Question about Royal Mail Tracked 48 Compensation for Lost / Damaged items

Posted 1st Jun 2022 (Posted 6 h, 0 m ago)
Can someone confirm if you are fully covered and can claim compensation for lost / damaged items if Royal Mail collect a Tracked 24 / 48 item from your home?

I normally buy all my Royal Mail postage online and drop all my items off at the Post Office and have no issues making claims, but I don't use this Tracked 24 / 48 service. I was just sending something 2nd Class Signed For and was buying the postage online but Royal Mail dangled a carrot saying they're currently offering Tracked 48 for basically a few pence more and it includes 'Free Collection' presently and compensation up to £100 (instead of £50 for Recorded Delivery). My item is worth about £80 so I went with the Tracked 48 hour with free collection - it seemed a no brainer.

What I'm confused by however is that after I purchased the postage, I looked more into compensation for this service and it seems purposely misleading. I noticed although it's Tracked 24 / 48 hour, Royal mail weirdly don't compensate for any delays with this service(?) - this makes no sense as they do compensate for the slower cheaper 2nd Class Signed For service. Then even more confusingly I noticed if you put in a claim for lost or damaged items it demands proof that you posted it at a Post Office (they want a copy of the Proof of Postage showing this...?). You can't post Tracked 24 / 48 items at a Post Office and this item only had the option of being collected by Royal Mail when I chose it online... It appears that if they collect the item there is no way to actually put in a compensation claim for lost / damaged items... Surely this can't be correct as it would be a blatant scam? Are you definitely covered for up to £100 for loss / damage as advertised if they collect the item from your home? How do you claim if the item gets damaged / lost as their online claim form appears to prevent you claiming for loss or damage if the item gets collected?

Am I actually better off cancelling the Tracked 48 (£100 compensation / free collection) and just booking it with 2nd Class Signed For (£50 Compensation / Dropping off at Post Office)? It's so dumb if this is the case
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    When they collected it they would have scanned it. From that point on you are covered.
    Well, that's what you would think would be the case, but their terms and conditions imply otherwise...

    Also this is what appears when I try to put in a test claim:

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    After collection you receive an email stating that item collected and "Please keep this email as proof of postage."
    OK - Thanks
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    I've only used the 48 service once, and the proof of postage when I dropped the item off at the sorting office was just a handwritten piece of paper. They didn't even have a stamp. Bizarre service.