YouTube Premium Turkey price increase

Posted 2nd Nov 2023
I received an email from YouTube advising the new price for a YouTube family membership will be TRY 115.99 /month up from TRY 59.99 /month which is a 93% increase. They're trying to combat people using a vpn to get a Turkey subscription instead of paying their extortionate UK prices.

YouTube Premium Family plan price update


Thank you for being a YouTube Premium member. We hope you and up to 5 members of your household are enjoying your YouTube Premium benefits, including ad-free and downloadable videos, background play, and uninterrupted access to over 100 million songs with the YouTube Music app.

To continue delivering great service and features, we’re increasing your price to TRY 115.99 /month. We don’t make these decisions lightly, but this update will allow us to continue to improve Premium and support the creators and artists you watch on YouTube.

You will see the change reflected on your December 30, 2023 billing date.

While we hope that you continue to be a member, you can cancel your subscription at any time here. To check the status of your account and billing information, go to your Settings > Purchases and Memberships page.

You can find more information on the latest updates in the YouTube Help Center.

Thanks for being a YouTube Premium member.

The YouTube Premium team

Help Center • Email options

You received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your YouTube Premium product or account.
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  1. bozo007's avatar
    I love these self centred conspiracy theories, as if these changes are being made just for UK VPN users. Here are some things to consider -

    # all these "cheap" countries - Argentina, Turkey, Pakistan, etc - are facing huge economic challenges and their currencies are crashing against the $; Turkey recently raised interest rate to 35%, with a cash reserve ratio of 25%, in an effort to combat inflation running at 63%
    # Argentina has put in currency controls making remittances in $ extremely difficult
    # all the streaming services are US based and have a bulk of their costs in $, including content purchase / development, and would therefore like to see their revenue growing in $ - difficult when the currency is crashing and cannot be hedged cheaply

    Please also remember that these changes make these services far more expensive for actual Turkish or Argentinian residents, but are still affordable to fake residents. As I said, it is not really about UK users.
    Kam-s's avatar
    To be honest, I just posted this to make people aware of the increase and wrote an off hand comment at the end. There's no conspiracy theory, it's not that deep. (edited)
  2. cecilmcroberts's avatar
    A year ago the exchange rate was ~21 Lira to the £1, now it's ~34 Lira to the £1.
    So it used to cost ~ £2.86
    Now it costs ~ £3.41
    Somehow I think this massive 55p increase is not to stop the below.
    "They're trying to combat people using a vpn to get a Turkey subscription instead of paying their extortionate UK prices."

    Also below is Turkiyes inflation rate for the past 12 months.
    gravy_davey's avatar
    I agree. The PS increase of 600% maybe but this isn’t because of those using VPN’s. £3.35 vs £20 per month is still a hell of a saving. (edited)
  3. Goomba...'s avatar
    Same as happened for Argentina has gone from ARS 389.00 to ARS 869.00. A 124% increase. Last month I was charged 92p, it will now be about £2.04.

    Still cheap but a sharp increase. Netflix Turkey has also been doing regular increases.
    Kam-s's avatar
    They're trying to increase it to the point where people won't bother to buy subscriptions from foreign countries. (edited)
  4. SilverBlack's avatar
    Kam-s's avatar
    All streaming services and subscriptions of any sort, have been and are increasing significantly.
  5. sm9690's avatar
    My personal one is going up to TRY 57.99. Still a good price
    rodman's avatar
    The price used to be for Family one up to 5 people
  6. leeanne123's avatar
    UK Students can get prem for 7.99GBP, any chance that they offer student discounts in the other locations? Have previously been using Brave + blocking ads fine, the last week or so its no longer effective... I need my sanity to get through uni without having ads come on every few mins.. not to mention how half of them are so very much louder than the YT video i was listening to.. (pet peeve of mine)
    tierry_lermite's avatar
    Of course I am student in Turkey. I pay 17TRY. With the price increase I will pay 38TRY.
    INSANE if I was in Turkey.
  7. fkhan786's avatar
    Bought a Turkish annual subscription. Cost £8.72 for the year.
    DGamer13's avatar
    How did you manage to do it? My sub runs out in March, looking to top up for a year or two but struggling to do so with a VPN.
  8. fkhan786's avatar
    They've increased the price. Works out to approx £16.50for the year.
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