Electric car charge point installation question

Posted 21st Jul 2021
At my friend's work they've all started to be moved over to electric cars.

He's recently moved into a Victorian terrace with no chance of parking at the front, pavement Infront of the house and no dropped curve etc. At the back his street and the street behind his house share a wide (three car widths) alley, which usually has a few cars/vans down it (charging or maybe work vans for better access into rear garages).

The garage at the rear of his property and the two metre wide strip down the side for access into his rear garden is owned by Northern power. They have no problem with his family walking down by the garage for access and even keeping his bins down there etc.

If he were to have the charge point at the very rear of his garden, what would be the change Northern power would allow a trailing cable through their bit of strip?

Also his work have said the cable can't go over pavements or someone else's land, but if they grant permission might they be ok with it?

I'm only asking because he was going to phone Northern Power and I didn't think that would be the best idea right now.

His work need the charge point to give him the electric car, but he wouldn't actually need to charge it at home very frequently at all, if ever. He works in various retail shops with charging points there.
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