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Sony Xperia XA Like New £49 at O2 Shop
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Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
£49 delivered. Returns are free. Get a refund or exchange if you change your mind within 14 days. 1.7% topcashback

O2 store have them every now and again. Maybe set up an alert on HUKD for them


Where can you get a Moto E6 plus from for £49?? Cheapest I can find is £83.90 with delivery at Argos.


it should be expired long time ago as oos (confused)


I hope for your sake it doesn't go wrong. You'll be pulling your hair out trying to contact o2 (shock)


Yeah a shame - the Xperia Z3 battery was magnificent, easily 24+ hours use from a single charge. The Z5 got nowhere near it.

Xperia XA Like New @ O2 - £49
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
How to get it unlocked : Go to the account and request a code from "myO2" by selecting the number. Specs Overall SpecificationTalk Time10 hrs 7min Standby TimeUp to 603hrs RAM… Read more

Just ordered 2 x iPhone X today both on O2 PAYG on the same O2 account although I used different credit cards the reason I ordered 2 was I have not had any email confirming the orders, hence the 2nd order. its only tonight I have checked my online account and both appear to have been dispatched. yet still no emails from O2 for order confirmation or order dispatch


I went through the order process, even entered and got approval from PayPal, and pressed the final <CONFIRM> button and was told I had to call them on a mobile because of a problem with my order. I have an account and was logged on to their site so they knew who I was. Guess I'll save £49!..................................later, it appears the problem was related to me using WiFi rather than a Mobile connection, they seem to need me to order via a phone/tablet Mobile connection and decline if it's a WiFi connection. A new way for the 'Sales Prevention Dept' to overcome Marketing's intentions? Should get a Gold Award for this one.


I got the Z3plus on the same site for the same price and it came unlocked and immaculate. I dont think it had been used but I did notice the back glass panel is lifting slightly in one corner so maybe that was why it was returned. I went for this older flagship model for the camera and its still quick but of course is only on Android 7. Battery is average and would need a charge during the day if you use it a lot.


From your myo2 account


Horrific phone actually, was horrific when it came out, seriously doubt it's any better now.

Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Like New Smartphone - £49 / Xperia XA - £49 @ O2
518° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Thanks to the op on the S6 edge plus deal Weird Weird Camera 13 megapixel camera Battery Battery life Talk time: up to 10 hrs 7min Weight Weight Weighs 137.4g Screen siz… Read more

That's what I had to do after I spent over an hour dealing with 3 different people of the chat option. It came through after about half an hour.


Ive just requested it to be unlocked on my o2 account online. Easy just enter the imei number and send. Mind you I dont know how long it will take to come through.


Another update on this. The phone does come locked to O2. Took me about an hour dealing with O2 to sort this but it can be done for free at least.


Just to update on the battery, with the stamina mode on the battery drops about 1% an hour so for light users this will last 2 days. When being used for web browsing etc the battery does drop pretty quickly and if if was my main phone it might not last a day. Overall its a great buy at £49 if you are a light user.


I made an order but had no confirmation email or dispatch email but the money for it is showing as pending on my bank account and there's no sign of the order on my o2 account either

Sony Xperia XA Ultra 6" 16GB GSM/LTE Dual Sim Unlocked Smartphone - International Version £109 @ Amazon
-139° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Sony Xperia XA Ultra 6" 16GB GSM/LTE Dual Sim Unlocked Smartphone - International Version £109 @ Amazon
Google Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) / ) Octa Core / 2.0 GHz + 1.0 GHz / 64-bit MediaTek MT6755 / GPU: Mali-T860 MP2 Memory: Internal: 16 GB / RAM: 3 GB / Slot type: microSD / Max. sl… Read more

and also 16GB storage, really really poor


Exactly this. A 4 year old device running Android 7 with a measly 2700 mAh battery and will have zero security updates and definitely no OS updates. I've been looking at sub £150 phones lately as a replacement for my mums faulty Xiaomi Redmi 6 phone, and went with a Samsung A20e that looks pretty good but we'll have to see when it arrives.


Due to its age its unlikely this will receive official android security updates, there are also several similar priced newer released alternatives available, cant really recommend this.


Not much in it, you just wouldnt consider this when there are so many better options on the market


Would this work better than a Z3 compact?

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Sony Xperia XA1 £110, Sony Xperia L1 £80, Alcatel U5 4G £35 + more in post (+ £10 top-up) @ Carphone Warehouse
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Posted 6th Jul 2018Posted 6th Jul 2018
Sony Xperia XA1 £110, Sony Xperia L1 £80, Alcatel U5 4G £35 + more in post (+ £10 top-up) @ Carphone Warehouse
Moto C £55, Samsung Galaxy J5 £140, Nokia 1 £49, Nokia 2 £70, Moto E5 £100, LG K8 £90, Samsung Galaxy A3 £150 (+ £10 top-up)

Yes. CPW phones are all the same stock, whether it's sold as SIM Free, PAYG, or Contract.


So, if we choose the EE PAYG £120 option, is the XA1 still unlocked, so we can use any network on it? Amazon also have their exclusive dual SIM XA1 variant on offer for £130. Currys also doing SIM free for £130 like CPW's SIM free option.


Showing as £109.99 + £10 topup here for me :!colour=gold&capacity=32GB&dealType=pg I clicked on the link on this deal then scrolled down until I saw the XA1 in gold.


XA1 showing as £129.99?


There are some really good prices here - have some heat!

Sony Xperia XA2 and PS4 for £25 month on Swap 24month plan £600 @ Sky
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Posted 19th Feb 2018Posted 19th Feb 2018
Sony Xperia XA2 and PS4 for £25 month on Swap 24month plan £600 @ Sky
Includes Sony Xperia XA2 mobile, includes 500mb, unlimited mins and txts sim. Connects with the PlayStation and play anywhere. 23mp camera. 64 GB storage PlayStation 4 included w… Read more
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Dont go to game because they are a con. And not personally used it but have had to book countless repairs in for customers due to issues with the phone


that may be your opinion ? Have you used the phone!!I know Sony dont produce good phones but this has Good reviews soo farand cheap playstation your talking about here is £300 in game lol deal is good is someone wants ps4 and cheap phone :)


What is everyones issue with this, Go to O2 and its £28 with same terms, 500mb unlimitied txts, calls £672 over 24monthsGame are selling this PS4 for £300+ with this game far i see £300 saving if in the market for these both !!


You have to be a sky customer to get it that price, otherwise £35


500mb in this day and age lol

Sony xperia xa2 £25 per month with 500mb data with free ps4 @ sky mobile (Term £600)
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Posted 17th Feb 2018Posted 17th Feb 2018
Sony xperia xa2 £25 per month with 500mb data with free ps4 @ sky mobile (Term £600)
500mb data 24 month contract

May be


Not Mr switch ? :{


Received the same rubbish leaflet yesterday. Crap!


Haha tricked you all.



Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra (like new) PAYG phone £169 @ o2
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Posted 15th Feb 2018Posted 15th Feb 2018
Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra (like new) PAYG phone £169 @ o2
Thought this was a great price, a lot of phone for the money. 6 inch screen, 4gb ram, 32gb storage and cpu comparable to a snapdragon 625. I know the xa2 ultra is coming out, but… Read more

We’ve finally managed to get Vodafone to swap my gf’s XA1 out for a different brand. The store had received two more in for repair just in the last week for the same Bluetooth/WiFi issue.


I'm guessing Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Military intervention against Isil?' XD


has anyone tried any eb*y seller for unlock code? recommendations?


It was locked to o2, but you can get 321 rates now but no big deal unless you looking to put in threes data reward sim so o2 not far off threes rate tart deal. I'm going for cex cheapest xz (yes deep pink) b grade locked to O2 at 135 don't think that's too bad tbh


Hi do you know if it came unlocked or not .. thanks

Buy the new Sony Xperia XA2 - £19.99pm x 24 months - and get a pair of Sony headphones (WH-H800/h.ear on 2 Mini Wireless), worth £169.99. @ id mobile
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Posted 15th Feb 2018Posted 15th Feb 2018
Buy the new Sony Xperia XA2 - £19.99pm x 24 months - and get a pair of Sony headphones (WH-H800/h.ear on 2 Mini Wireless), worth £169.99. @ id mobile
Buy a new xperia xa2 and receive a pair of Sony headphones worth £169.99 If you're one of those kinda people who likes to be locked in to a contract for 24 months, and like free gi… Read more

The good thing with ID is Wifi Calling works like Three, you won’t find the other resellers gaining access, not even Virgin on EE.


Hello id mobile, because I've posted this, is there any chance of a bit of commission?! Nod nod wink wink ;) ;)


Oh no IramE, we're disappointed to hear this from you. Can you give us any other information on if you have ever been with us or experienced a problem yourself?


Avoid avoid avoid! Just read the reviews online about the network and save yourself the hassle. It would've been a good deal had it not been with I'd.


No I know, I don't know why that picture is there, come on supermods sort this sh!t out. Lol

Sony xperia xa2 now reduced to £269.99 @ Very
45° Expired
Posted 15th Feb 2018Posted 15th Feb 2018
Sony xperia xa2 now reduced to £269.99 @ Very
£269.99£299.9910%Very Deals
This has just been released and is now heavily discounted from the start price of £299.99, quite the bargain methinks A powerful Snapdragon 630 octa-core processor, 3Gb RAM and … Read more



Hot 🔥 decent handset


You can count on me.


Thanks for your input.


"Orio" LOL

Sim Free Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Mobile Phone - White Only £229.99 @ John Lewis
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Posted 2nd Feb 2018Posted 2nd Feb 2018
Sim Free Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Mobile Phone - White Only £229.99 @ John Lewis
£229.99£299.9923%John Lewis & Partners Deals
Cheapest for a fairly good phone - although white only. Product Blurb Network: Network provider: Sim free. 4G network capability. SIM card type: nano SIM. Displ… Read more
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My girlfriend has this phone and she gets a couple of days battery out of hers in casual usage, it would be hard to deplet it in one day. One word of warning though, a lot of people have had WiFi issues with this model, you can check the thread out in the official forums.


had this phone just over a month and the battery is pretty good lasts all day on medium to heavy use if you can handle the size of it ;)


Great phone


I have this phone on contract and it is a decent phone for the price, the battery isn't as bad as some are making out and does last a lot more than my iphone 5s did.


Some ppl dont get work phones though ;)

New release @ very Sony xperia xa2 ultra - £379.99
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Posted 1st Feb 2018Posted 1st Feb 2018
New release @ very Sony xperia xa2 ultra - £379.99
£379.99Very Deals
It comes with a standard 32Gb of internal storage that's expandable by massive 256Gb using a microSD card - ideal for storing all your photos, video and games Snapdragon 630 (slig… Read more

I know this, but many people may not have heard, and i posted this when it was first released ten days ago


This is the standard price


Sony cant decide what to do. First they cheapen all their phones with the seasick Steve mediatech crap then when they finally come to their senses and go back to Snapdragon they ramp up the prices. Bezels at 400 pounds that belongs in 2015. I'm sticking with my RN4 cold from me.


You lie! The amazon one is 99p cheaper, you should post this immediately


Same price here:

Sony Xperia XA Ultra Android 2GHz 3GB 16GB Sim Free Mobile Phone - Lime Gold. Refurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee - £125.99 (with code) @ Argos eBay
24° Expired
Posted 31st Jan 2018Posted 31st Jan 2018
Sony Xperia XA Ultra Android 2GHz 3GB 16GB Sim Free Mobile Phone - Lime Gold. Refurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee - £125.99 (with code) @ Argos eBay
£125.99eBay Deals
Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your voucher expires 01/02/18 . Terms and conditions apply. PAYDAY10 Collect 140 Nectar points 12 Month Guarantee Peace of mind w… Read more
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I'm not a fan. But I'm sure they'd have researched Leagoo fully before endorsing them


Obviously an important factor in my decision making XD That's good to know.


They're one of Tottenham Hotspurs commercial partners, so that's a positive


I've never heard of them. Another aveune to research. Thanks :)

A-Grade Manufacturer Refurbished Sim Free Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra 6 Inch 32GB 16MB 23MP 4G Mobile Phone Black - £179.99 (with code) @ Argos eBay
56° Expired
Posted 31st Jan 2018Posted 31st Jan 2018
A-Grade Manufacturer Refurbished Sim Free Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra 6 Inch 32GB 16MB 23MP 4G Mobile Phone Black - £179.99 (with code) @ Argos eBay
£179.99eBay Deals
Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your voucher expires 01/02/18 . Terms and conditions apply. PAYDAY10 Collect 200 Nectar points Refurbished Item with 12 Month Guara… Read more
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£229.99 for a brand new one here:


This comment reminds me of watching people trying to manoeuvre an iPad to take photos... smh


More importantly, it is not in the hands of the greatest photographers. .


Just in case that's important to potential buyers. It's not a bad camera and video quality is pretty good


Nice ;-)

Sim Free Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Mobile Phone - Black £249.95 at Argos
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Posted 28th Jan 2018Posted 28th Jan 2018
Sim Free Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Mobile Phone - Black £249.95 at Argos
£249.95£29916%Argos Deals
Sony Xperia xa1 ultra best price for this handset

Better than samsung s7?


Decided to try one of these out in Argos today. Returned it about 20 minutes later. Took it out the box on way home and in the cold weather the camera lens kept getting condensation underneath resulting in hazy images. It was fine when I went back in store and they didn't believe me so I had to get one of the staff to come outside with me to show them and it happened again. Refunded and was very unhappy because in the flesh this is a lovely phone


10% off if you buy through their eBay page and use code PAYDAY10 or get it from amazon or John Lewis for £229.99


Great deal lol Is this one of the sony phones that doesn't have terrible bugs and/or break in a few weeks? Bad experiences with their older android models..


Same price on amazon

Sony Xperia XA1 Smartphone - £159 @ Sony Ebay
468° Expired
Posted 25th Jan 2018Posted 25th Jan 2018
Sony Xperia XA1 Smartphone - £159 @ Sony Ebay
£159£17811%eBay Deals
Perfect pictures with 23 megapixels Best-in-class camera in an elegant, borderless design. Camera Impressive photo quality Take … Read more
Avatardeleted703275Get deal*Get deal*

And just to confirm that I've found Sony pretty good in terms of updates. No it hasn't got Android 8 yet (I don't think that's been definitely promised, but many Xperia's have been promised but still waiting, ) However today (28th Jan) I auto received another new v7 security update to Google's 5th Jan security update for Spectre, Meltdown & more


I too read some bad reviews about this fone before Xmas - but decided to get it as there where more positive ones - Ive had no problems at all it works great so far and is the fastest at loading apps that ive ever had although im not really an expert get a new one every few years - cameras not great indoors.


Had my Xa1 ultra since October its been great, never had any freezing few bugs tho like most phones but only disappointment I've had is the bloatware that you can't uninstall and camera not good seeing as it's supposed to be 23mp! I'm actually looking out for Sonys new flagship


While it's true that this XA1 model is being discounted due to the new release of replacement XA2 (See for a review that compares the upgrades a lot) I have to say that overall I've been very impressed with a Dual SIM XA1 I managed to get on Prime Day discount in July for only £169.99 :D While it's definately not as good, or automatically brilliant, camera it can and will take some really good shots if you don't try to take silly liberties in terms of shake or unreasonable low light conditions. The additional Sony software on top of Android 7.1 is pretty lightweight and I very much like the added customisation, colours and theming features of Sony's Xperia launcher. While that 2300mAh battery is technically small the MediaTek P20 CPU seems to just sip on power, such that my phone often outlasts many other handsets with bigger battery capacities, even when in use. And the handset never gets warm in normal use (another sign it's using it's power efficiently) In person I think the 720p screen looks great and again that helps extend battery life. The only 3x problems/concerns I've personally experienced in 6 months of owning the XA1 are: 1) My version from Amazon was a Dual SIM model, which basically Amazon imported themselves. As Sony doesn't officially sell a Dual SIM model in the UK they warned me (when discussing compass issue below) that they don't have the parts to support Dual SIM specific model parts in the UK. 2) I've never been able to get a proper 'high accuracy' blue arrow pointer within Google maps, it always stays on 'low accuracy' approximated blue 120 degree cone of direction, and refuses to calibrate to full accuracy. I was going to send it back to Sony to look for fault/repair until the above issue came to light. So now I just live with that inaccuracy if using for walking directions. 3) I HAVE intermittently experienced the issue of being seemingly connected to WiFi, but not actually getting any data traffic. I have only had this issue sometimes and maybe not had re-occur since the last software update, but do agree it seems to only occur if you also have bluetooth switched on as well, isn't all the time, and can be fixed once spotted by toggling into airplane mode for 20sec. So overall I can't say that that XA1 is flawless...but I do think it's an excellent Android phone for the price :D Especially if you're someone that wants a higher quality camera than typical from mid-range Android's (as long as you treat taking shots with care) Good independant camera quality resource at


These specs are unforgivable for a mid-range phone, even if released in 2017! No finger print reader, tiny battery, 720p screen and a crappy MediaTek processor! If these were the specs of a £50-100 phone would not be an issue, but still unacceptable in a phone apparently reduced to £159! A Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X beats this hands down with far better specs, build quality, regular software/security updates and for less money. And you don't need to buy from a Chinese seller, many sold brand new on eBay for £120-£130 from UK sellers!

Sony xperia Xa ultra 6inch HD simfree @ appliancedirect delivered - £199.97
271° Expired
Posted 7th Jan 2018Posted 7th Jan 2018
Sony xperia Xa ultra 6inch HD simfree @ appliancedirect delivered - £199.97
Key Features Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready Ultra-sharp 21.5 Megapixel camera 6" Ultra-bright HD Gorilla Glass screen Powerful octa-core processor Android 6.0 Marshmallow … Read more

I have returned mine as it would not stop crashing. (Google it and you will find that this is a VERY common fault ) The phone does an over-the-air upgrade from android 7.0 to 7.1 and fix the crashing, you are told to install the Sony Companion software that downgrades it back to 7.0! The problem is that this phone has dreadfully buggy sony software that has not been tested. I don't appreciate it when manufacturers sell products that are CLEARLY faulty & expect their paying customers to beta-test their software. If you google this phone there are heaps of pages hits 'Why does my Xperia XA1 ultra keep freezing'? This product is not of merchantable quality or fit for purpose. This handset has wasted 2weeks of my time with no resolution. I will continue to warn anyone who'll listen, to avoid buying a Sony Xperia.


Good if you want a big Sony. I found the z ultra too big at 6.4 wondering if this would be an improvement. Unfortunately I stay away from the A range as that means mediatech garbage. Why can't we have an xz ultra. The mediatech is a deal breaker for me but I'll give it heat. Is this originally on marshmallow and have waterproof flapless sockets. If so might be good with mmtracker and is maps for walking as it won't work with nougat xa1 version as that's the default op system


Not bad, voted hot


I thought big was better? It’s always about size with men.


You can also get the 2017 upgraded version (Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra) for £229 unlocked at giffgaff. Comes with a minimum £10 data goodybag. Upgraded version has the following improvements: 23 Megapixel Camera 4GB RAM instead of 3GB on the XA model USB Type-C Quick Charging 32GB memory instead of 16GB on the XA model Corning® Gorilla® Glass Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra giffgaff

Sony Xperia XA1 + PS4 + FIFA 18 1500 mins, unlimited txts,5gb data £22pm x 24 months = £528 @ Virgin Media
576° Expired
Posted 2nd Dec 2017Posted 2nd Dec 2017
Sony Xperia XA1 + PS4 + FIFA 18 1500 mins, unlimited txts,5gb data £22pm x 24 months = £528 @ Virgin Media
As the title says I think this is a pretty good deal for both a decent phone with a good data package and a PS4 with a top title. If you factor in the cost for a similar sim only d… Read more

I got mone the other day. Sold the phone for £140, sold fifa for £30 and sold the ps4 for 210 on ebay. And also only paying £20 per month as I'm an existing customer. Thanks OP


Got mine delivered on Monday. Sold the phone for £150 which makes it £15.75 PM for a good allowance sim and PS4. I was paying £10 a month for 1gb data on 1 sim and £5 on a sim only for 1.5gb, cancelled both of those now so only paying an extra 75p to what I was.




I needed to have Albert a customer for 6 months (I'm not) to get this so couldn't get it


I highly recommend the xz premium it's an awesome fone I've just upgraded to it myself

Sony Xperia XA1 Plus reduced £249 Carphone Warehouse
74° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2017Posted 27th Nov 2017
Sony Xperia XA1 Plus reduced £249 Carphone Warehouse
Processor Processor nameMediatek MT6757 Helio P20, Octa core Number of coresOcta Maximum processor speed2.3 GHz Core speeds 2.3 GHz Ram 4 GB Camera Flash typeLED Video re… Read more
Avatardeleted799726Get deal*Get deal*

This also has 4 gig ram too, GSM Arena specs says. I think Carphone got specs wrong


I had two Ford C-Maxes in a row and I can tell you that would be a wise decision...


And so you should


Oh dear, I bow down to your superiority and lack of humour.


I think you missed the point Forest, but stupid is as stupid does

SONY Xperia XA1 - 32GB SIM FREE, Black or Gold Was £229.99 Now £169.99 delivered @ Currys
273° Expired
Posted 17th Nov 2017Posted 17th Nov 2017
SONY Xperia XA1 - 32GB SIM FREE, Black or Gold Was £229.99 Now £169.99 delivered @ Currys
Good price reduction (y) Android 7.0 (Nougat) 5" IPS touchscreen 23 MP camera & Full HD recording 2.3 GHz octa-core processor Battery capacity: 2300 mAh … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Would rather get the P10 Lite for £139.99 at Carphone Warehouse on the rolling sim deal that was posted on here recently.


Loads of issues reported about the screen on this phone. Top part of the touch screen no longer works. Have a quick Google before you buy.


Good deal this goes alongside the p8 lite p10 lite deals for consideration. Does it have a mediatech processor like the xa had, if so that's a deal breaker. I don't want the phone equivalent of seasick as it lags and speeds. I want to be giddy with anticipation but will this just make me giddy I think this is cold from me


MTK chipset so possibly.


Does this suffer from the random "I'm going to disconnect from wifi because I feel like it" issues that some other Xperias do?

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