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Triton Showers MOSV01SG Seville Universal Electric Shower, 10.5KW - £44.91 @ Amazon
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
The Seville shower offers excellent value for money. It is easy to use, with separate power and temperature controls. The shower comes with multiple cable and water entry points on… Read more

Awesome - Thank you very much!


Only attempt it if you think you can do it. I find looking at YouTube videos are really helpful with anything DIY. I managed to replace the bearings in my washing machine by following a YT video and was so pleased I did it myself, it`s very rewarding. Not against the law as far as I am aware? just don`t attempt it if you think you can`t do it. Seek some advice from friends also or just call a plumber to do it, safety first right. I`m fortunate I work with a guy who is very knowledgeable in all this stuff so had some great advice and tips prior to doing it.


Hugely helpful insight - Thank you very much! Might get on it and have a go. Is this against the law?


I`m pants with DIY but managed to change mine a couple years back. I just ordered a similar Triton shower with the same Kw as the one that packed up. Made sure to turn off water/electric and had to drill I believe a couple new holes for the new shower to be mounted up. The pipework was already lined up so no issue there and just a few wires to be connected inside the shower unit. When I switched the water and electric back on I did have a slight leak from the elbow of the water pipe going into the unit. I was able to tighten it a little more and the leak was gone. If I can do this you can XD


Out of interest, do people actually change these themselves? I would've thought there's a bit of danger involved with water and electrics involved but maybe I'm being too careful?

20% off on Selected Triton Showers e.g Triton Opal 3 10.5kW Electric Shower - White now £124 (Click & Collect)
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
20% off on Selected Triton Showers over at homebase. Link should go to all those on offer :) Stock is a little low on some, so if looking and it's what you need then might be wo… Read more

£85 at B&Q in black, online


The triton Martinique is £129 on Amazon most of the year and is that now, it’s the nicer looking version of the opal 3 exactly the same shower except the case and shower head. Not really a deal this one, other versions may be though.

Triton T70gsi 9.5kW Shower £39.89 delivered at Amazon
350° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Easy plumb - triton's swivel-fit technology is a 180° fully reversible swivel water inlet that accommodates water connections from the left or right-hand side of the unit for ease … Read more

Expired. £48.27 now.


Presuming you're replacing a different make / model, it depends where the connections are on the old one compared with the new. The electrical is not usually a problem provided there's some slack in the cable but the water connection can be a problem if the existing pipe comes from a different direction to that required by the new unit. Fortunately these days many of these units have several options internally (top, bottom, side, etc), not familiar with this one though. When I'm replacing a shower the first thing I do is look to see if the original model is still available, makes life a lot easier.


Not that hard if it's a straight swap. If you get it wrong, you'll either kill someone, or burn your house down though. No pressure. There's a water fitting, and a few wires to screw in., and few more screws to attach the shower carcass.


How easy is it to install for a DIY person like myself?


When we had our shower changed from an 8.5 to a 9.5 the electrician made a big deal of saying over and over 'i've had to change the fuse,it'll be a fiver for for the fuse mate'. Would this be about right? I've always assumed he was taking the pea with that price and i know trade upsell stuff ,but it would be interesting to know. To be honest i was just glad of a working shower again but i do think about that fuse sometimes on a slow day (skeptical)

Triton Lara multi spray shower head £5.84 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
514° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Great quality shower head for a bargain price. Great reviews. Treat yourself :0) £5.84 if you have Prime, otherwise postage extra. Great price for a genuine Triton product. Suitab… Read more

No, unfortunately not. It has left and right, but not up and down. I may have to look for a suction holder with an adjustment if there are any. By change, our shower head is curved enough, but it needs replacing. I've tried about 4 different ones and none worked, it seems our shower head is not 'standard' and that's what I need or a different holder.


Ahhh ok. Doesn't that have an adjustable attachment on it, where you pull that slightly downwards, to accommodate the shower head in any direction?


I don't use a fixed stand/holder, I prefer the suction hole free stands. If the shower head is not curved enough, the water will splash on the wall opposite the shower, I need a curved one so water can go in the bath. I've got about 4 shower heads and only one is curved enough but needs replacing now.


Guys quick question..what' shower head holder to you recommend..the one I have is now broken I can't see to find a replacement


No need to have expired. Just change price as a good deal. Thanks OP ordered.

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Landmann Triton 2 Gas BBQ Black £259.99 @ JTF
45° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Landmann Triton 2 Gas BBQ Black £259.99 @ JTF£259.99£399.9935% off Free P&P FreeJTF Deals
I have been looking for a barbecue on deal like this for ages. Presenting the powerful but compact Triton 2.0 PTS, ideal for a small patio or garden area, comfortably suitable for… Read more

Back up to £389 now.


Showing as £299?


Even rich students?


Students should not have £200 to spend on a bbq


My uncle has it. It makes the BBQ food i have ever tasted or that could be my uncle's cooking he is actually 82 now and is still a brilliant chef.

Triton Benito Exposed Chrome Mixer Shower with Diverter - £129.99 @ Screwfix
466° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Been looking at a few similar showers for a while, waiting for a genuine price reduction. This is £30 less than ScrewFix's regular price and £40 less than the same model in B&Q… Read more

Don’t think the whole thing is guaranteed for 5 years!! The thermostat is but parts for the shower is only 12 months


So the fixed shower head, does anyone know how much it comes out by in mm?


If you've got a regular sized manhood, you use the fixed shower head and just sling your old chap over your shoulder to wash it. (y) We had this unit installed for our downstairs bathroom. The flexible shower head comes in handy for washing down the dog. Not a Euphonism! If you've got a muddy dog you need the flexible shower head. It would also be ideal for muddy children. Or washing your bits.



I guess the flow control valves may be a reasonable price but my last 2 thermostatic mixers were less than £70 and the temperature control cartridge replacements for them were greater than the initial cost of the shower. As I had the cartridge out because it was really difficult to adjust the temperature II soaked it in white vinegar after dismantling and it's now OK. But some things just seem to not be worth repairing due to the time/effort and cost of spares.