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Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Like New Smartphone - £49 / Xperia XA - £49 @ O2
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Posted 1st Jul 2020Posted 1st Jul 2020
Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Like New Smartphone - £49 / Xperia XA - £49 @ O2£49 Free P&P FreeO2 Shop Deals
Thanks to the op on the S6 edge plus deal Weird Weird Camera 13 megapixel camera Battery Battery life Talk time: up to 10 hrs 7min Weight Weight Weighs 137.4g Screen siz… Read more

That's what I had to do after I spent over an hour dealing with 3 different people of the chat option. It came through after about half an hour.


Ive just requested it to be unlocked on my o2 account online. Easy just enter the imei number and send. Mind you I dont know how long it will take to come through.


Another update on this. The phone does come locked to O2. Took me about an hour dealing with O2 to sort this but it can be done for free at least.


Just to update on the battery, with the stamina mode on the battery drops about 1% an hour so for light users this will last 2 days. When being used for web browsing etc the battery does drop pretty quickly and if if was my main phone it might not last a day. Overall its a great buy at £49 if you are a light user.


I made an order but had no confirmation email or dispatch email but the money for it is showing as pending on my bank account and there's no sign of the order on my o2 account either

ASUS ZenPad Z300M 10-Inch Tablet - £149.99 @ Amazon (Prime only)
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Posted 28th Nov 2017Posted 28th Nov 2017
ASUS ZenPad Z300M 10-Inch Tablet - £149.99 @ Amazon (Prime only)£149.99£159.996% offAmazon Deals
£10 cheaper than John Lewis & Currys. Processor: MTK MT8163 Quad-Core 64-bit Computing RAM: 2 GB, Internal Storage: 16 GB Wireless Co… Read more



Is that the memopad?


It's so hard to find a good update to my OH Asus ME173X tablet, bought quite a few years ago now. Side by side against the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, we're debating if we prefer the older tablets screen!


Was going to say the same thing. Not voted.


£99 last year, £149 now - they must be joking... And I would keep Samsung btw

HOCO Z3 Smart Car Charger 3.1A (Perfect for Nintendo Switch road trips!) Dual USB LCD Display - £2.44 Delivered @ Gearbest
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Posted 5th May 2017Posted 5th May 2017
HOCO Z3 Smart Car Charger 3.1A (Perfect for Nintendo Switch road trips!) Dual USB LCD Display - £2.44 Delivered @ Gearbest£2.44GearBest Deals
This might just look like a regular car USB charger, and it is, however the 3.1A output means it is perfect for charging your Nintendo Switch (USB to USB-C cable not provided) on t… Read more

yes you are right these battery when explode also do lots of damage and sometime they are fatel too. PC BUG


They do technically have to conform to safety standards if they are to be imported to/sold in the UK - they should be CE marked to indicate compliance with EU regulations, regardless of country of manufacture. However, obviously this is difficult to regulate and manufacturers can 'self-apply' the CE marking, with some Chinese manufacturers even cheekily labeling their products with 'CE' and claiming it stands for 'Chinese Export'. These chargers are labelled both 'CE' and 'FCC' (to indicate compliance with US regulations), which of course could mean nothing, they're just letters written on plastic, but again these are not complicated devices, they contain such simple components that it would be almost impossible not to meet EU safety standards.


It's very simple. You buy something directly from China, then generally speaking you are at the mercy of their safety standards. So; what safety standards do these devices conform to? They don't have to, and therein lies the problem. It's not say that they can't work perfectly, they can and many do I imagine. The problem is that you're relying on some nondescript, heavily profit motivated Chinese company to regulate itself. One thing Britain prides itself on are safety standards which have come about by learning hard lessons in the past. Well, the more people import stuff directly from China, the more we go back on them.


Lol! money back guarantee!!! Paying by PayPal isn't much help when this sets on fire and torches your car. But hey, wouldn't want to stop HUKD getting it's 8% commission.


What device did you use to post this? Chances are it, or at least parts of it, were made in China or Hong Kong or thereabouts. After Brexit, everything will have to come from China so get used to it! Or maybe we can start manufacturing them in the UK, in which case they'll be £19.99. Or we could always get UK children to make them in sweatshops... How do you mean? I get a hum on mine when I'm charging my phone while using it with the line-in on my radio, but I think that's a grounding issue and I haven't looked at it properly yet. Does yours interfere with the reception? He means there is built in protection in the devices you are charging, i.e. your phone, tablet, Nintendo Switch, etc., because those devices are obviously more sophisticated and built to higher standards. These chargers are simple devices that have two jobs - enable you to plug USB cables into your cigarette lighter socket (because obviously they wouldn't fit otherwise) and step the 12v from your car's battery down to the 5v required by USB-charged devices. They're so simple you could make one yourself with some basic components (resistors, capacitors, etc.), but low quality ones may do a poor job of regulating the voltage, and it's possible that a voltage spike could damage the device but a good device will be able to manage that. Major problems occur when there is too much current, which would be a problem with your device rather than the charger, because, as Bradders said, the charger only provides the amount of current provided because it is down to the device being charged to 'pull' the electricity from the charger.

Upto 70% off on Sony mobile cases - Muvit Minigel Case for Xperia Z3 Compact is now reduced to £3.46
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Posted 14th Feb 2017Posted 14th Feb 2017
Upto 70% off on Sony mobile cases - Muvit Minigel Case for Xperia Z3 Compact is now reduced to £3.46£3.46Sony Mobile Deals
Received an email from Sony about the offers Phone case for Muvit Minigel Case for Xperia Z3 Compact is now reduced to £3.46 and more offers on phone
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Sony Xperia Z3 refurbished grade B at Music Magpie for £159.99
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Posted 31st Dec 2016Posted 31st Dec 2016
Sony Xperia Z3 refurbished grade B at Music Magpie for £159.99£159.99Music Magpie Deals
A Z2 deal from Argos is getting heat for the same money but this might be a better deal.

I am not saying it isn't worth it by the way.


I paid this a couple of years ago mate (grade A) copper.


You must be unlucky, I've had mine a couple of years and it has been the best phone I've had, I'll be going 'sim only' at the end of the month as it is still more than good enough even against 2017 standards IMO.


Weird site. A refurb Z2 gets 63 degrees of heat and this gets -85.


​why would you give your kids a refurbished phone made of glass for £160 when you can get much cheaper plastics ones for new?

Sony Z3 Compact Wi-Fi 16GB HD Tablet was £199.00 now £189.99 @ Argos
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Posted 18th Nov 2016Posted 18th Nov 2016
Sony Z3 Compact Wi-Fi 16GB HD Tablet was £199.00 now £189.99 @ Argos£189.99Argos Deals
No doubt this will go cold as a little old now but for those interested this is actually a really nice 8" android tablet. Get a 128GB MicroSD for £25 and great for media. http://w… Read more

gutted i just saw this deal, 5 months too late. If anyone gets a line on a new z3 tablet I'm interested! thx


other suggestions welcome


I take it that this would be a worthy upgrade for my Nexus 7, which, bless it, is getting a bit old and slow and grumpy, much like me :) I really only use it for browsing, emails, occasionally a few games


cheers op, just brought one! great deal! can anyone recommend a case?


shame no Black Friday deal on this :-(