F-Secure Safe Free for 1 year for existing and new customers @ Virgin Media

Posted 24th Aug 2020
What is F-Secure SAFE?Worried about the security of your computer and devices while online? Don't worry, Virgin Media has teamed up with F-Secure to help protect your devices (up to 5 - whether it’s a tablet, mobile, PC or Mac!)

If you’ve got either Virgin Broadband or Virgin Mobile, you can download F-Secure SAFE to keep you and your family safe online anywhere, and on any device. What’s more, it protects you against all the latest threats, automatically.
F-Secure SAFE is a multi-award winning online security solution which is free to all Virgin Media customers for the first year, and it includes:

  • Virus protection: detects and removes viruses, malware and spyware that can delete your files, photos and steal your money
  • Banking and shopping protection: secures all of your online sessions to keep your money and details safe from hackers
  • Family protection: parental controls enables you to block unsuitable websites or apps and manage your kids’ online browsing
  • Anti-theft protection: locates, locks and wipes your Android mobile devices to stop others accessing your personal information
  • Support: provides a fast and reliable online chat or phone service to help you tackle issues or concerns straight away

How do I start using F-Secure SAFE?Before you begin, make sure your devices can support this online solution. Check the information below to see the supported platforms and system requirements before installing F-Secure SAFE.You can begin a free trial without any obligation or having to hand over card details. Simply set up your F-Secure SAFE account by clicking here if you’re a Virgin Broadband customer or here if you are a Virgin Mobile customer.To install the F-Secure SAFE software, all you need to do is click here.How does it work?
  • After installation onto your chosen devices, F-Secure SAFE will automatically scan your devices several times a day to keep them well protected
  • F-Secure SAFE installs updates on your machine whenever they are released, so you will always be running the most up-to-date version at no extra cost
  • Parental Controls can also be set for each user and scheduled to enforce rules for certain types of content or the times your children can be online
  • You can learn more about Parental Controls and other safety features by checking How to use F-Secure SAFE
Note: With your F-Secure SAFE account, you can choose which devices you want to protect (up to 5). If you change or lose your device, or need to re-install the security service, you can move or re-install it to another in just a few clicks: How do I install/uninstall F-Secure SAFE?
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