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Sony Xperia XA Like New £49 at O2 Shop
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Posted 31st Jul 2020Posted 31st Jul 2020
Sony Xperia XA Like New £49 at O2 Shop£49 Free P&P FreeO2 Shop Deals
£49 delivered. Returns are free. Get a refund or exchange if you change your mind within 14 days. 1.7% topcashback

O2 store have them every now and again. Maybe set up an alert on HUKD for them


Where can you get a Moto E6 plus from for £49?? Cheapest I can find is £83.90 with delivery at Argos.


it should be expired long time ago as oos (confused)


I hope for your sake it doesn't go wrong. You'll be pulling your hair out trying to contact o2 (shock)


Yeah a shame - the Xperia Z3 battery was magnificent, easily 24+ hours use from a single charge. The Z5 got nowhere near it.

Xperia XA Like New @ O2 - £49
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Posted 18th Jul 2020Posted 18th Jul 2020
Xperia XA Like New @ O2 - £49£49O2 Shop Deals
How to get it unlocked : Go to the account and request a code from "myO2" by selecting the number. Specs Overall SpecificationTalk Time10 hrs 7min Standby TimeUp to 603hrs RAM… Read more

Just ordered 2 x iPhone X today both on O2 PAYG on the same O2 account although I used different credit cards the reason I ordered 2 was I have not had any email confirming the orders, hence the 2nd order. its only tonight I have checked my online account and both appear to have been dispatched. yet still no emails from O2 for order confirmation or order dispatch


I went through the order process, even entered and got approval from PayPal, and pressed the final <CONFIRM> button and was told I had to call them on a mobile because of a problem with my order. I have an account and was logged on to their site so they knew who I was. Guess I'll save £49!..................................later, it appears the problem was related to me using WiFi rather than a Mobile connection, they seem to need me to order via a phone/tablet Mobile connection and decline if it's a WiFi connection. A new way for the 'Sales Prevention Dept' to overcome Marketing's intentions? Should get a Gold Award for this one.


I got the Z3plus on the same site for the same price and it came unlocked and immaculate. I dont think it had been used but I did notice the back glass panel is lifting slightly in one corner so maybe that was why it was returned. I went for this older flagship model for the camera and its still quick but of course is only on Android 7. Battery is average and would need a charge during the day if you use it a lot.


From your myo2 account


Horrific phone actually, was horrific when it came out, seriously doubt it's any better now.

Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Like New Smartphone - £49 / Xperia XA - £49 @ O2
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Posted 1st Jul 2020Posted 1st Jul 2020
Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Like New Smartphone - £49 / Xperia XA - £49 @ O2£49 Free P&P FreeO2 Shop Deals
Thanks to the op on the S6 edge plus deal Weird Weird Camera 13 megapixel camera Battery Battery life Talk time: up to 10 hrs 7min Weight Weight Weighs 137.4g Screen siz… Read more

That's what I had to do after I spent over an hour dealing with 3 different people of the chat option. It came through after about half an hour.


Ive just requested it to be unlocked on my o2 account online. Easy just enter the imei number and send. Mind you I dont know how long it will take to come through.


Another update on this. The phone does come locked to O2. Took me about an hour dealing with O2 to sort this but it can be done for free at least.


Just to update on the battery, with the stamina mode on the battery drops about 1% an hour so for light users this will last 2 days. When being used for web browsing etc the battery does drop pretty quickly and if if was my main phone it might not last a day. Overall its a great buy at £49 if you are a light user.


I made an order but had no confirmation email or dispatch email but the money for it is showing as pending on my bank account and there's no sign of the order on my o2 account either

Sony Xperia XA Ultra 6" 16GB GSM/LTE Dual Sim Unlocked Smartphone - International Version £109 @ Amazon
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Posted 7th May 2020Posted 7th May 2020
Sony Xperia XA Ultra 6" 16GB GSM/LTE Dual Sim Unlocked Smartphone - International Version £109 @ Amazon£109Amazon Deals
Google Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) / ) Octa Core / 2.0 GHz + 1.0 GHz / 64-bit MediaTek MT6755 / GPU: Mali-T860 MP2 Memory: Internal: 16 GB / RAM: 3 GB / Slot type: microSD / Max. sl… Read more

and also 16GB storage, really really poor


Exactly this. A 4 year old device running Android 7 with a measly 2700 mAh battery and will have zero security updates and definitely no OS updates. I've been looking at sub £150 phones lately as a replacement for my mums faulty Xiaomi Redmi 6 phone, and went with a Samsung A20e that looks pretty good but we'll have to see when it arrives.


Due to its age its unlikely this will receive official android security updates, there are also several similar priced newer released alternatives available, cant really recommend this.


Not much in it, you just wouldnt consider this when there are so many better options on the market


Would this work better than a Z3 compact?

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Sony Xperia XA1 £110, Sony Xperia L1 £80, Alcatel U5 4G £35 + more in post (+ £10 top-up) @ Carphone Warehouse
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Posted 6th Jul 2018Posted 6th Jul 2018
Sony Xperia XA1 £110, Sony Xperia L1 £80, Alcatel U5 4G £35 + more in post (+ £10 top-up) @ Carphone Warehouse£35Carphone Warehouse Deals
Moto C £55, Samsung Galaxy J5 £140, Nokia 1 £49, Nokia 2 £70, Moto E5 £100, LG K8 £90, Samsung Galaxy A3 £150 (+ £10 top-up)

Yes. CPW phones are all the same stock, whether it's sold as SIM Free, PAYG, or Contract.


So, if we choose the EE PAYG £120 option, is the XA1 still unlocked, so we can use any network on it? Amazon also have their exclusive dual SIM XA1 variant on offer for £130. Currys also doing SIM free for £130 like CPW's SIM free option.


Showing as £109.99 + £10 topup here for me :!colour=gold&capacity=32GB&dealType=pg I clicked on the link on this deal then scrolled down until I saw the XA1 in gold.


XA1 showing as £129.99?


There are some really good prices here - have some heat!

Sony Xperia XA2 and PS4 for £25 month on Swap 24month plan £600 @ Sky
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Posted 19th Feb 2018Posted 19th Feb 2018
Sony Xperia XA2 and PS4 for £25 month on Swap 24month plan £600 @ Sky£600Sky Digital Deals
Includes Sony Xperia XA2 mobile, includes 500mb, unlimited mins and txts sim. Connects with the PlayStation and play anywhere. 23mp camera. 64 GB storage PlayStation 4 included w… Read more

Dont go to game because they are a con. And not personally used it but have had to book countless repairs in for customers due to issues with the phone


that may be your opinion ? Have you used the phone!!I know Sony dont produce good phones but this has Good reviews soo farand cheap playstation your talking about here is £300 in game lol deal is good is someone wants ps4 and cheap phone :)


What is everyones issue with this, Go to O2 and its £28 with same terms, 500mb unlimitied txts, calls £672 over 24monthsGame are selling this PS4 for £300+ with this game far i see £300 saving if in the market for these both !!


You have to be a sky customer to get it that price, otherwise £35


500mb in this day and age lol