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Usual Amazon trickery! A way of extracting more £££, after you already paid for Prime free delivery.


Not 'so bad' as you only get 108 packets.


Bit off topic,but i am sick of Amazon with their minimum order thing now appearing on lots of items,wanted to buy a small pyrex dish had to buy two,crazy


Added artficial sweetener maltodextrin, now tastes soapy + thin. Avoid :p


You saved me some money there. I’d ordered some, willing to give it a try, but these comments made me look further lol And you can get Heinz soup from Tesco for 75p a 400g tin which is a little cheaper

Heinz Cream of Chicken Soup - 3x400g for 60p / Cream of Tomato - 3x400ml for 50p instore @ Company Shop, Southampton
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th MayLocalLocal
Listed as local, but most likely national. Heinz soup, sold singularly at 20p per can, but multipacks are at the back of the store priced at 50p/tom , 60p/chick for a 3 pack of 400g cans, li…
Avatar TristanDeCoonha

No branches anywhere near London unfortunately. But a good heads up to look out for discounted soups everywhere. Seem to remember stocking up on Baxters at Asda (and Asda Mulligatawny) about this time last year.


Which branch, so others may benefit, and so I can rip into my local manager for overcharging. I bet you're "oop norff"


Just been in my local shop... 10p (y)


Just been into St.Helen's store and they also have 3x 400g tins tomato for 50p

Heinz 6 Pack Chicken & Mushroom soup £2.25 @ Comp Shop Southampton
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th MayLocalLocal
A 6 pack of Heinz Chicken & Mushroom soup can be had for £2.25 at Company Shop Southampton. Works out to a fraction over 37p per can compared to a general price of 89p singular or 4 for…
Avatar TristanDeCoonha

Amended the price to show the purchase of a 6 pack from CS, and the best price of group purchase elsewhere. So 4 for £3 is equivalent to 6 for £4.50. The individual prices still stand


Maybe the mods changed it. Looks ok now.


I don't remember puttingnit there in the first place


Title misleading. Should have price for 6-pack in title

Grace Cock Flavour Noodle Soup Mix 50g - 50p @ Sainsburys
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Has anyone tasted this? Don't know if this is a good price.
Avatar Speculator
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What a tastymouthful


Love gobbling these up.


This is "Cock Flavour Soup" - as such, it contains no cock, it just contains ingredients which taste like cock. Just as "chocolate flavour topping" contains no chocolate, it contains synthetic chocolate flavouring. "Chocolate flavoured topping" contains some chocolate solids but not enough to be labelled as chocolate - it has been given its flavour using chocolate. Similarly "Cock flavoured soup" would be soup that has been given its flavour by putting a cock, some cocks or part of a cock in it. But it would have a very low cock content. "Chocolate" must contain not less than 43 per cent total dry cocoa solids, including not less than 26 per cent cocoa butter. "Cock Soup", unlike Chocolate is not a reserved term and therefore there is no minimum cock content specified by law. However, if you were to make and sell Cock Soup you would need to specify what percentage of the final product is actually composed of cock. It's not necessary to state the number or size of the cocks used. I hope this clears things up a little.


Why do you feel attacked? It's just information. Unlike the chicken noodle soup you compared it to, this has no chicken.


I will be feeding this to my wife tonight she loves it..

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Amy's Organic Chunky Tomato Soup 411g 10p @Sainsbury's Cromwell Road London
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th AprLocalLocal
Avatar jade1975

Still plenty in Hardwick Store, Kings Lynn, picked up a dozen cans. Price showed as £1.80 on SEL, but scanned at 10p


Did they just find another stash round the back Jade? Not too worried if sold out by now as I sticked up at Charlton Riverside store just before Easter!!


I got 6 cans in Glasgow


Lol I meant here in Manchester.


On the corner of aisle 18

Heinz Plant Protein Mediterranean Tomato & Bean Soup 400G 95p @ Tesco
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Mediterranean Style Tomato Soup with Haricot Beans, Garlic & Thyme.Eat as part of a healthy balanced diet. Heinz Plant Proteinz Soups are a range of flavour-packed soups made up of a ca…
Avatar Habibs_ICT_Tutorials
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It's this price in Aldi


Obviously marketing to justify the price over cheaper brands, sound nice though


I thought tomato and beans were plants.


Seems like a good base to add some meat to