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AXE Speedy 128GB USB 3.1 SuperSpeed Flash Drive £22.10 at Amazon
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Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
AXE Speedy 128GB USB 3.1 SuperSpeed Flash Drive £22.10 at Amazon£22.10£25.6914% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
All time low price on this for what looks like a proper high speed stick according to reviews. I've one on the way. Price drops further to £18.42 if buying from the EU since it's… Read more

Will this fit my Bosch Drill ?

Fiskars Splitting Axe M X17, Includes blade and transport protection £22 at Amazon
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Posted 26th JanPosted 26th Jan
Fiskars Splitting Axe M X17, Includes blade and transport protection £22 at Amazon£22£4551% offAmazon Deals
Splitting axe (Total Length: 60 cm) for splitting medium-sized logs < 20 - 30 cm for the fireplace, stove, Grill or the campfire Extra sharp blade made of double hardened steel… Read more

If you're looking for a new Zombie apocalypse tool, I highly recommend the Roughneck pick &amp; mattock with 36" handle for £24.98 from Toolstation. :D Low vibration on impact. (shock)


me too


I'm going to keep an eye on stock. If they come back in stock anytime soon I will complain. I think they are cancelling all the cheaper orders before restocking at full price


Are Amazon starting to play the Currys / Halfords game. HUK


Had the same email today !! Nonsense

Fortnite Throwback Axe Free on PC
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Posted 7th Nov 2020Posted 7th Nov 2020

It just seems a lot more complicated now overall like a lot more weapons and interactions, a lot more things on the map, a lot more menu/mode options. The building element is what makes it unique. You can be terrible at aiming but amazing at building and win the fight due to that.


Whats different?? I only played it once and never liked it, that building sh$t is rubbish


The throwback àxe is available on all platforms for free


Ha, this is like an episode of Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet


I miss Fortnite Season 1 - 5 . Loved playing it when it first ever came out but sadly got worse. They should make Fortnite Classic, and its just Fortnite from when it first came out (but with balance updates etc).

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AXE & SLEDGE Ignition Switch pre workout £21.59 at snackpacklimited ebay
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Posted 23rd Jun 2020Posted 23rd Jun 2020
AXE & SLEDGE Ignition Switch pre workout £21.59 at snackpacklimited ebay£21.59£32.9935% off Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
So this is stronger than the panel suggests, the use of citrulline over citrulline malate is a nice change, good having carnsyn as well instead of bog standard beta alanine. This … Read more
AXE 512GB Compact Portable SSD - optimal speeds up to 1000 MB/s read, 950 MB/s Write, USB Type-C/ A - £58.21 delivered @ Amazon
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Posted 11th May 2020Posted 11th May 2020
AXE 512GB Compact Portable SSD - optimal speeds up to 1000 MB/s read, 950 MB/s Write, USB Type-C/ A - £58.21 delivered @ Amazon£58.21 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Low price offer for this ultra portable SSD. Previous lowest was £109.64, but now reduced to £58.21. Based on a couple reviews read it's fast but don't expect to achieve the opt… Read more

Ok i didnt get anywhere with Axe with a firmware Update for the JMS583 USB to NVME bridge chip But sorted it myself The Firmware that came with mine on the JMS583 was (Showed as 5204 in windows) Known versions of firmware for the JMS583 are if i managed to get a firmware image out of Axe it would have been at a guess the 195 in the version i got is just a designated id for phison so by my reckoning im 5 versions of the firmware out of date I have flashed whilst keeping my nvram var's for the axe firmware e.g. ID, Serial Number, Power Management, NVME over USB passthrough etc It involved taking a backup of the firmware for the JMS583 including the nvram var's then flashing the latest firmware only keeping the old nvram var's its quite simple dont go just blindly updating from something from stationdrivers as it will wipe out your nvram var's which are important hence its good to get a backup before messing around if anyone wants to know how to update and make a backup of the current firmware just let me know and i will post a guide I can roll back to my factory at any time Here are my firmwares for the JMS583 Some Firmware Change Logs since 0204 that mine came with Seems to have fixed my event log entry's Firmware Version 0205 Change Log Increased compatibility Fixed overheating issues on certain motherboard chipsets Fixed disconnecting issues on large transfers Firmware Version 0206 Change Log Improved compatibility with 2TB M.2 SSDs Firmware Version 0209 Change Log Improved M.2 SSD compatibility


Im trying to get a firmware update for the JMicron JMS583 USB to NVMe bridge chip out of AXE/Phison now as this is the root cause of the event log entry's Its quite funny i asked AXE to ask Phison to ask JMicron for the latest firmware It is currently on Firmware 5204 Still nice to have the latest firmware for the internal NVMe drive though


Thank you. Nice you can just pop the drive out and use it as an internal drive if needed.


Here's the firmware update and id tool supplied by Phison via AXE CS use Detect_PCIe_Info first and verify the following are the same as mine before using it FW Version EDFM00E3 Controller ID PS5013 Flash Type TLC_16 Flash Maker KIOXIA (Toshiba they rebranded) be warned Detect_PCIe_Info only gives info on the first drive it see's I have 4 Phison NVMe drives in my system so had to use Detect_PCIe_Info on a laptop with only sata ssds Images of the internals for anyone interested


Just had a look using the Sabrent Control Panel, mine is the same as yours was. Could you direct me towards the newer firmware?