-Fi Smart Bulb bayonet 7W/600lm 3-pack (or 9W 1 or 3-pack) for £27.99 using code delivered @ Ustellar-EU fulfilled by Amazon
64° Expired
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Great price for these Wi-Fi smart bulbs — B22 bayonets, 7W=60W halogen equivalent, 600 lumens, dimmable, tuneable, RGB, etc. — only £27.99 for three using the code SMARTBUL. You … Read more

Voted hot for RGBCW/6500K, I personally believe the 3x9W is a better choice. I would have gone for some, but I'm planning to change my ceiling light, so not sure if the new one will be Edison or Bayonet :/


Cheers op, had one of these and it works perfectly, was waiting for these to go on offer. Heat added.


I have a few and only issue I've had is one I have in the bedroom fitting didn't respond to the remote control and couldn't find it on the network so have to re-join it. It gave the red flash as normal then white light but one of the side lights had fail and I said to use the night setting on the remote.


These are great at first... but about 6+ months in they just do what they want. Turn on whenever they like no matter the time of day which is pretty crappy. It's like when you set up a schedule and you turn off the schedule it sticks with it anyway. Tried resetting them etc but the problem stills persists. I think I will replace them with some Xiaomi smart lamps.

Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch (Installation-Free), White £15.63 (Prime) / £20.12 (non Prime) Amazon
345° Expired
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Hue dimmer switch. I purchased it a fraction cheaper in March but need another one as they are very useful.
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Showing as delivery for Wenesday now, at 10.90 I'll take a punt and let you know...


We'll find out some time around the beginning of August when we do, or don't, get our deliveries.


Is that a genuine seller?


Cheeky. Not me. You need to help me more to find the items (:I


(confused) no idea what you talking about (:I (:I (:I

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Starter Kit: Smart Bulb 3x Pack LED [GU10 Spot] Includes, Bridge - £94.99 @ Amazon
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
NOT A BAD PRICE, 37% discount Cost is £130 at Currys. Lamps RRP are in the region of £49 each if purchased separately. Same day delivery with Prime

Garbage, old junk. deffo not the same as the £130 deal, hence the low price.


Only 3 more months sitting in the dark (pirate)


£69.99 last Black Friday and the year before. I'd wait for November.


these are the old style bulbs ( longer, colours not as good, especially greens) if your looking for these get the newest bulbs with Bluetooth on the box.


The only downside to this deal is it’s the older design, which isn’t as bright and the actual bulb is physically bigger, which I think some people had issues fitting inside some existing fixtures. Decent price still though, especially for someone new to Hue who needs the hub.

PHILIPS HUE Hue White & Colour Ambience Smart Lighting Starter Kit with Bridge B22/E27 +6 months Spotify Premium - £58.99 delivered @ Currys
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Reduced further by £9 and comes with 2 years guarantee. + Free 6 month Spotify Premium subscription for new Premium accounts + Free delivery PHILIPS HUE Hue White & Colo… Read more
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I have in the past yes


You got a Spotify code yet? ..... still waiting


Is this a good deal? I never had anything like this before. I am moving in my own house next month should I buy now or wait? ta


You can control 50 bulbs, and set schedules if you want your lights to come on at a certain time for example. Also you can control them remotely offsite (handy on holidays) You can use hue sync, especially with computer, though I think I read somewhere that a Phillips ambilight can sync with them or you could buy the sync box...(though that's so expensive) Oh yeah you can use the labs as well, so if you wanted your lights to flicker like candles and all manner of that sort of things and you can tie in the accessorises like a dimmer.


That's odd, they work perfect, but don't look the best and all extra length to the bulb, if hidden then its fine. EDIT the fado 17cm is E14 and the fado 25cm is E27. (y)

Get 3 for 2 on selected Philips Hue bulbs. Mix and Match @ Philips Shop
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Always find these are great to pick up some sets of bulbs at a decent price
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Ah good work, I've been trying to get the John Lewis deal but they keep selling out. Also worth noting that you get 16.5% Quidco (y)


Hue bulbs are stupidly expensive, but from experience they are well made, long lasting, easy to install and the customer service is great. Plus it was one of the first major brands to launch a home automation system - which is why I went down this route vs the more home enthusiast products.


Well noticed. Thanks for that. You’re right - no Bluetooth on the amazon ones so larger bulbs too. Thanks


The starter pack doesn't have the newer bulbs with bluetooth which are brighter. Just a hint, if you have Perkbox you can get 20% off but the code doesn't stack with the 3 for 2.


It’s not as good a deal as first suggests as Philips prices aren’t competitive but with Amazon and deals elsewhere you can get better deals with patience. Look at the GU10 white and colour for example: you could get 3 twin packs for £169.98 (£28.33 per bulb) but at Amazon at the moment you can get a starter kit (the bridge and three GU10 bulbs) for £94.99 (£31.66). If you have the patience you’d easily get the difference back selling the hub on eBay.

TCP Smart WiFi Dimmable Warm White Filament LED Bayonet or Edison Screw 60W Light Bulb - No Hub Required for £6.93 @ Robert Dyas (free c+c)
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Good value smart bulbs. Was £18.99, then £14.93 and now £6.93. Comes with 2 years warranty. Edison Screw 60W Light Bulb - No Hub Required or Bayonet 60W Light Bulb - No H… Read more
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Heat added...great price...I have the multi coloured bulbs and not had any issues with them(y)


Super price, OP, picked have some of these, easy to control through the app and save the use /need of a hub. Just a note connection to WiFi needs to be on 2.5ghz.


Seem to be in stoke just ordered

hopper_papa_roac I see it for 11.99 on Amazon


No sorry I just searched the title from rd

Philips Hue Starter Kit White 3 x E27 9 W + Hue Bridge V2 - £49.08 (£47 fee free) delivered @ Amazon France
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Philips Hue Starter Kit White 3 x E27 9 W + Hue Bridge V2 - £49.08 (£47 with a fee free card) delivered @ Amazon France. Description Get started with the Philips hue Whit… Read more

Yeh good point that can get quite annoying


Don’t forget they will have an eu plug


really need to get the bridge so this is a good deal, but those fixed temperature bulbs arent really what I'm looking for...tough call.


£47.48 using Starling card (y)


They are just the warm white versions, no control over colour temperature. Don't appear to be Bluetooth

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) Premium sound (All colours)+Philips Hue White bulb E27 or Philips Hue White bulb B22 - £69.99 @ Amazon UK
341° Expired
Refreshed 7th JulRefreshed 7th Jul
Premium sound with a built-in smart home hub Also, there's acccount specific code GIFT05 that knocks off £5 off over the order of £25. So, worth a try .. (y) This bundle … Read more

Got this for free from vodofone, it was fun first 3 days, then- there is just no need for it, music wise everyone wearing headphones, question wise- easier/faster/ more in depth to google in the phone, smart home wise- it easier and faster to lift bum and flick the only use for us is as wireless speaker when in mood. Sound is very good for this kind of device....


Does the hub on this work as well as the hue bridge?


Agree. Its a great deal just for the plus - can't believe they are throwing in a £15 hue bulb! Should be red hot.


It didn't work for me either, but I've used the "GIFT05" code once before - last week when it was first made available. So I justed logged into my wife's a Amazon account, applied the code at checkout (as I know she's not used that code before) and it worked; both the Echo Plus + a Hue Bulb for £64.99. Result. Selected no rush delivery so will get 2x £1 credit (one for each item) off future purchases too. 99% of the time it still comes the next day regardless of no rush selected.


It worked for me this morning

Philips Hue Colour Ambiance Starter Kit - Includes 3 bulbs and bridge £84.99 at Amazon
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Save your favourite light settings and recall them whenever you want with the tap of a finger Extend TV viewing experience to the whole room or synchronize light to your favourite… Read more

That's the one I'm using. Paid the extra for multi hubs as I also have some Ikea smart home products. Seems to work well.


I'd recommend Hue Essentials. There are a few paid for extras on there too if you want to get more fancy. But the basic app is much better than the official Hue App. Hue Dynamic is also good, but I don't find it as user friendly.


Cool just re ordered mine from prime now so hopefully that’s the same. From what I have read it seems the Bluetooth are gen4 but have a shorter life span.


Yes, it has the "Richer colors" badge :-)


Do you know if they can do green colour ok? Philips released a newer version in 2016 that fixed the issue but as they where all under the same model it was hit and miss if you got the latest one. Some of the questions on the amazon mentioned people getting old ones 2 weeks ago, but they also moan about the size so think it may be gu10s they are going on about . It has to have the richer colours badge on the box in the top right.

Xiaomi Connected LED Bulb Compatible with Alexa - £14.50 Amazon Prime / £18.99 Non Prime
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Colour temperature adjustable between 1700 and 6500k. The lower temperature tinges with yellow giving off a warm shade perfect for relaxation. Higher temperatures emanate a cool … Read more

I've got 4 of these I've just replaced with Hue bulbs if anyone is interested. Only replaced then as I'm trying to 'standardise' my house and remove overlaping technologies (as I have Hue already)


Any good prices on the latest 1s model?


That was early days. You can pick servers from all over now. Defaults to Germany


I had a Yeelight but got cold feet about using it when I found out you logged-in to the Far East everytime a setting was changed or when it was turned on & off. No kidding


Yes I do everything through Alexa's voice commands and routines. For example, in my home office I have 8 bubls (office1, 2, 3,...8) and a group called Office. Alexa, office on: turns office lights on, all 8 bulbs. Alexa, office off: turns office lights on. Alexa, office red: turns office lights to red. Alexa, office sleep on: turns office 'sleep' scene on (you have to define a scene called 'office sleep' in the app and re-scan in the Alexa app before you can use a scene with voice commands/routines).

Philips Hue Play Bundle with HDMI Sync Box and Smart Light Bar Double Pack £299.99 GAME - free Click & collect / £4.99 delivery
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Whats in this Bundle? - Philips Hue Bridge - Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box - Philips Hue Play White & Colour Ambiance Smart Light Bar Double Pack Base Unit, Black
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Also it doesn't do 1080p 120htz. I like the product but its not worth that price when it isn't future proof.


Hmm.. might be for you, but I don't know of many 4k 120hz tv's out there. Don't doubt there are some, but the mainstream is definitely 4k/60.


Didn't know this, but still no 120htz. That's still a killer.


You can't bit that still doesn't make this price worth it.


If you can find something thats does the same as this with 4k & 120htz Dolby Vision, HDR 10 or HDR Plus, please be helpful and post a link.

Philips Hue 2m Lightstrip Kit & 1m Lightstrip extension pack - £59.98 + Free Click & Collect @ Argos
21/07/2020Expires on 21/07/2020Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
To get this deal, click on the "View special offers" Which will redirect you to this area of the page: Click "View Offer", and then add to trolley. About Philips Hue L… Read more

Can't get it no stock


No there won’t be any difference in brightness newer version will also have 1600 lumens as current version.


Is the new version going to brighter than the old strip, does anyone know? Is the only difference the blue tooth / cutting ability?


How can they not have the ability to split your order? Annoying


I had this issue last time. Not quite a 'scam' but is frustrating

Philips Hue Play Light Bars 2 plus 1 - £119.99 + free Click and Collect @ Argos
21/07/2020Expires on 21/07/2020Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
3 play bars for £119.99 isn’t a bad deal for these amazing lights. I know they were cheaper last year on Prime Day etc but at the minute this is a pretty sweet deal if you want to … Read more

So do you just use the Hue app on your computer to sync them? Or have you tried another way?


Picked mine up this morning, thanks again OP.


No worries


Ambilight is better, you only get 1 zone of lighting per play light. Also there more delay. But the lighting is more dramatic and you can use it with your ambilight tv.


My TV sits opposite the window so light was reflect off TV during the day unfortunately but I've got used to it. Even during a bright sunny day I still clearly see the lights and effects very easily. In the evening, if anything I would adjust the brightness down sometimes with it being too bright. They definitely give off plenty of light! I've no pictures on this current phone and I'm at work otherwise I would show you sorry

PHILIPS HUE White & Colour Ambience Outdoor Light Strip & Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor Bundle - 2m - £79.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Seems like a decent price for this bundle, especially given the more expensive outdoor light strip is included :) Philips Hue White & Colour Ambience Outdoor LightStrip -… Read more
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Love my 'fairy abode' :)


See my previous reply. Was working but unfortunately no longer.


Code doens't work on this bundle


5m ones can be had new on eBay with Best offers for about the £100 mark quite regularly


Choose from 16 million colours Where's the list?

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