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Sainsbury's Brita Classic compatible water filter cartridges - 6 pack - £6.08 instore @ Sainsbury's (Bicester)
Posted 16th AugPosted 16th AugLocalLocal
6 pack of Sainsbury's own brand water filter cartridges compatible with Brita Classic filters . Absolute bargain at just over £1 per filter. Plenty of boxes on the shelf in Biceste… Read more

They also have the jug itself for around £3.80

Brita classic filter cartridges - 6 pack - £10.75 instore @ Sainsbury's (Bicester)
Posted 16th AugPosted 16th AugLocalLocal
6 pack of Brita classic filter cartridges found in Sainsbury's for £10.75. Can't find online but plenty on the shelf in the Bicester store.
Brita Marella Cool Jug Blue 2.4L - Save £5.50 - Was £16.00 / Now £10.50 @ Tesco (Free C&C)
03/09/2019Expires on 03/09/2019Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
Brita Marella Cool Jug Blue 2.4L - Save £5.50 Was £16.00 Now £10.50 @tesco Product Description Marella Water Filter Jug Blue Slim and compact fridge door fitting design Elec… Read more

Good for you (skeptical)


Cant see the issue myself if this is the model?


Would rather pay £2 extra to avoid walking into Aldi (cheeky)




Bought couple from Aldi at 8.50.

Breville BRITA HotCup Hot Water Dispenser - £49.99 at Amazon deal of the day
71° Expired
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
I bought one of these about 12 months ago, paid about £70. Really is excellent. my wife struggles with weight of kettles etc and the filter does make for a better cuppa particularl… Read more
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Arrived and I tried it. Clearly I’m too impatient or resistant to old habits. Will give it a few days. Think I would rather wait 3 minutes to boil half a kettle than wait 3 individual minutes to make 3 separate drinks.


Was all I needed



I have this kettle find it very annoying filling it up other then that it’s good


You can often get the filters as a 6 pack for under £20 and TBH I change mine once every couple of months, not when the display says to. My reason for buying was to make it easier for my wife as filling and carrying the kettle was difficult. Have had no issues at all and would recommend.

Brita filter cartridge 6 Pack at Argos - £21.33
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Good price for these

Back up to £32 now ;(


I bought Wilko “compatible” they didn’t fit


Asda do a compatible filter for £5/pair.


bought one thanks!


Cheaper at Amazon, but one shouldn't be paying more than £3/filter.

Brita Aluna water jug + filter cartridge £8.49 @ Aldi (Instore & Online)
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Very nice price in Aldi shops nationwide.
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"I'm in no way wed to Brita" No it doesn't sound like it.


Not at all. I keep an open mind about water filters, did a lot of research before, and simply bought a Brita Marella as it was cheap and I'm familiar with the brand and trust it to an extent, and wanted to stop researching - so bought it not because I thought it was the best, but because it's a minefied and I was tired of looking. Not sure how it performs compared to the competition etc. But you stated ZeroWater is better with so much confidence that I assumed you'd looked at this in depth, so I checked it out with an open mind. But it looks like a very bad idea, and one of the worse choices. How you missed the comments in the YouTube video you posted I don't know. I think this Aluna jug doesn't have the flip top lid of the Merella - so personally I'd go for that. That seems to be one of the better Brita jugs. I can poor water fine too as it filters. I got the XL as I wanted more filtered water that doesn't come in contact with the filter (I don't let the water go to the height of the bottom of the filter), and don't put it in the fridge. Anyway, still looking at water filters. This post prompted me to look at water filters again. So actually quite the opposite, it's prompted me to look at other water filter solutions. I'm in no way wed to Brita. I just geek out and look at things in depth. But I wanted to point out to others that ZeroWater seems very poor/dangerous. Distilled water seems like a bad idea too (it can potentially strip some minerals from your teeth etc.). So if you distil water or make water close to that, you'll want to put minerals back in - e.g. using stones or charcoal if that's sufficient. Intuitively that makes sense, given no one was historically drinking distilled water - but instead fresh mineral and well water etc. Have a good weekend too.


It sounds like you work for Brita. Have a good weekend.


This isn't correct, even based on that video which tested Brita classic, not Maxtra or Maxtra+ which will be in this jug. And they didn't condition the filter (run water through it twice first). ZeroWater: "While the filter originally filtered well, it lasted about a week and a half. When I contacted the sales they said that basically was the fault of my tap water, even though my water is within the UK average of 350 according to their meter. When the filter degrades to 006 it releases a strong acid which is probably dangerous for tooth health. I am waiting for litmus paper to arrive so that I can test the ph level of the 'filtered' water. I will do a second review and post the photos when it does. Not sure how this product passed health and safety regulations, given the high acidity released when the filter is supposed to be past its efficency rating." Lots of comments on the YouTube video about the ZeroWater turning the water acidic. It seems highly dangerous. And getting replacement filters will likely be a lot harder and cost more.


I watched it all eventually, hence my multiple posts. YouTube videos themselves are if anything less reliable, as there are lots of paid for incentivised product endorsements when that's not disclosed. Which can be worse than bias to advertisers in magazines etc. But it depends on the person making the video. See the comments though. ZeroWater seems to just make distilled water, hence the name and the 0 solids reading. Need to look into that, but that's likely a bad idea. More worrying is the multiple comments in that video regarding the acidity of the water it produces. And like I wrote, it was a poor test using the very old Brita filter. The ZeroWater jug seems poor too. Most areas in the UK aren't flouridated.

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Pack of 18 BRITA MAXTRA+ Water Filter Cartridges £49.99 Amazon
-76° Expired
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Better deal than earlier on in the week with the pack of 6!

Voted hot and did the maths twice to see if I missed anything. £3 each is pretty good and this is less than that. Definitely hot to me.


I bought the 6 pack earler in the week, so I think this is a good deal. Voted hot!


If only people could read aye? :{


"Pack of 18. That's EIGHTEEN people! ONE EIGHT! 18" :D ;)


I’ve edited it now so it’s clear it’s a pack of 18 😬

Brita Fill and Enjoy Marella - 20p at Co-operative
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st JulLocalLocal
Found in the Carron Coop reduced from £20 to 20p will attach a pic of recipet.

Two for me and one for the mother-in-law’s xmas (lol) (y)


I'll buy them and give it to charity shops. i am sure they'll make a few bob off it!!!


Definitely store specific.


Not sure, the cashier did say they just wanted rid of old stock. Worth a look tho


Haha, one for you and 2 for eBay (highfive)

BRITA MAXTRA+ Water Filter Cartridges, Pack of 6 £17.99 (Prime) / £22.48 (non Prime) at Amazon
400° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Amazon deal of the day
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Ha - i bought the Brita Marella Maxtra Plus jug off Amazon at a bargain price a few months ago and that itself came with a couple of filters. If you do get a jug, just be sure to set these alerts like me ;)


Couple of weeks bought a new Brita jug with mantra+ filter. Has anyone noticed an acid taste?


Ordered, Thanks op!!!


Thanks! What do these fit in then? I might aswell buy the whole lot lol. Sorry. I hate tap water and we ran out of these.


No, i don’t think so (hence why i have these specific filters on alert).

BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug Maxtra+ Cartridge, Cool Blue £10.50 at Amazon (+£4.49 non prime)
304° Expired
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Price drop. Slim, fridge door fit with 1.4L filtered water capacity, 2.4L total capacity, dishwasher safe (except lid) with flip top lid for easy refilling Electronic 'memo' rem… Read more

Wish they did a glass one. The plastic starts to accumulate mildew so need to buy a new one every few years


Not sure what is wrong with Tap water. Taste is subjective and since moving house I believe we have hard water at home. The Cups of Tea just didn't taste as good. Using these BRITA filter jugs have definitely improved the taste of the water. We now don't just use the Jugs for a Cuppa but normal drinking water too. Others have already mentioned the risks of other contaminants being in Tap water however for us it was a pure choice based on taste. I have survived Tap water in my previous house for the last 30 years however it will differ from area to area.


I use one of these for drinking cold water, filling my kettle and for my bean to cup coffee machine. On the occasions I’ve poured myself a cup of tap water, it has a noticeable taste and smell. As someone that drinks a lot of water my preference is filtered. Better for the environment and cheaper than buying bottles. your experience may be different to mine.


i did try putting tap water in the fridge but found it still tastes bad.


Putting your water in the fridge, whether you filter it or don't, tastes much, much better. We have used filters for years and even have a water softener and once cooled in the fridge, there isn't a big difference in taste, the key is to put it in the fridge. It evens saves water as you aren't running the tap for ages to get cold water.

BRITA Marella water filter jug - £2 Instore @ Co-Op
438° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th JunLocalLocal
BRITA Marella water filter jug, 2.4 litre, including 1 filter cartridge. Clearance - Reduced from £20.00 to £2.00. Found in CO-OP Dorchester. Not sure if store specific. There w… Read more

Store specific. Normal price or they dont sell this item.


Anybody else find these


Worth buying just for the catridges and selling the jugs on.Free cartridges and a profit!


yes a good buy even to ebay without the cartridges to use yourself. I have one and its excellent as fits easily in the fridge but the cartridges are dearer than ordinary maxtra


It would be worth buying these for the cartridges alone, if it were not for the plastic waste! (lol)

Brita Fill and Go Vital Water Bottle - £5 at Ryman (free store delivery)
196° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Good deal

Might sound stupid but if it's the one that I had with the filter thing then you actually had to suck it to get the water out and I was never willing to put in the effort. I wasn't that committed. In fact I probably would have paid more for one with a battery that just did the filtering for me and required no further effort on my part. Gosh it's a hard life.


No stock.


Completely out of stock.


They may of fixed the seal since then (was roughly when these first came out. Believe they came with 3 filters at the time). Used it around 10 times and had enough of it leaking.


Really? Ive got one and I'd trust it in a bag with a gremlin.

BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug Value pack Maxtra+ Cool White NOW £16.49 (Prime) / £20.98 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Slim, fridge door fit with 1.4 L filtered water capacity, 2.4 L total capacity, dishwasher safe (except lid) with flip top lid for easy refilling Includes formula Maxtra+ filter c… Read more

Anyone know where you can still get a Brita 'Classic' water filter jug from or another brand who make one that accepts the Brita Classic filter? I found a box of filters (18) that I'd forgotten about and thought I'd get a jug to use with the kettle and steam iron ( we live in a very hard water area which saw off the last iron!) We already have a kettle which uses the maxtra+ filters. Someone said Wilko do a jug that takes them but then I read that it didn't...didn't want to buy one only to end up having to buy new filters when I want to use up the 18 that are sitting there!! Thanks :-)


Finally, got it.


3 month's supply ,,yes.


to be clear, this is the 3 cartridge pack, so about 7 quid for the jug. and i do think the maxtra+ filters are an improvement.

BRITA Fun Water Filter Jug Maxtra+, Fun Lime NOW £11.38 (Prime) / £15.87 (non Prime) at Amazon
170° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Compact , colourful design perfect for smaller kitchens and households Swing Opener lid for easy pouring, fits fridge door with 1.1L filtered water capacity, 1.5L total capacity … Read more

Yeah I've dropped and broken mine twice, first time they replaced the bits free of charge, second time they said they don't cover accidental damage. Think I'll get one with a handle this time!


No handle !?


That's another £5 :D


Personally own this jug and I can 100% support the claim of being 'fun'. Since owning this jug every aspect of my life has become significantly more fun. £11.38 is a bargain, life changing jug.


Why is it classed as fun.. is it because like me I forget to fill it for next time so have to wait.. Yey fun.. (skeptical)

BRITA Style Water Filter Jug and Cartridge £14.99 delivered - Sold by Ryman on Amazon
62° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
New model of Brita water filter (whether it's any better or not, I can't say). This is the lowest price it's ever been on Amazon and is the cheapest I can find anywhere. It's avail… Read more

Price is up to 16.49


I think it depends how much use it gets. I have a Brita filter at the moment with Maxtra cartridges and I go at least 6 weeks before changing it.


Supposed to be monthly but three weeks realistically




To anyone who has one of these how often does the filter need changing ?

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