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Samsung 27” smart monitor m50a with free galaxy buds live £181 (student / Totum members) @ Samsung
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Posted 6th OctPosted 6th Oct
Bargain monitor with bonus of free galaxy buds live, need to get to the Samsung portal via UNiDAYS or similar.

The black was £183 and the white was £181. Samsung increased the price on the black one a few days back. I've not looked at the site this morning but I assume the white one has gone up as well now.


I could only get the white one for that price…


It's showing 269 not sure how to get this deal


Can i ask how you managed to get it to £181.00. I've had a look on UniDays and the price is £188 for 24inch. Thanks


Any good as a pc gaming monitor? Also does it come in black for the same price? Thanks

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Earphones Mystic (UK Version), White - £75.21 / Black - £88.21 @ Amazon
Posted 2nd OctPosted 2nd Oct
Update 1
Was - White - £79 / Black - £89.03 now White - £75.21 / Black - £88.21 7/10
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Earphones Mystic White (UK Version) Black for £89

I picked mine up for £38 on the student deal a few months back, I'd be disappointed at this price, they are comfy but even with anc my big ears still pick up traffic/wind noise when I'm out


If you are tempted have them for £75ish delivered. However they also have a promotion if you deposit 80 euro to your gift card balance you get a 8 euro discount credit.


I returned these, shocking audio quality.


I've used these for jogging for the last few months, no buzzing sound or any issue. Fit really well and give a good sound.


These are terrible if you do anything physical e.g. jogging they will make a buzzing sound eventually and your headphones will be ruined. Google Samsung buds live buzzing sound its very common

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live In-Ear Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Headphones customer return, 12m warranty £40.50 UK Mainland @ Elekdirect
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Posted 26th SepPosted 26th Sep
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live In-Ear Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Black (SM-R180NZKAEUA) We provide a 12 month Return To Base warranty this only covers hardware fau… Read more

The levels of irony when looking at your comment paired with your username are immense right now ahaha


I just buy new. Don't want to be cleaning other peoples ear wax out of my devices. Doubt a wipe would clear all the DNA from every crevice. Thanks for you interest though and enjoy your manky hand-me-downs. Bet you hang used teabags out to dry and reuse. Reise toilet roll?


Unless I'm missing something, silicone is also very easy to clean unless you lack the capacity to use a wipe. I have done when I needed to (emergencies). Again, it's easy and only takes a little bit of common sense to sterilise a toothbrush (boiling water). I'm guessing your highness cba with that either?


No but that's a solid piece of stainless steel that's easily cleaned and yes I take my own bedding and pillows when I go away. Nice try though... Would you use a second hand toothbrush?


Correct Just get Antibacterial wipes - clean it and that will do.

24" M50A Full HD Smart Monitor with Speakers & Remote + Free Galaxy buds live +£20 amazon voucher via unidays £159.20 @ Samsung EPP
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Posted 20th SepPosted 20th Sep
24" M50A Full HD Smart Monitor with Speakers & Remote PLUS Free Galaxy buds live - will be added to basket automatically LS24AM506NUXXU 1920 x 1080 60Hz refresh rate HDR10 T… Read more

I don't feel too bad about the £143 deal as it wasn't available via Perks at Work.


No problem


I missed out on the 27” deal, unfortunately my monitor packed in around the same time. Thanks OP, I ordered yesterday, and it just arrived (y) 🏼


Nearly bought the 27" too, wish I had now!


Yes, but overall its a very good monitor....only complain is that the remote takes battery (Inc. ) they should really change to chargeable ones

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Samsung M50A 27" Smart Monitor with remote and speakers + Galaxy Buds Live + £20 Amazon Voucher £143.20 via SB/Unidays/Totum @ Samsung
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Posted 16th SepPosted 16th Sep
Seems like a pretty good deal. The monitor is currently £229 for non-students. Studentbeans, Totum and Unidays allow you to get galaxy buds live and a £20 Amazon Voucher on top for… Read more

Standard vesa 100x100 its very close to the wall but as the connections point downward not really an issue. Does require a very long, thin, screwdriver to secure the lower screw though


Not yet. I swear the email said it could take 120 days


Anyone received giftcloud Amazon voucher?


Has anyone tried wall mounting one of these? Wondering what bracket to get


Lmao literally every supermarket does this

Samsung 43" M70A UHD, USB-C/ 3840x2160/ HDR10 Smart Monitor with Speakers & Remote PLUS free Galaxy buds live £423.20 @ Samsung EPP
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Posted 14th SepPosted 14th Sep
43" M70A UHD, USB-C Smart Monitor with Speakers & Remote Galaxy buds live will be added automatically into the basket. LS43AM700UUXXU To obtain this offer please visit - Samsu… Read more



I work in £ Thanks for playing, have a good evening.


That TCL TV is a 120hz panel, listed for $950. Look at the manufactures own page and specifications: source As well as reviews: Toms Hardware, t3, rtings


I never mentioned 4k120! That tv costs £350 it doesn’t have a 4k120 panel ffs. Jesus you’ve gone round in circles. Let’s just agree to disagree as you aren’t helping anyone interested in this tv/monitor.


The reason the 120hz rated TCL TV you've quoted can do 120hz at 1440p and not 4k is because it has a HDMI 2.0 interface, HDMI 2.0 can only do 4k @ 60hz. If it had a DisplayPort 1.4 or HDMI 2.1 connector, it would be able to do 4k @ 120hz. Do you see the difference? If a screen is rated at 60hz, it will always be 60hz. But a screen rated for 120hz might be able to do 120hz, with either the right interface or sufficiently low bandwidth requirement (lower resolution, bit depth, etc). Edit: This is the 7th time I've tried to explain this, can you please tell me either what you don't understand or what you don't agree with what I'm saying.