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Tp link smart plug £10 - a few left Sainsbury's Lincoln
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th AugLocalLocal
Tp link smart plug
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Got the last one (y)


I have a smart plug but I don’t actualy know what to use it for. Any suggestions?


Managed to get 2 in the Burnley store tonight, thanks op. :) They were the 2.1 version and they had 6 in total. I have 20 or so of these now and they work great.


Had two of these fail


Is this a nationwide deal?

Orvibo Smart WiFi Plug - White £9.99 @ MyMemory
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Down from £11.99 Transform your home into a smart home with Orvibo smart Plug technology. Why is the Orvibo Smart socket different from ordinary plugs ? This is a Wi-Fi wireles… Read more

Mine went weird for a while twice in the space of a few weeks,they still worked using the app,had to reset/relink both Alexa and Google to control them using voice however,odd as they've been working fine for years.Maybe an app update or permission change caused it,unlikely both Alexa and Google would fail the same way,at the same time.


Thanks for your help, I appreciate it (y)


Oh yeah, didn't spot that. My final word on the matter, because I wish I'd never got involved now: checked mine, and it's actually the later B25UK model; it works fine with Alexa but lately I've been having to reboot it quite a bit; of my three smart plugs (the others being a Hive and a Eufy), it's the least reliable, but I'm still happy with it.


Should be obvious I thought,but not obvious enough,apparently.To whit the following. Not helped by the fact that the description states B25UK and S25US,if basic information from the sellers wrong then would not purchase them,deals alright not hot,pleny of other options for the same price or less.


The item this link takes you to says it works with Alexa in the description and on the photos.

Tp-link Hs110 smart plug (with energy monitoring) - £17 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
170° Expired
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
It's dropped to this price in the last but it normally sites at £20. I've got a couple of the non-energy monitoring ones (HS100) and they're great. I'm after one with energy monito… Read more

This has now dropped by a while penny, now £16.99. And you can get the no rush reward if you're a prime member for a £1 voucher.


I got one of these long ago and put it on practically every appliance in the house and let it run to see how much they really used. Was surprised how cheap a load of washing was compared to what I thought, including the dryer. Also found out how much my TV set up was using on standby so it does save me money in the long term now (y)


£16 for 2 if you have Prime, these are a great piece of kit with energy monitoring as well, small and neat.


They're hardly ever as low as £17:


I have about 9 of these, if they stop working reset you router if they still do not work press little button on the top for about 20 seconds which causes a full rest and start again. Only had one that failed and sent it back and they replaced it without any problems. Top quality imo.

Nooie Smart Plug WiFi Outlet- £23.89 Prime / £28.38 Non Prime - Sold by YMOU and Fulfilled by Amazon
254° Expired
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Update 1
Update - price increase from £22.89 to £23.89 on 10/08
Click on £10.00 voucher! Nooie Smart Plug WiFi Outlet Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Wireless Socket Remote Control Timing Function No Hub Required 4-Pack

This works well with Google Home


Nope. Checkout Meross's smartplugs. They support IFTTT, Alexa & google home. App allows you to set routines, timed actions. Their general range: MSS310 (includes energy monitoring) - normally advertised with a green Energy logo. - Pack of 4 £28.04 MSS210 (no energy monitoring) - advertised with a red 13Amp logo. Normally cheaper, but depends what's being sold on a deal. I bought a pack of 2 MSS310 for £13.59. Helps you get an idea on energy consumption then info, I'm assuming, can be used to drive the smartplug's actions.


Do any of these type of plugs integrate or work well with the google home/nest app?


Do these support IFFFT?


Wonder if they can be flashed with tasmota, that would be nice. Even better if they can be flashed OTA Heat added

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TP-Link HS100 WiFi Smart Plug for £13 delivered / Tapo P100 for £9 @ AO
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Good prices on these smart plugs with Free delivery for all. -- TP-Link HS100 WiFi Smart Plug - £13 delivered Upgrade to this ingenious smart plug from TP Link. Simply hook… Read more
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mateypeeps I have seen complaints that the older Kasa HS100 is being discontinued and Tapo P100 is replacing it. Neither will work on the other's app, which are 2 distictly separate things. The older KASA will work with IFTTTTTTTTTTTT (forget how many T's to put in, daft acronym) whatever that is. And no, I do not want, or need, to know, so save your energy anyone that wanted to increase this thread length... P100 will not work with the IFTTT standard. (add another T if you need to to google it).


I bought TP-Link HS100 from Argos when it was £9.99 each. These smart plugs are brilliant. Easy peasy to install and great app. Also works with Alexa!


Bit of a noob here. What's the difference between the P100 I ordered earlier and this?


Great, heat added. If you fancy trip to argos you can get it for 1p less.. but I'm lazy. 1p for delivery seems OK (y) PS. I think they messed up some pictures.. rotfl or.. is the vacum cleaner included? (skeptical) (annoyed)

4 X TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet Works with Amazon Alexa (Echo & Echo Dot), Google Home- £31.99 Delivered (£7.9975each) @ Amazon UK
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
It works out to be £7.9975 each, if you need 4 of these. Back order for 19/08/2020 Compatibility - Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for Voice Control No Hub Requi… Read more

Still no IFTTT support?



It doesn't reduce the price of this though, just a future purchase from Amazon.


I think that the £7.75 comes from using the "no rush reward" which takes another quid off the total?!?!


With tapo do you have to keep updating app yo use them? Kasai annoyingly forces you

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug x 2 for £25.99 Amazon + £1 off next purchase on no rush delivery
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Kasa Smart Plug by TP-Link, WiFi Outlet, Works with Amazon Alexa (Echo and Echo Dot), Google Home and Samsung SmartThings, Wireless Smart Socket Remote Control Timer Switch, No Hub… Read more

They also have the HS110 for £16.99


Save a penny and collect a couple here:


Bring back the 3 for £30 offer.


I don't think Tapo support IFTTT if you want to use it now or in the future.


Means using a different app though if you already have Kasa ones.

TP-Link HS100 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug, £12.99 at Argos - Free collection
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Decent saving, might suit someone. Easily Manage Your Home Electronics and Appliances Anytime, Anywhere - The Smart Plugs are easy to set up, and make it even easier to manage yo… Read more

managed to get one today at a store on my way to collect a nephew. Last one connected it up and feels good. Now to take a little trip tomorrow to 2 other stores and get the last one in each, these will be really useful for my mum especially as she's getting used to using her Echo with Alexa, so i can have it turn the light on and off and also use it for Xmas with her lights as she cant bend down to the plugs. I'll give mine a try in the meantime before connecting them up. Thanks @Tacavas , heat added earlier today


I just use this with my Google home and works a treat


The upside of the Kasa plugs and bulbs is you can use them with other apps (I use Openhab which I run on my own RPi server in the garage). Means I can control my house from anywhere on the internet while, hopefully, unfriendly foreign powers cannot. Hence you can use just one app to control different devices from different suppliers. The downside is: a) You pay a few quid more than Tapo etc b) Limited number of other readily available devices compatible with the drivers/bindings produced for IFTTT, Openhab etc.


These version has been out a good few years and the Tapo less than 12 months. Tapo is smaller body for extendsion block. Same they use a different app. This version also has a HS110 which give live data of power used etc and a record of 7 days 31 days etc.


Yes, this one supports IFTTT (If this then that), Tapo does not. e.g. I use mine with Blink Cameras. e.g. when blink detect motion in one of my cameras, my kasa plug would switch on a lamp.

TP-Link Tapo P100 Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug - £8.99 (free collection) at Argos
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Nice offer, hope it helps. Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistan for Voice Controle, No Hub Required - works with any Wi-Fi router without… Read more

I guess thats my fear and why I try to keep to the named brands although I did buy a multiway wifi power strip from HUKDs the other week :-(


free collection yay


I think important thing that we need to keep in mind is electrical and fire safety. Not sure if generic brands are tested as rigorously as other brands.


looks like decent price, myself I have been using sonoff products for home automation which I find excellent.


Clearance, so of course, none in stock in Weymouth, Dorset. If nobody else can find any, then perhaps the Mods can EXPIRE this goose chase. Thanks to the poster for taking the time and trouble to post this heads up. It is not their fault that clearance items tend to clear fast...

TP-Link HS100 V2.1 Smart Plug - £12.99 Delivered @ BT Shop
322° Expired
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
I've got a couple of these and they're simple, reliable and do the job without any fuss. Product Description TP-Link HS100 - smart plug Product Type Smart plug Connectivity Wirel… Read more

Got loads of these. Tempted to stock up on a few more but do I really need more? Not sure. :p


These are good plugs. And this is a good price. Justifiably hot deal!


not comaprable to this


There is an expired post from yesterday for four of the Nooie smart plugs (Amazon). It's expired as the price has gone up a couple of quid to £23.88. Don't know if they are comparible but obviously a lot cheaper if you are in the market for more than one.


Tried that but no joy. When you press the physical button it clicks but won’t turn on/off what it’s plugged into, I guess a problem with the relay but Amazon sent me a replacement so didn’t dive too deep

2 X TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet, Works with Amazon Alexa (Echo and Echo Dot), Google Home - £16.99 Prime/+£4.49 NP @ Amazon UK
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Decent price for 2 pack. :) You can get £1 reward if you choose to do " No-Rush Delivery" at checkout. Compatibility - Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for Voic… Read more

Also there's an openhab binding for the Kasa ones but not these yet, I've started using openhab with mine as for some reason (which could well be my network) Alexa/Google home was frequently losing the ablity to control one or more of my kasa devices, yet they'd often be online in the kasa app or repsond to local control


Thank you, I just bought a set (y)


It was a lightning Deal at 4 am in the morning lol


these are all good


I meant just the 1x plug for £9.99 in the same link :)

Amazon Echo Studio + Amazon Smart Plug, Works with Alexa - £174.98 @ Amazon
-153° Expired
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Features & details This bundle includes an Echo Studio and an Amazon Smart Plug - everything you need to start your smart home. Immersive sound: 5 speakers produce powerful bas… Read more
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£148 with delivery - £5 if it is your first order. I agree about the time machine, but you suggested people hate this. Some may do, but your deal is probably not popular because you can get this for £143 from QVC + £9.99 for a TP link plug from Amazon. Can't see why people will pay £175 for it when they can spend £25 less. Who wants it now, will get it from QVC. Also, no time machine, but this was £150 a week ago and will be £150 again in a week or two, so who does not want it now, can wait. I did not vote cold on your deal, I've just given you an explanation why this deal may not be popular.


148 with delivery. Unfortunately people don't have time machines - well aware of the recent Amazon promotion on this, but now not available. Plug is currently 25.


Perhaps because you can get the Echo Studio for about £140 from QVC Also, only a week ago the Echo Show was £150 on Amazon, while the plug was £9-10 a few times and a TP Link plug is still £10.


Wow, a lot of haters for the Echo Studio, despite this being £15 cheaper than the studio on its own... (annoyed)

Google Home Hands-Free Smart Speaker & TP-LINK HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug (Bundle) - £59 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
640° Expired
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Google Home Hands-Free Smart Speaker & TP-LINK HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug (Bundle) Receive a TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug at no extra cost £59.00 Buy together and save

Strange. My Google Home Hub has got fairly poor sound, pretty much on par or worse than the mini v1. The Google Home has a much bigger speaker, while the Home Hub has small speakers facing the back.


I've had all three - I'd argue that the home hub has better acoustics suited for background music or as use as part of a multi speaker setup...I can't underplay how bad my Google Home was... I tried downstairs with hard floors, and upstairs with carpets. Perhaps it was just a bad copy but I wouldn't go back. I guess just buy one and try for yourself and return if it's not to your liking.


Which one?


But the new one is supposed to have better sound still


Perfect, thanks!

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - All Colours + Amazon Smart Plug - £29.99 Delivered @ Amazon
1657° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - All Colours + Amazon Smart Plug for £29.99 delivered from Amazon. Available in Charcoal, Grey, Plum and Standstone. Also eligible for the £1 no-rush rewar… Read more

Mine was delivered today, been wanting one of these for ages. Thanks OP XD


I read the voluminous notes on Echo Dot (gen 3) and one of the statements asserted by Amazon was that you can "drop in" on other households echo machines. So treat your kids as other household and allow dropins to their Echo Dots. I found this online Drop In is a feature that lets you instantly connect with an Echo device, including a contact's, as long as they have granted permission for you to do so. For instance, you can Drop In on any Echo device you own, or you can Drop In on a Echo device that your parents own. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your iOS or Android device and go to the Conversation screen (chat bubble icon from the bottom nav bar). You will need to confirm your name, enable access to your contact list, and verify your phone number through SMS. Alexa uses your phone's address book to find people you know who have the Amazon Alexa app or an Echo device, so there's no need to enter contacts. Enable Drop InOnce you've signed up for Alexa Calling and Messaging through the Amazon Alexa app, you need to enable Drop In for a contact and have that contact enable Drop In for you. Go to the Conversation screen (chat bubble icon from the bottom nav bar), select Contacts (person icon), tap one of the available contacts, and then toggle on the "Allow Drop In" switch at the bottom of their contact card. Also, when you enable Drop In and grant permission to your Echo devices, it will apply to all your household members. In other words, if you grant permission to grandma, she will be to Drop In on you and any one in your Amazon Household. So, if your Echo Show is on your husband's profile or your kid's profile for a moment, grandma can still Drop In on your device at any time to say, "Hi". Bear in mind this bit on the Internet Can you drop in on Alexa without them knowing? While users do get a prompt the first time they enable drop in, Blackwell-Guerra noted it doesn't explain that the person may drop in at any time in the future without your explicit consent, along with any member of their household with access to their Amazon device. ################### Added 18:56 Just seen this in the reviews about the Amazon smart plug being limited (compared with TPLINK for example) and a potential fire hazzard. Create an Amazon Household account in the Alexa app; Settings-Alexa Account-Amazon Household. Then just invite other users via email So maybe you could invite your kids to an "Amazon Household" to be able to communicate with each other's Echo Dots.


I have both and Google home is better.


Agreed. The issue is the plug only takes 10amps but most UK products come with a 13amp fuse. So a demanding appliance (like a kettle) could pull more amps than the plug could handle without blowing its fuse.


No It's a real pain. One will stop when the other starts playing music. The only solution is to have a separate alexa account and spotify account on each dot. I've Spotify family so that works for me but a pain if you have Spotify premium single user. I had to do this with my kids dots. Unfortunately Iirc setting up like this as if they the dots are on separate accounts limits access to other dot services like the drop in calls.

Amazon Smart Plug for £9.99 with code Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon - Could be Account Specific
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any electrical socket. Schedule lights, coffee machines and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them… Read more

No name brand?? You dont know much about tech do you


The thing I hate the most about these is the fact that they do not save their status if the power supply is cut off. They will always revert to off status unless they have recently fixed that problem. They also don't support an auto-off mode after turning on and have no extra functionality at all above what is available with he much cheaper ones. There is a good reason for them being given away with a variety of other products.

liuhao This is £1 more expensive but gives you energy monitor and works with Google home as well. If you are looking for 2 or more, you can get it for £8-9 each. I have an echo and a Google home so perfect for me. The energy monitor (imo) is a gimmick but it is interesting to know how much energy my TV is using (not that I care) This one is on lightening deal now for less than £9

LanzaJet And this above looks good. Dot and Plug £29.99 no code.


What is?

Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen (Chalk / Charcoal) + HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug £31 Free Collection / £34.50 Delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
1089° Expired
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Update 1
Chalk /Charcoal Nest 2nd gen and smart plug now reduced to £29 - add a £1 item for for free collection
Free Collection or £3.50 delivered Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) - Chalk / Charcoal Bigger sound with stronger bass Improved voice recognition Play music & entertainment fro… Read more

Bugger, I was just going to order this bundle but it's gone OOS. Expired, unfortunately :( Edit: bundle offer expires 22/08, so hopefully it'll be back in stock before then.


can this be connected to firestick and act as a speaker?


Here goes me trying to sell new and sealed nest mini for £30. Thanks John Lewis (lol) . Heat added - good deal.


I have 2 new nests from JL £25 each if anyone wants them


Yay Wycombe in the Championship. I am also Wycombe

Smart Power Strip with 3x AC plug ports and 2x USB ports for £11.99 delivered using voucher @ MySoja Official fulfilled by Amazon
88° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Clever little smart power strip here, with three AC plugs and two USB ports that can be switched on and off individually, either via an app or by voice control - Alexa and Google A… Read more

Hey, whats the best app to use for one of these strips? I already have Kaza for my TP Link HS100 plugs so wondering which app for best compatibility for both if possible, thanks


Well anything electrical is potentially a fire hazard, it's just not that safe an energy in the long run.


As I said, by the time I make up my mind...


always worry about offers like this, probably a fire hazard.


Ordered earlier, thanks OP

Google Nest Hub Hands-Free Smart Speaker 7" Screen £59.99 With HS100 Smart Plug @ John Lewis & Partners - 2 year guarantee included
1281° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Update 1
HS100 smart plug now included for free in the offer - so Google Nest hub and Smart plug for £59.99
Now even better with an hs100 thrown in for an extra quid… Read more

Now they fixed this issue and even reduced to £59. Better way to contact JL is whatsapp them on +44 7723 490095. They respond when they free.


Ha! The JL customer service lottery! I asked and was told - "No, this is the current price." To rub salt in the wounds when it finally did turn up I got the Smart plug in a massive box and no hub. I had to spend an hour on the phone for them to then deduce that it was missed out and they sent me another one. :(


You can ask John Lewis for £2 refund.


Probably 4th August. This is what i saw on google store. Taking back my earlier comment


I have the 8 inch version since last year never had any major issues, does everything it suppose to and more can make duo calls to, the best thing is the speaker they are good, really decent sound quality, nice display to, I occasionally do get no network problem, but I switch off and on, problem solved. I brought 2.

TCP Smart Plug-through Wi-Fi 13A UK Plug (Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, Siri) £10 (+ £4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Good price for this smart plug at Amazon, with £10 being the cheapest this product has been on Amazon according to the Camels :) Control via TCP Smart App, Amazon Alexa, Google … Read more
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Is Tuya based so can be flashed to Tasmota/ESPHome.…tml for those interested.


Does it mean that I can hold the siri button on my ipad and say turn the heater on? thanks


Warning that "Works with Siri" doesn't mean HomeKit support, you probably have to use their awful app. Doesn't look to be a homebridge plugin for TCP either plugs either.


Ah!! I see why no body can find these plugs in B&M now, someone's bought them all up and stuck them on Amazon...!!

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