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Fody Tempus Home Weather Station with Bluetooth Low Energy Technology £15.97 Prime / £20.96 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
well this is cool 8) found price on mendip weather here so this looks like a steal only one available
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£20.00 from other seller plus postage.


sorry solac was just the one (fierce)


sorry ronin only one (mad)


grr sorry people must have been good then.there was only one. (mad)

Digital Wireless Weather Station WELQUIC £26.99 delivered (lightning deal) @Amazon/ShangTong EU
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Essentially this is a weather station and alarm clock in one. Good price reduction to £26.99 as a lightning deal. Large illuminated LCD display screen 83 x 105 x 30mm 265g Read more
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Voted cold, no pun intended


there are good and accurate by accuweather app on my phone. i have the other version of it.

Auriol Radio-Controlled Weather Station £17.99 @ Lidl
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
Auriol Radio-Controlled Weather Station Displays indoor and outdoor temperature (°C/F), humidity and weather forecast 433MHz splashproof radio sensor with a range of up to 100m Fe… Read more
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My beloved weather station failed after two months! The backlight went dim over a few days and pretty much stopped working. Since I know LIDL don't stock these any more and I don't want a refund, I decided to repair it myself. One of the two backlight white LEDs had overheated and failed, which robbed power from the second LED. I replaced them both. Needed basic soldering skills but not particularly difficult since the unit came apart easily and the LED backlight board is quite accessible on the left side of the display. Replacement LEDs are available from eBay or could be salvaged from a discarded cool-white LED lamp.


I love this unit, it's better than my Oregon one which cost much more. Only small difficulty is cancelling the alarm which can be fiddly if you get your fingers over the top which is where the snooze/dimmer touch sensor is. Apart from that, it's smart and works very well. A bit of Chinglish in the user manual but it's fairly easy to use.


Had one, returned it. The colour display can only be seen if you look directly at it. Useless as a clock or weather station if you want to look at it from across the room or odd angle. Standard LCD screen is far better suited.


These are cheaper on Banggood and Gearbest if you're happy to wait a few weeks.


Has anyone actually got one of them and how reliable and how good are they?

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Loskii DC-003 Digital Wireless Hygrometer Therometer LED Projection Weather Station Alarm Clock £6.75 Delivered with code @ Banggood
Found 12th Dec 2017Found 12th Dec 2017
Good price I thought, especially with the projection feature. Use code ' LF100 ' at checkout to receive discounted price. Loskii DC-003 Temperature Humidity Display LED Projec… Read more
Some.user watch this (nerd)


That was a gripe I had but noticed this:- 1 x Loskii DC-003 Special USB Power Cable


No mains adapter?

`Netatmo Weather Station. £89.99 @ Argos
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Listed at £109 most places .... Not the cheapest its ever been but is not bad



Yes, sorry, it is for most people, but there are many of these things about, so this seems expensive compared to others (just my opinion). If people particularly like 'your' one, then it'll get hot (which it is already!) So it seems good :)


It is what it is is... I thought the hot or cold was based on the price, not if you liked the item?


It doesn't include a wind speed measuring device or a rain guage, so no better than any of the other cheaper devices so voted cold. I don't think it can be called a weather satiton


This sounds similar to the - Netatmo Healthy Home Coach?

Loskii DC-002 Digital Weather Station Thermometer Hygrometer Alarm Clock with Colorful LED Display Smart Sound Control Calendar Backlight Function £5.40 del with code @ Banggood
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
Plenty of features on this one! Use code ' WF110 ' at checkout to receive discounted price. Features : 1. Display time (12h or 24h time format) 2. Display Calendar (2000-2… Read more

these are crap. when viewed at an angle, the lcd appears reversed and its not clear when trying to read the time. also when plugged in, the screen is washed out. the weather, temperature and humidity sensors are probably inaccurate aswell.


What, Weather station ?? Is there any way to upgrade it to "babestation" !!! It will become deal of the year ....


Problem is device is inside your house so it's guesstimating what's occurring outside, that's why people are asking about external sensors. I really want one that automagically uploads to a website...


The description says "Thermometer Hygrometer", which would lead me to believe the device is doing it itself.


No sign of an outside sensor so the forecasting won't be any better than the Met Office's!

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Transparent clock weather Pro - 10p (was £2.69) @ Google Play Store
Found 11th Jul 2017Found 11th Jul 2017
Transparent clock & world weather is a full-featured, completely customizable digital clock and weather forecast application and widget. The application features the following… Read more
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Back at £2.69p btw.


Anyone having problems with this app, di you have to have an Internet connection for weather and time to update, mine only seems to work with Internet connection, I thought it was supposed to use network signal same as phone /text? I've tried changing settings but no change!


I could say FUBAR 8)


Ah well, I went for it and blew 10p of my google rewards, just hope I dont get buyer remorse....actually looks quite a nice app at first glance, location spot on straight away and decent interface, thanks OP!


That's a serious kaffuffle there, huh?.

Hama weather station £11.96 prime / £15.95 non prime @ Amazon
Found 2nd May 2017Found 2nd May 2017
Lowest price. Usually does not last long.



Back to full price now! £30.75


I got one of their alarm clocks a year back and it uses the DFC radio in Germany, so it uses European time. You can correct it if your are in a different zone. But iirc by only +- 1 hour. Check the manual before purchase.


Thanks More info - Has an SRP of £30.99


Don't need, ordered!

Hama ews380 Electronic Weather Station, Black/ Silver £10.53 (prime) @ Amazon
Found 16th Apr 2017Found 16th Apr 2017
For digital weather observation, with radio clock Two-part set, consisting of a base station and a wireless outdoor sensor (433 MHz) Up to 3 wireless outdoor sensor can be connecte… Read more

Seems to be just like the ALDI one I bought today for £19.99 except the ALDI is a colour display. Some negative reviews on ALDI but seems to be working here. They'll probably be half price when they mark them down. [img][/img]


£40.84 showing here, so ice cold from me.

Oregon Alize Advanced LCD Weather Station £8.39 (Argos eBay outlet)
Found 3rd Jan 2017Found 3rd Jan 2017
The initial price is £11.99 but 30% is discounted at the checkout, this is very clear if you scroll down and look on the right hand side of the page After buying 2 cheap hydrome… Read more

The main unit was working fine for 6 months but now goes through batteries every 2 weeks, tried normal and rechargeable ones. I have contacted Argos and sent back for a full refund.


Maybe contact the manufacturer saying Argos no longer sell them and see if they will replace it, you would no doubt get a new model.


Its the main unit. It shows a low battery and weak display. As soon as i put new batterys in they last about an hour.


Main unit or outdoor sensor? I am still on the ones it came with in all 3 units


If you send it back will they refund the postage

ClimeMET CM2026 weather station lowest price ever £75 @ Amazon sold by The UK Weather Store
Found 26th Jan 2016Found 26th Jan 2016
Price dropped another £20. Includes anemometer, wind direction, rain gauge, temperature. Not too bad, had mine 2 months now. No smartphone link but I'm not THAT obsessed about th… Read more
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Also, does the door have to remain open?


That's great. Please come to my house and use your super skills to tell me the temperature to the nearest 0.1 of a degree, the humidity and wind speed. Avert 15 seconds like this weather station does. Also do you have a screen built in because I like that feature?


Why wold you use one of these? I mean you can get a decent weather forecast using accuweather or something like that, or better still I could stick my head out the door.


Clas Ohlson and Maplin usually have a very similar unit on offer at £49.99/59.99.



Maplin professional solar powered WiFi weather station
Found 14th Jan 2016Found 14th Jan 2016
Internationally, this is sold by Ambient Weather and others at up to £350 in some places. From Maplin, they have dropped the price £40, so it's a very good deal. This weather stat… Read more

​if there are others weather stations that offer the same functionality cheaper, do tell... I haven't found any that can upload data direct to the internet without a pc being connected.


I meant getting date from other weather stations on a smart phone. :D


I have a cheap one which cost about 18 quid, it has a clock so is handy for that, and it tells me indoor and outdoor humidity, temperature, and pressure. It means I always put the right coat on before going out, albeit more expensively than opening the door first, the humidity sensor keeps me alert to whether I am likely to get mould growth starting again inside and need to use the dehumidifier, but other than that, they are just toys, whether or not you pay 18 quid as I did or 160 quid for this, it depends how much you like toys, but in any case Amazon have a couple of models for from £119 to £139 which appear to offer all the finctionality this does, and better reviews


There are hundreds of independent weather stations over the UK where people record the weather and upload it to the wunderground website and have been for well over a decade. Here's the UK sites there are also a few other weather station networks by Davis and Oregon Scientific that crowd source weather recording. It's a hobby, knowing what speed the big gust outside was or how much rain fell can be interesting.


You could upload the data from a weather station to Weather Underground manually using a smartphone but doing it every 7 seconds, 24 hours a day would get rather tedious, rather quickly ;) You would of course also need a weather station first so it would make sense to buy one that can connect and upload via wifi automatically. The price for this one is very good in comparison to others but I'm not tempted because the reviews suggest poor reliability.

Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones £97.45 @ John Lewis
Found 24th Dec 2015Found 24th Dec 2015
I have the smart thermostat I don't know if this works with it pretty good price with 2 year warranty also

Can you provide the link for the £30 cashback for the weather stations please. The only link I can find for £30 cashback is for the netatmo thermostat.


It works well with the thermostat and helps it control the heating more efficiently by feeding it the outside temperature.

Netatmo Weather Station for iPhone/iPad at 48% off £72.52 delivered at Amazon
Found 19th Aug 2015Found 19th Aug 2015
Amazon are now listing the Netatmo Weather station at 48% off and there is even a warehouse deal for £59.47. We use the Netatmo Weather Station with the Netatmo Thermostat to heat… Read more

Yep, £119 now...


Has this expired?


Isn't the point of a thermostat that you keep the internal temperature the same and the thermostat turns the hearing on and off to achieve that? Mine is set for 18 degrees regardless of external temperature so inside the house is how I like it, not sure how a weather station would improve this set Up?


Hi I can't find the warehouse deal? All I can see on warehouse deals is one that over £100, would some kind person person please point me in the right direction please. Thanks


Love mine. If you get this, you can get a rain gauge for it, and there is a wind gauge coming too (it's been announced but that was months ago).

Oregon Scientific Slim Ice Alert Weather Station £17.99 at Argos
Found 17th Aug 2015Found 17th Aug 2015
Reduced from £39.99. Bought one today to replace a much older version - it was black rather than the silver pictured and some reviews say they got the same. The Oregon Slim Ice… Read more
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I like Oregon stuff, their outdoor sensors seem to last unlike the cheap unbranded models you get from supermarkets. I have a couple of sets like this waiting to replace my EW92 thermometer, its remote sensor has been outdoors over five years now and still works perfectly, even through the couple of harsh winters when it got down to -15. Hot from me.

Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones - £64.47 at Amazon UK
Found 16th Jul 2015Found 16th Jul 2015
The Netatmo Weather Station is an internet enabled weather station, which will log the various bits of inside information (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, CO2 concentra… Read more



Ordered & despatched and only came to £67.73 using super saver delivery :) Perfect addition for my Netatmo heating controller.


This makes a joke of their Prime deals day!

dotcomslashnet ... seems slightly better value to me.


Damn. Bought mine on amazon prime day in Germany. Was roughly 82 quid. I knew that prime day was just crap. ;)

Desktop Internet Weather Station £2.99 @ Maplin - Free C&C
Found 3rd Jun 2015Found 3rd Jun 2015
Posted last year at £4.99, now down to £2.99. Good stock levels round here (Midlands). • 5 days weather forecast (current day and the following 4 days) • Predicts maximum and min… Read more

Last stock availability (assuming they've not been 'lifted'! 1 IN STOCK Luton, Park Street, Luton, LU1 2TE 1 IN STOCK Stockport, Garfield Street, Stockport, SK1 2ED 1 IN STOCK Boston, Unit Alban Retail Park, 2, Boston, PE21 7NN 1 IN STOCK Ilford, Green Lane, 302-304, Ilford, IG1 1XT 1 IN STOCK Sutton, High Street, 73, Sutton, SM1 1DU 2 IN STOCK Coleraine, Unit 13 Riverside Regional Centre, Coleraine, BT51 3QQ


gutted none near me


Thanks OP


Top find - thanks

Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones £139 @ Amazon £124 with cashback voucher
Found 7th Apr 2015Found 7th Apr 2015
Netatmo have provided a redeemable voucher which gives you £15 off a Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones from Amazon only. One of the cheapest prices out there. Please let me … Read more

Hi did you get on OK wil your cashback? They are doing this again at £30 this month and I'm thinking of getting one


Comment The Nest thermostat is the one owned by Google. They have a home automation platform called "works with Nest". You'll see items like the philips Hue bulbs and Nest Protect smoke alarm. There are more open platforms to get devices to operate slightly. Search on the net for IFTTT


Works brilliantly along with their thermostat and has helped me to identify areas within the house where I was losing heat so I can insulate/repair seals accordingly. Nest is a bit too "big brother" for my liking.


What is the NEST kit you mention....didnt know about this


Seems a bit much when the Maplin one which ranges between £60 - 90 depending on colour of offer at time does a good job and mines been uploading for the last year.

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